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    Not gonna lie, might not be my best one. Late night after the game. Vow to do better next time The Good: 1. Cox, Graham, Curry and Hargrave—Playing against the current Cowboys roster you expect games like these three had. Cox was particularly a monster as he was able to create havoc in the backfield on DiNucci. On the evening Cox was able to generate a sack, 2 tackles for loss and 2 QB hits. With the Eagles facing the Giants out of the bye week, I expect Cox to have another big game against them make his presence known. However, it is going to be telling when the Eagles start their stretch of Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans and Arizona. That is the stretch where I think the Eagles need Fletcher Cox to play like he did tonight. All four of those teams when healthy have excellent offenses and he needs to be the best player on defense if the Eagles have a chance in those games. As for Graham, he is having a heck of a season. He might have made the defensive play of the game if not for Edwards play late in the game. After Wentz made a poor decision and fumbled the ball, the Cowboys were driving inside the red zone and could’ve easily turned a 3-0 lead into a 10-0 lead. Not sure how this game goes if that occurs. Feels like it could have had a much different end to the story. Nevertheless, Graham was able to get to DiNucci and force the fumble and recover it. With how the offense functioned for most of the evening, it wound up being a massive play for the Eagles. On the season, Graham has 7 sacks through 8 games. It would be the first time in his career, he would finish with double digit sacks. I would be shocked if Graham was not named a Pro Bowler after the season he has put together. While Curry didn’t have a the flashy play that Graham had, I thought he was very active. He recorded a sack, tackle for loss and a QB hit. I think the depth behind Barnett and Graham is looking better as the season is going along. I know a lot of people were upset that we waived Toohill to bring back Curry especially when long term Curry is not likely in the plans, but he has been very good and a welcomed addition to the line over the past couple weeks. Finally, I thought Hargrave had his best performance in an Eagle uniform. It still was not spectacular, but he was better overall. He was able to record a tackle for loss. Additionally, on 4th down, DiNucci broke the pocket and began to scramble, he was able to get his big mitts up and deflect the ball away on to create the turnover on downs. Yes there is definitely room for improvement. He was pushed back a couple times in the 3rd quarter when the Dallas running game got on track for a drive. Ideally you’d love to see him get more pressure on the QB playing against a below average Dallas offensive line. But you saw improvement from what we saw earlier this year. Hopefully after the bye week he is really able to come on because I am not sure how long this Quad injury is going to keep Malik out. 2. Edwards makes a statement— I think when the news came out that Gerry was going to miss three games most of us were anxious to see what the lienbackers could do as Gerry has flat out just not been very good this year. However, many of us were of the belief just cause Gerry was out didn’t mean the linebacker unit was automatically fixed or even be that much better. But Edwards coming off IR looked like a stud tonight. Additionally, he had the biggest play of the game and basically locked up the win for the Eagles. On the play, he was sent on a blitz and was able to get home on DiNucci and force the fumble that bounced to Curry, which eventually was scooped up by McLeod and returned for a touchdown to give the Eagles the 21-9 lead. In my opinion, this might have been the best linebacker performance we have gotten since the 2017 season with Nigel Bradham. Edwards recorded 13 tackles, a sack, tackle for loss, 1 qb hit and a forced fumble. Furthermore, he was doing his assignments and not out of position. He was excellent in finding the gaps and filling them. He limited the holes that Zeke was able to find and made it very tough sledding for Zeke. I do not know how the rest of the season will go for Edwards. I had high hopes for him at the end of last year and the injury bug took away part of this season. But if he is able to give you this type of performance weekly, then the Eagles have found themselves a very solid and nice linebacker. 3. Fulgham is for real—If you didn’t think the kid was real before, he just keeps going out there and proving that he is. If the Eagles get nothing else out of the 2020 season (besides a hallow NFC title) then we should be thankful that two other teams happened to release Fulgham. Against the Cowboys, Fulgham was able to haul in 6 receptions for 78 yards and more importantly a touchdown to give the Eagles a 13-9 lead, which they never looked back from. It is amazing just how great Fulgham has been for the Eagles. I want to give the Eagles scouting credit for finding the kid on the scrapheap, but the Eagles also released him so they nearly lost a player of his caliber. So far on the season (just 5 games in an Eagle uniform), he has 29 receptions for 435 yards and 4 tds. Heck over the last 4 weeks, Fulgham has not had less than 70 yards receiving. I am happy for the Eagles to find someone of his talent and excited to see him get even better as he gets more reps with Carson and more comfortable with the playbook. For the first time in a while, I am thrilled to see a wide receiver on the outside that I think you could call a no. 1 receiver. He might not have the blazing speed, but he had great hands, he runs solid routes, his catch radius is ridiculous. The sky is really the limit for the kid. 4. Scott ran well—There isn’t a whole bunch of good from this game on offense, but I thought Scott ran the ball well especially early in the game. In the first half he was finding the holes and hitting it for some nice gains. The offensive line was opening holes for him. It felt like as the game went on, the Eagles went away from the run and when they finally got back to it he just didn’t have the same effect. Overall, he had 15 rushes for 70 yards, which is a 4.7 yards per carry. I would’ve actually loved to see the Eagles get him 20-23 touches against the Cowboys. I thought when Carson was making poor decisions and struggling in the first half, Doug missed an opportunity to take control of the game with his back looked as good as he has all year running it. 5. The safetys—The defense for most of the game was great, but we often do not get to talk about the safety position. I thought McLeod played one of his best games of the season. I get it came against a porous Cowboy offense, but McLeod was very active. He had two pass deflections and one of them should have been an interception. Additionally he had a heads up play after the ball squirted out of the hands of Curry and he picked it up and ran it in for what felt like the backbreaking touchdown. He wasn’t the only safety that I thought played very well, I thought Will Parks looked really good for the Eagles. He was coming up and helping in run support as he was able to record two tackles for loss. Additionally, he added 5 tackles. I am not sure why the Eagles would be looking to deal him. Frankly with all the injuries in the secondary, we really cannot afford to trade him. Slay left the game early and then Jacquet, he was thrown into the starting safety role and Mills was moved to corner. Nevertheless, I guess I am open to it if the Eagles are able to acquire a good draft pick, but I actually would love if they could get him a long-term deal to be the 3rd safety here. I think it is a role suited for him. I think if you ask him to be the starter over the entire season the more he would be exposed. I also have to give Mills a lot of credit. He was seemingly always in the right place tonight. They are times during the game where he seems to be out of position and it winds up going for a big play. Tonight was not one of them. He was able to register 5 tackles and a pass deflection. 6. Singleton is better than Gerry—I don’t think it is a high barometer to be better than Nate Gerry, but Singleton at least seems to be in the right place and not constantly chasing everyone from 5-7 yards behind. Like, Edwards, he was very active and seemingly was hitting the right gaps and limiting what Zeke was able to do. On the evening he had 8 tackles and 1 QB hit. I do not know what Singleton is like Edwards. I think he can be your third linebacker in base, but the more and more plays he is out on the field, I believe he will get exposed. I also do not know if his body will hold up for an entire 16 game schedule as a starter playing significant snaps. However, if he could just give you average linebacker play for the rest of the season, it would be a massive improvement from what they have been getting the first 7 weeks of the season. 7. Schwartz and the defense—The defense really saved the Eagles in this game. If not for the defense holding the Cowboys to just 9 points and forcing multiple turnovers, this game could have easily been a loss with how bad Carson and the offense looked for 75% of the night. I thought the Eagles could have been better against the run in some moments. However, they still were able to register 8 tackles for loss and really make it hard on Zeke. In addition, they were able to get pressure on DiNucci. The Eagles sacked him 4 times and 7 QB hits. The Eagles were also able to get their hands on some his passes to knock the ball away or even nearly have an interception as they had 5 deflections. I think some of this can be credited to Schwartz. For the second game in a row, he was pretty creative and sent blitzing linebackers and even safeties. I understand why Schwartz has done it the last two weeks. Jones is young and turnover prone when faced with pressure. This was DiNucci’s first career start and he didn’t want him to feel comfortable or get into the rhythm. It was a good gameplan by Schwartz and the defense showed up to a game they were expected to play well in. That said, I think the Eagles are really fortunate that it was DiNucci back there at QB and the Cowboys have the Qb back there that they trusted to take more shots down the field. If Dalton plays this game, I do not know what the outcome would have been, but I have a feeling Dallas might have had more than 9 points and Schwartz’s blitzes might not have been as many. 8. Practice Squad Jacquet—It is never easy getting the call up from the practice squad and then being asked to step into the game for one of the better corners in the league. Jacquet was asked to do that and I thought he did a very good job for the Eagles. He was a sure tackler. On one play he singlehandedly brought down the WR after the catch and made sure he didn’t get extra yardage. Unlike Maddox who slowed down on a critical 3rd and 1 play and allowed Zeke to get the corner and the first down. He also had a pass deflection. I do not know what the future holds for the kid, but what I noticed was he was a willing and able tackler and I liked his size. I think he could be a nice project for the Eagles. 9. Oline played OK—Overall I thought the Eagles offensive line played pretty well. Definitely on the second fumble I thought Pryor made a mistake going to help Kelce on his block and not blocking the two defenders that came through his hole to crush Carson. However watching the replay from the end zone angle it isn’t all Pryor’s fault. Carson had some time to get rid of the ball and he actually had two wide-open receivers in the middle of the field. So it isn’t entire on Pryor there. Before the game, I thought the Eagles were asking a lot of Mailata to switch from the left to the right side and asking him to hold up against Lawrence. In the first series, he gave up a sack, but after that he really settled in. I know the Eagles were having Goedert help him and helped him in general, but he was much better against the Cowboys then he was against the Giants. Furthermore, I thought the left side of the line was very good on the evening. It has been a while since we had seen Peters play at an above average level. Before his IR stint, the argument could be made he was as bad as Pryor and Herbig in his first start of the season. I am not saying Peters should stay at LT, but he was competent tonight. Additionally, he and Herbig were really opening up some nice holes for Clement and Scott to run through. Over the past 3-4 weeks besides Sanders long runs, I thought the oline was struggling to have good run blocking. The right side of the line was creating some nice holes on the evening. As for Kelce, it was a typical Kelce game. He is really the rock of that oline. I am not sure if you lost Kelce that this line could recover this season like they have at other spots. I was actually nervous when I saw him come up in pain after a play. Luckily he was alright and just kept playing. While Carson was sacked 4 times and hit 6, the oline I felt was only responsible for maybe 2 of those sacks. Carson was awful tonight and he caused a lot of self-inflected wounds. To be honest, I would say this was likely the best oline performance we have seen over the last 5 weeks. 10. Creating turnovers— For the second consecutive week, the Eagles were able to create turnovers. And boy did they need them in this game in order to pull this out. Against the Giants, the Eagles were able to pick off Jones and force two fumbles. In this game, the Eagles were able to strip sack DiNucci twice inside Eagles territory to keep the Cowboys off the board. Tonight’s game marks only the 3rd time on the season that the Eagles were able to create 2 or more turnovers. In those 3 games they are 3-0. Conversely, when the Eagles force 1 turnover or less, they are 0-4-1. On the season, the Eagles have forced 11 turnovers. That is about 1.4 per game. I suspect with the Giants and Browns on the docket next that they might be able to continue the streak of multiple turnover games. 11. Third down defense— Last week against the Giants, I thought the 3rd down defense was a little bit of fool’s gold. They held the Giants to 3-for-10, but really the Giants could have easily been much better. For instance, if Engram hauls in a wide open pass late in that game, the Giants are 4-10 and we lose that game 21-16. I thought the Eagles were more fortunate than good on third down in that game. In this game, the Eagles were just dominate. The Cowboys were 4-for-16, which is 25% on the night. The Eagles held the Cowboys to 3rd down and 7+ in 9 of their 16 third downs. The Eagles only once gave up a first down on those 9 attempts. Also, the Cowboys were able to pick up two 3rd downs late in the game during garbage time otherwise the Eagles third down defense looks even more dominating at 2-for-13. As the season continues on and we face much tougher opponents after the Giants, I do not expect this type of performance weekly especially when we face teams like GB, Seattle or New Orleans. I think it is asking a lot against some of the opponents we are going to see. However, if the Eagles are going to sneak a win in here and there during that tough slate then they are going to have to be good on third down. This was a stellar performance and hopefully it is a sign of things to come. 12. Red zone defense finally steps up— One of the areas I was really disappointed in last week was the lack of red zone defense. I feel like all season its been breaking instead of bending. The Giants were 31st in the league in the red zone. And yet, they were able to convert on both trips inside the red zone. Entering the game, the Eagles had given up touchdowns on 18 of 24 red zone trips (75%), which was one of the 5 worst in the NFL. Furthermore, they had give up 7 touchdowns in their oppoents last 8 red zone. Against the Cowboys, the Eagles stood tall. They were able to force a turnover on a Brandon Graham strip sack. That was a huge play early in the game. It is a play that the Eagles hadn’t made much of all season. The only other turnover the Eagles got in the red zone came in week 4 against San Francisco. I think we all understand it is the Cowboys and their offense has been putrid since Dak broke his ankle. But you have to start somewhere and build off of it. The Eagles have an excellent chance to get this ball rolling in the right direction as they play a Giants again after the bye. 13. Red zone offense—After one of the worst red zone offensive performances over the last couple seasons against the Giants (3-8), the Eagles were much better against the Cowboys. While they only entered the red zone twice, they were able to score touchdowns on both of their trips. Still, the Eagles have a long way to go to become one of the better red zone offenses in the league. After tonight, the Eagles have scored on just 16 of 25 red zone trips, which is 64%. 