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    It's unfortunate that the Eagles decided to close the official message board. We had 20 or more years of great discussions there and were fortunate enough to share the experience of the greatest season that any of us could have ever dreamed of, in 2017 and the amazing victory in Super Bowl LII! Hopefully we can continue on here for many more years to come! So welcome to the new Eagles Message Board, and thank you to everyone that helped, both with the physical work and with your generous donations that have funded everything that has been done, and will help keep the board going into the future! Here's a news story that aired back before the old EMB closed, I'm adding it to this post (on May 7th) as part of the history of events. EMB_News.mp4
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    paco and I are excited to finally share that we have a new Eagles fan in the house! Welcome the newest addition to this crazy fam - Helen Rosemary... we call her Ellie
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    Just got the word I got my job back..... the real one. The one that pays my bills.....lol. Gonna be working a little differently than I was so @Road to Victory …. you were stepping up... it's all yours.
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    Welcome back everyone. I want to give a big thank you to @VaBeach_Eagle for making this happen. He (and I, to a lesser extent) has worked his butt off over the past week to make this happen. And I can promise you, we did our best to get this place set up to mirror the old board for as smooth of a transition as possible. But as you all know, new boards, new problems. In between scrambling to get all the new registrations validated and checking reports, I'll be looking into issues and trying to find a fix for them. To help me out, if you run into any issues, please post them in this thread so I have one single place to look for and track bugs.
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    I'll post all of our Affiliate links here, as we get approved. So far, Fanatics.com has approved us, as has Amazon.com. Though with Amazon, we'll need at least three 'qualified' sales within 180 days, or they terminate the affiliation. To add the Amazon one, I have to figure out, so I'll add it when I can. If you're going to buy something from Fanatics or any 'official' NFL shop site, just use one of our affiliate links and it'll help keep the board funded. This link is Fanatics.com, most purchases there, will send the board 8% of the sale total: https://fanatics.ncw6.net/qayvy This one is also Fanatics, but should take you to their Super Bowl LII gear: https://fanatics.ncw6.net/XMNRg This link is for 76ers gear: https://fanatics.ncw6.net/WMRJn This link is for Phillies gear: https://fanatics.ncw6.net/OM4oG This link is for Flyers gear: https://fanatics.ncw6.net/vJxbN This is just a link to Fanatics.com: https://fanatics.ncw6.net/KM49z Below are all of the current affiliations that the board has: Windscribe VPN Affiliate Link: https://windscribe.com/?affid=mb0y6n94 Use this link to sign up for Rakuten and the board will earn up to $30 once you've purchased something through Rakuten. If you sign up by May 11, 2020, you will also earn $30 once you make a purchase of $30. Sign up with this link: https://www.rakuten.com Our Amazon link:
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    Just a simple Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to bring us the boards we love. Thank you
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    You're right. We don't laugh after wins. We end up criticizing our own guys or complaining about something irrelevant. That's how we enjoy a victory.
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    You have accomplished something no coach has ever done and won us the Lombardi! Thank you for that magical season.
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    One year ago today, die hard Eagles poster @VaBeach_Eagle and friends stood up this new board when the old board closed abruptly. Tip of the hat to you all because the transition has been seamless and we get to talk the same dumb sheet to the same dopes we've been arguing with for years - decades, in some of our cases. Stuck inside during the pandemic this board became a fun part of my daily digital rotation, and many of yours, too. Thanks to all and cheers to another good year on the NEW EMB.
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    Im home! Pulse ox on room air in the mid 90s. Feeling much better! Thank you for all of the well wishes. I tested negative on Thursday and again this morning. F u covid, you can suck muh deek
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    Hey everyone. Im still in the hospital. No ventilator. No visitors. Breathing treatments multiple times a day. Chest xrays every other day. Pulse oxygen is 89% with a nonrebreather mask running full blast. Without the mask i dip into the low 80s. It feels like someone is giving me a constant bear hug around my chest. Mild cough but it doesn't stop. Dr pushed me to go on a ventilator yesterday morning but i refused it. I told him not unless in unconscious and dying. I do feel a little more "pep" today so that's a step in the right direction. I'll update periodically. Thank you for the well wishes.
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    Update Surgery was a success. Mom has been home since this afternoon. Some pain, but good otherwise and they got the entire tumor. Thanks all for the well wishes and prayers.
