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    Putting aside one’s stance on the issue, we should all agree that it is egregious and dangerous that this was leaked. Draft opinions should remain private and debated among the justices. Not every case ends up in-line with the initial vote. This being public undermines the process.
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    Look, I'm not complaining about the moves the team made this offseason. Some really commendable maneuvers by Howie et al. But every year, there is some team - usually a team like the Browns - who kill it during the offseason, generate a ton of hype, and lay an egg once the regular season starts. How bout we slow down on the hype and see how the team plays before declaring us the NFC rep in the SB.
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    Thought I'd give a little update, since I mentioned this last night. Her scans show 0 damage from the stroke. So either the injection worked 100% or any damage that is there, is so small that the scan can't pick it up. So great news, and she's transferring out of ICU once a bed in the stroke ward opens up. Thanks to everyone with the well wishes and all that, it's greatly appreciated.
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    I'm sorry I brough such a depressing topic into the blog. A little back story without too much detail. I met my friend 12 years ago during an AF commissioning program. He was on top of the world and life couldn't have been any better. Fast forward a few years, he found out his wife had been unfaithful multiple times and discovered 3 of his four kids weren't his...all fathered by different men. He was the most selfless man I've ever known and he loved his kids unconditionally regardless of paternity. They went through an ugly divorce about three years ago. She took everything. While thos was all happening he got a DUI and eventually an "under honorable conditions" discharge. Found work as a contractor and things seemed on the up for him. Last year both his mother and father died of cancer within 6 months of each other. He kept working and put on a smile when a lot of us knew he wasn't doing well. I invited him to come out to Las Vegas when I lived there, and I really feel like that was a bad idea because he started drinking heavily after that visit. I don't drink, but there's something about that city that can let loose demons inside someone. He gradually stopped engaging with our group of friends, even though a lot of us, myself included, always tried to keep him in the fold. He got another DUI last year. Some folks inour group of friends pretty much left him to his own devices but some of us still reached out every once in a while to check on him. His oldest son committed suicide last fall. We think it broke him, but again he put on a smile and assured us he was good. He was always the type of guy that would never let on to him having personal problems. But some of us saw the signs, but we did nothing. We could have helped him more. We should have done more. I just wish I could call and talk to him right now. I lost my best friend in the whole world. I want to cry so bad but I don't think it's really hit me yet. I'll probably be a mess tomorrow. I talked to his mom about an hour ago and it was the worst, most painful conversation I've ever had. I'm gonna cry a lot tomorrow I think. Just don't do it guys. It's a permanent solution to a temporty problem. Call somebody. Call anyone. No matter how much you believe no one cares, someone does. Don't give up.
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    Individual candidates are hit and miss. The Libertarian Party is, well…
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    We (the EMB) currently sit at just over 940,000 posts. We're on pace for about 40,000 posts for the month of May. So it's looking like we'll break 1,000,000 posts within the first couple of weeks of June! Yes, I know... I'm a stat geek! lol
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    After 5 days in the hospital, we're finally home! I wasn't able to log into the EMB on my tablet and I wasn't able to follow the draft on TV, so the EMB was basically my only link to what was going on. I gotta tell you though, 5 days with very little food and very little sleep isn't as easy at 53 as it was at 25.
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    Carson Strong showing up to Rookie Mini-Camp.
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    I meant someone competent. You go ahead and enjoy that White Castle at your leisure.
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    Thought I would dust off the 4i discussion in light of our draft and FA signings. Some thoughts on LBs and DBs too. To refresh, the first goal of the 4i is to control the opponent's running game with four guys vs. the offense's five OL. The key player in this alignment is the NT, playing a 0-tech, i.e. head-up on the center. Gannon ran quite a bit of this last year but he did not have a true NT who could dominate the opposing center. He tried it with Cox and, as we know, Cox bridled at this. He didn't like having to face double-teams on every snap, which is understandable. In the screen shot above, Hargrave is the 0. He's a nice player but not one to dominate the C through sheer power. Nor did he require a double team. And, because he did not require a double team, there was always a guard with a free run to the MLB. Well, we have that guy now. Davis requires the double team and, as a result, keeps the MLB clean. Anyone who watched the NCAA playoffs last January will remember Dean running free sideline to sideline, and in our one-and-done playoff, watching David run free because Vea kept him clean. My point here is that Davis not only is a better NT than anyone we have had but he makes the MLB a better player too. Getting back to that four vs. five, the DTs shade into the B gaps and the NT has both A gap responsibilities. The MLB reads the OL at the snap and can fill the A gap or run free to the outside on any wide plays. With the monster at NT you can control the run with four guys. That leaves you with seven defenders. The two OLBs threaten the edges and can either come or drop into coverage. Their alignment makes setting a hard edge easier and, when they do, that free-running MLB has a clear path to the RB. It also makes passes into the flats more difficult. We saw how the Bucs dominated out bread-and-butter outside zone doing this. Sweeps, stretch plays, outside zones and bubble screens are more difficult to block because the defenders are already there. Because you can control the running game with four defenders you don't have to walk a safety up into the box and your CBs have less run support responsibilities. That makes those five DBs better players because they're required to do less. You can play with two high safeties, giving support to both sides of the field. I recall saying , when we signed Reddick, that we were committing to this defense. He's going to be facing single blockers and OTs who are threatened on their inside shoulder by the DTs in the 4i. Tough duty for those OTs. Thoughts on the DBs and LBs will be deferred to another post.
