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    The black people looting and destroying property aren't white supremacists. There are white liberal kids, blacks, white supremacists and even cops contributing. Focusing on only white supremacists or only Antifa is just partisan BS.
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    You guys are all assuming these people have a plan other than to break and steal sheete.
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    Make sure they put juggalos in there! Those SOBs have it coming too.
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    Not Trump's fault that this started BUT he has only piled on and hasn't done a damn thing to help here. First COVID and now this. Trump is completely exposed for his utter lack of leadership quality. One of the primary tasks of a POTUS is to handle crisis situations. Trump gets a big fat F for both of these latest crisis situations. Note: Before you point to something that he did for COVID that was good let's remember that an F doesn't mean you haven't done anything right. It means you didn't do enough to get a passing grade. So, let's recap. Trump isn't responsible for COVID and he isn't responsible for things accelerating now after Floyd's death. However, Trump is fully responsible for how he has managed each of these situations and he has been an utter disaster with both of them. I'll stick to my earlier assertion that more than half the posters in here would do a better job than Trump on these two items. In fact I'd put the number closer to 80%.
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    For the libs who wonder why you would ever want a gun...this is it. Until this sheet settles down I will carry 24/7. I’ve seen too many uked up stories of innocent people being beat to near death. This sheet is crazy!
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    Look at all the white supremacists attacking CNN.
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    Bottom line is they had a 100% responsibility to protect the man in their custody. They violated their training and their Department's rules in restraining him, ignored his pleas that he couldn't breathe, ignore pleas from the public to help the man, and they, through their actions and inactions over minutes, ensured the outcome. They and their behavior were the exact opposite of what a police officer is supposed to be and to do. Stick a fork in them, they're done, and they should be.
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    The white guy who set the Nashville courthouse on fire was arrested today.
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    Why don't the freedom loving boogaloo guys show up in their militia gear and protest the cops killing citizens? They do it for haircuts.
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    George Floyd wants you to have an iPhone and beats by Dre
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    The bakery in cleveland with shotguns seemed to deter looters
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    Come on man, you can come up with more racial stereotypes than this.
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    So, no designation of any American white supremacist groups as terrorists? The silence is deafening....
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    After living the Rodney king riots i have been steady in my belief the rioting and destroying your city is counterproductive but i have to admit that what took place last night here in LA changed that a little. They didnt destroy the hood. They destroyed and looted nice shops in the nicer districts. Taking things they could never afford otherwise. They brought the reality of this tragedy directly to where the rich and powerful frequent. yes they are opportunists. But something about it made sense
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    That absolutely happened and is not at all factually incorrect.
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    You have indeed. Pay attention and the next time you see that face it will fall away and reveal the lizard underneath.
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    Please.... this isn’t about whether this stuff is JUSTIFIED. Clearly it’s not justified but you aren’t interested in that. You are interested in blaming the democrats for everything. Just like the idiot Cheeto.
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    LMAO.......he ignored police instruction, kept moving toward them even after being told......cops are on edge too because scumbags are threatening them...and this idiot kept moving toward them after being told to move back.......yes, he deserved to get pepper sprayed. Are you too f---- stupid to see that or you think that cops should just let mobs do whatever they want? We better start respecting and UNDERSTANDING what cops have to deal with and stop cherry picking these incidents and react with phony outrage.....because we're getting to a point where cops will defend themselves with force, and they should. Take your head out of your a**.
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    Just like the COVID crisis he is completely incapable of doing anything that will help. His only options are to send in the military or wait it out. He is a horrible horrible POTUS and is a stain on the country. Eight more months of him to go and then good riddance.
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    He should at least try. Problem is he's f***ed up so much that his words will ring so incredibly hollow. He might be the the worst individual for this job right now. But that's the case most of the time anyway.
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    Sending in the national guard is far more meaningful than words on a tv, i would argue
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    St. John’s Church in DC on fire. If you have any empathy for these criminal rioters, you’ve got issues.
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    Yes. Definitely the cop who murdered a guy. That’s who’s worse.
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    People suck, but if your first stop was going to be the Payless in Kensington I'd say you have bigger issues going on in your life than the Rona.
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    @Dave Moss btw - It has been good to have you around again.
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    If you thought yesterday’s manned flight launch and rocket recovery was impressive, this morning at 10:29am est the Dragon capsule will dock with the ISS. Yes. It does seem that all these years NASA was pissing away your tax dollars. Since SpaceX (and other private aerospace companies) took over we’ve been able to recover boosters, and have you seen those spacesuits??? WTF was up with the "deep diver” heavy suits they wore all those years? 250 miles away. moving at 17K mph.
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    Yes, those poor innocent rioters beating people to a pulp, looting stores and burning buildings to the ground!
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    Yes, me the terrible libertarian with my alien concept of property rights.
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