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  2. Fumbles and how they are "assigned" are kinda weird. I know of more than a few that Wentz was credited with, when it was a snap into the ground. He fumbles everything though so I guess it made sense to just tack it on, ha.
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  4. Media already did their job.... It's more like let's see where the fans take it.
  5. Yet 2016 many wanted him gone because he‘s too small..
  6. I don’t like anything after the original three. Star Wars after that has no soul.
  7. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-06-27/supreme-court-scotus-ruling-california-black-gun-owners
  8. What amazes me is the rangers were in the position where the flyers were a couple years back. They decided to just do what they had to with the rebuild and are better off than where they would’ve been if they took the flyers road. James Dolan is a disaster as a nba owner but nhl owner he’s done well over the years
  9. Seriously, just forget about this team. They don't exist.
  10. So is this a major win for Qtards and how high up in the cabal was he?
  11. Well those eliminations were anticlimactic
  12. At least I was able to quickly delete the first picture I posted of this neat film. So focused on the ladies, I missed an exposed appendage. Sorry Mods. Won't happen again.
  13. Pfft that’s not even the outfit Leia wore at Jabbas palace nor is that the correct lightsaber color or proper hand grip on the hilt. 2/10
  14. He’s such a terrible teammate. He should be paying the 76ers for the privilege of putting on their uniform.
  15. Oh yes. As the season starts, I will certainly order some of that beef jerky. Absolutely.
  16. "This guy cant read" Giants Oline was ranked 30th last year. If their revamped line can get to middle of the pack, we'll undoubtedly have the 4th best QB in the division. I already think we do but the stats will reflect it if Jones gets any kind of protection. And yet people are discussing potentially paying Hurts $35-40M/yr lol. Derek Carr is the only QB i can think of that is getting paid $40M as the 4th best QB in his division. 1)Hurts will never be as good as Derek Carr. 2)The other 3 QB's in Carr's division are HOF caliber players. Cant say the same for the QB's in the NFC east.
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