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  2. Felt like Ryan Kerrigan was invisible again. It will be interesting to see the snap counts. Unfortunately we’re going to have to see more of him. I hate signing guys from the NFCE. Feels like it never works out.
  3. This is why we signed Ryan Kerrigan --- hopefully he can turn back the clock a bit and get the job done.
  4. That'll be x10 in Jerry World. Calling it right now. The Eagles will have close to 15 penalties.
  5. Also, keep in mind, the 2019 first round pick that people thought would be overpaying for Amari Cooper turned out to be Andre Dillard.
  6. Wasn’t really crazy about that play. The only option Ward really had was Hurts and they read that play perfectly.
  7. I thought different. We are lucky Dallas can't figure out how to find good coaching because that's the only thing holding them back. Dak isn't what he was but he can still get the ball to Cooper and Lamb. Cedrick Wilson, their #4 WR, is better than Jalen Reagor and it's showing now that he has to play for Gallup. The more they use Tony Pollard instead of Zeke the better that team will be as well. He's an explosive, fast RB. If we see more #20 than #21, that's not good. Their defense flies around and gets their hands on the ball. Parsons looked scary good out there for his first game at DE. LVE looks healthy and really flashed his talent again. Their secondary has all the talent in the world but they continue to give up big plays. Some of that might be on the Herbert and the Chargers offense but they also just seem to make mental mistakes. I hate the Cowboys and I hate them even more because they have loads of talent on the team. It sucks.
  8. Enough of this foolishness. He drops a damn dime to Quez for 91.. If Q doesn't get caught from Behind and If Reagor doesn't step out by an inch that's 2 more passing TDs for Hurts. It's his 2nd year with no preseason. "he's not a passing QB" sound ridiculous.
  9. Transcript of the first two innings of Sunday Night Baseball: MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets Kyle Gibson MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets "When I was a Yankee…” MetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMetsMets
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  11. Reagor often seems super close to making a play but somehow always seems to bungle it up.
  12. It's all timing. Underthrown, overthrown. We have to remember there wasn't much preseason with the starters. Game speed is different. It was an average game and 1 step out of bound erased and that game ends 18-17. 21-17 if the FG doesn't get blocked. Hurts carried 10x for 82 yrds and a TD. Some of the play calls were questionable. McLeod should help the run-D in the box. Singleton had a lot of tackles 5-6/11 but those tackles gotta come sooner. He also slid down a few and missed them. I think we'll be fine.
  13. The 49ers don't have a great secondary. People were open at times he just isn't a passing QB. He will run though.
  14. It's not that definitive. It is statistically a difficult injury to return from, let alone, to play at the level you were playing at before the injury. But some players still do return to form. It's just statistically less likely.
  15. I just got home. Knew the Titans were going to win. I said it in the start of this
  16. Congrats to Australia for getting U.S. Nuclear Submarines.
  17. Watched Dallass today. They aren't scary. Well except that the refs have their back.
  18. It was a very innocuous stumble too. Usually achilles are extreme overplants. He did a tiny little stumble. Makes you wonder if he's at that age where he's just gonna start getting hurt a lot even if he's never been that guy prior. Either way, shame.
  19. Titans win! Even if Wentz doesn't give us a 1st, let's hope for a high second.
  20. This is what I thought as well. On one hand, it was his first game, he was thrown in after an injury and hadn't stepped on a field since tearing his ACL so you have to question if he was playing hesitant at all. On the other hand, this is a guy that Howie touted as a 1st round pick if not for the ACL tear. If that's the kind of guy you use a 2nd round pick on, I expect him to show that. Quinton Nelson was a 1st round talent at OG and he went out and proved it. I'm not saying Dickerson is on the same level of Nelson at all. Next week, against Dallas, I hope to see a different, better version of Dickerson. He's the starter. He'll have a starters mentality and starters practice reps. That should help in his preparation for the game. He may have been surprised to even dress today, let alone play. I'm sure he'll have his share of struggles but I need to see him show signs that he can dominate. I need to see why he was too good to pass up on when there were players like Richie Gant, Trevon Moehrig, Asante Samuel Jr., Nick Bolton, Jeremiah Owusu- Koramoah and other standout defenders sitting there...or they could have double dipped at WR with Rondale Moore.
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