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  2. Not so sure Dallas trades behind us if they are eyeing Surtain. I could be wrong as that happens often, but I would see us moving ahead of them if that is the guy they want. Of course they may want Farley and move up for him. I feel it would be a huge mistake, but some feel he is the best CB regardless of the back issues.....
  3. All you guys do is bring conjecture into your arguments about how Howie "survives." How do we know he's not doing exactly what Lurie tells him to do. You won't hesitate to throw around the "puppet" label at our coaches, but it doesn't occur to you that somebody may be pulling his strings? Honestly, when you add it all up, it would sure make sense.
  4. This is all true. A small contribution made at least hundreds of fans happy but the cheap **** that are the eagles brass decide nah we can't do that. Guess what dewsh bags? Sell your 300.00 Jerseys to someone else.
  5. What a bold faced lie for the reason they closed it. A drop in fan activity? They BLAMED US instead of how cheap and uncaring they are! Lurie became a real life Scrooge.Now you see why the dysfunction of this org starts at the very top. Lurie turned into a total a-hole over the years. He didn't mellow with age, or get better like vintage wine. No, he grew bitter and became an ass_hole. A real life Scrooge- did Lurie see how that movie could have ended if Scrooge stayed the selfish **** he was? I guess not. It won't end well for him. F this org.
  6. So a woman breaking into the Capitol, coming through a freshly smashed in window, facing armed police trying to evacuate Congress (thanks to armed morons breaking in to stop the election certification), disobeys every order to stand down (a USAF, seasoned security expert ignoring police commands to back off) and is shot. That you call murder. Pathetic, it really is the only word that fits you. You are pathetic.
  7. They are probably off on Browning going that late too, but should either be there at 84 that would be my pick. Like I said not a bad pick but just have a stronger preference for those other two. Also not really crazy about the day 3 picks but IMO it is most important to hit on as many of our day 1/2 picks as possible. Surtain, Marshall, Stokes, Browning would be a tremendous draft regardless of how the rest works out.
  8. I don’t think desperation for a position of need should be the driving force behind our pick at twelve. Just gotta get the best guy we can.
  9. Yup, the first three are solid. Third round seems early for McGrone since he is coming off an injury, but I don't mind the pick. I think they are way off on Elijah Moore if they have him going late in the third. Rumph is an OLB in a 3-4 and too small to play DE for us. Brady White seems like a pretty meh pick compared to the other possibilities at qb. The other picks seem fine.
  10. Who ever said ... it had nothing to do with his play. Find that in any if my posts? Please let me know where I said that. I will send you $100 gift card to store of your choice if you show me where. The point I will make for the 100ty time. You can't compare anything to what Wentz or Doug had to deal with from an offensive coach or QB standpoint. So don't give me Rodgers with his all pros or Brady with his in 2014. It's not the same as the total dumpster fire that Wentz had around him ....which to me is absolutely the main factor in his poor results. That's not taking away any blame for him on the plays that were his fault.
  11. Now the fun is trading around. At least for me. Certain teams are here are "easy marks" and some aren't.
  12. Big fan of Mills , and have been saying he could go rd 1 early 2nd i don’t see him going to bears in rd 1 as a recent mock showed . He needs to go where he can sit minimal 1 year , nice piece on him below https://markbullock.substack.com/p/nfl-draft-profile-qb-davis-mills?r=fd8sn&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy
  13. Their latest mock included a couple simulated trades ... one involving NE moving up to 10 to get Mac Jones pushing Dallas behind us (who then take Horn at 15).
  14. I really don’t see that as a surprise or a knock on Hurts. He wasn’t a well regarded prospect. Neither here nor there, but I’ll use the post as a jumping off point... Many teams have have a board with maybe 150 players with draftable grades. In round 1, they may only have 18 players with a first-round grade. For round 2, maybe 20. By the time you end up in late round 2 you might not be able to draft a player with a round 2 grade, so on and so forth. Of course when you’re the Eagles, you pay no attention to that, and they pass over higher ranked players to draft a backup QB.
  15. For the first pick to happen, the Eagles would have to move up to 9. It is possible, but one of their 3rd rounders would disappear....
  16. With the 242nd pick in the EMB NFL Mock Draft the Minnesota Vikings select Mark Gilbert, DB, Duke @Outlaw the cardinals are on the clock
  17. Today
  18. I read somewhere that the Eagles rarely draft players they bring in for a workout. This was a few years ago so it may have changed, but the article said it was all smoke screens? Anyone else remember that, or is it my memory that is finally shot......
  19. DraftTek's latest mock (revision #24, posted earlier today): 1 (12) - Surtain 2 (37) - Marshall 3 (70) - Stokes (I'd be absolutely thrilled with those first 3 picks) 3 (84) - McGrone (not a bad 4th pick but they do have Elijah Moore going 2 picks later to the Jets and Baron Browning going 2 picks after that to the Rams - I'd much prefer either of those) 4 (123) - Rumph 5 (150) - Trey Hill 6 (189) - Damar Hamlin 6 (224) - Brady White 6 (225) - O'Bryan Goodson 7 (234) - Calvin Ashley 7 (240) - Jordon Scott
  20. BG, I agree totally. I just was making a point Wentz played like crap last year and Joe is saying it had nothing to do with his play, that that was because of everyone else. Yes, the O-Line played poorly. Yes the coach could have helped him. Yes the RB's and TE's could have done a better job. But Wentz played terrible also. His footwork was out of sync. He stared down WR's. He never anticipated, but held on to the ball waiting for them to get open. He held onto the ball too long. To exonerate him for any wrong doing is just ignorant in my opinion. He would have had better stats had the O-Line played better, but nothing approaching the previous year's numbers. Would a PS have made a difference? Most likely, but we cannot use that as an excuse as all other teams had the same situation. Listen, I hope Wentz plays lights out this year. Then we will get a first round pick that my be sorely needed.
  21. Only thing I'm not a fan of is being down a 2 and 4 next year. That's a lot of capital to lose when there are going to be holes for a couple years. Beyond that, I really like the players you picked in the spots you picked them.
  22. It doesn’t help the owner also gives him excuses. They actually give Howie credit for players other teams drafted. Just cause you wanted Russell Wilson too doesn’t mean you should get credit for him. Stop letting other teams in front of you take players you covet and leave you drafting stiffs like Marcus Smith.
  23. Every year this guy or that guy is going to be outstanding. Not even sure I like Wilson over him. Philly fans with their "chip" . Kid's got more mental toughness than all of you combined. And if you haven't been paying attention. It's the KeY ingredient.
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