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    Hurts is sort of like COVID. No one really wants him here. People debate just how harmless he actually is. Many are concerned that neither is going anywhere for a while. The vaccine isn't great and makes you feel pretty crappy too, but it's still better than the disease. And far too many want to be unvaccinated. Much like the COVID variants, he just keeps coming back and getting more opportunities to develop.
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    At least Romo finally got to a championship game......
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    Mind telling me where you were on January 6th of last year?
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    Lol whose dumb idea was it to do a halftime show on the field at the same time there is a different half time show on the field
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    Did Troy Aikman just say "you're offense is only as good as your 3rd WR" ? Jalen Reagor
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    This game is proof that "this team is years away from competing" is not real. You're a winner at QB away from competing.
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    I had a patient who was in the hospital for three weeks due to Covid. He told me he wasn’t vaccinated and said, "if Covid did that to me, imagine what that vaccine would have done.” Yeah, the job is to take care of them and not to judge, but I’m judging the hell out of idiots like that. I can multitask well.
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    No. My job…their job…is to take care of people, not to judge them. I’ll take the moral high ground on what I do with my life. You take the moral high ground on what to do with other people’s money and where they should live.
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    ...with lower probability and at lower rates.
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    I don't know. I didn't ask. And frankly, now isn't the time for me to bring it up. My grandfather also died in a car accident without a seat belt as well. You are batting 1000 tonight. But, you seem more concerned with being right than showing human compassion. I hope that you never have tragedy strike you. It sucks, sucks more than you can imagine. But, I'm done engaging with you.
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    Jimmy G is like Carson Wentz with better aesthetic genetics
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    I didn’t have anyone to root for in this game until now. Thank you. Let’s go Niners!!!!
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    These have been the best non eagles playoff games I ever remember. Close game wise. It's been amazing.
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    Here it is in real time @austinfan. Cincinnati has a horrible offensive line and an average defense.. If you have an elite QB, you always have a chance, and can build the team around him while having that chance.
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    Who wants to remind Freddie that he was only on the Eagles' team for 4 years?
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    its the chiefs. not the chefs.
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    Afan can be annoying sometimes but he is not a troll and yes he would be missed.
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    This is a Grammar Police intervention. Your first two sentences are, in fact, not sentences. In the third, the verb should agree with the subject. In terms of content, I would suggest that trolls do not live in hives. But then, what do I know? I am but a lowly mental midget although, as midgets go, I am outsized, being 6'5".
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    So many people are going to get stabbed leaving that stadium 😂😂😆
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    Ehhh... in that moment.. he had a guy a few yards forward. Taking the sack makes it third and a million. Hard to blame him. Split second decision
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    There’s the Jimmy G we all know and love
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    Trent Williams was illegal motion anyway. He was moving forward before the snap. They seriously need to scrap that play.
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    LMAO those scrappy underdog chiefs
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    Since 96 season playoff wins: Dallass: 3 Bengals: 3
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    Well Hurts is going into his third rookie season, so hopefully by his sophomore season, whenever that comes, will be the same.
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    Burrow is a likeable lad, seems really down to earth.
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    The Bengals proved that you play the Chiefs for who they are, not for who people say they are. I'm pleased for the Bengals, even if the owner is still as cheap as a $2 steak
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    It’s been 2 whole years. No one is going to change anyones opinion about Covid. Hurts sucks.
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    Please stop... 1. You have absolutely no clue WTF you're talking about. Reading some articles doesn't make you an expert. 2. This was incredibly ignorant, shallow, disrespectful, and just plain a-holeish.
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