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  2. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:21pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. How in the doing over in the 2. Father Jamie Spears that had in the 3. Saying that he was in the trying to 4. Control her real estate and in the 5. Saying that he was spending the money 6. But his own lawyer says not true God bless!
  3. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:21pm 2/25/2021 1. Britney Spears that has in the really 2. At it with her father Jamie and 3. How she wants to in her words 4. Trying to get back over on that 5. Under over in her life saying that 6. He is like a control freak there God bless!
  4. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:18pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. Even in the Asian American community has 2. Over in celebrities like Lost and Hawaii Five 0 3. Producer and actor over also in the Good 4. Doctor that over in Daniel Dae Kim there 5. That is in the coming over on the 6. Aid over to stop over in the hatred God bless!
  5. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh 10:16pm 2/25/2021 1. Hoping that it will be in the 2. Dealing over in the trying to 3. Seek out that over in the 4. Approach that they are in the 5. Taking and in the doing over in the 6. Having over in the trying to know they are not responsible God bless!
  6. NYCU Shelby Thuy LInh 10:15pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. Saying that over in the doing 2. Over in the saying that it 3. Is not them and in the not 4. At all in the way of in the 5. Being in the approaching over in the 6. Dealing over in the protests there God bless!
  7. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:12pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. Saying in the knowing over in the 2. Trying to go that over in the 3. Violence and in the looting that occurred 4. Last summer but it is about for them 5. Fighting against racism without the violence 6. Looting or rioting but that over in peace and love God bless!
  8. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:10pm 2/25/2021 1. With in the dealing in the saying 2. That they are not about violence 3. Nor that of in the rioting and 4. Over in the looting on it and 5. How that they are in the trying 6. To show what peaceful protest is about God bless!
  9. It didn't go well so yes we or I sucked at it lol.
  10. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:08pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. Due over in the saying that 2. It is about in the coming in 3. Harmony and peace and in the knowing 4. They are called over in the model minority but 5. That it is not that over in the at times 6. Further over from the truth there God bless!
  11. Passepartout Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10:07pm 2/25/2021 NYCU 1. With in the knowing over in the 2. Difference with that over in the 3. BLM movement as that they are 4. In all about in the looting and 5. That over in the rioting there and 6. Asian Americans says not cup of tea God bless!
  12. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh 10:05pm 2/26/2021 Passepartout 1. How in the 400 hate crimes in 2. 2015-2019 Up to now in the 3,000 3. Ever since on the pandemic that had 4. Over on that of in the beginning 5. And how that people can be so 6. Hateful and hurtful over in their words God bless!
  13. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh 10:03pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. There are those in the Asian American 2. Community that took part over in 3. BLM and in the saying that on the 4. Other hand BLM does not do that 5. With them and in the urging to 6. Get in that of in the support God bless!
  14. State of the Roster = Rebuilding. Out with the old..In with the young and affordable. Hurts is the starting QB...unless Howie decides to draft a QB in the first...and then Goodbye Locker room, as the whole team will split into camps.
  15. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh 10:02pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. And in the saying that they are 2. Being in the unjustly over in that 3. In the being blasted over in the 4. Pandemic and in the knowing that they 5. Say due to the lack over in the 6. Ignorance, arrogance, and in the intolerance God bless!
  16. He did just transferred to Miami. He still only 21 years old he doesn’t turn 22 until August 10. So even when he comes out next year he’s going to be 22 and turn 23 a month before the season starts. I was one of the people who liked him as of late round pick. The kid has speed. However he only weighs 175 at 6 foot one. If you could somehow put on another 10 pounds and produce at Miami I like him to be still a middle to late round pick
  17. I'm all for the mold of Reagor. After the rookie year, just not Reagor.
  18. NYCU Shelby Thuy Linh Mitchell 10pm 2/25/2021 Passepartout 1. The Asian American attacks that over 2. In the pandemic and in the 3. Going over on that of in the 4. Way of in the trying to get 5. Due over in the pandemic and inthe 6. Saying they have had enough God bless!
  19. Fields is overrated. Charley Casserly has Fields slide down all the way to Pitt at 24. I do not disagree. He is very similar to Hurts in terms of skill.
  20. Is ReallyAmerican the left wing NewsMax? On the surface, that tweet seems like the same garbage that I would expect from NewsMax or OAN.
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