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    Minshew didn’t come in today and somehow make himself into our starter for years to come. but what he did do is pretty clearly demonstrate how different this offense can look with a QB who is simply competent as a passer.
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    Gardner Minshew playing great + bye week = a lot of soon to be single mothers in the Philadelphia area
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    Both teams suck, the officials suck, the announcers suck and the cheerleader are ugly, other than that this is a quality broadcast!
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    The guy looks like he should be in the new Top Gun movie.
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    Someone needs to make videos of Hurts dancing in the pocket with the Benny Hill chase theme song playing. That would be comedy gold.
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    Minshew is the perfect qb to use next yr while we groom a pick or wait to draft one
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    I'm confused, isn't the QB supposed to run in a circle before throwing a deep ball? Is that even legal?
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    Lol all these Hurts cult members are terrified
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    Like a road game against a divisional opponent that could've gotten us a playoff spot?
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    Not only that but the running game did not suffer. They had 185 yards on the ground. More with Hurts? Sure. Was the running game bad? Not even close. This team needs a real QB.
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    This. Hurts can make plays with his legs but Minshew is the better passer. Makes quick decisions and is accurate.
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    He's had hardly any practice with the 1s, is in a new system, hasn't had a start since last season and still needs to get familiar with his receivers/TE. Yet, he played infinitely better than Hurts.
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    They don’t want Hurts passing their franchise rushing numbers....
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    Gannon’s, "the other team will eventually screw up” philosophy, seems to work vs teams like the Jets lol
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    I love how every week, excuses are made for Hurts, but our backup comes off the bench cold having never played with this team, has more touchdowns than incompletions and 188 yards passing in one half and we’re complaining about underthrown balls. I’d have loved for that to have been my gripe over the last few weeks
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    Saw his first read wasn't there went to the next read that's how you QB
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    we easily beat the giants with minshew, don't we?
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    Still a bad play by Reagor. I don't care about the return. That was almost a critical turnover after the defense made a key stop. He is terrible.
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    Love how Minshew quick reads and hits the safety valve when he’s pressured. Good job and nice to see.
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    Gannon can't stick around after this season. He is making a QB who struggles in the first half look comfortable.
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    Also saw this uncorroborated rumor being passed around for why they were hiding in Detroit. If true, it might be the most fitting part of this whole saga yet.
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    @ManuManu I did this for you. here is the link to the play by play. https://www.espn.com/nfl/playbyplay/_/gameId/401326517 And here is what it shows. 1st drive 1. 5 yards 2. 9 yards 2nd drive 3. 2 yards 4. 1 yard 3rd drive 5. 4 yards 6. 7 yards 4th drive 7. 9 yards 8. 4 yards 9. 0 yards Average through first half 4.5 yards per carry. The 3rd quarter was so rough it brought his average down from 4.5 to 3.5 per carry. Which I commented on in this thread at that time. And then he ended up finishing with 5 yards per carry. Damn good game all except for the 3rd quarter. The REAL story is not that he was just ok through 3 quarters and got his stats padded with a good run in the 4th. The REAL story is that he had a heck of a good game aside from a rough stretch in 1 quarter. Its amazing that people can watch a game, completely miss how good a RB looks when we focus on the running game so much, and just continue to buy the BS that stupid philly talk radio has brainwashed you on. Then you even find a way to slant the stats to make it look like the BS is the truth.
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    We won 4 games last year. Had the 6th pick, fired our coaches. Won 9 the year before , beating backup Qb’s to get in. If we keep taking steps backward we’ll be the F’ing Giants before you know it. No thanks. I’ll root for wins and Miami and Indy to lose. You can join the 76er process plan with others.
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    This game is productive as a reminder for our inept FO that an NFL offense needs a qb that can pass.
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    I want Minshew to succeed but I also hate the controversy it’s going to bring.
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    They brought it on them when they drafted Hurts
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    Yep. Dink and dunk my arse. Chark, a deep threat instantly blossomed with Minshew. I'm hoping for a lot of shots today. That actually get completed too.
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    Quite clear this was a one week benching
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    People are terrified of Minshew playing well
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