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    Not gonna lie, might not be my best one. Late night after the game. Vow to do better next time The Good: 1. Cox, Graham, Curry and Hargrave—Playing against the current Cowboys roster you expect games like these three had. Cox was particularly a monster as he was able to create havoc in the backfield on DiNucci. On the evening Cox was able to generate a sack, 2 tackles for loss and 2 QB hits. With the Eagles facing the Giants out of the bye week, I expect Cox to have another big game against them make his presence known. However, it is going to be telling when the Eagles start their stretch of Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans and Arizona. That is the stretch where I think the Eagles need Fletcher Cox to play like he did tonight. All four of those teams when healthy have excellent offenses and he needs to be the best player on defense if the Eagles have a chance in those games. As for Graham, he is having a heck of a season. He might have made the defensive play of the game if not for Edwards play late in the game. After Wentz made a poor decision and fumbled the ball, the Cowboys were driving inside the red zone and could’ve easily turned a 3-0 lead into a 10-0 lead. Not sure how this game goes if that occurs. Feels like it could have had a much different end to the story. Nevertheless, Graham was able to get to DiNucci and force the fumble and recover it. With how the offense functioned for most of the evening, it wound up being a massive play for the Eagles. On the season, Graham has 7 sacks through 8 games. It would be the first time in his career, he would finish with double digit sacks. I would be shocked if Graham was not named a Pro Bowler after the season he has put together. While Curry didn’t have a the flashy play that Graham had, I thought he was very active. He recorded a sack, tackle for loss and a QB hit. I think the depth behind Barnett and Graham is looking better as the season is going along. I know a lot of people were upset that we waived Toohill to bring back Curry especially when long term Curry is not likely in the plans, but he has been very good and a welcomed addition to the line over the past couple weeks. Finally, I thought Hargrave had his best performance in an Eagle uniform. It still was not spectacular, but he was better overall. He was able to record a tackle for loss. Additionally, on 4th down, DiNucci broke the pocket and began to scramble, he was able to get his big mitts up and deflect the ball away on to create the turnover on downs. Yes there is definitely room for improvement. He was pushed back a couple times in the 3rd quarter when the Dallas running game got on track for a drive. Ideally you’d love to see him get more pressure on the QB playing against a below average Dallas offensive line. But you saw improvement from what we saw earlier this year. Hopefully after the bye week he is really able to come on because I am not sure how long this Quad injury is going to keep Malik out. 2. Edwards makes a statement— I think when the news came out that Gerry was going to miss three games most of us were anxious to see what the lienbackers could do as Gerry has flat out just not been very good this year. However, many of us were of the belief just cause Gerry was out didn’t mean the linebacker unit was automatically fixed or even be that much better. But Edwards coming off IR looked like a stud tonight. Additionally, he had the biggest play of the game and basically locked up the win for the Eagles. On the play, he was sent on a blitz and was able to get home on DiNucci and force the fumble that bounced to Curry, which eventually was scooped up by McLeod and returned for a touchdown to give the Eagles the 21-9 lead. In my opinion, this might have been the best linebacker performance we have gotten since the 2017 season with Nigel Bradham. Edwards recorded 13 tackles, a sack, tackle for loss, 1 qb hit and a forced fumble. Furthermore, he was doing his assignments and not out of position. He was excellent in finding the gaps and filling them. He limited the holes that Zeke was able to find and made it very tough sledding for Zeke. I do not know how the rest of the season will go for Edwards. I had high hopes for him at the end of last year and the injury bug took away part of this season. But if he is able to give you this type of performance weekly, then the Eagles have found themselves a very solid and nice linebacker. 3. Fulgham is for real—If you didn’t think the kid was real before, he just keeps going out there and proving that he is. If the Eagles get nothing else out of the 2020 season (besides a hallow NFC title) then we should be thankful that two other teams happened to release Fulgham. Against the Cowboys, Fulgham was able to haul in 6 receptions for 78 yards and more importantly a touchdown to give the Eagles a 13-9 lead, which they never looked back from. It is amazing just how great Fulgham has been for the Eagles. I want to give the Eagles scouting credit for finding the kid on the scrapheap, but the Eagles also released him so they nearly lost a player of his caliber. So far on the season (just 5 games in an Eagle uniform), he has 29 receptions for 435 yards and 4 tds. Heck over the last 4 weeks, Fulgham has not had less than 70 yards receiving. I am happy for the Eagles to find someone of his talent and excited to see him get even better as he gets more reps with Carson and