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  2. Had she not been a public figure, chances are the Russians probably don’t target her in the first place.
  3. Btw, F Griner. What a complete waste to get her released. She's been playing in Russia for how many years now? She was well aware of the laws over there. That's all.
  4. Why is hers cut and dry but not his? Why believe the Russian courts in regards to Greiner, but not Whelan?
  5. I don't think it matters. Even if Minnesota was the 1 seed, they will ish the bed before the NFCCG anyways, so Eagles would still have all their playoff games at home. That is why I could not believe people wanted Dallas to beat Minnesota. If Minnesota passes the Eagles, the above applies. If Dallas somehow passes the Eagles, then you are the 5 seed and on the road for the entire playoffs.
  6. 3 tough division games left for them. All on the road I believe. They'll lose one or two more. They play the Giants too... anything is possible
  7. Kinda where I am. With all the media attention, the administration was boxed in and Russia knew it. Had she not been a public figure, no way this deal is made. No odds on the board
  8. Will the feminists go to her next game whenever that is? Is her jersey going to sell out now? Lol
  9. You guys are falling into the same trap he did. If Hurts actually helps us win it all, do you really want to be on that side of the fence like he was after Foles hoisted the trophy?
  10. What are the odds that Trump runs on swapping Griner back with Russia for Bout? 100%?
  11. Need Minnesota to lose one more for this scenario to yield the #1 seed. Go Lions! *Edit: If Eagles and Cowboys both end up 14-3, who wins that tiebreaker? Almost can't afford to lose that last Giants game because of tiebreaker scenarios
  12. Another reason I would have taken Dak in the 3rd round (Cowboys took him in Round 4) and before him Kirk Cousins over Nick Foles in Round 3 for reasons noted upthread. One or both of them I think could have won for the Eagles.
  13. In my mind I'm saying win the next 2 games, idc what happens against Dallas (I'm expecting a loss), beat the Saints and rest some key guys in the last game
  14. A sheety trade. Happy for her and her family but not a good move for the country.
  15. Weird. I actually had a dream last night about 3 hyper aggressive snakes being loose in my house. No joke, I can see them plain as day in my minds eye. Black, red, and silver. About 3 feet long each. One attacked the 5yr old version of my sister.
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