14. Run game finds stride—I thought over the last month, the Eagles for a majority of their games had struggled to run block. There were minimal holes and when there were the backs besides Sanders long runs weren’t hitting them. On the night, the Eagles rushed for 119 yards on 26 carries, which is 4.6 yards per carry. Furthermore, Clement and Scott combined for 94 yards on 20 carries, which is 4.7 yards per carry. In fact, this was the first time all year that I thought Clement didn’t look slow and bogged down when he was running the ball. He had some pep in his step and was gaining positive yards. That said, I still would love to see Huntley get more involved in the running game. I think he has something that Clement doesn’t. He has better speed and I think he break off a big time run if given some more opportunities. I was a little disappointed with the running game working so well early that we didn’t stick to that more and see what all 3 of the backs could do. I really think the Eagles leaned more on the run than Scott, Clement and even Huntley could have rolled Dallas for 130-150 yards in this game. Frankly with how bad Wentz was playing they really should have. 15. Penalties—It was a good game for the Eagles on this aspect. They were only called for 4 penalties for 28 yards. In 5 of the 8 games played, the Eagles have been called for 5 penalties or less. This is great because it means the Eagles for the most part aren’t shooting themselves in the foot with penalties. However, the Eagles have been called for 75 penalty yards or more in 3 of their 8 games. 16. First place?—We are in first place, but it kinds of feels like over the last two weeks we have regressed offensively from where we were after the Ravens game. On the fence: 1. Don’t know how to feel about Reagor; I guess underwhelmed—I understand that this was his first game in over a month and he is a rookie so I should cut him some slack. I thought at the beginning of the game, the Eagles were figuring out ways to get the ball into their rookie playmakers’ hands. He had a 6 yard run, 2 receptions and a touchdown in the first quarter. It looked like he was on his way to a big game. Then he had only one reception the rest of the game. Add on he had a chance to reel in a touchdown late in the game that would have completely buried the Cowboys for good, but saw the defender make a great play on the ball. I do not think it is his entire fault. Frankly I was pretty underwhelmed with the play calling and utilizing his skill set. I envisioned when we hired the assistant coaches we did and then drafting him that the Eagles would employ him much of the same ways that the Niners use Deebo Samuel. Frankly I think you have to in order to maximize his upside and ceiling. Unfortunately, I thought the best call of the night for him was the first swing pass/run and the two-point conversion where he was able to use his speed to his advantage cutting across the field. I didn’t mind the Reagor pick at 21. I understood why they went with him and his speed, but with how a lot of the rookies are performing so far this year and us having a chance to tee off against Diggs and Dallas who struggle to defend I leave the game saying I am underwhelmed and expected more. Maybe my expectations were too high for his first game back. 2. Run defense—The Cowboys only ran for 3.8 yards per carry, but were able to compile 135 yards on 35 rushing attempts. Normally you would say that is very good that Dallas had to run that many times to get that type of production. However, I viewed it a little differently. First, the Eagles continue to have issues with misdirection and the RO with QBs that can scramble. The Cowboys got 41 yards on those types of plays. Additionally, in the second half in the last two games it felt like our opponents could just run on us at will. During the Giants 97 yard touchdown drive, Gallman was picking up big chunks of yards. In this game, it felt Polland continuously was finding 5-6 yard on the ground. He finished the game with 40 rushing yards on 7 attempts for 5.7 yards per carry. I know you aren’t going to be able to shutdown a running game completely, but when the two backs go 103 yards on 26 carries, I just think the Eagles could have been better than what they allowed. 3. Misdirection plays—To the Eagles credit, they did manage to bust a couple of trick/misdirection plays that the Cowboys ran later in the game. However, early in the game the Eagles gave up a 19 yard run to Lamb on a misdirection. I feel like as the game went on, the Eagles picked up on the misdirection and were able to recognize and dissect it. Unfortunately, the Eagles are still being victimized by misdirection at time. The Rams utilized it routinely against the Eagles. Aiyuk and McCloud had big time runs against the Eagles using misdirection. Teams are going to continue to employ this against the Eagles until they are able to defend and recognize it. Like I said, I thought as the game went on, the Eagles were much better at figuring it out and shutting it down. I do not know if that’s because it was the Cowboys and their offense just stinks so they expected it. Or if the Eagles are beginning to get better at it. I have it on the fence cause I hate seeing one of the first couple plays be this and pick up yards to get Dallas some momentum. The Bad: 1. Where was Goedert?—I was pretty excited earlier in the week when I saw Goedert practicing and running routes. I had a feeling he was going to play this game and that the Eagles really wanted him to before the bye. However, I expected the Eagles to try and exploit this matchup more than they did. I would have to go back and watch the all 22, but I think he was used largely as a blocker to help Mailata and Peters with the Cowboys front four. Needless to say, Goedert is far too talented, good and impactful to just be held to 1 reception for 15 yards. He was only targeted in the passing game one time. That is not nearly enough against a defense that has been historically bad all season and hasn’t shown the ability to stop anyone. I do think as he gets healthier and plays more snaps that the Eagles will incorporate him more into the offense. But kind of like Reagor, I feel like the Eagles didn’t do nearly enough to get him the ball in this game and I really wanted to see him come out with a bang. 2. Special Teams issues—This is often an area that gets overlooked in games, but this game had multiple issues with special teams. First, I do not get the love for Rudy Ford. Yes it was his first penalty of the year. He has also not played in half the games for the Eagles. This dates back to last year it seems like he is always committing one penalty per game on special teams. Tonight he had a block in the back on Ward’s return, which he didn’t even need to make the block on. You cannot keep telling me he is a special teams ACE meanwhile he has stacked up more ST penalties over the last two years than anyone on the Eagles. Second, I am not sure what the heck Wallace is doing on Johnston’s punt midway through the second quarter. Instead of stopping and running on the goaline, he runs into the end zone and then tries to make his way back to the ball. The ball bounds around the 6 and goes into the end zone. If he begins running along the end zone line when he gets to the end zone then he is likely able to down that ball at the two. Instead the ball goes into the end zone for a touchback. It didn’t matter in a game like tonight, but it very well could’ve been the difference in another game where it was a battle of field position. Lastly, after the Cowboys gave the Eagles a safety to make it a 14-point game, the Cowboys tried a sky-high type of onside. I am almost positive you are allowed to have some one call for a fair catch on that type of kick. Instead the Eagles let it bounce and nearly lose it to the Cowboys. The Eagles had to know that was coming and they just looked completely unprepared for it. 3. Third down offense—This was the third consecutive week that the Eagles third down offense had really been underwhelming. In the previous two weeks, the Eagles were just 7-25, which is a terrible 28% on third down. Against the Cowboys, the Eagles were not much better as they converted on just 3-8, which is 37.5%. Over the last three weeks combine, the Eagles are 10-33 (30.3). That is simply just not good enough to be a winning football team. The Eagles are lucky they played two of the worst teams in football because most teams that convert that poorly are on the losing side of the coin. The Eagles were better than they were last week in not finding themselves in 3rd and 7+. Last week they had 8 third down and 7+. This week, they had 3 of their 8 third down attempts in 3rd and 7+. Nevertheless, they only converted on one of those three and it came on a roughing the passer penalty. While that is a slight improvement, it is still not good that the Eagles have had 107 third down attempts on the year and they have been in third and 7+ in 52 of them. That is just under half of their third downs have been third and long. It is pretty obvious the Eagles offense has struggled the last two weeks and a major reason can be pointed at their inability to be successful on third down. They are bottom half in the league in this category. This is a far cry from just a couple seasons ago when they were atop of the league. 4. Sweat getting fooled—I have loved what I have seen so far from Josh Sweat. This isn’t an indictment on his season as a whole. But man, he was awful today when DiNucci pulled the read option. In back-to-back drives, DiNucci got Sweat 2 times on the read option that allowed DiNucci to pick up some yards. I have to go back and watch the all 22, but I believe Sweat was burned on this 4 times in this game. Teams will see this on tape with Sweat and look to exploit him. He has to be disciplined and read the play. You cannot just go crashing down and look to tackle Zeke. This was a problem some other Eagles had last week when Jones busted off a 80+ yard run and the week previously when Jackson rushed for a 37-yard touchdown. The Ugly: 1. Wentz was atrocious—There really isn’t any other way to put this, I thought this was Wentz’s worse game since the Cincinnati game back in week 3. In the first half alone he had 3 turnovers (2 fumbles and 1 interception). He finished the game with 4 turnovers over all. On the season, he leads the league with 12 interceptions. He has league high 16 turnovers. He has had 2 or more turnovers in 5 of his 8 starts. His first turnover in this game is just not acceptable. He rolled out and had time to just throw the ball away. He sat and waited and then began to wind up when he was hit and fumbled the ball away. If no one is getting open and you have rolled out then you have to have a clock in your head to just get rid of the ball and fire it away. You cannot afford to take the sack and you definitely cannot afford to be careless with the football. He was fortunate enough Graham saved him a few plays later. On the second fumble, I think that was more on Pryor missing his assignment. I cannot imagine the Eagles play called for him to help out Kelce and allow 2 defenders to just run through where he originally lined up. Even so when you watch it from the end zone view, Wentz had time to see where the blitzer was coming from and he has to see he has two wide open receivers straight in front of him that would’ve picked up the first down and continued the drive. So even you gave him a pass for Pryor, he had two horrible throws; one to Reagor and one to Hightower. One the first one to Reagor, the ball was overthrown to Reagor and into double coverage. That is something he has to see and notice. Give credit to the Cowboys defender as he did a good job of pulling the ball in and getting his knee down before it eventually hit out of bounds. That is on Wentz. Reagor was nowhere close to where that throw went. His second interception was also Wentz’s fault. He just put way too much air in it. Now Hightower definitely seemed to have issues tracking that ball, but even if he did track it properly it felt like that ball was overthrown and the only player who could make a decent play on the ball was wearing a Cowboys uniform. Entering this game you had to feel good about how the Eagles finished the game against the Giants and were building some good offensive mojo. When you add talent like Reagor and Goedert you have to feel even better about the Eagles ability to gash and light up this Dallas defense. To me there was no reason for Carson to be this awful against this Cowboys defense. He had the weapons we have been wanting all season. Maybe they need some time to gel, but that felt more like Carson trying to do too much and making boneheaded plays. This is happening with way too much frequency. It is either he is throwing a ball into double coverage, overthrowing his WRs, not recognizing where the blitz is coming from, holding the ball way too long, throwing across his body or just not taking what the defense is giving him. There are definitely moments and times this season where Wentz looks the part of a good QB then there is these stretches where he looks like he shouldn’t even be on the field. I thought after the Steelers game he was turning it around, but much of the Giants game and this game he just has looked awful. I am not sure how the Eagles fix it. Hopefully this is one of those seasons where we look back and say what the hell happened that year with Carson cause the rest of his career it doesn’t add up. However, I am growing more and more skeptical. The Eagles had weapons for him tonight and the oline for much of the night looked good and yet against one of the worst defenses in the league and league history he looked atrocious. 2. Doug needs to give up play calling— Wentz was atrocious. Doug Pederson wasn’t too far behind with his play calling and game plan. I cannot re-iterate this enough, THE EAGLES WERE FACING A HISTORICAL BAD DEFENSE. They had given up the 8th most points in NFL history over the first 7 weeks of the season. The Eagles offense could only managed to get 222 total yards, 18 first downs and just 15 points on offense. Heck the defense contributed 8 points, which is half as many as the offense. At some point in time when the Eagles offense is struggling this bad for most of this season then there needs to be a change. In 4 of the first 8 games, the Eagles offense has managed to scored 20 points or less (Niners defensive touchdown and tonight defensive touchdown and safety). In 6 of the 8 games, he Eagles offense managed to score less than 24 points in a game. Now obviously some of this is on Wentz, but I also put a lot of it on Doug. I do not think we are utilizing our players to the best of their abilities. I also think we move away from the run when it is working and then not get back to it until it is too late and we get out of our rhythm. I do not believe he is helping his quarterback either. Play calling seems very predictable. 