more comfortable with the playbook. For the first time in a while, I am thrilled to see a wide receiver on the outside that I think you could call a no. 1 receiver. He might not have the blazing speed, but he had great hands, he runs solid routes, his catch radius is ridiculous. The sky is really the limit for the kid. 4. Scott ran well—There isn’t a whole bunch of good from this game on offense, but I thought Scott ran the ball well especially early in the game. In the first half he was finding the holes and hitting it for some nice gains. The offensive line was opening holes for him. It felt like as the game went on, the Eagles went away from the run and when they finally got back to it he just didn’t have the same effect. Overall, he had 15 rushes for 70 yards, which is a 4.7 yards per carry. I would’ve actually loved to see the Eagles get him 20-23 touches against the Cowboys. I thought when Carson was making poor decisions and struggling in the first half, Doug missed an opportunity to take control of the game with his back looked as good as he has all year running it. 5. The safetys—The defense for most of the game was great, but we often do not get to talk about the safety position. I thought McLeod played one of his best games of the season. I get it came against a porous Cowboy offense, but McLeod was very active. He had two pass deflections and one of them should have been an interception. Additionally he had a heads up play after the ball squirted out of the hands of Curry and he picked it up and ran it in for what felt like the backbreaking touchdown. He wasn’t the only safety that I thought played very well, I thought Will Parks looked really good for the Eagles. He was coming up and helping in run support as he was able to record two tackles for loss. Additionally, he added 5 tackles. I am not sure why the Eagles would be looking to deal him. Frankly with all the injuries in the secondary, we really cannot afford to trade him. Slay left the game early and then Jacquet, he was thrown into the starting safety role and Mills was moved to corner. Nevertheless, I guess I am open to it if the Eagles are able to acquire a good draft pick, but I actually would love if they could get him a long-term deal to be the 3rd safety here. I think it is a role suited for him. I think if you ask him to be the starter over the entire season the more he would be exposed. I also have to give Mills a lot of credit. He was seemingly always in the right place tonight. They are times during the game where he seems to be out of position and it winds up going for a big play. Tonight was not one of them. He was able to register 5 tackles and a pass deflection. 6. Singleton is better than Gerry—I don’t think it is a high barometer to be better than Nate Gerry, but Singleton at least seems to be in the right place and not constantly chasing everyone from 5-7 yards behind. Like, Edwards, he was very active and seemingly was hitting the right gaps and limiting what Zeke was able to do. On the evening he had 8 tackles and 1 QB hit. I do not know what Singleton is like Edwards. I think he can be your third linebacker in base, but the more and more plays he is out on the field, I believe he will get exposed. I also do not know if his body will hold up for an entire 16 game schedule as a starter playing significant snaps. However, if he could just give you average linebacker play for the rest of the season, it would be a massive improvement from what they have been getting the first 7 weeks of the season. 7. Schwartz and the defense—The defense really saved the Eagles in this game. If not for the defense holding the Cowboys to just 9 points and forcing multiple turnovers, this game could have easily been a loss with how bad Carson and the offense looked for 75% of the night. I thought the Eagles could have been better against the run in some moments. However, they still were able to register 8 tackles for loss and really make it hard on Zeke. In addition, they were able to get pressure on DiNucci. The Eagles sacked him 4 times and 7 QB hits. The Eagles were also able to get their hands on some his passes to knock the ball away or even nearly have an interception as they had 5 deflections. I think some of this can be credited to Schwartz. For the second game in a row, he was pretty creative and sent blitzing linebackers and even safeties. I understand why Schwartz has done it the last two weeks. Jones is young and turnover prone when faced with pressure. This was DiNucci’s first career start and he didn’t want him to feel comfortable or get into the rhythm. It was a good gameplan by Schwartz and the defense showed up to a game they were expected to play well in. That said, I think the Eagles are really fortunate that it was DiNucci back there at QB and the Cowboys have the Qb back there that they trusted to take more shots down the field. If Dalton plays this game, I do not know what the outcome would have been, but I have a feeling Dallas might have had more than 9 points and Schwartz’s blitzes might not have been as many. 8. Practice Squad Jacquet—It is never easy getting the call up from the practice squad and then being asked to step into the game for one of the better corners in the league. Jacquet was asked to do that and I thought he did a very good job for the Eagles. He was a sure tackler. On one play he singlehandedly brought down the WR after the catch and made sure he didn’t get extra yardage. Unlike Maddox who slowed down on a critical 3rd and 1 play and allowed Zeke to get the corner and the first down. He also had a pass deflection. I do not know what the future holds for the kid, but what I noticed was he was a willing and able tackler and I liked his size. I think he could be a nice project for the Eagles. 