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    I was just looking at the number of total posts the board has (almost 890,000), and it looks like if our average continues, we should hit One Million posts around June or July. Maybe sooner, depending on traffic during the draft (seeing as we have three 1's). One Million posts in two years ain't bad for a community that the Eagles said wasn't very active.
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    R.I.P. to the star of the best This Is Sportscenter commercial ever
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    freeing up room to assume Watson's contract from Cle
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    The Phillies offense should be fun to watch
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    How many of those were posters telling RTK how stupid he is?
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    Yeah. But they shouldn't have to spin it. Nothing wrong with spending wisely and having a walk away price.
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    I don’t think the kicking the can thing is as bad as most think. It’s really just about optionality. A good chunk likely gets carried over, so it’s no harm no foul in many cases. My issue is the use of cap space on players like Joe Flacco, extending Alshon, setting money on fire for Eric Wilson, etc. We’ll see what Cox’s contract really is, but I’m hopeful it’s not too much of an overpay. Honestly, though, I would have been just fine moving on and using that money (let’s call it $8M for sake of the argument) on player(s) who can help in 2022 and beyond.
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    All of the sudden turnarounds are about the QB. TB - Brady Cincy - Burrow LAC - Herbert Now we have $40M+ a year guaranteed as a baseline. It's all about the QB.
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    [munson]Yeah but chicken is $399.99lb[/munson]
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    With Deshaun Watson going to the Browns just wanted to take a minute to say some words. I've been a big supporter bringing this guy in and I know a lot of people here have daughters or are women yourselves and were sensitive to that. So I just wanted you to know and there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run.
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    Shortly after it was announced that they brought back S Anthony Harris on a 1 year deal, the Eagles announced they’ve done the same with RB Boston Scott. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/03/18/eagles-re-signing-boston-scott/
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    Some of you are getting awfully upset about not signing any FA WRs. Did you forget who our QB was?
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    "We’re only a player or two away so it was great value for Howie to splurge on a big ticket guy.”
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    We have lots of premium draft picks. Unless you're getting good value (Reddick), why overspend for mediocrity? That's way worse for the cap when bringing back Cox, Kelce, etc.
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    We overthink things too much on the blog. Howie is prepping for next off-season when he has to pay Jalen Hurts $40m/year to keep his services. Makes sense to me and good work Howie. What say you @downundermike @Iggles_Phan @4for4EaglesNest?
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    I don’t have a problem with the retaining their own young guys. Cox should not be "an important order of business.” I just want them to commit to an actual rebuild. I think Howie and Lurie severely overrate their roster with some of these moves like Cox and Harris.
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    I'm fine bringing back Cox.
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    To be fair....the cap keeps growing, so cap dollars this year are worth more than cap dollars next year.
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    I'm actually not pro trade for Metcalf. But drafting another stud will cost us about 3 firsts 3 seconds, and a handful of mid round picks....because that's how many picks it'll take before we find another stud WR.
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    Interesting nuggets in this article.
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    He wasn't a stud LB but he had a good story and seemed like a good guy with all the crap he did with his sister. I hope he has success in Denver.
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    Making room to add Watson amirite??
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    I suppose there’s that. But the acquiring team assuring he doesn’t face a financial impact from actions that are also going to negatively impact the team’s W-L record is gross.
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    Like the ticket coupons in hot dogs back in the day.
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    Wow. Even the most optimistic fan couldn’t have predicted signed both Schwarber and Castellanos. Say what you want about the Phils but they are definitely trying.
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    It's probably a combination of things. Obviously (and I don't think anyone disagrees with this), the main driver of job growth has been patriotism. Joe's leadership has finally brought back a love for America. And then there's also gumption, which Joe obviously has in droves. And finally strength. The last guy was just generally weak and most economic experts agree that his weakness spread across the country and brought about massive job losses.
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