3. Decisions, Decisions-- Also Doug’s decision making at times in this game and year have just been bizarre. Twice the Eagles had 4th and short from the Dallas 44 and went for it and failed. Ok the first time you want to be aggressive and you think you can create some mojo to get your offense going and Dallas defense had been atrocious all year. Add on it was 4th and 3 early in the second quarter up 7-3. Doug took way too long to get the play in and the Eagles got to the line with just around 3 seconds on the play clock. So it was a rushed played that ultimately ended up as a fumble as Carson missed two wide-open receivers. After that poor play call, I am still trying to figure out what Doug is thinking on his play call when going for it on 4th down and 1 from Dallas’ 44 at the end of the second quarter. Dallas had yet to be able to stop the Eagles running game. Doug dials up a pass with an inaccurate Carson. Why not run the ball with the guy who was over 6 yards per carry early in the game? This has been an issue at times for Doug since winning the SB. The Eagles were up 7-6. Frankly I would have punted because Dallas was playing with a 7th round rookie that hadn’t yet shown he was capable of consistently sustaining drives. You pin them deep and force the Cowboys to drive the length of the field to get points with practically no time remaining. Additionally, you would’ve went into halftime with a 7-6 lead and no chance for the Cowboys to get any points before the end of the half. The Cowboys get excellent field position and were able to add on a field goal and gain some momentum heading into the half. I get there is a time to be aggressive and you think well Dallas’ defense isn’t very good so we should pick this up. However, your offense isn’t very good. You didn’t get the 4th and short earlier in the quarter and Carson was struggling mightily in this game. These are the type of things that continuously keep happening this year. Are we still trying to overcorrect for the Bengals game? I am sorry but they’re too many. We are in year 5 of Doug, the offense for basically 4 out of the last 5 years has been underwhelming for large stretches of time. At some point in time we must look at Doug and say maybe he needs to give up play calling to someone else cause clearly his play calling isn’t getting it done on a regular basis. 3. Press Taylor—We are going into the bye week and Carson is playing the worst football of his 5-year career this year. I would argue this is far worst than his rookie season because at least as a rookie we can say there is a learning curve and he is going to get better from the mistakes he is making. Now he is a veteran and continuously making bad mistake after bad mistake. Why do I bring up Press Taylor? Because he has been the QB coach for 3 years as the QB and it feels like under him Carson has regressed. I have said this in the past, but it feels like Wentz’s mechanics from week to week are not where they need to be. When he was at his best in 2017, he might have a bad week with his mechanics but you knew the next week that his mechanics were going to be on point cause Defilippo would harp on him for the week about it. Additionally, it feels like Carson is routinely just making poor decisions. I do not know what is going on behind closed doors, but clearly it isn’t getting through to Carson so maybe we need a new person delivering the message. I am not going to blame Press for everything that is going wrong with Carson, but I do think we need a new voice and not someone who is your buddy. 4. Hightower struggles— Over the past couple of weeks I thought we had seen some nice progression out of Hightower. He was tracking the ball down the field and making some big plays at some big moments in the game. However against the Cowboys it was a disaster every time the Eagles looked his way. He looked like the game was too big for him and he reminded me of Agholor on the deep ball. On the first deep ball down the sideline, it appeared like he just slowed down instead of running through. It felt like if he didn’t slow down that he likely would’ve gotten the PI. Another player was nearly picked off because instead of going abck toward the ball, he waited and then tried to jump back towards the ball. It wasn’t a good throw by Wentz but jumping back toward the ball at the last second isn’t going back to get the ball. On the interception thrown over him, I think if that ball was thrown on target he was going to have big issues tracking it and pulling it in. He looked completely lost when trying to track it. He just looked soft out there tonight. Frankly, I much rather try some of those deep shots to Reagor now that he is healthy. As much as I like Hightower going forward and think these snaps will ultimately help him, I don’t think he is ready for the amount of snaps we are asking him to do. 5. Big play offense—I really thought this was going to be a game of big plays for the Eagles. I thought we would see a couple bombs to Reagor, which could open up some big plays in the middle of the field to Goedert. Fulgham would likely contribute with his usual big play. However, at the end of the night, Fulgham had a 32-yard reception, but then the Eagles didn’t have another play of over 20 yards. The Eagles tried but Wentz’s inaccuracy and guys just didn’t make some of the plays when the throw was there. This hurts because Diggs has been one of the worst corners in the league in terms of giving up the big play. I thought this would be a game we go into the bye feeling good about ourselves and starting to get even more big plays incorporated into the offense. Sadly I feel worse now than I did after the Ravens and Steelers game. 6. One of the worst games I have seen—I have watched a lot of football games in my life and that one was more aggravating and irritating then any I can remember. I watched a ton of football today. Yes there were some not so great games, but this one was BY FAR THE WORST. It felt like two top 10 drafting teams playing against each other. Frankly I expected Dallas to not look good on offense with a 7th round rookie QB at the helm. I expected their defense to get shredded by the Eagles offense as they returned Peters, Reagor and Goedert. Instead I feel like I saw a pop warner football game that happened to end in our favor. 7. Maddox effort on Zeke’s run—There is nothing that irritates me more then when a guy has a chance to make a play and just do to lack of effort doesn’t make a play. The Cowboys down just 15-9 had a 3rd and 1 form their own 34. Zeke runs the ball to the left and is getting close to the sideline. Riley is chasing him. Maddox is running to the ball carrier. Zeke is going to be stopped behind the first down market if Maddox continues to run and go for the tackle. Instead Maddox proceeds to slow down and Zeke is able to get just enough for the first down. Maddox is lucky that drive ended in a Dallas fumble. If DiNucci isn’t stripped by Edwards and Dallas scores a touchdown on that drive then that is a pivotal play in the game. If he goes all out and makes that tackle then Dallas has a decision on 4th down to go for it on their own side of the field with 10 minutes left or punt. I am guessing the punt. Nothing irritates me more than seeing players just half ass it on a play. This happened last week with NRC on the Jones run. I can take 8. Slay and Malik leave game—It always feels like when we get a couple guys back then the very next game we lose 2-3 guys. This game was no different. We get back Reagor, Peters, Malik and Goedert. Then we lose Malik to reinjuring his quad and we lose Slay to an ankle. I am not sure how long either are going to be out, but hoping the bye week is long enough to get both of them on the field for the Giants. 9. Trade Deadline—I would look to trade some of the guys on this roster that I could. I would look to see what I could get for NRC. I think there is likely a team out there that would give you something for him. I do not think he is having the best year, but I know teams are desperate around the league for corners and slot corners. I do not think you’d get anything more than a 5th, but I would take that 5th for him. I think LeBlanc after the bye can be your starting slot corner. Before DeSean got hurt I thought he was an interesting name. I could see a team like the Saints who need a deep threat to go along with Sanders and Thomas would have been interesting. I thought he was a moveable piece to a contender that though he was the missing piece to get them over the top this year and go all in. With him injured it wont happen. I am curious to see if the Eagles would move Curry. I like Vinny Curry. He is a very productive player in his role here. However, I think there is a contender that believes they need another rotational DE and if they are willing to give me a player or pick that helps me long term then I think the Eagles should consider it. I think he will have better value than people think. As for Howie acquiring, I just don’t see it. Williamson was traded to the Steelers tonight. He was about the only linebacker I saw on the market that was reasonable that would upgrade from what you have. The rest I think youd be overpaying and not getting what you paid for. At corner, I think the price is going to be way too high. If the Eagles were able to move NRC and bring in another outside corner then they could move Maddox back into his natural role in the slot. That said, I don’t see them adding a corner. After that what are you looking to add? A running back? I think Running back it isn’t worth giving up a draft pick. I rather see what I have in Holyfield or pick up Bo Scarbough who was released by the Lions. Neither are exciting, but I don’t see the Eagles giving up a draft pick when they have Sanders coming back even if they need a better backup. I would say offensive line, but if the Eagles manage to get Lane and Seumalo back after the bye then the Eagles offensive line is massively upgraded. You could have Peters move back to guard or have Peters or Mailata as your swing tackle. The oline I think will get better just getting guys back. So really it is LB and CB. I do not think the market prices are going to allow for the Eagles to do so.
  2. 21 points
    The Good: 1. Sanders and Scott… the running game—While they’re very very very few good things to come out of this game, the Eagles running game was the lone bright spot. Even Corey Clement got into the act as he was able to run for a 5 yard touchdown. On the afternoon, the Eagles rushed for 156 yards and 23 carries for a 6.8 yards per carry. The Eagles trio of RBs combined for 153 of the 156 rushing yards. It was nice to see Sanders back out there after missing the past couple of games. He looked spry and like his old self. He was finding holes and hitting them with burst. He also made some thing out of nothing a couple of times as well. On the day, he had 85 rushing yards on just 15 carries for 5.7 yards per carry. Additionally, he saved Hurts and Doug by picking up a botch snap by Hurts and gaining some positive yardage off of it. Scott had a huge 56 yard touchdown run to get the Eagles to within 3 after the two-point conversion. I am surprised the Eagles got the touchdown. It looked like his heel touched the out of bounds line. Nevertheless, Scott finished with 63 yards on 3 carries and a touchdown. Frankly I think the Eagles should have relied even more on him and Boston Scott. They were running the ball effectively and efficiently until the end of the game where the Eagles kept trying to bounce it to the outside, which had been stuffed late in the game. With Carson and the passing game struggling, the Eagles should’ve have continued to lean on the running game. This has become a problem that Doug refuses to realize his passing game is not very good and his running game should be the thing he relies on more heavily. Furthermore, once Sanders appears to be going and the running game is taking off, Doug simply just goes away from it and becomes pass happy. I think Baker Mayfield is a bad QB, but the Browns have at least figured out that they can win games with their talented backfield in spite of his lackluster passing game. 2. Run blocking—I actually thought this was the best game run blocking game that the offensive line had in quite some time. It has been awhile since the Eagles have had some of the holes they were creating. Scott had a sizeable hole on his long touchdown run. On many of the runs by Sanders early in the game, he was getting some holes that really haven’t been many over the past couple of weeks. On the Clement touchdown, Pryor was able to get a massive block to help Clement run into the end zone with relative ease. I am guessing the Eagles are going to get Seumalo back in the next two weeks and Herbig as well. I actually think the Eagles running attack might be able to get better and better as the season continues as long as Sanders stays healthy and Doug is willing to admit his team is better off in the hands of his running back then in the arm of his QBs. 3. No turnovers on offense—Give the Eagles credit, they might have looked like complete crap on offense, but they didn’t turn the ball over even when there were multiple botched or bad snaps. Really don’t remember Wentz throwing a pass where I believe the Giants had a good chance at picking it off. In a game that didn’t have a lot of positives, at least the Eagles didn’t turn the ball over. So baby steps for the offense. 4. Red zone offense—The Eagles were not able to actually make it into the red zone more than one time on the afternoon. That is a major problem. At least when they did find their way into the red zone in the third quarter, they were able to capitalize with a Corey Clement 5 yard touchdown run. 5. Rodgers more productive then Goedert and Ertz—Rodgers on the afternoon hauled in 4 catches fro 60 yards. He has been more productive than both Goedert and Ertz this season. On the season, Rodgers has 19 receptions for 244 yards. Meanwhile, Ertz has 24 receptions for 178 yards and Goedert has 18 receptions for 186 yards. That is not good. On the fence: 1. Reagor usage and performance— While Reagor didn’t have a bad game, I have been pretty underwhelmed by how the Eagles have utilized him in the offense and his lack of overall production when he has been out on the field. I think Reagor is talented enough to be a good starting WR in this league. I think he has the speed and athleticism to create mismatches for opposing team. However, I feel Doug and this offensive coaching staff has no clue how to utilize their young receiver. The last two years, I watch the Niners figure out creative ways to get the ball into the hands of Deebo Samuel and Aiyuk. It is not the simplistic run this route. They are using them in a variety of ways. Having them come across the field in motion and getting them on a sweep or a shovel pass to utilize their speed and athletic ability. They use crossers over the middle of the field or deep shots or curl routes. They aren’t limiting their players to just a certain dimensions of the offense. They are building the offense to their strengths and maximizing them to their fullest. Here it feels very vanilla and bland type of play calls. On the day, Reagor had 4 receptions for 47 yards and no rushes. In fact he has 1 rush all season in his four games and really it was because Wentz threw behind him so it counted as a rush. On the season, the Eagles first round pick has hauled in 12 receptions for 159 yards and a touchdown. Injuries have halted some of that but so has poor creativity and offensive coaching. 2. 