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    I love how now $32mil is a monster contract when really it was pretty damn team friendly at the time while looking at these other contracts. Guy set NFL record last year with scrubs around him at WR, but now he's a scrub. I have more confidence in Wentz than I do Doug. Going for 2 when down 11 or so last week put us further behind the 8 ball and did us no favors either. Again, who exactly has developed under Doug and Co? No one. So why put everything on Carson when literally no one has improved under this staff? Mind bottling Carson certainly needs to play better but where are these new offensive schemes these myriad of coaches were to bring in? Seems like much of the same offensively.
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    Agreed. Or the Giants (or really anyone) honestly.
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    I realize it's a team game but the fact McNabb led teams had so much playoff success where as Wentz hasn't led the Eagles to one playoff win cannot be ignored. There is also the fact that Wentz has only had on elite season where as McNabb had several. Numbers mean very little in this context considering the league is completely different now and Wentz throws WAY more than McNabb did. If we are being perfectly honest Wentz shouldn't even be mentioned anywhere near the same place in Eagles history with McNabb. For the record, I have never been a big fan of McNabb's personality and he drove me nuts as a QB at times.
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    Trumpbots: "If someone breaks into my home I’m FING shooting them!” ALSO Trumpbots: "If Breonna’s BF hadn’t shot at the cops breaking into her home they wouldn’t have killed her!”
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    This is the difference between civil society and anarchy. I’m not entirely familiar with the case, but from what I’ve gathered a no knock warrant was issued but according to 3rd party witnesses the police actually did identify themselves and announce their presence. Really, it’s just a terribly tough situation. It’s entirely possible that the boyfriend didn’t hear the police announce themselves, but hearing a bunch of grown men burst into a house, assumed the worst — which is completely understandable even if I’d like to think I wouldn’t open fire on someone in the middle of the night without identifying them. Then from the cops perspective they announce themselves and are then met with gunfire. I’m not going to blame a cop in that situation for returning fire either. Just a tragic situation all around. I’m against no knock warrants in all but the most extreme circumstances for exactly this reason. I think there are extenuating circumstances where they might be justified, like a suspected hostage location or terrorist cell where the element of surprise could be the difference in life or death for innocent people. But that said, these are such outlier situations that it sort of proves the rule that they shouldn’t be issued. Drug dealers don’t really meet the standard IMO.
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    In hindsight, my favorite criticism of Obama is that he was arrogant. Trump voters thought Obama was arrogant.
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    ugh, this is the second time I'm typing this out because the outage that just happened w/ emb.com just killed my post. Her name was mentioned, but she was not the target of the warrant. https://reason.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Breonna-Taylor-search-warrants.pdf The warrant was for the premises because the officer claimed that Glover - the target of the investigation - was seen collecting packages at the address. Taylor is only mentioned as residing at the property. NO mention of any relationship between Glover and Taylor is part of the warrant request that the just signed off on. The key to the warrnat seems to be these passages: The second claim is disputed by the postal inspector: https://www.wdrb.com/in-depth/louisville-postal-inspector-no-packages-of-interest-at-slain-emt-breonna-taylor-s-home/article_f25bbc06-96e4-11ea-9371-97b341bd2866.html So basically, the officer who requested the warrant was approved for it based on: Saying that Glover received packages there. Saying that frequently drug dealers receive packages at other locations. That's the sum total of the argument really. It had nothing to do with Taylor, only that Glover had a connection to the address. 90% of the warrant is filled with officers saying they've observed Glover and his partner Walker (who is unrelated to the Walker that Breonna Taylor was with when she was shot) operating out of a totally different location (which I believe is where Glover was arrested): They knew Taylor lived there: she was listed as the primary resident and her car was there frequently. But nothing in the warrant connected Taylor to Glover. Yet police requested, and were granted, a no knock raid for a private resident which the officer's only argument was "training and experience" because drug dealers often receive packages elsewhere. I cannot believe that a judge signed off on a no knock warrant based on this. I can't believe ANY warrant was granted, let alone a no-knock warrant.
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    Of course it's fair to question the response, and we should. But focusing solely on the lethality is a very narrow view. The long-term impacts of the virus (on heart, lungs, etc.) are still very much unknown. I am not scared of dying if I get it -- I'm healthy and in my early 40s. I am terrified of long term cardiovascular or breathing issues that have been reported.
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    I am not requesting a mail in ballot. I will vote in person. Not sure if we'll be watching a debate or a school yard fight. Funniest thing watching a Trump rally (the one in MI) he said he's running against the worst candidate ever in the history of the US>and looking at the polls VH has posted, he's losing. What does that tell you about what kind of person he is?
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    I made that observation a few years ago. He changes a lot of plays. Some of them might be dummy calls to get the defense to show it's hand. But he is always running the clock down to the limit and at times that could be a bad start to a play. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to just call the play in the huddle, get to the line and snap the F-ing ball. If the defense knows you are going to snap the ball under 5 seconds every play, then that eliminates the element of surprise. Mix it up every so often and snap the ball at 15 seconds and catch them on their heels. Maybe Carson is too smart for his own good. Maybe he's too stubborn to take the plays and run with them. Maybe he's too stubborn to take coaching on his mechanics. Only way this will all get fixed is to embarrass him and bench him. Key is, that he needs to know all of the reasons why he gets benched.
