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    One year ago today, die hard Eagles poster @VaBeach_Eagle and friends stood up this new board when the old board closed abruptly. Tip of the hat to you all because the transition has been seamless and we get to talk the same dumb sheet to the same dopes we've been arguing with for years - decades, in some of our cases. Stuck inside during the pandemic this board became a fun part of my daily digital rotation, and many of yours, too. Thanks to all and cheers to another good year on the NEW EMB.
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    Love the pick!!! He has a great motor, good ball skills and tons of mental toughness. Actually I have no idea who that is.
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    Good time to re-post these.
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    I wanted Smith at #6 if Chase was gone. Got him at #10 + a 1st, minus a 3rd. Amazing. Thank you Howie, you go this one right. Welcome to Philly DeVonta!
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    And the board kept running as smooth silk...
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    I made a simple flow chart so these idiots can finally understand
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    I hope I’m not ever bored enough to contemplate JJAW’s future on this team
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    I hate this pick! I never heard of this guy! I wanted that other guy I never heard of! This draft sucks!!
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    One year ago (as of 1:38 PM Eastern time today): Less than an hour later (2:14 PM Eastern Time): Of course, we didn't actually open for posting until 5 days later on the evening of April 20th (at 8:00 PM Eastern time). It was a very fast and crazy year!
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    Yeah. The Giants were 100% taking Smith at 11.
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    This is the meme thread you traitorous POS.
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    Of the top of my head, I seem to remember Wayne Williams (Black Serial killer) and the DC Snipers (Black Mass Murderers) being arrested by police without being harmed. Look. the key to the whole deadly force issue is that each case is an island unto itself and the actions of the officer(s) must be reasonable under the totality of the circumstances. When they are correct, support them. When they are wrong, punish them. It's simple.
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    Registrations officially opened at 8:00 PM Eastern time, the first post was at 9:42 PM. Off the top of my head, I don't remember why we didn't open immediately for posting (I'll have to go to the archive of the old board and see if I said the reason), but I do recall being urged be the one to to make the first post... I hadn't even thought about that or what to say so I just winged it lol. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I came across the news story that was done about the old board closing, which mentioned our efforts to start this new board, I still have to chuckle at the 'TATERGEDDON' thread (title) being shown on TV lol. It's been both a very fast year, and at the same time, a long year.
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    Dude... most were asking for Smith at 6. It was a good day. Jeezus
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    2nd Moderna dose...received.
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    If an Austin Powers script writer were naming a RB character: Gainwell. Round 6: a QB named Throwgood.
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    @austinfan I’ve got your new avatar.
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    I like that racism took a hit on Hitler's birthday.
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    Great segment on him by ESPN's Sports Science team.
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    Howie essentially turned the 6th overall pick and our second of two 3rd rounders this year into The Slim Reaper, another 1st round pick next year and turned a 5th into a 4th. He correctly read the tea leaves that Pitts and Chase are gone before 6, traded back for great value with Miami and THEN read the room correctly again by jumping the Giants since Smith was the guy they wanted all along. I call him out when he’s wrong but his moves made pre-draft and last night are absolute aces in my book.
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    I also heard Lurie and Howie would tie up Doug and kick him in the balls everytime he called a run play.
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