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  2. Basing it on completion percentage may be even more stupid.. 😁
  3. Relax, Mr. Kitchen. No one is saying the vaccines aren't amazing. I'm just posting raw data to help keep my vaccinated cvon friends safe. Tens of thousands of vaccinated individuals are being infected on a daily basis and many thousands have died. Wash your hands.
  4. So is that what the Superdome is called now? If so I didn't realize that. Now is that from Lil Ceasers or something else?
  5. He's making a whipping like motion with a leather strap against a helpless unarmed man
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that Sweat only played 56 %of the snaps on Sunday. Wtf
  7. The reaction is based on completing just over 50% of his passes. The reaction is based on completing 5 passes in quarters 2 through 4.
  8. Ah I see. That's weird, I thought games were 60 min long and not 35. My apologies.
  9. Just beg for Haliburton and Buddy for Simmons Or beg if Hawks want him for Huerter and Reddish
  10. "This is not about me. Now please buy a Trump card, a Trump hat, and donate more money to the Trump fund".
  11. Gannan went from saying border patrol was whipping Haitian migrants to "a leather strap was making contact with them" in the blink of an eye. That's why I say it's a cult, people. DCotP.
  12. Well considering kaepernick threw a pick in the first half. I think Colin Kaepernick played pretty mediocre to below average for 35 minutes of that game. So he had a pick. And he and the offense failed to score touchdowns in the red zone (twice in the first half). He and the offense also had multiple three and outs that gave the ravens short fields of 49 and 56 yards. defense not play well either. Neither did the special team. However pretending like the only reason they were down 28 to 6 was because of the Niners defense and special team when karpernick couldn’t convert touchdowns in the red zone, he had an interception and his offense giving the niners short field position didn’t play into that score is ridiculous. He was below average for the first 35 mins of that game just like the defense and offense. So I don’t think he played well enough to win cause he was below average for 35 mins along with the niners defense and offense. This is like saying mcnabb played well enough to win the nfc title game vs the cardinals cause second half he was good meanwhile first half they scored 6 points and looked bad and got down 24-6. It wasn’t just mcnabb either cause defense stunk and special teams wasn’t great. However just because you play well for 25 minutes of a 60 minute game does not mean I think you played well enough for an entire game to justify winning. Games are 60 mins and not 25. Maybe if he, the defense and ST showed up prior to the delay they are super bowl champions.
  13. https://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/vaccine-breakthrough because you're a troll posting incomplete information and specifically cut it off at the percentages that make you look like a total moron. total deaths to COVID in Illinois are 25k. 9k since Jan 1. so during the "vaccine era" there have been about 20x more deaths among unvaccinated than vaccinated. if we generously shorten that timeframe to when most high risk individuals (who still make up most of the deaths) who are getting vaccinated DID get vaccinated, we're looking at about 5,000 deaths among the unvaccinated vs 432 among vaccinated with comparable populations in each (around when the state was 50/50, and the high risk population was about 70% vaccinated) YOU ARE STILL A MORON. can't wait for you to invoke riot kitchen like it means something No, it isn't. Not without context. You fall for the base rate fallacy because you want to. You are a moron with a stupid narrative looking for any evidence to support it and ignoring or rejecting any evidence that does not. Congrats, you've attained peak useful idiot status.
  14. Caesars bought a 20 year naming rights deal over the summer. It sounds horrible.
  15. You talking about Barnett? Wasn't he a Joe Douglas guy?
  16. Very true. Be safe out there, everyone. I would put the # of masks you should wear at a MINIMUM of two.
  17. I don't think that any specific one of those 4 plays was the bad one. The bad part was not sending in a jumbo package and running forward. 4 chances to get a single yard and the Eagles failed. Pound the rock with the most powerful players you have on the roster. The Eagles have a running QB, so it's not like Mailata needs to be the one who carries the ball, but you don't leave a bunch of little fast guys on the field when they should be replaced by big powerful guys.
  18. I didn’t say you don’t win from the pocket first.
  19. I'll say first and foremost, Howie had to do that trade-up from 12 to 10. If he had passed on Justin Jefferson and allowed the Giants to take DeVonta Smith in back-to-back drafts he'd have been vilified by the fans/media -- and for good reason. He might be in the basement by now. Having said that, if I was armchair Howie I'd have let Parsons go to DAL and Smith go to the Giants, traded back with CHI to #20, then with how the board played out I would have drafted: #20 -- Newsome or Farley CB #37 -- Trevon Moehrig S #70 -- Hunter Long TE (Ertz would have been released) #84 -- Wyatt Davis OG Then you have either 3 or 4 1st round picks for 2022 in a deeper college draft class. Still nothing at WR, but ammunition for a true rebuild.
  20. Trying to suck for all those years sure seems like a waste at this point. Teams that aren't Miami or LA need to look at a team like the Grizzlies where can rebuild and still compete. This sucking for 5 years and trying to accumulate picks doesn't work. It will play out with the Pelicans the exact same way when Zion wants out.
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