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    It’s not everyone though, only a bunch of morons who happen to agree with your backwards world view
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    Remember when Obama said he would throw away votes, and would not commit to a peaceful transition of power if he lost the election? No? That is because those the words of your Idiot in Chief.
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    I think you would also have to include the Philly media in here as a common denominator. They are obviously larger, more intimidating and most importantly, they hold this team accountable maybe more any sports market/city in the US. Andy Reid could probably dial up 60+ passes this weekend and deactivate all RBs and their 1 beat reporter would think he's brilliant. I definitely think some of the drama and stories that come out from our own media are heavily exaggerated, but they all do a great job at digging with questions until they strike a nerve.
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    Matt Stafford is in his 12th year in the league and has never won a playoff game. That might be the most embarrassing stat I've ever seen. Matt Ryan, besides the worst choke performance in SB history, has led his team to an absolutely horrendous record since, and this is his 13th year. Not to mention Atlanta's receiver, RB, and TE talent year after year is at the top of the league. Matt Ryan should throw for 6000 yards a season with those freaks. No need to continue arguing. Your opinion was made up a long time ago and you should burn yourself with a hot torch like Short Round does to Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom to wake up. I'm still willing to give our franchise QB (who has already shown he has more ability than both of the above) another chance in his 5th year in the league (after some terrible injuries). Maybe I am setting myself up for disappointment, but I'm not ignoring any facts bruh!
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    Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan are much better QB's than Wentz at this point. Also, and I can't stress this enough. He's been in this funk since 2018. He is in year five and soon to be 28 years old. I'm not going to get on you personally for going down with the ship but I think you are ignoring some facts and setting up yourself for serious disappointment.
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    Aside from a stretch of a few games against horrendous competition at the end of last season, Wentz has been average AT BEST over the last two seasons, and first two games this year. So no, it's not just two games and no he doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. What you see is what you get with Wentz in year five and at almost 28 years old. He is an incredibly talented QB with extremely questionable decision making and erratic accuracy. This leads to the extreme inconsistent nature of his play. This doesn't even take into account that he is extremely injury prone. Me personally, I would much rather have a solid, consistent, reliable starter than the Wentz roller coaster.
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    Not all heroes wear capes: lol... There is a collective psychosis going on in society right now that's pretty unsettling.
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    I was going for the headline another eagle hurt: cox goes limp
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    I finished the game in a lot of pain too.
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    And? So if an innocent person defending his house either: A. Doesn't believe they are the police. (Newsflash, anyone can say "police" and then break the door down) B. Doesn't hear them That person still has the legal right to use deadly force when defending his home. And in turn, the police also have the "legal right" to defend themselves? FAILURE OF LAW.
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    But but but.... muh economeeeeeeeezzzzz
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    I'm not sure how many pages of people's opinions you need on this. This forum alone has dozens of people giving all sorts of very specific reasons. Trump is a lying sack. Trump is a poor leader. Trump thinks Putin and Kim Jong are cool. He and Kim Jong are in love. He follows procedures to keep himself safe from a pandemic he ignores, discounts and lies about, while telling people NOT to follow the same rules used in people around him. He hires corrupt POS to fill government positions and no matter how many of his campaign people and advisors get indicted and convicted, his idiot supporters don't care and still pretend he is not the swamp. You don't clean up a swamp by placing the people buying influence into positions of power. That you can believe this is a sign you are delusional.
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    Fascism to own the libs!
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    It's not a tough question, it's an idiotic one. There's really no data to support the idea that NYC has reached herd immunity. Paul is a licenced physician and knows better. Just because we don't have a full picture doesn't mean people can just make up whatever narrative they want when the data we do have points elsewhere. It's moronic and partisan and Fauci was absolutely right to call him out on it.
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    There seem to be two streams of thought on this board: A) Wentz is a really good QB who is playing badly B) Wentz is a bad player I think the vast majority of people understand that A) is true .... it's depressing that the fringe fans who sit in B) just think tearing everything down is the default course of action.
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    I am still not sure why anyone thinks Cincy is an automatic win...
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    This poor little chubby girl. She's done for.......because I've found endless memes/pics.
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    They should be wearing body cams or whatever. This is kinda ridiculous
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    I think our james cycles sync'd
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    Watch the full video on youtube. Paul comes off as a huge moron with Redfield too. That's essentially what he's doing because he's been grinding this axe since May. There's a reason why Fauci got snippy with him and it's precisely because he's losing his patience with Rand after months of the same stupid horseshit from him.
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    I didn't even want Louisville police officers charged. They were fired upon, they can protect themselves... Until it was found one of the officers was unloading rounds into neighbors apartments during the raid. Sorry, when they're conducting the raid, they have to be better than that. (Secure the premises, clear out the neighbors' apartments. Or position themselves where they aren't shooting into neighbor's apartments.) Wanton endangerment seems justified. The police officers were put in an untenable situation when it was decided to raid there. The detectives that targeted Taylor's apartment are at fault. The system allowed the warrants to go through. Something is wrong with the system. Their work was sloppy and reckless. All of the focus on the officers who conducted the raid is hiding the real culprit here, IMO.
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    Those are the first and last posts in a long thread. The whole thing is a good read.
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    They aren't even changing the names of Russian right-wing propaganda to fit an American audience anymore. Now it's just straight from the Kremlin. #1 - There is a autocrat in control. So what you are saying is, this is Trump, right now? #2 - The population rises up to defeat the autocrat stealing power. Sounds exactly like what American democracy should and would do. See thread.
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