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  2. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:44pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. With in the many stats that are 2. Not that as in Texas just one 3. Of many who had in the losing 4. Lives over in the winter storm 5. As in the being of a family member 6. Or that of a friend on it there God bless!
  3. I have a feeling that he's their target too. If new QB coach Brian Johnson makes a strong endorsement regarding Trask, I expect the Eagles to have him high on their board. He could go as high as round 2 though, in a weak draft class. Definitely a reach with our 2nd round pick. In the 3rd round though, I can see it happening.
  4. NYCU Shelby Thuy linh Mitchell 11:43pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. Wht in the trying to get on 2. That over in the knowing that 3. In the one of many tragedies that 4. Are on the doing over in the 5. Way of in the not being over in the 6. Stats on it there along the way God bless!
  5. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:40pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. And in the saying that she 2. Would not want to wish on 3. That over in the harm and 4. Foul on those that had in the 5. Losing over on that of in the 6. Grandmother and three kids there God bless!
  6. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:39pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. They said that over in the having 2. Waking up over in the hospital as 3. No word on how the fire started 4. And in the trying to get warm as 5. That the kids and her own grandmother 6. In trying to keep warm died possibly of smoke inhaling God bless!
  7. You got to have thick skin to start your career, as a QB in Philly. In 1985 another QB, who used to run a lot, was also drafted in the second round by the Eagles. Randall Cunningham. Though it took him many years to get to the Super Bowl..eventually he won. Maybe this is where similarities end? But I am very optimistic about Hurts, and am excited to watch him next year.
  8. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:37pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. Trying to deal over in the three 2. Children and the grandmother that came 3. On over as in the no word on 4. How in the fire that had in the 5. Spreading out and in the not knowing 6. What had in the cuasing on it God bless!
  9. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:36pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. She had in the putting her three children 2. Over in the bed and in the 3. Grandmother that came on home there 4. To with her own home being out of power 5. And that she came as the fire that they 6. Had over in the trying to keep on wrong God bless!
  10. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:34pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. She says that over in the winter 2. Storm and in the going over 3. In the being in the playing in the 4. Snow as it was one of in the 5. Very few times over in the playing 6. In th storm with her three children there God blses!
  11. DeShaun, he’s under contract. Have to be to be traded.
  12. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:32pm 2/25/2021 1. Mother over in the Houston Texas in 2. Winter storm and in the losing over 3. On her three children and in their 4. Grandmother and in the house fire over 5. In the winter storm and in the saying 6. As she does not know how to recover from it God bless!
  13. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchel 11:31pm 2/25/201 1. Getting ready over in the hearings 2. And in the knowing that it 3. Could had been in the trying to 4. Be in the saying that the GOP 5. Also agrees that it is in the waste 6. Over in time on it there God bless!
  14. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:28pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. Only in the doing over in the 2. Having over in the doing in 3. That of in the way of in the 4. President Trump that in the saying 5. That it is just another over in the 6. Democrats to try to ensnare him there God bless!
  15. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:26pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. Knowing that they need over to 2. Not having over in the former President 3. Trump in the making up his mind 4. Not to be in front over in the 5. Congress there saying that it is 6. Nothing but on that of a shame God bless!
  16. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:24pm 2/25/2021 1. With in the seeing that over in 2. The knowing over in the trying 3. To figure out how to in the 4. Go to next and in the knowing that 5. It is about in the trying to figure 6. Out in the knowing how it could had been prevented God bless!
  17. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:23pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. Over in the doing on the way 2. Of in the saying that over in the 3. Hearing there and in the doing 4. Over in the Democrats blasts over in by 5. The GOP members that they are not 6. At all for that of in the police there God bless!
  18. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:21pm 2/25/2021 1. There will be in the hearings that 2. Over in the PD that did not 3. Do their jobs but that the Capital 4. PD says that they did all they can 5. As their lives were on that of 6. On the line over on it along the way God bless!
  19. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:20pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. With in the Capital and in the 2. Fears of in the gates being around 3. Due over in the avoiding over in the 4. January 6th there and in the hoping 5. To avoid it but that they say it is 6. In the people's house over on it God bless!
  20. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh 11:18pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. With in the knowing over in the 2. Hearings and in the trying to 3. Fault over in the Capital PD and 4. How in the former chief that had 5. Over in the resigning shortly over 6. On there along the way in God bless!
  21. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 11:16pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. BLM and in the Antifa that 2. Is just over on that of 3. In the dangerous but in the allowing 4. Them over to cause wreck and harvoc 5. As the Conservatives GOP that say that 6. It is not fair showing Democrats don't care about victims God bless!
  22. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh 11:15pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. It is in the trying to avoid 2. That of another insurrection but 3. Also in the saying that 4. In the Antifa and in the BLM has 5. Done the same thing too along the 6. Way sadly and they got away with it God bless!
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