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  2. Yeah I watched the presser. I believe it’s her they found. Boyfriend ran away and can’t be found. Hopefully we find out what happened soon
  3. Yes 😪 maybe the offense can get it together and make it look respectable
  4. Atlanta is right there. They aren't as bad as we thought they were.
  5. Ugh to add insult to injury, wentz is likely out for a significant amount of time. There is concern he has a broken ankle.
  6. Anyone else watching Redzone and the audio keeps cutting out every 15-20 seconds?
  7. Would that be likely to matter this year? What is the likelihood of Watson playing this year for anybody?
  8. Oh damn lol. I was going to suggest finding new ways to be a burden on them.
  9. We're gonna make Dallas look like world beaters, aren't we?
  10. They said matches the description and they gave the family condolences. Probably just a procedural thing.
  11. Ran into his own man 🤦🏽‍♂️
  12. Anyone with common sense knows what Hurts is and isn’t, including Hurts himself. However, that game was very winnable.
  13. Derwin James is special...if he can stay healthy.
  14. Of course he throws a pick after I posted 😂 still he’s having a great year so far. He’s going to have huge numbers and the end of the year.
  15. Hasn’t been confirmed to be her yet but it is likely her
  16. Barnett's deal is only voided years after this year. So, he just rolled money from this year's cap into the future, not a true extension. But, Howie loves to kick the can.
  17. Loss of yards finally. huge third down Dak is sacked!
  18. It sounds like a chargers away game and not a home game.
  19. His INTs today have been special. If Hurts had thrown those, the world would be on fire.....
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