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  2. Sounds to me like he just skipped lunch. He won't stop talking about eating and taking chunks out of kneecaps and coming back for more.
  3. I mean, if the logic is that we gotta be cool with whomever they hire because they crushed it in the interview, then that should apply universally. If they brought in Greg Lewis for an interview and hired him, the same logic would apply. Or anyone else. Hell, if they brought Adam Gase in and he crushed the interview it should apply as well. Let's be real, no Eagles fans would be down with that hire. At the end of the day, not getting your preference is always going to factor into how much any fan accepts or doesn't accept a hire, but I don't even dislike Sirianni. It's a combination of me preferring others and them hiring the protege of the protege of the man they just fired(who won a SB) that would piss me off. But I don't believe in just accepting whomever they pick and just going along with it. If people actually legitimately like the hire that's fine, but no one should ever like something just because they feel obligated to agree with their team's process.
  4. I mean so did Adam Gase cause he had Peyton manning. That seemed to work out great. I love people on this board downplay other candidates but mcdaniels has flaws and failed without Brady and Brady has proven to be elite without him. And other coaches got more out of Bradford then mcdaniels. yet he’s flawless and unquestioned and we attack other candidates. Like sirianni has his own flaws too. He’s not perfect either.
  5. Mine was super tired early first trimester but coming out of it so less alone time for me now. You find out the sex yet?
  6. And yet it has nothing to do with their "plan" or lack thereof. If they like Sirianni better then they do. As impatient as I've been I think the Eagles went about this the right way. Interview everyone and see who's a fit and/or who they like better.
  7. I sent Lurie and Howie an email. They need to get together today!
  8. That reeks of more show & style than substance. Belichick and AR invest 0 energy into putting up a front.
  9. No offense Adam caplan loves to say things after the fact like he knew. If you ever listen to the podcast hes always saying after the fact oh yeah I always knew that this was a thing. So why didn’t you say that prior to all this starting? Not once did he ever mentioned mcdaniels nor the eagles interest in mcdaniels til he interviewed. He doesn’t. He loves to be the guy that says I knew all a long after the fact. Meanwhile never mentioned him prior. additionally i don’t think mosher ever said that. I listen to him on 973 say he didn’t even know he was on the list originally as for bo I’m pretty sure he joked about it cause they name dropped Josh in the presser. He said he was told the news about his interview days after the first couple of interviews. He didn’t know when their starter nor did he say he was a top candidate all along.
  10. That's an awful lot of winning. You must be exhausted.
  11. During 2nd trimester my wife has been crazy tired. She basically goes to sleep at 830 every night. So anytime after that for me is TV and xbox time. It's been nice. Especially since we both work from home and spend every waking second together now anyway.
  12. I’m not saying it has to be a good or bad thing. I just said that’s what it sounds like to me. Usually as a sports fan the longer you stick it out with the pain aspect of it makes when they win that much sweeter and that much greater appreciation for when they DK achieve their goal. The reason why that Super Bowl was absolutely amazing for all of us is because we were on the boards and we were watching the games even when they were bad with Chip Kelley at the end. When they were awful with Andy Reid at the end. When they were bad at the end with Ray Rhodes. and when Richie Kotite couldn’t coaches way of wet paper bag. And so on and so forth. That’s why grown men cried is cause of all the pain we went through and years of investing paid off if I am definitely not saying you have to watch every single game. I can’t even do that although I would love to watch more flyers and Sixers game but living out on the West Coast I can’t do it. But you just completely abandon them and leave them for dead because they’re not playing well or they’re not good. To me I care if they suck or they’re good but I’m still going to invest watching in them because it’s something that’s dear to my heart and that I grew up watching with my family and my grandparents so it means more to me when I’m watching it
  13. Same. Trying not to drink in front of the wife much since she can't partake so 10-11 pm is my XBox and whiskey time. Do you man.
  14. Don't forget to hug your significant other today. It is National Hug day after all.....
  15. Truly embarrassing, all that tough guy talk goes right out the window at 0-3 or 0-4.
  16. Yup, he's what psychologists call a "master projector."
  17. Tyreek Hill and Carolina Crush take the crown "Coach Bradley took on all comers this season, and had what it took to prevail. Carolina Crush finished off 2020 with a 132 to 73 victory over Palookas, giving them a 13 - 3 final record" Just a total domination flash back lol
  18. I’m going off Bo Wulf and Caplan/Mosher saying he was high on their list all along and Lurie has always liked Josh. This isn’t completely accurate. Is there an aspect of me being bitter for not getting my way? Of course. That’s a part of being a fan. I’m an absolute C when I don’t get my way. But there’s more to it besides that. For one, I want Joe Brady more than I want McDaniels. I just think it’s obvious he isn’t in the mix anymore, so I don’t bring him up as much. McDaniels was 4th on my list behind Riley, Brady, Daboll a week ago. I’d be fine with McDaniels but I’m not gushing over the guy. The interview process is only part of it. I don’t think you can hire someone solely based off an interview. Body of work has to factor in too. Say what you want about McDaniels, but it’s undeniable his resume is superior to Sirianni’s.
  19. My wife was on that show...not featured, they gave her a huge discount to continuously get fitted in the background while doing the show for someone else. I can’t say I understand the appeal either. Even with the discount that crap is expensive.
  20. As in a SF? I just don't think there's many of those in the league right now that create their own shot and hit 3s. Like, who would possibly be available? Safe to rule out LeBron, Durant, Kawhi, Butler.... pretty safe to rule out Ingram. Who is left that possesses those skills that we would be happy with?
  21. I’m always down for chatting Eagles, but watching them is a different story. To me I separate being purposely or naturally bad to being bad via incompetence. The process Sixers were horrible, but they were horrible on purpose. So while I didn’t watch them every night because the product was bad, when I did watch I didn’t get pissed off or miserable because I knew they weren’t constructed to win, so there’s really no purpose in being angry. If anything, I was happy when they lost for draft pick purposes. And then there’s times where your team say is great for a long time and then just gets old and has to rebuild and sucks for a few years. That’s understandable as well. But the kind of sucking when you constantly make mistakes and refuse to admit them, actually legitimately try but you’re just aimless and clueless, or not trying at all(John Middleton) then that’s a whole other story. For me anyway, psychologicaloh there’s a difference in watching a team that was great but got old and now is bad, vs watching a team where your owner just cut off the funding midway through a build and left the team incomplete and you have to watch them blow games because they didn’t allow any bullpen pitchers to be added, so they’d blow games night after night after night. One thing I’m not going to do is sit down and when I’m going over things I want to do for the night... ie hang out with friends, read a book, write, watch a new movie or tv series... I’m not going to choose wasting 3 hours watching a team where the owner flat out refused to spent enough money to make it a contender and have me spending 3 hours angry aNd cursing at the tv. That ain’t happening anymore. And if that makes me fairweather then it does. It’s kind of become a negative term in sports circles, but it really doesn’t have to be and it shouldn’t be. I didn’t watch a single Phillies game between 1994 and 2006. I jumped back on the bandwagon in 2007 and then followed it into 2008 and didn’t enjoy that championship run any less. I used to think you had to be there for all the lows to truly understand the feeling of a championship, but that experience to me changed my mind on that stance completely.
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