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    Praising Howie for his return on Wentz is like praising Captain Smith (Titanic) for getting the lifeboats half filled.
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    The only reason Colin Cowherd isn't the biggest clown in Sports punditry is because Skip Bayless is still wasting oxygen.
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    At the height of the news today (1:06 PM Eastern), we had 496 people on the board and I saw no issues with accessibility.
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    Saturday at 7:00 am Mrs greend and I have appointments for our first covid shots
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    You guys like the new avatar?
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    What we really need now is a Carson tweet saying "just got back from vacation and spending a week off the grid. Welcome coach Nick, can’t wait to put in the work this offseason 🙏🤝💪 #flyeaglesfly” I would legit laugh my actual ass off
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    Lurie: how do you intend to fix the team and make us perennial contenders again? howie: simple, I’m going to undo every single thing I did for the last 4.5 years lurie: I love it
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    Challenge and adversity brings out the best in real leaders and players, Wentz shares neither of those qualities. If Rodgers wants to get paid and stick it to get GB then he has every right to do so since he's just coming off of his 3rd MVP season. However, Carson got paid, bottomed out, refused to accept accountability, got Pederson fired and still wasn't happy. You can either be the hero or the victim in these situations, Wentz took the cowards way out and chose to be the victim.
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    That's not what he said. And if it was, it was a joke. And if it wasn't a joke, I'm just glad it triggered the cons.
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    As a long time Eagles fan, I am more than used to watching really bad teams. You young whippersnappers have no idea how grim it was.
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    He's right. There was no vaccine before he took office. The fake news would love for you to believe that there was, but only media-worshiping sheep believe there was a vaccine before Biden funded, manufactured and hand-delivered the vaccine to all 50 states. The sad part is that people like you can't unite and just praise Biden for being the greatest President in US history and, dare I say, a modern day prophet? Time will tell on that last part, but for now just a simple "Thank you, Mr. President" will suffice.
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    Looks like I had the right idea to step back a season early.
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    Literally every year after the Super Bowl, some fan starts a topic that the Eagles need to be just like whatever team just won the SB.
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