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    Look, I'm not complaining about the moves the team made this offseason. Some really commendable maneuvers by Howie et al. But every year, there is some team - usually a team like the Browns - who kill it during the offseason, generate a ton of hype, and lay an egg once the regular season starts. How bout we slow down on the hype and see how the team plays before declaring us the NFC rep in the SB.
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    I think people who commit suicide typically have a serious illness that makes them feel like it is the only way out of their pain. While the act can be self-centered, that is not usually the perspective of the person committing the act. From their view, it is about ending suffering including the burden they place on others. It is not typically an act that the person committing thinks they are doing to others to aggrandize themself as you would expect with a narcissist.
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    Hotter take... Grown men that are that concerned about football jerseys to begin with probably need to sort some things out.
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    Let me just start off by saying, sorry. This is what good mechanics look like.
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    Seems like an over reaction but ok
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    Just a quick thought on suicide - I have personal experience in this area unfortunately and one thing I’ve come to understand (after a few cases) is that you’ll never really understand. People in that position are in such a different place as the rest of us, it will never make sense. Not the reasoning, not what lead up to it, and not the act itself. you won’t find comfort there, but understand there is little we could have done, we who are left behind can’t own it, and you probably never will understand it. And I’m really, really sorry for your loss.
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    I'm not gpnna drink, as much as I want to. It's bad medicine. I really want to, but I know I can't. Alcohol is my demon and it never makes things better for me.
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    Westbrook#36, I'm Utebird's wife and after he told me about your post I asked if I could respond to you. Context:I'm a clinical psychologist, and one of my areas of focus is suicide prevention. I am so sorry for your loss. It is so important to talk, and really amazing that you have chosen to be so honest in this post. It sounds like you are both grieving and beating yourself up. Hindsight is incredibly unfair. You did the best you could in the space/time you were in. Suicide is not about blame or fault. I hope that you have a lot of support in your life, and if you need/would like some additional resources please don't hesitate to reach out For anyone on this board: If you would like to know more about preventing suicide you can take a training for free at Suspenders4Hope.com. Click on Take The Training and use authentication code: preventing suicide when setting your login.
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    "On a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being the least likely, and 10 being the most likely, how likely are you to contact the NYPD again if someone threatens to kill you?"
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    I've come to the conclusion that he's the new Tom Brady, my expectation is that he'll have a similar level of success in the NFL.
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    I mean, its not like this was posted a week ago, a day ago, or on a previous page, it was already posted on the same d@mn page.
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    I've had to deal with Churchill's "Black dog" my whole life. Some is probably biochemical, imbalance of brain chemicals, some is contextual. Cognitive therapy taught me how to recognize the lies depressed people tell themselves through their distorted lens of perception. But it is always a struggle, when things go well in life, the black dog sleeps, but adversity and loss awakens it. Exercise helps, but it's always there, lurking in the background. You shouldn't beat yourself up, if you were a good friend, that's as much as you could do - people have agency, you can help them to some extent but in the end they have to seek help and want to change, whether it's dealing with depression, alcoholism/drug abuse (often starting as self-medication), and other self-destructive behavior. It's actually depressive like thinking to beat yourself up over "coulda, woulda, shoulda" - none of us really know what's going on in someone else's head, at best we have clues. Hindsight is always 20/20 but often depressed people learn to put on a brave front that is difficult to penetrate.
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    My friends that are gay take exception to that stance because the original pride flag was the red-to-purple rainbow because it "included all the colors of the rainbow", meaning all types of people, and meaning it was already inclusive. Saying it's not inclusive of people of color is saying that the original intention of including people of all the colors of the rainbow was wrong or incorrect.
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    Thanks everyone. I know most of us don't know each other personally, but my heart swells just hearing the well wishing and support from you guys. I won't hijack the thread any more that I already have. Just please reach out to someone, anyone if you ever feel like there's no way out or your only solution is suicide. There's always hope somewhere. Think about loved ones, and if you think you don't have any, just reach out to anyone. This is an overall good community...pm someone here. Pm me even if you feel it's your last resort. There's always light at the end of the tunnel, and all those other cliches. You're important to someone. Your life has value, whether you believe it or not.
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    I think Sirianni and the offensive coaches deserve a lot of credit. Last year's offense was about as good as you can expect from an offense with Hurts at QB.
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    Would be higher without him.
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    Your continued support of Toaster is really surprising.
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    No, backwards hat is bad and he can't be a leader, remember?
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    Awful, that windup took a full 5 seconds
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    Do you know every owner in the league?
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    What’s worse? Jalen Tebow’s ability see the field and read a defense, or RTK’s ability to post you-tube videos? Your videos and his passing acumen have something in common…both "unavailable”.
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    Guessing by the sound of it you are a jersey salesman 🙂?
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    We couldn't even convince a third of the country to make the easiest decision of their lives and get vaccinated during the worst pandemic in our nation's history, but yeah, I bet we're real close to coming to a consensus on this whole abortion thing.
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    Very disappointing part 2 of the final season. I watched both parts of the final season together this week, my wife had never seen it so we started from season 1 so everything was fresh from binging it through. Problems:
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    Too logical for ol' Procus. It has to be not only the wrong animal but also the wrong type of infection. Like mainlining platypus antifungal shampoo, or snorting crushed walrus antibiotics.
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