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    Another key player from an SEC champion. Howie's learned his lesson to not draft from the soft ass West coast teams.
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    Davis and Dean were the heartbeats of that Georgia Defense. The fact that we got both is amazing. Welcome to Philly!
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    Guess again: I bet you feel like a big idiot now don't you?
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    I'm not gpnna drink, as much as I want to. It's bad medicine. I really want to, but I know I can't. Alcohol is my demon and it never makes things better for me.
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    On the left is the Dick Butkus award winner, for the best linebacker in the country. On the right is only the fourth DT to ever win the Chuck Bednarik award, for the best defensive player in the country. The other 3 DTs to have ever won it are Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald, Jonathan Allen. No team has ever drafted both recipients in the same year, with the exception of when Dan Morgan and EJ Henderson won both awards.
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    Thanks, she's doing really well right now. I've mentioned before that I'm taking care of her now, since she has lung cancer and had a stroke in December. Last night, sitting next to her watching TV, she complained of a sudden headache and then to her I suddenly 'vanished' and she couldn't see me. That turned out to be loss of partial vision in her left eye. That was when I got on with 911. Getting someone into the ER as soon as possible (who's having a stroke), is extremely important. That shot that they give only has a short window where it'll be effective. So I suggest to everyone, learn some of the signs of a stroke. It's saved my mother's life a few times now.
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    So we started with 15, 16 and 19. Turned that into Davis, Brown, a 2023 1st and a 2024 2nd. Not sure how you can be upset at that.
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    Davis and AJ Brown on Day 1
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    Good for Nick, clearly my favorite Eagles quarterback in the modern age (no I didn't say best).In his shining moment he stepped up and brought it all home for us.
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    Westbrook#36, I'm Utebird's wife and after he told me about your post I asked if I could respond to you. Context:I'm a clinical psychologist, and one of my areas of focus is suicide prevention. I am so sorry for your loss. It is so important to talk, and really amazing that you have chosen to be so honest in this post. It sounds like you are both grieving and beating yourself up. Hindsight is incredibly unfair. You did the best you could in the space/time you were in. Suicide is not about blame or fault. I hope that you have a lot of support in your life, and if you need/would like some additional resources please don't hesitate to reach out For anyone on this board: If you would like to know more about preventing suicide you can take a training for free at Suspenders4Hope.com. Click on Take The Training and use authentication code: preventing suicide when setting your login.
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    I'm happy for him to be able to retire on his own terms. On the other hand, it sucks to have him leaving pre/post game live.
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    Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis
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    Here are the full results from the Chris Steuber Ultimate Draft Nerd competition. Your score + how many tie breakers you got right. @Texas Eagle 14 + 1 Tie breaker @Iggles25 14 + 0 @DEagle7 13 + 1 tie breaker @Outlaw 13 + 0 @Aerolithe_Lion 13 + 0 @e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! 13 + 0 @beto_eagles 12 + 2 @NCiggles 12 + 2 @time2rock 12+1 @QBhunter58 12 + 1 @Couch Potato 12 + 0 @FranklinFldEBUpper 12 + 0 @Iggles_Phan 12 + 0 @MarkFrizzell 11 + 1 @Alphagrand 11 + 1 @BayAreaLennie 11 + 1 @Cochis_Calhoun 10 + 1 @eaglesfan0075 10 + 1 @Bacarty2 10 + 1 @Aspiritfall 10 + 1 @Bamabird 10 + 1 @LeanMeanGM 10 + 0 @Greenakers2 10 + 0 @MidMoFo 10 + 0 @Saltpeter 10 + 0 @Infam 9 + 1 @What The F 9 + 1 @4for4EaglesNest 9 + 1 @downundermike 9 + 0 @vikas83 9 + 0 @philafan4o8 8 + 0 @Jenkins27 7 + 1 @20dawk4life 7 + 0
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    What Strong really thought was "now there’s a fan base that appreciates white QBs”
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    Wentz just asked for a trade.
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    I am ecstatic. Davis was always my #1 target, and I said so. He's a transformational player. He will make our defense, just as Vea does with the Bucs, as he did at Georgia. You can play two high safeties behind him because of his impact in the run game; you don't have to walk a safety down into the box. Howie went and added two LBs. White can run and cover and Reddick can rush the passer. Edwards showed quite a bit last year and getting Taylor back is almost a luxury. Those who moan that we never draft LBs have nothing to complain about now. We have a bunch of young DBs who will now have a chance to play zone, with less responsibilities in run support and a better pass rush in front of them. I expect Howie will add a couple more. AJ Brown is a perfect fit opposite Smith - a big strong power receiver with good speed and great hands. Watkins should see single coverage next year from the third-best DB on the opposition. Now, if we only had a QB...
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    Also Eagles fans: "We don't have enough young high end talent, just a bunch of mediocre JAGs" Howie gets 2 young high end talents Eagles fans: "You gave away Day 3 picks!!! We needed more JAGs."
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    Any legit QB could throw for 4,000 yards with DeVonta, Brown, Quez, and Goedert. No excuses for Hurts this year.
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    So Hollywood Brown gets 23, but we get AJ Brown for 18 and 101 (which we got from the Saints). That’s a great trade for a 25 year old bona fide #1. And we keep all the 2023 draft capital to get a QB. Go get a DE at 51 and sign Honey Badger.
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    Hey guys - just wanted to share with everyone that I spent some time with my mom today who is fully recovered and back to her 90+ old self. Went on a Costco run and she wore me out. Appreciate all the well wishes and concern!
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