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  2. Except Lane is done for the season, so we will never see that line. I also think JP is DONE, period. I don’t think he’s going to be much better at guard, a position he’s never actually played in the NFL, than he is at tackle. Also I love Kelce, but he’s far from healthy.
  3. Someone MIGHT pay Barnett $10m. No one would trade a pick for Barnett AND pay him $10m. He has zero trade value at that cap number. 7th round pick.
  4. I wouldn’t hamstring a new coach with a quarterback that he does not want. That’s why I’m saying let the new coach decide if he wants Wentz or not. If he does, then fine keep him while you try to rebuild. But if that new coach comes in and has a vision for the offense, and does not see Wentz as a part of that vision, then you move on.
  5. Maybe it was put out before the news about Lane, but I did find it curious as to why they mentioned Lane too. Scratch Lane from that line, cause he’s out. I also wouldn’t be so ready to praise Peters at guard just yet.
  6. Mat


    Joe Louis was 75 years old when they fought.
  7. I'm on board with this plan. The larger issue with Barnett/Ertz, is that to trade either of them, we have to be under the cap before the league starts.
  8. He had over 70m votes and has a cult of say 40m. You can ignore him if you want but he isn’t going away for quite some time I’m afraid.
  9. No issue with your choice. I’m just saying an Eagles beat writer needs to do better. Basic stuff.
  10. They could have wanted their cake and to eat it too. Keep Barnett to try and win the division this year and potentially trade him in the offseason. I would think there would be a market for him. $10M for a starting DE isn’t prohibitive. I think we’d be looking at a mid-round pick at best.
  11. Sure you don’t know what you have in some they are young guys we invested in you have to give them a chance can’t just keep drafting or signing hoping some breaks out right away have to like the promise you see and hope they develop. OL yes we have older guys in Lane and Brooks also 30 isn’t al that old in today’s NFL good OL last to 35+ playing at a high level and the Achilles I’d be more concerned if he wasn’t an OL. Both guys we could likely still bank on for 3-5 more years easy...but again we have promising young guys behind them that you have to give a chance from Mailata/Dillard/Herbig etc. Sanders health dude missed what 3 games in his career lol and even still don’t need a new RB maybe a compliment guy. Right now you have to go with what you invested on the O we have promising guys now it should be the Ds turn
  12. That line might actually be pretty good.
  13. You definitely make a valid point, a very Eagles way of thinking mindset. That's what gets them in trouble though. Valuing a comp pick over production and cap space. They could sign a veteran and get the same production as Barnett. Heck, I would be OK with Vinny on a 1-year $1.5 million deal instead of Barnett at $10 million. I'm actually more intrigued by the upcoming offseason than I am the rest of the season. There are so many question marks from the top down. It all starts with Lurie. He needs to make the right moves as far as Howie/DP and such and then the dominos will fall. If Howie comes back, I think it will be with the knowledge that you have ONE year to fix this mess. If you can take this negative $60 million cap, potential top 5-10 draft pick and turn this team around then you can stay....If not, you're gone. With DP, it's going to be you can come back but you need to bring in a true OC and he calls the plays. Jim Schwartz is gone so defense is going to be a whole other story. Then we have the players....it's going to be a roller coaster for sure to see how things play out.
  14. In that case I would just hang on to Wentz build the lines back up draft some skill players and if Wentz still sucks after those few years of building then draft your new qb of the future with a team already built for him to have success from the start.
  15. Whether it’s fair or not, I think Doug and the entire coaching staff needs to be let go along with Howie after the season. Tear it down and rebuild. Hire a new GM and let him hire your new head coach, and let that coach assemble his staff. Let the new GM/coach decide if they think they can fix Wentz or not. If not, then gotta just try to trade him to get him out of here with as little dead cap as possible. It’s clearly a multi-year rebuild that primarily needs to be via the draft, and the few young talented players we have. So that means the "core” you’re putting together these next couple of years will be cheap, helping offset whatever dead cap would be owed for Wentz. If we see Hurts down the stretch for a few games here and he looks good, that would be ideal if the new coach likes him. In any case, it would be a nice opportunity for a new GM and coach to hit the ground running in a year where the team is likely to have a top 5 pick in the draft.
  16. Just like we kept Agholor on the 5th year option, we're going to do the same with Barnett. We don't get a comp pick if he signs as a FA with a declined option. If we weren't going to keep him, we would have traded him at the deadline.
  17. I think we all know who it was...... with their mouth wide open.
  18. You mean like the Giants who are 4-7 in the 3rd year of theirs? Somebody tell Gettlemen this isn't baseball.
  19. Honestly I’m okay with not being told the truth by a coach, but when he says one thing and blatantly does another it’s hard to dismiss this stuff as "coach speak.” Frankly the more Doug does stuff like this or allows these things to happen the more the media will grill him. On top of that he sometimes answers the same questions with different answers in the same interviews or days later. It just makes it seem like he’s not in control over there. This is not the only article that is saying Peters is moving to guard. Just the one I chose.
  20. This article also says Lane is starting at RT and he’s out for the season. And this is from an Eagles beat writer. Quality content... The Eagles’ projected starting offensive line now looks like this: Left tackle — Jordan Mailata Left guard — Isaac Seumalo Center — Jason Kelce Right guard — Jason Peters Right tackle — Lane Johnson
  21. Way past time to tune this whiny bish drama queen out. As expected, he will be mood swinging his way through "will he go or won't he" for the next month.
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