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    They’re going to suck this year anyway. Now they’ll most likely have 3 first round picks next year. I like it.
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    This is why you tank that Washington game...
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    RIP Kyle Pitts 02/2021 - 03/2021
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    This is awesome!!!!!!! Good job by Howie. Bad news for you Pitts fan boys. 😂
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    I'll make it simple on my end. There are 15 other participants in this. If SIX vote "yes" to mandating the Eagles/Dolphins trade, I'll make that one. That's just 40%. Please like this post if I need to approve the Eagles/Dolphins trade too.
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    Just one little correction. 100% of the ad revenue is 'ours' (the board) as a whole. 100% of it goes into the board's bank account (yes, I opened a separate account just for the board's funds).
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    The board's ability to have ads vis AdSense, was suspended today, for 30 days. The reason being, because someone was clicking multiple ads to drive up board revenue. If that's a member of the board trying to help the board, you're only going to hurt it by getting our AdSense account terminated. Please don't click on any ads, or the board will lose it's main source of revenue permanently. We still have a lot of money left from the GoFundMe, but we want to build up the account so that any upgrades that are needed in the future, are going to be funded without needing more donations.
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    Massage therapists in the Philly area better arm themselves with mace.
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    My biggest fear was that the Eagles were going to overthink this, and what do they do? They overthink it. Just blew a chance at drafting a beast at No. 6 overall. Great way to lose interest in the team.
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    I am all for the vaccine, but this is funny.
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    We have an old, expensive roster, and we’re not very good. So we need as many good young players as possible. So I think it’s a good move. We can still get a good player in the first round this year. It’s even likely a couple of the guys we’ve been considering at 6 might be there at 12. Then we have potentially three first rounders next year. It’s a good move, but it will be up to Howie and the scouting staff to make the right picks, and it will be up to our coaching staff to develop the players — which was a weakness of the last staff. We’re too far away from contention for a guy like Chase/Pitts to make much of a difference in the short term.
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    We already have a league most 11 picks in 2021. We still land with 11 in 2021 and have now added a high pick in 2022. I dunno, I like.
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    Howie: Makes a move that most of the fanbase is happy with Afan:
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    Halfway through Tucker Carlson's third term?
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    I would prefer to keep 3 first rd picks over Russel
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    I’m surprised so many hate this trade. I love this trade for the Eagles personally. Gives them so much flexibility going forward to repair this team, and we still stay in top 15 with a shot at a really good player. It’s also still possible, unlikely sure, that either Chase or Pitts could fall to the Eagles.
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    Yep. 6 was a sucky spot. This is excellent.
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    Can someone ship Tunsil's mask to Penei Sewell...please.
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    The sneaky good part of this trade is that we don’t have to wait forever for our picks between round 3 and 5. That was gonna suck.
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    Moving down to 12 is risky, would have preferred a smaller trade down if going that route, but can't argue against the compensation. The trade itself is great value. The draft pick value chart suggests a mid 2nd round pick to go from 6 to 12. We got a 1st and swapped a 5th for a 4th this year.
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    Because you were expecting rookies to transform our season...?
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    This move makes a ton of sense if you accept the fact that the Eagles are all in on Hurts. They were never going to draft a QB. Maximize the value of that 6th pick and still grab Waddle or Smith, who likely will be on the board at 12. Or, if you'd rather go defense, Farley, Rosseau and Paye should all be available.
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    This year's draft is a numbers game, with the COVID madness, a lot of good players will drop and a lot of high picks will turn out to be mistakes. Next year we get 3 1st rd picks (cross fingers) in a draft with a full college season and scouts having full access. And we move up from the 5th to the 4th round. There should be a good player available at 12, and Howie can take a CB or LB without it being a reach, while there will be lots of WRs available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
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    Everybody is assuming 3 first rounders next year. Wentz is very capable of getting injured and not getting in the requisite number of snaps.
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    This is pretty public knowledge. Team will give Hurts the chance to win the job moving forward. - If Hurts is good in 2021, he's the starter in 2022 - If Hurts is ok/bad in 2021, we look to replace him.
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    Pitts, Chase - both generational talents. Have to disagree with you there.
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    where are the Danny Green haters now, huh?