3rd down defense—When you look at the overall numbers, the Eagles did a decent job of getting off the field on third. The Eagles were 5-for-14, which is 35.7 percent. However like the first game against the Giants, this stat feels like fools gold. Early in the game, the Eagles had a chance to get off the field on a 3rd and 8. Instead Jackson commits an encroachment penalty and then the Eagles proceeded to give Engram a 4 yard reception to pick up the first down and on the very next play Jones rushes in for a 34-yard touchdown. On the second drive of the game, the Eagles had an opportunity to get off the field on third down. Shepard picked up 3 when he needed just two and the drive resulted in another Giants touchdown. The Eagles had more than just those two opportunities on third down to do something and make a play and yet they didn’t. I give the Eagles credit because after the 1st two drives they held the Giants to just 3-for-11 (27.3%), but they seemingly just cannot get off the field when they need to at times particularly in the red zone. The Bad: 1. Carson looks bad and like a game manager— I do not think this was Wentz’s worse game of the season. He actually didn’t commit a turnover, which is a rarity this season for the Eagles and himself. Actually the first time he hasn’t turned it over all season. However, he just didn’t look like the best player on the field all game even though he is being paid to be the best player on the field. He had some guys open where he just sailed the ball on them. Goedert early in the game and late in the game, he just missed him high. He had a ball that was behind Fulgham. Heck even the PI called on the Ward pass was debatable because the refs were not sure Ward had a chance at catching it with how overthrown the pass was even with Ward being mugged. Additionally, he looked off some of his receivers who were open. He isn’t seeing the field well whatsoever. Add He completed only 57% of his passes; even with the drops it was going to be in the low 60%. Heck he only completed one pass over 22 yards.To Wentz’s credit, I thought most of the day he was smart about when to get rid of the ball and he wasn’t making awful decisions with the ball where turnovers could occur. I think the bigger disappointment on the day is that Wentz was thoroughly outplayed by Jones. Jones gave his WRs chances to make plays and even beat the Eagles routinely with his legs. Jones’ pass to Slayton, which all but sealed the Giants victory was a dime. Heck Jones had back-to-back passes to Shepard and Tate on the touchdown drive after the eagles cut the lead to 4 where he gave his WRs chances to make big time plays. It never felt like Wentz gave his WRs chances to make big time plays. It felt like he played this game very conservatively. I am not sure what to think with Wentz. This game he was much better than he was against Dallas, which really isn’t a great barometer. He was downright god awful in that game. This game, he felt like a marginal QB. I have watched a lot of football over the years, this felt like I was watching an average to below average quarterback playing not to make a critical mistake and not really being the guy the Eagles are paying him to be. I hate saying it, but he looked like a game manager trying not to lose the game and not a star quarterback this team needs to win this game. I do not know how many more games your offense can managed to score 15 and 17 points and not make some sort of change, but it is about to get really ugly especially if the Eagles cannot figure out ways to score against Seattle’s awful defense in two weeks. Wentz is locked in due to his contract for at least the next 2 seasons, but there has to get to a point if he keeps looking like he has for much of the season about finding out if Hurts is a starting caliber QB. I do not think that time has come yet, but I also do not think it is too far off if we get to after the Saints game and this offense is still only managing 16 points like it has the last two games. 2. Slay the playmaker?—For much of the year Slay has been a bright spot for the Eagles secondary. He is asked to cover the best WR on the other team and he really has done an excellent job when he has been out there most of the year. Against Slayton today, he had some issues. Slayton was able haul in 5 of his 7 targets for 93 yards. He was able to make a critical 40-yard reception late in the game that pretty much sealed the Eagles fate. Nevertheless, it just feels like we needed someone to make a big time play and we have yet to get that big time play by Slay. On the season, Slay has 0 interceptions. This isn’t his entirely his fault, teams are attacking NRC and Maddox along with our other corners because they know they aren’t very good. But I feel like for the most part Slay has been good but not the playmaker or interception total the Eagles were hoping to get at corner simply as he has left some games early and our other secondary players are average or not very good. 3. Oline solid in the run blocking and bad pass pro—I actually thought the offensive line was solid at run blocking until late in the game, but not very good against the rush. The Eagles particularly in between the tackles were doing an excellent job to create holes for Sanders. Additionally, they were being the attacker early on in the game and pushing Giants’ defenders off the line. On the other hand, the Giants were able to sack Wentz 3 times and hit Wentz 13 times. While a good portion of the season, Wentz has put himself in harms way by holding onto the ball way too long, this game it didn’t feel like that. Yes there was a play or two, but really the Eagles offensive line was just not overly great at picking up the blitzer and allowing pressure to get to Carson. I do give Peters and Lane credit as they were able to make it through the entire game without leaving the field. That said, I would have played Mailata at tackle and moved Peters back to RG. I do not need to see Peters at LT anymore. Yes he wasn’t the major problem today for the Eagles offensive line, but this team isn’t exactly going place besides maybe a first round playoff exit. I would like to see Mailata developing more then peters who is not going to be here the next couple season. Then again, Lurie and the Eagles cant seem to just accept they need to move on from Peters and not pay him anymore. 4. Where’s freaking Fulgham?— I am absolutely baffled by how the Eagles managed to only look Fulgham’s way 5 times in this game. He has been the Eagles best offensive player since the 49ers game in week 4. Yet he has seen his targets over the last 3 weeks decline with every week that passes. Over the last 3 weeks, his targets have gone from 11 to 7 to 5. Perhaps the league has caught up with the Eagles and Fulgham or maybe it is the Eagles that aren’t giving their young WR enough targets and forcing a square peg into a round hole by throwing out Alshon onto the field or targeting Greg Ward and Dick Rod as many or more times then Fulgham. I do not think this is the league catching up to Fulgham as much as it is the Eagles seemingly just do not look to him enough. Even in the first Giants game, it took Doug and the offense 3 quarters to remember him. Against Dallas it felt like there were long stretches where the Eagles just do look to him. I love getting Reagor back, but it feels like the Eagles are trying to prove a point by force-feeding Reagor with some passes. That fourth down pass to Reagor is not the guy I want to go to with Bradberry on him. I want to find my big WR who is facing the less Giants corner. Heck I was perplexed that the Eagles used Clement for a red zone target and failed to look Fulgham’s way inside the red zone where his size and length would massively help the Eagles. At this point, it is criminal that we only have targeted Fulgham on average 6 times against Dallas and the Giants. He finished the afternoon with 1 catch for 8 yards. 5. Unimpressed with Goedert in past 2 games— I know fans were really high on Goedert and thought he would be the guy going forward as Ertz would be dealt away at the trade deadline or this offseason. I still think that is ultimately the case, however, I have been really underwhelmed and unimpressed by Goedert since returning from his injury and really outside the first game of the season; Do not get me wrong, Wentz hasn’t helped him. Also I think his week 8 performance was more the Eagles suited him up because of his blocking prowess and not his receiving in that game. In this game, he had two throws in which one was massively overthrown and the other was overthrown and nearly got Goedert hurt. That said, it feels like Goedert is always leaving the field or getting hurt. He left the field in the first quarter to go to the medical tent. This seemingly has been an issue with him that he has had nagging type of injuries and this year a major fracture. Since returning, he has hauled in 5 receptions for 48 yards. He has basically been as useful as Ertz when he was on the field. Heck Dick Rod has looked like the Eagles best TE this season. In fact he has hauled in more receptions and yards than Ertz and Goedert who are more talented players. I still believe Goedert is going to be a very good tight end in the NFL, but I do think it is a stretch where fans just assume he is going to be as good in the receiving aspect as Ertz or that he becomes as good as Celek in his prime. So far he has shown glimpses of being that good, but he has also had 4 games this season where he has failed to reach 35 receiving yards. I would like to see him get more involved in this passing game because I think he is a mismatch, but outside of that Washington game it doesn’t seem to be trending that way. 6. Kelce’s snaps—I love Kelce, but today was a really bad day for him in this aspect. There were about 5-6 snaps that were way too low or botched cause he didn’t get a good snap back to Hurts or Wentz. We were fortunate that none of them led to turnovers. Nevertheless, hard to be mad at Kelce as he has been one of the only players on the field every game this year and is still playing at a high level considering the musical chairs going on at both guard spots. The Ugly: 1. Doug the playcaller needs to go—I think Doug is a solid to good head coach in terms of getting his guys to play hard and responding to adversity, but his play calling leaves a lot to be desired. We are now in the 5th year under Doug and in 4 of the 5 years the offense has been stagnant, stale and uncreative for large portions of those 4 years. Really the year that is looking like the outlier is 2017. The Eagles are not going to fire Doug midseason nor do I think they fire him at all after winning a SB just 3 seasons ago. However, the only solution I see right now for the Eagles is for him to give up play calling duties. It simply isn’t working. This team has faced two bad defenses over the last 2 games and has barely managed to score 17 and 15 points. Additionally, the Eagles offense over the last 3 weeks against the Giants, Cowboys and Giants has averaged 18ppg. On the season, the Eagles offense has scored under 20 points in 5 of their 9 games (Niners and Cowboys got defensive touchdowns). It feels like this offense is very predictable and easy to defend. Even the Hurts trick plays have become stale and predictable. Like the I know what is coming. We keep Wentz on the field at WR and teams know he is useless out there so it is basically 10 vs. 11 and add on we refuse to let Hurts throw it more to keep teams honest. This offense just feels like a disaster waiting to happen. There is no flow or juice or rhythm. When I watch a lot of the good offenses around the league I see coaches using one play to set up the defense on another. There isn’t any of that going on with the Eagles. This game to me was far worse then any of the previous games as the Eagles have a ton of weapons back at their disposal and we managed to see the same dead offense we have most of the year. Heck even the Ravens and Steelers games are looking more like fools gold as the points came when the Eagles found themselves in deep holes and maybe those teams just took their foot off the peddle. At this point, you have to change something. Doug and the play calling has really been bleh all season and really a large portion of his tenure. I am not sure who the Eagles give the play calling to or if that even works, but at this point it is better than seeing the same thing over and over again. ** Also an issue is the Eagles always seem to be rushing to get the play in and the playclock is running out. We need to be quicker with getting the play in, getting the play called and lining up. This is another thing that could fall under why Doug should give up play calling duties. 2. Eagles D to start the game and team after the bye—Another issue the Eagles have had over the years with Doug is not looking ready to play after the bye week. His first year, they lost to the Lions. In 2017, the Eagles found themselves down 9-7 to Cowboys team down Zeke. In 2018, the Eagles lost to the Cowboys. In 2019, they looked good on the opening drive against the Patriots and then disappeared for the rest of the game. In Doug’s tenure, the Eagles are now 1-4 after the bye week. So instead of getting healthy, fresh and some renewed energy, they have looked as bad if not worse after the bye weeks. It wasn’t just the offense today, the defense was atrocious to start the game. The Giants marched down the field with relative ease on their first two possessions of the game. The Giants who had the 31st ranked offense in the league, scored touchdowns on 75 and 85 yard drives. The defense just came out expecting the Giants to just roll over and play dead after Barnett got a sack. Instead, Gallman gashed them and Daniel Jones picked their defense apart and even used his legs to beat them. The Eagles defense the rest of the game only gave up 13 points, but the first two drives of the game couldn’t stop anyone. That to me is just not showing up and also likely overlooking your opponent. The Giants might stink but they always fight until the very end and aren’t a pushover. Felt like the Eagles defense didn’t believe that and just thought they’d dominate. Additionally, how many guys really looked ready to go from the opening whistle with a chance to beat a hated division rival and really take a stranglehold over the division? It felt like this team was just flat and unprepared. 3. 00000’fer on 3rd down—You want to know why the Eagles lost this game, this is one of the biggest reasons. The Eagles failed to convert on a third down the entire game. the eagles were 0-9. First time they’ve failed to convert on 3rd down for an entire game since 2004. That is really really hard to do. Even Dallas with Dinucci at QB was able to convert a couple 3rd downs against the Eagles. What makes this even worse is the Eagles weren’t facing one of the best defenses in the league. The Giants were ranked 26th overall in the league on third down. Heading into the game, the Giants were giving opponents conversions on 48% of their third downs. This is the 4th consecutive week in a row where the Eagles have just not been very productive on third down. Over the last 4 weeks, the Eagles are converting at 23.8% (10-42), which is far and away the worst in the NFL over that time. Yup even worse than the pathetic Jets. One of the major reasons the Eagles find themselves struggling on third down is the amount of times they have found themselves in 3rd and 7+. In this game, the Eagles were in 3rd and 10 or more 5 times. The Eagles were only in 3rd and less than 7 on 4 occasions. On the season, the Eagles have had 116 third down opportunities. The Eagles have been in 3rd and 7+ on 57 of those third downs. That is 49% of the third downs are 3rd and 7+. Heck that number is higher than their conversion percentage, which is just 29.7 percent on the year (46-116). This is offense is going to continue to be stagnant and unproductive until the Eagles can figure out how to cure their ills on first and second down to put themselves into more manageable positions and until they figure out how to get this offense to generate first downs. 4. Linebackers— If you only looked at the box score and saw Singleton and Edwards having 16 and 12 tackles respectively then you’d think they were very productive, active and solid on the day. However, they were very routinely out of position against the run early in the game, which allowed the Giants to go up 11 points before you knew what hit you. They were basically playing like Nate Gerry who seemed to always be chasing from 3-5 yards behind to make a tackle. This is going to continue to be a problem as the year continues and I fully expect teams to exploit it more and more when we face some of the better offenses in the league. I like Edwards and Singleton as quality depth, but I do not think either is a starter in this league. Singleton is just not talented enough to be a starter. He can make some plays here and there like on 3rddown when Jones ran, but for the most part he isn’t a guy who should be more than a quality backup. As for Edwards, I thought he would be solid against the run. It is why I was surprised that he was all over the place to start the game. In the passing game, that is where I figured he would struggle. The stats over the last two games looks great, but really I do think he has played all that well. I think like Singleton, he is a nice backup LB for depth, but the more and more he plays the more and more he is going to be exposed. As for Taylor, I saw they got him on the field when the Giants got inside the 5. He didn’t really do anything to impress me. I am not going to even go into Duke Riley, if you are using him for anything other than ST then you should already know you are likely screwed. 