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  2. The moon is so bright, to take a good picture you can't let a lot of light through. The film speed is set very low (ISO 100), the shutter is quick. Occasionally I will capture one bright star near the moon, but that is all. This is the same reason that photos by astronauts on the moon don't show stars - there is too much light and to take a clean photo, you have dial down the light capture or everything is washed out.
  3. ^^ Michael Cohen said last night that a) more likely within the next few weeks, and b) he believes that Weisselberg has already cooperated and given them sufficient information to indict Trump along with many others, including family members and other top members of the org. ...
  4. It will be yet another way to play, "Spot the racist,". I'm curious to see if Biden will sign it before the 19th. If he does then Sat will officially be the first celebrated Juneteenth. I'm betting he won't.
  5. Stan Van Gundy is out as the coach of the New Orleans Pelicans after only one season with the franchise, the team announced Wednesday.
  6. I see what everyone is saying about Ben now. How is that guy even a professional basketball player? He's the Agholor of basketball.
  7. Wait a minute... I thought that it was already established that the moon is simply a hologram projected against the firmament by NASSHOLES or aliens or whatever that guy said on YouTube. blah blah blah RESEARCH!!!
  8. Today
  9. Yeah, I mean there isn't any chance of getting it in Spain, Italy, or the UK
  10. Exactly. He'd be closer to the source... 😉
  11. Just saying Brett brown has made as far in the playoffs as doc has since 2013 ( same year Brett was hired)
  12. Lol game 4 should’ve been that. This is bigger. They lack killer instinct and they are toast in the fourth quarter and can’t finish. Actually think they miss Danny green’s calmness on the court late in games which is flat out embarrassing considering he shouldn’t be that at this point in embiid, Harris and Simmons
  13. I think they just got arrogant. Probably thought they had it wrapped up. Hopefully it's a wake up call
  14. I’d bet a ton of money they get their doors blown off in atlanta on Friday night. That’s a loss at home and up 26 you don’t recover from that. I’d be absolutely stunned if they actually pulled off a win in atlanta. And be mildly surprised if that games is close at the end
  15. He can go make a big buck in China.
  16. That's class. Deary me though what's happening to the Sixers? They could bomb out at this point. Again.
  17. But you think this means they now sign Varane to a new deal?
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