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    Regarding companies monitoring their employees emails and internet activity, this is 100 true… About 20 years ago I was called into my boss’ office, where he reprimanded me for looking at porn on my work computer. He said it was an official warning that would go into my permanent file and I would be fired if it happened again. Dumbstruck I asked him what it was I allegedly looked at. He said the IT department flagged me for looking at "squirrel porn.” He asked me "why the hell would you look at that stuff?” I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked to speak with the IT department. The head of IT was an older woman. She wanted no part of this conversation and was clearly uncomfortable, but I asked her to show us what it was I was looking at. She took us back to the IT department and pulled up a page on an Eagles message board. Someone’s avatar was a picture of a squirrel standing up with his balls on full display. The image was called "squirrelporn.jpeg.” They said they would put in my permanent file that I was cleared of wrong doing. After a few minutes of me explaining how ridiculous it is that it would even be in my file they agreed to delete it, but that I couldn’t visit the message board at work anymore. On my last day there a bunch of people bought me stuffed animal squirrels.
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    The best positive is the game eventually ended.
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    I just love all the people now who just KNOW that if they lived in 18th century Virginia, they would have been rabid abolitionists and would never have countenanced slavery. They would have clearly led the charge to change the law immediately to outlaw slavery. They just KNOW this. SPOILER ALERT: They would have all had slaves and felt zero guilt about it. And things they are doing now will look barbaric 200 years from now. How about we stop trying to apply current social constructs to people who lived centuries ago?
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    Oh man please find stuff in there from Howie
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    The eagles have created quite a lousy problem for themselves. First, the "QB factory" is anything but.......all the wheeling and dealing for obtaining Wentz and then eventually trading him away are the kind of moves that cost time and talent. The inexplicable and unnecessary drafting of Hurts, when they had loads of other needs, and then handing him the keys when he clearly isn't ready highlights 2 MAJOR problems. The needs analysis for the draft and the talent evaluation. 2nd, the hiring of Nick Sirianni and his coordinators. They have looked confused and unable to adjust during games. The team clearly is not improving.....not winning is one thing, but they show no improvement game to game. Their offense is painful and frustrating to watch. The defense can't be watched because they don't show up. We were sold a bill of goods when Sirianni was described as a creative offensive mind who would balance the offense with a running game. Instead, he's put LOADS of responsibility on a 2nd year QB who wasn't ready to start. 3rd......the cap problem and paying 4 veterans who contribute very little or nothing at all. Cox, Graham, Brooks and Johnson are not dependable or productive. Their cap hits amount to almost $60 million next year. Their dead money is enormous. 4th.....the illusion of the 3 first round draft picks. When a team has a serious coaching problem, a QB problem and a cap problem, the draft just creates a false sense of hope. Because those draft picks will be wasted to obtain another "shot in the dark" QB who will come in to "save a franchise" with a poor coaching staff......the "new" old cleveland browns. 5th.....the mind boggling and idiotic approach to linebackers. This team has needed linebackers for 20 f------- years and never have made it to be anymore than an afterthought. Year after year they're considered one of the worst LB corp in the NFL, but nobody in the organization seems to give a sh--. Unbelievable. 6th.....the "gold standard" was nothing more than a phony gold plating. Yes, they finally got a super bowl trophy, which, as time goes by, seems more and more like a true fluke. But Lurie ended up giving Reid way too much responsibility and that deteriorated. Then he hired ChIp Kelly, with disastrous results. The came Pedersen.....and a super bowl, which looks like it was more Frank Reich than Pedersen and the eventual mess that became. Now Sirianni.......which hasn't shown much promise. The only common thread thru all this bullsh-- has been Roseman. I've been a defender of Roseman over the years, but the last 2 years have been indefensible. And until Lurie decides they have to move in a new direction, this pattern of becoming the "new" old browns will continue.
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    Watching the All-22 from the end zone angle was a revelation to me. Hurts missed a number of short easy throws, throws I could make. Throws behind crossing receivers no more than 7-8 yards in front of him. Just horrible. What an eye-opener!
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    Dilliard is still just a rookie. Give him time.
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    The concern and anger isn’t over who they’re losing to: it’s over the fact that week to week, we’re watching the same, glaring game planning and scheme flaws with absolutely no correction on the field in the following contest. The criticism is warranted.
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    Help Derek Find all 24 penalty flags!!!!
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    In other news, I'm betting on the Bears this week
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    Well, I have to give it to him he's a dbag expert.
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    If you're asking for male Trump supporters to manifest enough self control to stay away from Haitian semen, you're probably expecting a little too much from them.
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