5. Containment of QBs— Nothing irritates me more than seeing the same mistake continue to happen week after week after week. That is how you get fired and should be fired. I do not know how many times I need to see Josh Sweat continue to make the mistake of just going all in and crashing down on the read option. This was a problem for him in the Ravens game. It was a problem even in the Giants game and Cowboys games prior to this one. He routinely is doing it and teams are killing the Eagles for long runs by the QB cause of it. On Jones 34-yard touchdown run against the Eagles today, he did it once again. Additionally, he then did it a couple of drives later and was fortunate the other Eagles defenders bailed him out. This isn’t just him though, Graham was killed on this on Jones 80-yard run in the first meeting with the Giants. It seems to be an issue for all of the Eagles DEs. At some point in time, you have to respect the RO and not just sell out to make a tackle on the running back. In two games against the Eagles Danie Jones has had a run of 34 and 80 yards. Furthermore, Jones has rushed for 156 yards on 13 carries against the Eagles this year. This is going to continue to happen especially with Mayfield and the browns running attack as well as Wilson coming up over the next two weeks. 6. This Pass rush/DL is overrated— For a team that tried to sell us on the ideas of signing Hargrave and Malik Jackson so that we could have an elite defensive line it feels like that money could have been better spent elsewhere. The Eagles are paying everyone along that defensive line to be one of the best if not top 3 units in the league, but for the most part it feels like some weeks they play the part and other weeks they are just an average group. This is a game where the Eagles defensive line should have dominated a mediocre to below average Giants offensive line. The Eagles might have registered 3 sacks and 8 Hits, but it felt like they didn’t do enough to force a turnover from the turnover prone Daniel Jones. Jones was able complete 75% of his passes. Additionally, the Giants were moving guys like Cox, Hargrave and Jackson out of the way on their runs early in the game. This might have been Malik Jackson’s worse game of the season. He only registered a QB hit and I don’t even remember the play where he did that. He had more penalties then he had Hits, sacks and tackles combined. Hargrave might have played better than he has all season, but really he still underperformed in my book. He still hasn’t looked dominate and the Eagles are paying him to be better than just a rotational DT. I feel like the Eagles backups could be giving you the same amount of production as he is. 7. Run defense— As this season continues, this feels like one of the worse run defenses the Eagles have had under Schwartz. The first two drives by the Giants, they were able to accumulate 94 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Now it isn’t just the running backs that are killing the Eagles, it is also QBs scrambling and misdirection trick plays as well. In this game, the Eagles gave up 151 yards on 36 carries and 3 touchdowns. That is a 4.2 yards per carry average. This now marks the 7thtime this year the Eagles have given up over 115 yards rushing in a game. The damage isn’t all coming from the RB position, but their opponents are just routinely beating the Eagles on the ground. In previous years, the Eagles maybe had 2-3 games in a season where they gave their opponent 100 yards on the ground. This season it has been almost every game. 8. Starting field position—Another reason why the Eagles have struggled on offense to score points is their average starting field position. On the season, the Eagles have had 107 offensive possessions. They have started at the 25 or inside the 25 on 74 of those offensive possessions. That means on average, the Eagles are starting at or inside their own 25 yard line on 69.2% of their offensive possessions. It is really hard to score touchdowns in this league when you have to go 75+ yards on a majority of your possessions. In this game, the Eagles had 10 possessions, their best starting field position all day was starting at the 25-yard line. Their average starting field position for this game was the 16-yard line. That means on average the Eagles would have to go 84 yards to get a touchdown. This falls on the Eagles not being able to flip field position. That means special teams no doing their job on returns, defense not getting off the field and the offense not sustaining drives long enough to flip the script for the defense. 9. Maddox and NRC— I am tired of seeing these two on the field. I much rather see what Jacquet has and see if he becomes a player then continuously rely on these two week in and week out. They simply are just not very good. NRC has an easy interception hit him in the facemask and just gets outmuscled by Tate cause he is too small. It is weekly that teams are just burning him over the middle. As for Maddox, he just simply isn’t as good as the Eagles keep thinking he is. He has regressed every season since his rookie season. He isn’t an outside corner. He isn’t big enough to defend against the bigger WRs of the league who will use their size and strength against him. Frankly I am not sure he is good enough in the slot either. You want to know a reason why Slay hasn’t been given more opportunities to make some plays, it is because teams are purposefully just targeting these two because they aren’t very good. This offseason I made the statement that the Eagles needed to address their other outside corner position because it wasn’t good enough. It is proving to be an issue and it is wasting much of the performances we are getting from Slay this season. 10. Red zone defense—Another area where the Eagles used to be very good and have completely fallen off the map this year is red zone defense. Against the Giants, who ranked 31stin the league inside the red zone at 45.8%, the red zone defense managed two give up 2 touchdowns on three trips. On the season, opponents have entered the red zone against the Eagles 29 times and have scored touchdowns on 20 of those trips. That is 69% of the time that Eagles opponents are scoring touchdowns inside the red zone. It is actually worse when you figure in that Washington gave the Eagles turnover on downs in the first game of the season cause their was basically no time left. It really should be 71%. If you really want to dive deeper Dallas had the ball in the red zone when the clock ran out otherwise it could be 21 tds or could say 20-27. This is one of the worst red zone defenses in the league. 11. Lack of turnovers— Coming into this game, you had to think the Eagles had an excellent chance to continue their turnover trend from the previous two weeks. Jones was one of the most turnover prone QBs in the league. Unfortunately, the Eagles were not able to force a turnover. The Eagles had chances in this game to force some turnovers, but NRC dropped an interception and the pass rush was not able to get enough pressure on Jones for large portions of the game. On the season, the Eagles are 0-5-1 when they force 1 or less turnovers. This is a big problem for the Eagles. They are going to have massive when they run into Wilson, Rodgers, Brees and Murray if they are not able to create turnovers. It feels like all four of those games might turn into blowouts with how the offense looked today and the defense’s inability to create a turnover or stopping their opponents after the offense does give the team some momentum. 12. Just IR Jeffery— I just saw Alshon Jeffery give us his best JJAW impersonation. Personally, I do not care if we ever see him again in an Eagles uniform as I much rather these snaps go to Fulgham and the other younger WRs. I do not need to take away from the development from younger guys with a future on this team so that an aging player who is past his prime and cant stay healthy can get on the field. I rather these snaps go to Hightower or Watkins and see if we can continue grooming them so they can contribute even more in 2021. That to me is more important than seeing Alshon who is gone this offseason. Also this team whenever he seems to be out there just doesn’t have the same vibe and juice. 13. Special teams regression—While special teams might not be as bad as the offense was today or the defense was to start the game/after we score points, but it was not very good. There has been a clear regression on all aspects on special teams since 2017. Our return units have not had a big return in what feels like Barner’s return against the Cardinals in 2017. It feels like every year it gets worse and worse. In this game there is multiple instances. Reagor knowing that the Giants punter is kicking with the wind needs to be standing further back so he can run up and make the catch and not have it sail over his head so we are starting inside our own 10. This is a coaching thing as he has not played in the Meadowlands before. Fipp has to explain this to him and irritate it so that doesn’t happen. Also it wasn’t just Reagor, Ward allowing for punts to just go over his head or not catching them so they bounce like 7-12 yards and we get even worse field position. So put it on Ward, Fipp and even Reagor for putting the offense in even worse position. Their inability to just filed a punt or be in the right position killed the Eagles field position all day. This wasn’t the only issue, I do not know why we have guys poor decisions on blocks on kickoffs. We have Bradley committing an illegal block that cost us 10 yards when the play was basically over and there was no need for the block. Finally, the Eagles gave the Giants a short field. Johnston hits a nice 50-yard punt. Unfortunately, the Eagles didn’t do a very good job on the punt coverage. The Eagles did have one play down the field, but he was not very close to where Peppers was fielding the ball. Went back and watched it 3 times, the Eagles player tried to draw a block to the back penalty but it was clearly an acting job by him. It wasn’t a block to the back. He dove. It was a poor job in coverage by him because if he has his head up when running he might have been able to run to Peppers and make a play. Instead he is across midfield and into Eagles territory and already on the fringe of FG range. But that has been the thing with the Eagles special teams: Just penalties, inadequate return units and coverage as been ok at best. Really the only special teams’ player who’s consistently performed has been Johnston. 14. Penalties— This team was very undisciplined and it showed with the penalties today. Coming off the bye, this team looked like it lacked focus on the job at hand. The Eagles were called for 11 penalties for 74 yards. Furthermore, their penalties were just boneheaded plays. For instance, Malik Jackson getting an encroachment penalty on a 3RD and 8. This 5 yard penalty made the Giants 3rd and long into a 3rdand short and they ultimately cashed in for a touchdown after converting on that third down. Jackson had another penalty late in the game for a personal foul, which was beyond stupid even with the game being over. This is now the 4th time this season, the Eagles have accumulated 70 or more penalty yards. 15. Somehow lead this division and still likely to win it—Sadly, the Eagles still somehow lead this awful division. However, I do not think it is a sure thing that they win the division. If they beat Dallas and Washington, I do think they will wind up winning a hallow division title. Looking at the Giants schedule, I really only see two games where they would be the favorite: Bengals and Cowboys. Means they would only get to 5 wins if they win both of those games. They’d have to imo upset the Browns or Cardinals just to get to 6 wins. I do not see that happening. Meanwhile, Washington if they would’ve come back to beat the Lions had the best chance imo. They still have Dallas, Bengals, SF, Carolina and the Eagles left on their schedule. If Smith plays like he did in the second half of the Lions game, I do think it is impossible to see them win 4 of those 5 games. However, I think they likely win just 3 of those 5. This all means, if the Eagles somehow lose the next 5 games to the Browns, Seahawks, Packers, Saints and Cardinals then they still might sneak into the playoffs beating just Dallas and Washington. Frankly the Eagles even though they have won 2 of 3 games seem to be trending in the wrong direction. Offensively they’ve gotten healthy and regressed and defensively you don’t get consistency. I could see the Eagles losing out, but I have a feeling they wind up beating Dallas, Washington and somehow winning another game along the way. 16. Greg Ward the returner—Ward shouldn’t be back there returning punts anymore. I have had enough of it. First he isn’t very good at it. He rarely gets much of a return when he does return the punt. He is just not dynamic enough. Second, today he was just awful at judging when to catch it and when to let it bounce. He cost the Eagles major field position. Third, we have Reagor. He was a returner in college so lets use him more than just one time back there. I get he is your starting outside WR, but right now the offense is a disaster so you might as well see if he can give you a spark or change field position. I am tired of seeing the league leader in fair catches or poor decisions on whether to catch the ball as our returner. 17. Offense in 4 of 5 seasons— We might need to call 2017for what it is…. An OUTLIER. It really feels that way when you look at the Eagles offense over the last 3 seasons. It feels like the offense has regressed every single season since 2017. Heck this offense looks as awful as the 2016 offense that had no playmakers besides Ertz. For the first time in a really long time, I don’t even look forward to tuning into Eagles games. They’re so many more teams out there that are fun to watch. You see the creativity they have with their players and utilize their players’ strengths. With the Eagles it feels very stale and very predictable with mediocre to poor QB play. I hate to say it, but the Eagles offense was bad in 2016, largely poor for much of 2018, besides December in 2019 not good and this year outside of 3 games unable to even get to 20 points. Today we were the healthiest we have been since week one and I would arguably one of our worse performances of the season. 18. Pressing the issue—I think the time to fire Taylor was during the bye. I doubt the Eagles make this move unless they get eliminate from playoff contention. But I am annoyed that the Eagles fired their WR coach nearly every single offseason for not meeting expectations. Yet Wentz has regressed every season under Taylor and we still get this BS he is young, creative and innovative. At this point I question what is the value he has brought to this team since he has gotten a promotion. The Eagles have gotten worse not better. Ditto for Wentz. 19. JJ inactive-whiteside; abandoning Hightower—I feel like we are seeing the end days of JJAW. I would be surprised if he is active on game day unless someone at the WR position gets hurt. Even then I would be more for playing Watkins then playing JJAW. Also I do not get completely abandoning Hightower. I would have to re-watch and see the snap count, but it feels like he had none or just a couple offensive snaps. He had one of the bigger plays in the first Giants game to get us going. 20. Hurts to see Jalen—If you aren’t going to use Hurts arm and run the ball out of his packages like 99 times out of 100 then teams are going to figure you out and make it useless. That is what has happened. Additionally, I am tired of see Wentz lined up out at WR. Teams know you are not going to take a chance with him as a receiver and if you do then they are going to deliver shots to him so really having him out there for these plays are pointless. You are basically giving the defense one less player/weapon to worry about. Additionally, it is absolutely idiotic to come with this package when the running game is humming along and then you do this and teams gear up for a Hurts run and you lose a yard. You are better off just sticking with what had been productive. I like creativity of using that type of package, but I dislike forcing it and running every time out of it.