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    Yup. Lower expectations, same talent and more draft capital a year away when they (hopefully) can do proper scouting and have a proper college season. Howie did good here. Good timing on the move too, no way would they get better return than that. The move up in the mid rounds is nice too. I'd have settled for just the #12 and 2021 pick. But... as predicted by many (including me) Howie managed to get back into Round 4. This type of deal has always been Howie's best type of move. It's not about scouting, it's not about assessing players, it's only about asset management.
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    If "a bit dysfunctional" was missing on Metcalf and Jefferson, what would regular dysfunctional look like?
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    That would be a Howie move if ever there was one. It would also be a big mistake.
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    So now we have to dig up dirt on Chase and Pitts and post it the night before the draft starts to get them to slide ala. Tunsil. You know, it's always something with this team. Sheesh...where's my pin camera??? crap, it's around here somewhere.
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    Yep. THE most overblown talking point of the draft is that Wilson might not be a good QB because he played at BYU against lesser competition. I don't give a ish! That means he had lesser talent on his team around him. If he fails at the next level....it's because he's a cocky spoiled rich kid. Like Manziel. Not because of his ability. I wouldn't hate it....as long as we trade Hurts for a 2nd this year.
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    If we go Horn in round 1, I really hope we can get Moehrig at 37
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    Have to let this digest a little bit before I can form a true opinion on the move. There are positives and negatives to this. On one hand, you can now forget Chase or Pitts. On the other hand, they got tremendous value to move down 6 spots. For a team that is clearly heading into a rebuilding year, having three first round picks or two firsts and two seconds next year is huge. You also give Hurts 2021 to prove himself now. If that doesn't work out you have tons of ammo to get another QB and if he does prove he's the guy you have a ton of picks to build around him. One thing I will say is that I don't buy for one second they tried to move up for Wilson. First off, they didn't even send Roseman or Siriani to his workout. For another, you have to get to two for him. Maybe they tried to get the 3rd pick, but it wasn't for Wilson. Either way, trading up would have been the absolute wrong move for them.
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    Wentz did get the Big Money? Yes he did and he was under contract to play. But either he regressed mentally or he deliberately took the money and ran. We will find out later this year. Either way Wentz is a bad juju memory. I agree with you about the Line. Our line despite all the changes was not as bad as some people think...But Hurts had no preparation time, due to Pandemic or practices, or whatever also, when he was inserted. He did as well as I would expect anyone to do under the given circumstances. I want to see what this kid has in 2021.
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    3 firsts in 2022 is major trade ammo.
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    Here it is: Moron gets fired for being a moron. There is no justification for keeping him on. There is no viable excuse for this. Stop trying to be Mr. Both Sides -- sometimes there really is a right and wrong. Naming plays after extermination camps = wrong.
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    No indication that now that it is his profession that Dillard doesn’t "love ball”. Lots of teenagers out there that thought about turning away from football or other avocations (guitar, piano, writing, basketball, camping, fishing, hunting, etc.) because they were discouraged, hit a wall, liked a girl, wanted to hang out after school, etc. Eagles know his attitude, what effort he is putting into his rehab, how well he takes teaching from Stout, how he corrects little things. Last year, he came to camp stronger, which was a must. This year he is rehabbing a muscle tear so he is going to have to build some of that strength back. Now, JP played through a muscle tear and they decided to fix it and rest Dillard for the year. But muscle tears are not all equal. Last year, at camp, we saw a stronger Dillard. We saw a fitter Herbig. We saw a Pryor who did nothing towards getting in shape. This year, Dillard needs to be at least back. He needs to work the rust off. Now at camp, he tried to soldier through the tear but couldn’t. Most cannot and that is usually a season ending injury. But this year, the slate is clean. We also need to see Mailata continue to strengthen his back. We need to see Herbig take the next step. Leaner and stronger. We need to see Driscoll get stronger. He has the mental but needs to push the physical. Juriga needs an NFL body too. Pryor is probably on his last gasp. Needs to get his weight under control. I doubt he makes it because of the strength of this draft. Toth is on his last chance. It needs to click or he needs to pursue his post NFL career. Same with Piersbacher. Not at Alabama any longer. Like Toth, Eagles aren’t his only team. Make or break camp for Opeta. Not sure what the PS rules will be this year. Frankly, I hope they keep last year’s rules. Provided depth with the limited aged out vets but also some nice developmental opportunities. Absent a developmental league, there is real value to that approach.
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    Fire his ass and move on with your life. Played football my entire schooling and never heard anything so stupid from a coach.
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