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  2. I think your opinion is the same...did you read my full post?
  3. Bragging to a Super Bowl winner about beating them once when it didn’t matter it a weird flex I’m willing to deal with.
  4. Could've would've should've is fun to play but in the end it was what it was.
  5. Ole Pasquale sung like a canary and dodged a bullet.
  6. Even some of the strongest Jalen Hurts haters have to agree that the man needs to be paid at this point.
  7. Oh I definitely think that is what Howie was thinking. At the time Hurts was taken, it was looking like the 2020 season would be canceled or postponed to the spring of 2021, which actually did happen in FCS (they played from February-April 2021). In fact, the Big 10, Pac-12 and some other conferences had actually postponed until spring (though eventually, the Big 12, SEC and ACC all wound up starting on time even with slightly truncated seasons while it was only when a poll came out that stated 55% of voters in Wisconsin and Michigan said whether or not Big 10 FOOTBALL would be played that season would decide their vote in the Presidential Election the Big 10 had to reconsider. Trump pounced on that to bully the Big 10 into playing leading to their, the Pac-12 and Mid-American conferences playing truncated seasons and Trump bragging about it during the first Presidential Debate.
  8. Can you imagine if the Eagles never lose another game this season, how much bragging the Commander fans will do that they gave the Eagles their only loss. Let's not let the NY Giants have any bragging rights to add to that.
  9. I for one was not a fan of this pick albeit different reasons from all the Wentz apologists. First off I was pretty annoyed at that point of the Eagles once again spending a first or second round pick on a backup of development player. They needed starters and here they are again picking a guy who couldn’t help them. The other issue was well Wentz himself. He obviously couldn’t handle any kind of challenge to his position, and picking Hurts was exactly that. I loved how the beanbaggers kept telling us the Eagles messed up Wentz. I mean is it the Eagles fault every backup who went into games out performed him or had more success than him? Is it the Eagles fault it always seemed like the team played better for the backup? Is it the teams fault their starting quarterback wasn’t available enough for them? What I remember most about this time was how all these guys tried to rationalize this pick in their minds, but came up with some of the most outrageous outcomes. 😂 Yeah the Eagles are going to develop Jalen Hurts into a first round talent only to trade him away. Or the Eagles drafted a player in the second round to make him Taysom Hill. They didn’t want to acknowledge the truth and that was the Eagles weren’t 100% sold on Carson anymore and they were hedging their bets. Turns out they were right and all the beanbaggers were wrong. And no the beanbaggers don’t like rehashing this stuff, because makes them all look like fools.
  10. Mr. Super Awesome Deal Negotiator sat on his fat orange ass for 2 years but suddenly now he cares about Paul Whelan? Also hilarious that he still doesn't know when and how to use quotations.
  11. take the comp pick - he's replaceable No - other teams ARE stupid. The Titans traded AJ Brown
  12. Oh hey. I’ve mention this before. Barstool Sports holds a fairly cheap PPV every now and then, it is a decent investment. Tomorrow night they have another one. It’s hilarious. https://www.roughnrowdybrawl.com
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  14. right, like I said, I know what they are trying to accomplish...just don't think their method is doing anything.
  15. Well Mr. President, for two years the Russians held him, why didn't you ask?
  16. IDK he leaves a veteran behind and exchanges for someone who hates america,so my opinion differs,but to each his own. Thanks for filling me in
  17. Oz is fantastic. The show that started it all for the likes of The Soprano's and GOT. And of course you like GOT, bunch of Vito's running around in robes.
  18. You would hope. But I suspect it’ll be more run focused. I do know this. We need to run blitz these offenses with less than stellar QB’s.
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