  3. 17 points
    The Good: 1. The receiving combo of Rodgers and Goedert—Last week I was pretty critical of the Eagles not getting Dallas Goedert more involved in the offense. I thought he was under-targeted since he came back from his injury. Over the first 2 games, Goedert was only targeted 7 times. In this game, the Eagles targeted him 6 times. Granted this isn’t a great amount of targets, but I felt as though the Eagles tried to get him down the seam and into the game early. For the game, Goedert hauled in 5 receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown. The previous two games it felt as though the Eagles missed throws early and then completely ignored Goedert until late in the game. In this one, they found some success early, but once again seemed to just ignore him for large stretches of the game where the Eagles could have really used his mismatch a lot more. It wasn’t just Goedert, Dick Rod really has shined for the Eagles when given the chance. In this game, he was only targeted twice but caught both of the passes and one went for a touchdown. Over the last two weeks, Rodgers has pulled in 6 receptions for 108 yards. In this last 4 games he has had receptions of 29, 19, 22 and 30 yards. So he is not just catching the ball but also picking up big chunks of yards. Heading into the game, the Browns were one of the worst teams in the NFL at covering the tight end. They had given up 8.8 yards per reception. I thought running the ball and attacking the middle of the field with our tight ends is where the Eagles could find success. Unfortunately, I think Goedert and Rodgers should have been targeted more than just 8 times in this game. ** I thought Rodgers was bad as a blocker today. He whiffled on a block on the pick 6. He also had a missed block last week that led to an easy Giants sack. As good as he has been receiving for the Eagles he has been pretty poor as a blocker. 2. Running the ball—While the running game dropped dramatically in the second half to just 10 yards on 6 carries, it began the game looking really good. Heck Doug was even committed to it to start the game. In the first half, the Eagles rushed 19 times for 96 yards. That is a 5.1 yards per carry average. Furthermore, Scott and Sanders managed to combine for 90 yards on 21 carries, which is 4.3 yards per carry. Unfortunately, Sanders coughed up the ball on the Eagles opening drive inside the red zone, which would have allowed the Eagles to play with the lead instead of basically playing from behind all day. Nevertheless, it has become apparent that the Eagles rushing attack is trending upward as the passing attack is trending downward. Over the last four games the Eagles are averaging 119.3 yards on the ground. Furthermore, the Eagles ground attack over those four games is averaging 4.8 yards per carry. While we might not consider ourselves to be a run first team, it is clearly obvious the Eagles are much more productive and further ahead in the running game then they are in terms of their passing game. Overall the Eagles rushed for 106 yards on 25 attempts. 3. Alex Singleton looked competent—At the end of last weeks game, I thought both Singleton and Edwards were bad. Not just bad, they accumulated a lot of hallow stats where you’d look at box score say they were super active but if you watched the game then you understood they were routinely out of position and when they made tackles it felt like it was always 5 or more yards up the field. Against the Browns and particularly in the first half, I thought Singleton looked competent and like a starting caliber linebacker. He was shedding blockers at the point of attack and able until late in the game keep Chubb and Hunt under control. He was also making the correct decision the gap that he needed to shoot to hold the Browns rushing attack in check. Overall he just did a fantastic job at getting to the ball carrier as he was able to record 12 tackles and 8 solo tackles. Furthermore, he found himself to be in the right place at the right time as Cox stripped Mayfield. He was able to recover the ball, which set up the Eagles first touchdown. I am not sure what to make of Singleton. I do think he is much better than Gerry, but I still believe he is best suited to be a backup linebacker. It would be nice if Singleton progressed to the point where he became an average starting linebacker cause that would be a massive upgrade for the Eagles over what we have seen most of the year. 4. 3rd down D—Over the last couple weeks, I thought that the Eagles third down defense was not good enough. I might have been a little too critical. In the previous 3 weeks, the Eagles had given up just 12 third down conversions in 40 attempts. However, it felt like the Eagles were fortunate that it was not worse as plays like Engram dropping a ball or DiNucci missing open receivers didn’t kill them more. But maybe the 3rd down defense is just improving to the point where they are just solid to good. Against the Browns, the Eagles did an excellent job. They were able o hold the Browns to 4-14, which is just 28.5 percent conversion. Meaning that over the last 4 weeks, the Eagles have held their opponents to 16 conversions out of 54 3rd down attempts. That would be just 29.6% conversion rate. That said, I think the next 4 weeks is really going to show us how great the Eagles defense really is on third down and in general. The Eagles are about to face 4 very good offenses in Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans and Arizona. I would be surprised if these numbers hold true. If the Eagles defense is able to hold their opponents to just 29.6% conversions then you would have to think the Eagles defense is doing their job. 5. Red zone defense—Again, there weren’t a lot of positives to take away from this game, but one encouraging sign was the fact the Eagles red zone defense was able to step up to the challenge. The defense is not going to be perfect in the red zone, but entering the game they were one of the worst in the league as they had given up 20 touchdowns in 29 red zone trips (really should be 27 as the Washington Football team gave them a turnover on downs and Dallas the clock ran out midway through the drive where I appeared like they were going to score). Against the Browns, the Eagles defense was able halt a Browns rushing attack at the 1 yard line to keep the game at zero and the Browns off the score board. Additionally, the Eagles were able to keep the Browns out of the end zone late in the game to keep it at just a 2 score game at 22-10. The Eagles weren’t perfect as they allowed the Browns to just march down the field when it was 12-10 and Hunt was able to bully his way into the end zone to give the Browns a 9 point lead. However, I think this has to be encouraging as the Eagles haven’t gotten many stops or holds inside the Red zone for much of the season. Like the 3rd down defense, I think the next four weeks is going to tell us just where we stand with our red zone defense. Unfortunately, I think today might just be an outlier. 6. Kelce’s toughness—We all know you have to be tough to play football in general. I am guessing they’re a lot of guys who are playing with some sort of pain or injury that we really don’t hear about how bad it is. But man there might not be a guy I love more on this team than Jason Kelce. He leaves the game with what appears to be an elbow or upper arm injury. He comes back out in a brace and attempts to play at the same level we’ve grown accustom too. This team is not very good and basically looks like hot garbage on offense, but I give Kelce credit he wanted to be out there even if he wasn’t close to 100%. I am not so sure that everyone on this team would give the Eagles that at this stage of the season. Hats off to him. I pray for the Eagles that this isn’t his last year as an Eagle. Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling this might be the last couple games we see Kelce in an Eagles uniform. 7. Defense was good enough to win—On a day where the conditions weren’t ideal and it played into the hands of the Browns two-headed rushing attack, the Eagles defense did enough this game to win this game. If you take away the pick 6 and the safety, the Eagles defense surrendered just 13 points. In today’s NFL, if your defense is able to hold the opposing offense to just 13 points, then you have an excellent chance to win the game. Needless to say, it is obvious this offense might be one of the worse in the entire league. It has been trending in the wrong direction over the last 4 weeks. Not I get the Eagles defense gave a touchdown up right after the Eagles offense cut the lead to 12-10. That is an issue, but I cannot be mad at the defense, which kept the Browns out of the end zone in 2 of 3 red zone trips, forced a turnover, 7 tackles for loss and held the Browns to just 3.4 yards per carry. That was one of the best offensive lines that I think the Eagles will see all year and they were stout against the run besides the 54 yard gash by Chubb and a couple of bad plays by Maddox and Mills in the passing game. The Bad: 1. Run defense— In the first half of the game, the Eagles were stifling against the run. The Browns were as bad on offense as the Eagles were except they didn’t have a critical mistake like the pick 6 Wentz threw. In the first half, the Browns rushed 13 times and were only able to get 18 yards. However, in the second half, the Browns stuck with their identity and were able to breakthrough as they had 27 second half rushing attempts and compiled 119 yards. Just under half of them came when Chubb ran for 54-yards as he stiff-armed Ostman and ran through a weak tackling attempt by Maddox. If you take out the 54-yard gain by Chubb, it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the Browns got just 65 yards on 26 attempts, but you can’t do that because that is how the Browns like to play. It only takes one big play by Hunt or Chubb to completely turn the game around and that 54-yard scamper wound up being the difference as they were easily able to punch it in with Hunt a couple plays later. I do give the Eagles credit as they held the Browns to just 3.4 yards per carry, but this is now the 8th time this season that the Eagles have given up 115 yards rushing on the ground. Over the last two weeks, the Eagles have given up 287 yards rushing and 4 tds on the ground. The next 4 games are not going to be easier as they face Chris Carson (expected to be back), Aaron Jones, Kamara and Drake/Edmonds. On the positive side, they didn’t allow Mayfield to beat them on his 6 carries. He had just 9 yards on those 6 carries. 2. Sanders fumble—Sanders looked really good early in the game until he coughed away the ball. He has to protect the ball. Those were points we left on the board and momentum that could have changed the course of the game by taking the early lead. That fumble felt a lot like the Rams game where the Eagles had some good momentum going and were moving the ball and then he gave it up. This time the Browns didn’t get points, but he took points and an early lead and maybe even confidence away from the Eagles. 3. Red zone offense— The good news is that the Eagles were able to move the ball into the red zone four times on the afternoon. Unfortunately, the Eagles were only able to capitalize those four trips into 2 touchdowns. The Eagles had as many turnovers inside the red zone as they had touchdowns. Walking away with just 14 out of a potential 28 points is a recipe for disaster and how you lose a football game. You cannot have your star running back fumbling the ball away at the 4. You cannot have Wentz throwing a pick from the 10 even if Alshon looked atrocious on his route and jump. These are mistakes that will lose you a football game and did. Heck if the Eagles didn’t have the two turnovers but still failed to score a touchdowns then 2 field goals is 6 points and the Eagles find themselves at 23 points and not 17. 4. Pass rush still overrated— While I thought Cox played a very good game as he was disruptive against the run and had some pressure on Mayfield, which helped create the Eagles only turnover, the rest of the pass rush outside of a Josh Sweat sack was really nonexistent. get the Browns are not a pass first team and limited themselves to just 22 pass attempts. Also understand that the Browns have a good offensive line and very athletic when you go look at their spider charts when they came out of the draft. However, the Eagles were only able to get 2 QB hits and 2 sacks from its front 4. I thought Malik Jackson was nowhere to be found in this game besides nearly getting caught for another offside penalty in which the 2 minute warning saved him. In fact, I feel like since he got injured a couple weeks back his performances have gotten worse and worse. He has not recorded a QB hit or a sack since the Ravens game all the way back in week 6. Even before Barnett got hurt in this game, he was not doing a very good job of getting pressure on Mayfield when he was dropping back. Add on Graham was very stout against the run, but just couldn’t get any sustained pressure on Mayfield except for the time Mayfield gave himself up on a broken play. Finally, Hargrave I thought played Ok against the run, but he still has been nonexistent for most of the year as a pass rusher. The Eagles are paying a ton of money to Hargrave and Malik Jackson and over the last 5 weeks, the two DTs have been underwhelming as pass rushers. For the amount of money the Eagles have paid Jackson and Hargrave I have expected much much more. Sadly I do not think the Eagles are going to be able to get out of those contracts and frankly I do not think either are worth the money they decided to pay them. On the surface you would look at say the Eagles defensive line has done a very good job over the last two weeks as they have gotten 6 sacks, and just 10 QB hits, but it feels like the pass rush needs to be even better and its not enough. 5. Creating turnovers— The Eagles and mainly a great effort by Cox were able to create a turnover in this game, but like usual it was not enough. Yes the turnover was able to give the Eagles offense great field position and ultimately 7 points, but the defense couldn’t find away to create anymore. They had chances as guys dropped some balls that could have been picked off. In fact the Eagles have 3 interceptions in 10 games this season. Furthermore, just 6 in their last 20 games. If the Eagles can only manage to get one turnover in a game then the next four weeks is going to be a nightmare when they face the better offenses in the league. I do not think the next 4 games will even be close with how the offense is playing if the defense doesn’t step up and make some big time plays. Frankly I do not think the Eagles have the playmakers on that side of the field to create those turnovers so it could be a very very very long 4 weeks. So far this year, the Eagles are 0-6-1 when they force 1 turnover or less. Meaning they are 3-0 when they have 2 or more turnovers. 6. Reagor factor—At the time of the draft, I was really hesitant of picking a wide receiver in the first round where our pick was. I thought the crop that would be available in the second tier was very close. I was hoping the Eagles would move up to get someone like Lamb or move back to gain some extra picks. I also had a feeling the Eagles were going to come down to Reagor and Jefferson. I was OK with the Eagles taking Jefferson or Reagor if they did their homework and perceived one as head and shoulders the better player. When they made the pick, I was not surprised they went Reagor. But I don’t think the Eagles made the pick thinking that Reagor was the better player at that time. I think they were overcompensating for the fact they needed someone to step in if and when DeSean got hurt and when he was finally gone. I am not sure the Eagles were sold on Jefferson’s 40 time and I have to think they question whether he could be as effective as Reagor on the outside. Fast forward to today, Reagor had 52 yards receiving, but really the Eagles have done a poor job utilizing his strengths and what he does well. I watch a lot of other teams implement their guys into their gameplan. I see teams like the Niners use Aiyuk and Deebo on jet sweeps, getting them into space with their speed. I watch the Colts scheme ways to get Pittman the ball against smaller corners where he can just utilize his size. I watch the Saints figure out plays for Taysom Hill to look like a competent QB making his first start. With the Eagles, I see none of this with Reagor. It feels like they run the same offense and don’t tailor it to his strengths so that he can make a major impact. I feel like if you took Deebo, Aiyuk, Jefferson and put them into this offense that they might be somewhat better but not nearly as good as they have looked on other teams because I think we have done a lousy job of catering to what he does well and his strengths. 