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  2. Apparently not... Despite an impressive game by Minshew the team are sticking with Hurts. We shall see how that plays out for them I guess.
  3. I understand you want to protect some players and I think Reagor may be one of those that you need to protect. But there absolutely is a limit and I think Sirianni could have answered this better. He didn't need to spout nonsense about benching Reagor would hurt the team.
  4. Yeah that's a really good point and a good way to look at it! Anything to bring a rift between Lurie and Howie and hopefully move us closer to Howie being removed. But I'm with Howie on this one too.
  5. Certainly in recent years but even going back a little too.
  6. Feels like we are always at that point though doesn't it.
  7. Today
  8. We were talking about the entire electorate, right?
  9. Hate having a QB controversy but that's where we are at this point. Neither choice is all that good to be honest. No way Hurts is the choice for starting QB next year so may as well have some fun with Minshew and Minshew gives us at least as good a chance to make the playoffs if not better.
  10. What I meant was that he or may not be injured enough to warrant being held out.
  11. Well he did... I'm sure based on the above Howie wants Minshew to start the next game but doesn't sound like he's going to. This is one of those rare occasions where I tend to side with Howie.
  12. I think the answer is probably yes. I think many of us liked Sweat as a DE #3 but I'm not sure he's a starter in the league. He's a very good rotational guy but they haven't paid him to be a rotational guy.
  13. I think Enagbore may well be the best option in the range we will likely be drafting.
  14. I think that's the thing... Hurts can be coached to stay in the pocket and during practice I'm sure he will. But ultimately in a game his instincts are going to takeover. Sometimes he may take off and of course it works. But sometimes he may miss a bigger play as a result. Ultimately to win consistently in the NFL you need to be able to win through the air.
  15. He just seems a lot more comfortable in the pocket. Moved around and stepped up and not just take off and run everytime.
  16. Huge game in 2 weeks coming off the back of a bye week for the Eagles.
  17. To me he allowed this team to function like an actual nfl offense. He made the throws that were there to be made. He went through his progressions and he took what the defense gave him. He also had a couple of really nice throws and he played smart intelligent football. For me I'd like to see Minshew the rest of the way. Not because I'm down on Hurts. Not because I think Minshew could be the guy long term. This year was about seeing what the future looked like. We wanted to see what we had in Hurts and Sirianni and then see the younger players. Well I think we have seen what we have in Hurts. We haven't yet seen what we have in Sirianni has we don't know what his offense is. And we don't know the true potential of Smith and Goedert and even Gainwell.
  18. Reagor flat out stinks though. I mean we know this. Id probably say Hightower has a greater number of bigger yard plays but I don't know for sure.
  19. Idk... depends how you look at it. Dropping passes for one QB vs the other. One could look at it as no big deal if a WR drops a pass for a QB they don't like. Hightower was pretty bad, dropped balls from the hero. Reagor did the same for Hurts. Idk if one is better than the other at this point. To say so with any confidence seems foolish.
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