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  2. take the comp pick - he's replaceable No - other teams ARE stupid. The Titans traded AJ Brown
  3. Oh hey. I’ve mention this before. Barstool Sports holds a fairly cheap PPV every now and then, it is a decent investment. Tomorrow night they have another one. It’s hilarious. https://www.roughnrowdybrawl.com
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  5. right, like I said, I know what they are trying to accomplish...just don't think their method is doing anything.
  6. Well Mr. President, for two years the Russians held him, why didn't you ask?
  7. IDK he leaves a veteran behind and exchanges for someone who hates america,so my opinion differs,but to each his own. Thanks for filling me in
  8. Oz is fantastic. The show that started it all for the likes of The Soprano's and GOT. And of course you like GOT, bunch of Vito's running around in robes.
  9. You would hope. But I suspect it’ll be more run focused. I do know this. We need to run blitz these offenses with less than stellar QB’s.
  10. So Eagles offense dominated on the ground two weeks ago versus Karen Rodgers Inc and through the air last week versus the Titans. Do we see a balanced approach this week or does the Giants defense have a glaring weakness to ruthlessly exploit?
  11. Seeing some rando on a MB knock a guy who played in the NFL is like Mike Mamula knocking Troy Aikman.
  12. The Italian restaurants I went to in Philadelphia when I was here in may was Ralph's and Ambrosia ristorante. Any others you recommend?
  13. I’m already gonna be in the hole with DaEagle for the whole offseason. It’s gonna sting. You’ll need to shelf it for next season.
  14. Just sent you the avatar, the second one, not the first. @4for4EaglesNest will appreciate it. Speaking of, we need another board bet @4for4EaglesNest, I had the perfect avatar if I won the previous bet.
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