7. Mills and McLeod aren’t playmakers— This is probably not talked about nearly enough this season, but neither McLeod or Mills are good enough at being playmakers. Let me start with McLeod. I think McLeod is a solid safety. He is giving you average starting safety production and play. He is Ok against the run. He isn’t going to give you a poor performance very often, but he also isn’t going to make very many big plays for your defense. Ideally he is a good safety if you have one that is willing to take more risks and creates some turnovers. Unfortunately the Eagles do not have that on this team. He hasn’t been a playmaking safety for the Eagles in quite sometime. In today’s NFL you need guys who are playmakers. As for Mills, I thought he was bad on one of the Browns big plays late in the game. That said I am not sure he is even a starting caliber safety. When I watch him, he tends to make the same mistakes when he is out there that he made in previous weeks. I haven’t really seen him get better week to week like you want to see as he is learning the position. Also teams are also adjusting and getting him spread more to the outside and then just attacking him vertically down the field using his speed against him. I get he has only played there for a handful of games, but I view him as a solid backup and could help you for a week or two. I much rather see a young player like Wallace get the reps and see what type of player he is. I think he is the long term plan at safety so lets see if he is able to be more of a playmaker and just better than mills. Like McLeod, I do not think he is a playmaker. You might be able to get solid safety performances out of him, but he isn’t going to make a big play and when he has chances he rarely makes them. I already knew the Eagles didn’t have very much at linebacker in terms of playmakers, but safety gives you very minimal playmaking opportunities and they could use at least one safety that can create some turnovers. 8. Josh Sweat and misdirection— I thought Sweat had his best game in a while. He did a nice job beating the left tackle on his sack, but man the guy every week seems to be having the same issue with misdirection. In this game, Mayfield is toast in the backfield. But instead Sweat just got burned into thinking Mayfield didn’t have the ball. Instead of having a big play for negative yards, Mayfield was able to pick up some positive yards and hurt the Eagles on the drive. This has been an issue for a couple weeks now. Last week Daniel Jones got him multiple times on the read option. Even in the Dallas game I thought he was lucky to be saved by the linebackers on the play he misread the read option. If he wants to continue to get more and more snaps, he cannot keep having this happen. It has cost the Eagles every time he gets beat on misdirection or crashes down without respecting the QBs ability to run with it. The Ugly: 1. Five years later Carson vs Browns—I remember back in 2016 when Wentz took the field, I was super excited that they handed the keys over to him and traded away Bradford the week before. I thought the Eagles finally got a QB that could be the franchise QB. He went out that day and looked the part as he put 29 points on the Browns, threw for multiple touchdowns and won the game. I had hope that the Eagles were moving along in the right direction and we finally had a franchise Qb for the first time in years. Unfortunately after today’s game, I do not know what exactly we have or don’t have. It was another bad performance in what has become the usual this year for Carson. He was 21/35 for 235 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 INTS and a QB rating of 75.3. In this game, he had multiple plays that just left me saying what the heck are you doing. First, lets go to the pick 6. I get there was pressure coming from his backside, but really he had time to get rid of that ball before that pressure got there. He held onto it too long and I have to go back watch the replay but I am pretty sure he had Reagor open on that play. Additionally, lets now go to the safety. I thought Wentz had enough time to get that pass off. He didn’t have all day, but enough that he has to have a clock in his head to just get rid of the ball. Furthermore, he didn’t go through his progressions. When you watch the replay, he only looks at half the field. You are not going to win or be very successful starring down one side of the field. You are standing in the end zone and you cannot take a safety. In fairness, his last interception looked more like Jeffery was held and mistimed his jump on top of that. Finally, he is just missing some throws in general and making poor decisions with the ball. This has become a growing problem for him. He just doesn’t look anything close to the QB that was thriving at the end of the 2019 season. Instead he looks much like the QB that was laboring and having issues all season during the 2018 and most of the 2019 campaign. I am not sure how you fix it. I am not sure we have the right coaching in place for him to snap out of this funk. It feels like this is a snowball that is becoming an avalanche for the Eagles. Really I think Wentz is here until at least 2022 as the dead money to move on is 59 and 24.5 million over the next two years. With that said, not sure if you go into next year and you see more of this that you do not just pull the plug on him and say enough is enough. However, I think before it gets to that, the Eagles are likely going to make a changing of the guard in who is coaching him. 2. Mighty fall for Carson; turnovers—It is really bad for Carson. He has had a turnover in 9 of the 10 games this year. He has had 2 or more interceptions in a game in 6 of the 10 games this year. Before this season started, he only had 3 multi-pick games. He has already doubled that total with 6 more games to play in the hardest stretch of the season. Add on he has a combined 107 fumbles and interceptions in 68 career games. I am not sure what is going on with Carson, but he just doesn’t look like he is playing smart football. I do not know if he doesn’t trust the line (not sure many would), the hit from Clowney changed him or if he’s lost his athleticism and ability to make plays and his confidence in himself is just gone. Again he has become a turnover machine and I am not sure if you are ever going to be able to fix him. I am almost positive that this coaching staff isn’t the staff that is going to get him fixed if you can. I still think there is a very good QB in there, but might need to tear the whole thing down to find it. 3. Doug still a huge part of the problem—While Carson has been bad more the majority of this season, Doug has been equally as bad for much of the season. I am not saying Wentz is not a massive problem or not at fault, but anyone who thinks Doug has done a good job or hasn’t regressed over the last couple of years needs a reality check. They are equally underperforming and equally as bad. Lets start off first with the personnel decisions. I do not get why the Eagles are sending out Jason Peters to play at LT. He is nowhere close to the same player he once was and he is not going to be here for the long haul. So why is Doug just trotting him out there? Mailata deserves to start as he has played better than Peters for much of the season. Add on he might have a future with the Eagles as Peters should be retired at the end of the year. Furthermore, I have to here the stupid comment about how it’ll help Mailata to watch from the sideline and take a step back. That is pure BS at its finest. Have some balls and do the right thing. Second, why the hell aren’t the Eagles rolling Wentz out until late in the game? This is maddening and makes no damn sense. It has been shown over and over and over again this year and last year that when Wentz is rolled out and outside the pocket that is when he is at his best. Yet, we just continue to refuse to do it until the game is out of hand or out of reach. It should not be this hard to understand who your QB is and isn’t right now. Third, this team is undisciplined. You see it week to week when guys are making the same penalties and mistakes. There really is no accountability. And you are seeing cracks in the foundation as guys are putting things out to the media and calling one another out. That is a sign of losing the locker room and guys not keeping it in house or teammates accountable. Finally, my issue that I have discussed for the greater part of Doug’s tenure, this offense never seems to have a rhythm. It feels like we are picking plays out of a hat and just going with that play. There is no complimentary building of plays to set up other plays. We might gind a rhythm for a series or two, but it evaporates pretty quickly. Furthermore, I do not think Doug understands his personnel’s strengths and weaknesses. This was an issue back into 2016 after the first three weeks of the season. We didn’t have great personnel, but we were using it completely wrong and not very creative as the year went on. Skip over 2017, it had been a problem in 2018, 2019 and now this year. Over the last two years, Doug was able to rectify the issue by figuring it all out in December and having an epiphany. However, I do not see that coming this year. You are facing arguably your hardest schedule of games in quite awhile. Furthermore, you don’t have Foles or Wentz playing the way he did down the stretch last year to save the Eagles. Feels like this is going to be as ugly as the Lions and Bucs games during the end of the Chip era over the next couple weeks. 4. Who survives…. Doug or Carson or neither-- I went back and watched some of the Eagles games from 2016 from week 5 to about week 10. When watching those horror shows, it felt very reminiscent of this season and down to the calling of trick plays at the wrong time when the offense is moving the ball. Carson just struggled with minimal weapons and a makeshift offensive line that he really didn’t trust. It was a pitiful offense that really just couldn’t find a rhythm. I have felt this way for a while, that I believe Doug or Carson will not be back after the 2021 season. If I had to guess, it would be Doug for the simple reason that Carson’s dead money and if Doug failed with Carson they likely wouldn’t take the chance on him with Jalen Hurts and get someone in the mold of what Kingsbury is with Murray. 5. First half offense over the last 5 weeks—They’re a lot of reasons why the Eagles offense has looked bad for much of the season. One of the major issues with the Eagles offense over the last 5 weeks has been the lack of scoring in the first half. The Eagles offense over the last 5 games dating back to the Ravens game has scored 0, 10, 7, 3 and 0 points. That is an average of just 4 points per game in the first half. It gets even worse when you look at how the offense just completely becomes anemic after the first 15 scripted plays. For instance, the first two drives of the game against the Browns, the Eagles moved the ball for 124 yards and yet came away with 0 points. Furthermore, the next 11 possessions the Eagles were only able to accumulate 156 yards until they got a meaningless touchdown at the end of the game. It is going to be virtually impossible for the Eagles to win football games having to play from behind every week. Their passing game is simply not good enough to play from behind. The thing the Eagles can do well is run the ball so getting out to an early lead is vital. The Eagles haven’t had the lead at the end of the first half over the last 6 weeks. It is a recipe for disaster. 6. 3rd down offense— Last week was one of the worst 3rd down performances I have seen from an Eagles team in quite some time. They were 0-9, which we haven’t seen an Eagles team do since 2004. This week it wasn’t much better as they were a mere 2-12, which is 16.7%. This is the fifth consecutive week the Eagles have been downright atrocious on third down. Over the last 5 games, the Eagles are converting at just 22.2% on third down (12-54). Again this really comes down to the fact that the Eagles are in third and long about half of the time. In this game, the Eagles had 12 3rd down attempts, they were in 3rd and 7 or longer in 6 of those 12 attempts. On the season, the Eagles have had 128 3rd down attempts and 63 of them have been 3rd and 7+. That is an astounding 49.2%. 7. Maddox is not a good corner— I will continue to keep saying this, but Maddox is not a good outside corner. I am not so sure he is a good slot corner either. He had issues last year in the slot before he got hurt. He has regressed every year since his rookie season. That said Maddox’s had a PI penalty in the end zone where if he just turns his head around to the ball he is able to see it and likely pick the ball off. Instead he just runs into the receiver and is called for a penalty, which gave the Browns the ball at the 1-yard line. It isn’t just that one play, teams are using his lack of size against him. They are matching up bigger WRs and just outmuscling him. Additionally he gave up a big 43-yard completion on the Browns second drive of the game. A lot of the time he gets lost in coverage and loses his man. If that wasn’t bad enough, he isn’t coming close to making plays on the ball. This is the 4th game in a row he has failed to have a pass deflection. I thought it was a big mistake that the Eagles didn’t give him any real competition this offseason at the outside corner spot. Sidney Jones and Douglas were not good enough competition cause one couldn’t stay healthy and the other was in Schwartz’s doghouse. I thought the fact that Hodges and Higgins combined for 138 yards on 6 receptions was a reflection of how poor Maddox is at outside corner as well as some issues at safety. If we had someone better I would say go to them and lets see. Frankly I would still like to see Jacquet over Maddox. I like his upside more than what I already know in Maddox. 8. Personnel decisions— I just really don’t get it with the Eagles. I do not understand this fascination to continue to play Jason Peters and Alshon. Both were injured and both saw their replacements look much better then they have for much of the last couple seasons. Yet, the Eagles decided it was a smart move for both of them to just come back and be part of the offense as if they were going to magically regain their form from seasons ago. As for Peters, he is not the future of the Eagles organization. He is not even playing well outside of one game this year. I much rather see what we have in Mailata for the future of this team and organization then seeing an over the hill Jason Peters struggle to look average week to week. As for Alshon, I do not need to see a slow, deteriorating wide receiver who frankly is only here cause the Eagles refuse to just IR him and get him out of the building and locker room. Furthermore, this seems to also be an issue even last year where they just refuse to play the young guys until the injuries and decision is forced upon them. I am not saying Greg Ward is any good, but he should have been an opportunity last season way before the end of November and beginning of December. Frankly with Davion Taylor it shouldn’t be until a week before December that he sees the field over a guy like Gerry and Riley. I get he is not very polished but we aren’t exactly winning a super bowl with this roster so see what he has. Additionally, why not try and incorporate Watkins into the slot position. You are getting minimal production and big plays out of the slot. I think Ward is a great story, but Watkins I need to see if he can be the future at that position. Add on he has speed that a simple route can turn into a big time play. The Eagles need to quit thinking about just winning the division this season and begin to think and see if these guys are good enough for the future. 