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    I'm about as conservative as they come. But honestly Trump did down play it at first and there are still a lot of "right wingers" that won't wear masks because they believe it all a hoax, and they're all dick heads.
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    NFL players not getting Covid-19 because they're practicing social distance, wearing masks and getting daily tests is not proof that Covid-19 is a hoax.
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    thats because the only thing coming of light with Covid is that it's a scam Believe I hear 94.8% of all deaths had major under lying medical conditions and that it's "not as serious as once thought" Hence the reason Murphy (NJ GOV) was forced to open indoor seating much much sooner
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    Typical f'ing Democrats. Faced with plunging poll numbers due to Democrats rioting in, and burning down, Democrat controlled cities, while the Democrat leadership lets it happen, Democrats finally decide they must act, and resort to their tried and true, deflection and projection. Blame it on Trump, and demand that Republicans condemn the incredibly rare instance of right wing violence that has, predictably, sprung up in response. Democrats are fine with the violence, just so long as it doesn't reflect badly on them in the polls.
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    fact- Hospitals struggled financially though the height of the pandemic. Like many other businesses hospital employees were not safe from furlough or layoff. Many in my hospital have dealt with that. Those of us who had work are also not getting a raise this year. We also have a hiring freeze so will be short staffed for quite a while. And are already working extended hours to try to catch up on patient load since there is such a huge backlog of patients who we werent able to see for months. The system lost a TON of money. Hospitals throughout the country did. COVID has not been a moneymaker for hospitals. The exact opposite is true.
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    Great. People also believe that the Earth is flat, that Elvis is still alive, and the QAnon BS.
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    Why don’t you just wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance — like every qualified epidemiologist is telling you to — and not worry so much about analyzing the underlying data? You’d be much better off worrying about the long term health effects that people are coping with even after recovering; this isn’t like catching cold or flu.
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    thats not what their data means. Their data means that only 6% had only COVID listed on the death report. All the rest of the COVID deaths still exist and are attributable to COVID.
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    "He didn't rape her, he just forcefully penetrated her after entering her house uninvited!" This post has been brought to you by peak CVON.
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    Imagine typing out the absolute worst take in the history of worst takes, reading it in your head, and then hitting "Submit Reply".
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    He's just purposely misinterpreting data.
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    Fast forward past months of Democrat run cities burning to the ground and murder rates skyrocketing to Biden taking a common sense stance, only because polling started to go against him and it became politically expedient to do so
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    Watching the evolution of this thread is something... Just a week ago it was, "Bidun is duh librul puppet. DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. He to weak and will be ruled by radical kamala!!! hell do wut hes told!!!" Fast forward to today when Biden has taken a reasonable stance like he does with almost everything else, Democrats fall in line, and MAGAts are now all like "DUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR look at the puppets all following Bidun!!! LOLOLOLOLOL" You people are a special lot.
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    Yikes... Trump led in this poll by over 30 points in 2016. Now he's lost the support of the military.
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    I'll never understand how anyone, let alone 30% of the country can look at his toddler style meltdowns and think to themselves "I'm so proud that he is our president".
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    Summary of Jacob Blake: Black woman calls cops on Jacob Blake because she feared for her safety after Jacob sexually assaulted her and was coming around again, even though he wasnt supposed to. Cops respond to arrest him. He resists. Fights them. Goes to his car where a weapon is located, and is shot WNBA players wear Blakes name on their shirt and millionaire athletes refuse to practice because police tried protecting a black female and ended up having to shoot s felon.
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    Honestly, the o-line has me more concerned than this. At least at the moment
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    Well great, now i'm going to have to pour myself a glass of Bourbon. Thanks guys
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    I miss Cronkite, Brinkley, etc.....when there was only one set of facts.
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    it means the west virginia school system failed you.
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    Yup. At the cost of a waiver claim and a moderate salary for one year, it'd be worth it. Even though he probably can't play left tackle.
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    Once Peters is back at LT, things will settle in just fine... until he leaves with his first injury.
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