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  2. Harley called me tonight, wants to get together this Saturday. Asked if I could look at her plumbing. Evil temptress.
  3. What's strange to me is that they seem to do a better job with the mid to late round guys. I mean those guys you hope to be depth guys and yet look who they've found. Driscoll, Mailata, Watkins, Maddox, even guys like Stoll who contributed last year. Yet when it comes to the first round they just seem to make these huge huge errors.
  4. And is at a fraction of the cost. I like Sanders but he's had a number of injury issues and he does have those fumbling issues. RB is not an area we should be investing heavily in.
  5. Oh absolutely mate. I'm not saying they are doing the wrong thing. I don't trust any GM with things like this. They all keep their cards close to their chest and for good reason. I just think Howie is a super snake so he definitely can't be trusted.
  6. Matt Araiza. This freak can punt the ball 80 yards repeatedly.
  7. i hold it together when people die, though havent had a whole lot of people really close to me die..but when one of my pets die, i absolutely lose it on an emotional level.
  8. I got my first of 2 dogs in march just after sb win, i named him Pedey after Doug.
  9. im an animal lover in general cats dogs doesnt matter. Some cats cats are just natural born a-holes but ill still find a way to love them..all of that being said, dogs are on a whole differnt level when it comes to the affection of an emotional bond..some cats but thats more hit or miss.
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  11. The tank is a failure b/c the Sixers owner bowed to the league and hired BC. Had they stuck with The Process they'd be a juggernaut. OKC is following the Hinkie playbook further than he ever tried.
  12. We need a QB if we’re gonna have a passing game
  13. I've hated to see a lot of players go but I have to disagree. You don't make roster decisions based on past performance or out of loyalty etc. You should only take into account what a player may bring to the team going forward and the consequences of letting them go. If there was no limit to how many players a team can have or no salary cap, it would be different. There are ways to keep players around by giving them a coaching or consultant title without holding back other players or the team. That's if the player isn't interested in playing somewhere else.
  14. Travon Walker from Gerogia is getting a lot of buzz as that kind of prospect. Karlaftis is another D-Lineman expected to test really well.
  15. Hard to get a beat on Burks' projection. I have seen him mocked as high as #9 overall to mid 2nd rounder.
  16. He had a bad rep at LSU, but no one cared because it was during the Tank. Simmons never wanted to play for the Sixers, but he played well enough to get that 2nd contract, he wanted the celebrity part of basketball and used it to become rich, he could of made some waves to get traded to the Lakers or Clippers but didn’t, again because he didn’t care. I guarantee Simmons is the reason Butler left, Butler called Simmons out on his lazy play, and Ben cried to management. The Tank is a failure, as anyone with half a brain knew it would be, now they’re wasting Embiid and he’s the one who should ask to be traded. F’ Simmons, Morey, and Morey’s butt buddy Hinkie, who probably Tanks pocket pool. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/sixers/shaq-destroys-sixers-crybaby-ben-simmons-tremendous-rant
  17. Honestly, why the freak not? Trade Hurts and Gardner and roll with him for a year. All the guy does is win SB when he comes back Plus it will drive a few posters nuts. I love it.
  18. Guys who've been checking out prospects, who are some of the biggest freaks in this year's draft? Like Cox, Lane, Mailata freakish size/athleticism combo.
  19. Yo yo yo Nick Foles is going to be a free agent. Bring back our super bowl mvp. but I know all you calksucking dbags would rather just whine and complain about a bunch of scrubs. BDN baby!!!!
  20. I don’t even see a point in getting better WRs. We don’t utilize the ones we have.
  21. Just checked the trouble ticket that I submitted earlier and it was a simple issue that they fixed easily.
  22. That may be in your cache, I don't have any errors at all on any of my browsers or devices, even on page 28 of this thread like you've linked. What browser are you using?
  23. Avant on his Q&A show today was asked about a Free Agent WR coming to Philly, he laughed and then went on a rant to the point of it being off putting from a guy that helped coach Eagles WR’s last season. From the team having a rushing offense, to not being close to winning, and the QB play that pretty much stinks. Unless they’re overpaid, then why even consider the Eagles an option. Then he names every QB he considers better than Hurts, and their teams. Mikell’s response to Howie saying (Jalen is our guy going forward), was "Don’t believe a word he says,” lol.
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