9. Jason Peters should be paid to sit on the bench— I do not know how the Eagles could justify sending Peters out there next week as the starting LT. If they do I might just lose it. He was awful today. It was like his feet were stuck in cement. I fear how much worse it could have been if the Browns didn’t have Garrett on the covid-19 list. On the day he gave up two seconds. Yes Wentz could have thrown the ball away on the safety, but Peters was firmly beat and on the other sack was beaten once when he had help. I will always be grateful for Jason Peters coming to the Eagles and being one of the best LT in the league for as long as he was, but at this point he isn’t helping the Eagles as much as he is hurting them this season and even the future. If I hear Doug or the Eagles justify Mailata being on the sideline watching with their idiotic quote about it helping him see it from a different perspective then I might completely explode. 10. Lane Johnson starting becoming Peters— One of my favorite Eagles players over the past couples years has been Lane Johnson. He has been one of the best in the business when he has been on the field and healthy. However, he left today’s game like he has most of the year with another injury. This time it was his shoulder. As much as I love Lane when he is healthy and on top of his game, it is getting to the point where he has reached Peters territory in the way he is always leaving the game. I think his body is just starting to break down. I am hoping with a full offseason to recover he can come back and be the player he once was, but it is getting harder and harder to envision him being able to make it through a full 16 game slate. If we are being honest with ourselves, the Eagles have to start looking at the offensive line and realizing that we need to inject more youth into the position. I like Mailata, Driscoll and even Herbig (has grown on me), but I do not think any of them are locks as starters. IMO we need to invest some higher round picks at the position. Yes we have Dillard, but we need more than just Dillard. And Dillard isn’t a lock. Also I am not sold on Driscoll or Herbig as long-term viable starters. As great as Stoutland is at building up lineman, I would love to give him some more talent. To me Lane’s injury, Brooks injury and now even Kelce’s arm injury are telling the Eagles that we seriously need to address the OL and get some more talented young players in here as maybe Lane, Brooks, Kelce’s times are here sooner rather than later. 11. Fulgham novelty disappearing— I understand the league has a way of catching up to players and will adjust. Players then have to counter with their own adjustments. I think we are seeing the league go with more man coverage against Fulgham and he has yet to really counter it. On the day, he had 7 targets and caught just 1 for 7 yards. I do think him failing to adjust to the adjustment the league has made is part of the reason why Fulgham has struggled over the last couple weeks. He has also had some poor routes at time and footwork as well. Additionally he has had some passes where he failed to haul it in for a catch or just dropped the ball. I still believe he has a chance to be a solid outside WR, but the Eagles really are doing him no favors as well. Over the last two games, he has had 1 target in the first half of each of the games. The Eagles even going back to the Ravens game, really didn’t target him until later in the game. I would like to see the Eagles try to get him more involved early in the game and build up some confidence in the young kid. Unfortunately, it feels like the same situation every week where he doesn’t see any type of significant targets until minutes left in the 3rd quarter. I find it difficult for any player to be phased out for most of the game and then just asked later in the game to just step up. I am not saying it is impossible just much harder for a young kid learning the game and offense. 12. Offside Penalties—Graham talked about the Eagles jumping offsides and having dumb penalties. Well Graham and the Eagles continued to do this. I want to say the Browns got the Eagles 2-3 times and would’ve had another if not for the 2 minute warning. Really these penalties just tell me this team lacks focus and are not being held accountable. 13. Ward the returner—Every week it feels like the same situation for Ward as the returner. Has a chance to catch a ball and instead he allows it to go over his head and downed inside the 5-yard line. This is becoming a bigger problem with the passing weeks. The offense is not good enough to overcome Ward’s mistakes as a returner. His poor decision to not field the ball led to an Eagles safety. At this point you might as well activate Watkins or have Reagor back there to see if they can give you a spark in that area. 14. What’s Lurie thinking— I cannot imagine what Lurie is thinking. He cannot look at this team, FO and coaching staff and think that this organization is close to a SB. Even at the end of the Kelly era, the Eagles had some young promising players who were entering or in the prime of their career. They really just needed new hope in the form of a QB and a more creative coach that the players respect. It felt when they got Wentz there was this renewed hope going forward and that better days were ahead. Now I do not feel that way whatsoever. This feels worse than 2016 because you knew we had something to build towards and things would get better around Wentz. Now the team is playing bad football, he cant seem to correct the issues going on with Wentz and they are just not a very smart football team. At some point the injury excuse runs out and frankly even if this team is healthy they don’t look like a playoff caliber team. I know as a fan I kind of saw (outside of Wentz’s major regression) this organization heading this way. I really didn’t like any of the offseason moves the Eagles made. I thought they were naïve and stubborn not to address the WR position before the draft and just rely on JJAW turning it around and DeSean coming back and being healthy. I thought they needed a proven veteran to come in and help contribute. It is why I screamed from the mountain top for Robbie Anderson. My reason for not just relying on rookies was it is hard for you to get consistency from rookies week to week especially in a pandemic. Add on it wasn’t like the Eagles were great at drafting WRs to begin with. Furthermore, the Eagles signing Hargrave was ridiculous considering you had a bunch of money invested in Cox and Jackson. I get Malik was coming off a major injury, but you just paid him the season before. You didn’t need 3 DT making big time money. That money should and could’ve been used at other areas on the defense and offense. The fact he is underperforming just makes that realization hurt even more. Add on just moving Mills to safety wasn’t fixing the issue at safety. Jenkins might not be what he once was, but having Mills isn’t even where he was now. Then you throw in the QB factory pick and quote, continuously giving up draft picks for veterans and no competition at the corner position opposite of Slay it had the recipe for a disaster. I thought they were a 8-8 or 7-9 team, but this team cause of Wentz’s regression has become maybe a 5 win team. Lurie cannot sit there and not notice this team has major offensive issues outside of the 2017 season. While the SB was awesome and the offense was magical that year, it has been bottom 10 for much of the other 4 years. It is averaging just 17.8ppg over the last 4 games. Furthermore this team has failed to score 20 points on offense in 6 of their 10 games. We are in an offensive driven league and the Eagles cannot do much on offense. It is a broken team on offense and the lack of creativity and ingenuity is astonishing. The majority of Doug’s tenure the offense has been in the bottom half of the league. A GM who continues to just keep giving out poor contract and restructuring ones he should. The Eagles are in a bad situation. I thought they would take a step back this year and even likely next year, but if they drafted well and used cap space wisely could build themselves back up to SB contenders. I think it is more dire than that. I think this is going to be 2-3 year rebuild and that is if you have something in Wentz or hurts then you still need to find your QB. That said, I don’t think Lurie fires Doug or Howie this offseason, but I think if you see much of the same in 2021 that the honeymoon period from the SB is over and might be a cleaning of the house in order. 15. Starting Hurts—I am not one of the fans that believes that if you bench Wentz and put in Hurts it is going to just magically make the offense better. I frankly do not think the Eagles offensive staff is good enough or creative enough to run the offense that is catered to what his strengths are. They’d still try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Hence why we refuse to get Wentz rolling out of the pocket til the 4th quarter. If they were then we wouldn’t have some of the issues we have seen with Reagor and Goedert over the past couple of weeks. If we had coaches like in Arizona that understood Murray his strengths and built the offense that way then I would be more confident making the move and thinking the offense would have any sustainable success. I am not saying Hurts would even be as bad as Wentz, I just think poor adjustments and game planning is still going to look pedestrian. Add on the personnel imo is still not very good. We have had packages for Hurts we could adapt, expand upon and adjust over the course of the season and yet those have become stale. So I imagine the creativity in the building wouldn’t maximize the player they have in Hurts. While I think Wentz is a major problem, I think benching him you’d like see that the coaching is also a major issue. 16. Hiring an OC this offseason—I am still confused on wtf the Eagles were doing this offseason when hiring the offensive coaching staff. All you had to do was hire an offensive coordinator. Instead we got a potpourri of different coaches and guys doing all sorts of different roles. The Eagles couldn’t just have hired an OC and called him an OC. Feels like they have like 6 different chefs all doing something else and then throwing it into a pot and expecting it to work and Doug to put it all together. The Eagles tried to be the smartest person in the room and this feels like they are paying the price for it. I really want more structure in the coaching staff with defined OC and I really would love to see Doug give up play calling next year to see if that makes a difference. I do not know if it does, but I am willing to see after watching this offense for 4 out of the 5 years with him calling it. 17. Fipp ST regressing—For the second consecutive week in a row it feels like ST has let the Eagles down. Ward allowing balls to sail over his head, which led to a Browns safety as the Eagles were pinned against their own goal line. Additionally right after the safety, we allowed for the Browns to have a nice return to get the ball just around midfield. So not only did ST help contribute to a safety, but they also put the defense in a bind by not being able to cover on the kick. I remember even during the 2016 season that the Eagles had great special teams. It feels like every aspect besides punter has decline and regressed over the last 3 years. It isn’t talked about as much cause the offense has been bad and the defense plays up and down, but it definitely has not been good. 18. Complimentary football—I feel like the defense played well enough to win today, but an issue that is becoming more and more of an eyesore as the season has gone along is their inability to get stops after the offense puts points on the board. In this game, the Eagles defense gave up a field and touchdown right after the Eagles scored points. Heck it took the browns just 5 plays to march 47 yards for the FG and 4 plays to go 79 yards for the touchdown. So far this year, the Eagles have scored and the defense has given up points on the very next possession 11 times.
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    Just want to throw this out there. Most of the ardent Trump supporters and trolls have disappeared since last night. But @Diehardfan is here, discussing results and adding to the conversation. Much appreciated to have someone taking the other side of the argument in a helpful way.
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    I posted the whole thread, while you just posted one tweet. White man lazy and trying to take the easy win, Indian man doing the actual work and getting it right.
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    Before I forget. Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all my blogster friends (even the one that I disagree with)
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    Oh Crap. Eric even released the updated map!
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    By the way, it was forty-one years ago tonight that the Eagles played what may have been the defining regular season game of Dick Vermeil's tenure. Monday Night at Dallas against the defending NFC Champion Cowboys. Tom Landry. Roger Staubach. Tony Dorsett. Drew Pearson. Randy White. All those guys. Eagles had started the season 6-1 but had lost three straight to fall to 6-4. Everyone is kind of panicking. They hadn't won a game in Dallas in about a dozen years, with pretty much all of them incredibly one-sided. Cowboys take the opening drive and march down the field easily to go up 7-0. A little while later, the Eagles went for it on 4th and 1 from around the Dallas forty. Uncommon and seemingly risky decision in those days. Ron Jaworski hits Harold Carmichael deep. Eagles end up scoring, and then proceed to dominate for about three quarters. Jaworski got knocked out of the game briefly, and John Walton had to come in for a bit. And along the way, Tony Franklin hits a 59-yard field goal, which at the time was the second longest in league history. But instead of it being a blowout, they let the Cowboys kinda hang around. Dallas rallies late to get within a score, but then Wilbert Mongtomery rips off a long touchdown run in the closing minutes to seal the victory. It was the first time the Eagles had really gone toe to toe with those Cowboys and come out on top. Huge turning point for the team. Dallas ended up winning the division, but the Eagles made the playoffs as a wild card. And the next year the Eagles beat the Cowboys two out of three games and won the NFC Championship. Great memory. I was a freshman in college that year. Had a history test that morning that was postponed. The class was cancelled. I think the teacher left the test at home and didn't have a lecture prepared, so she just said f it and sent everyone home. I had a free day and spent the next ten hours or so just getting psyched for the game. Couldn't have turned out any better.
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    For those of you wondering the answer is yes... Eric Trump has updated the official election map
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    Since I've been a little kid one thing has been a constant in my life. Dallas Sucks!!!!!!!!!
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    Elite strike force is elite.
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