9. Oline played OK—Overall I thought the Eagles offensive line played pretty well. Definitely on the second fumble I thought Pryor made a mistake going to help Kelce on his block and not blocking the two defenders that came through his hole to crush Carson. However watching the replay from the end zone angle it isn’t all Pryor’s fault. Carson had some time to get rid of the ball and he actually had two wide-open receivers in the middle of the field. So it isn’t entire on Pryor there. Before the game, I thought the Eagles were asking a lot of Mailata to switch from the left to the right side and asking him to hold up against Lawrence. In the first series, he gave up a sack, but after that he really settled in. I know the Eagles were having Goedert help him and helped him in general, but he was much better against the Cowboys then he was against the Giants. Furthermore, I thought the left side of the line was very good on the evening. It has been a while since we had seen Peters play at an above average level. Before his IR stint, the argument could be made he was as bad as Pryor and Herbig in his first start of the season. I am not saying Peters should stay at LT, but he was competent tonight. Additionally, he and Herbig were really opening up some nice holes for Clement and Scott to run through. Over the past 3-4 weeks besides Sanders long runs, I thought the oline was struggling to have good run blocking. The right side of the line was creating some nice holes on the evening. As for Kelce, it was a typical Kelce game. He is really the rock of that oline. I am not sure if you lost Kelce that this line could recover this season like they have at other spots. I was actually nervous when I saw him come up in pain after a play. Luckily he was alright and just kept playing. While Carson was sacked 4 times and hit 6, the oline I felt was only responsible for maybe 2 of those sacks. Carson was awful tonight and he caused a lot of self-inflected wounds. To be honest, I would say this was likely the best oline performance we have seen over the last 5 weeks. 10. Creating turnovers— For the second consecutive week, the Eagles were able to create turnovers. And boy did they need them in this game in order to pull this out. Against the Giants, the Eagles were able to pick off Jones and force two fumbles. In this game, the Eagles were able to strip sack DiNucci twice inside Eagles territory to keep the Cowboys off the board. Tonight’s game marks only the 3rd time on the season that the Eagles were able to create 2 or more turnovers. In those 3 games they are 3-0. Conversely, when the Eagles force 1 turnover or less, they are 0-4-1. On the season, the Eagles have forced 11 turnovers. That is about 1.4 per game. I suspect with the Giants and Browns on the docket next that they might be able to continue the streak of multiple turnover games. 11. Third down defense— Last week against the Giants, I thought the 3rd down defense was a little bit of fool’s gold. They held the Giants to 3-for-10, but really the Giants could have easily been much better. For instance, if Engram hauls in a wide open pass late in that game, the Giants are 4-10 and we lose that game 21-16. I thought the Eagles were more fortunate than good on third down in that game. In this game, the Eagles were just dominate. The Cowboys were 4-for-16, which is 25% on the night. The Eagles held the Cowboys to 3rd down and 7+ in 9 of their 16 third downs. The Eagles only once gave up a first down on those 9 attempts. Also, the Cowboys were able to pick up two 3rd downs late in the game during garbage time otherwise the Eagles third down defense looks even more dominating at 2-for-13. As the season continues on and we face much tougher opponents after the Giants, I do not expect this type of performance weekly especially when we face teams like GB, Seattle or New Orleans. I think it is asking a lot against some of the opponents we are going to see. However, if the Eagles are going to sneak a win in here and there during that tough slate then they are going to have to be good on third down. This was a stellar performance and hopefully it is a sign of things to come. 12. Red zone defense finally steps up— One of the areas I was really disappointed in last week was the lack of red zone defense. I feel like all season its been breaking instead of bending. The Giants were 31st in the league in the red zone. And yet, they were able to convert on both trips inside the red zone. Entering the game, the Eagles had given up touchdowns on 18 of 24 red zone trips (75%), which was one of the 5 worst in the NFL. Furthermore, they had give up 7 touchdowns in their oppoents last 8 red zone. Against the Cowboys, the Eagles stood tall. They were able to force a turnover on a Brandon Graham strip sack. That was a huge play early in the game. It is a play that the Eagles hadn’t made much of all season. The only other turnover the Eagles got in the red zone came in week 4 against San Francisco. I think we all understand it is the Cowboys and their offense has been putrid since Dak broke his ankle. But you have to start somewhere and build off of it. The Eagles have an excellent chance to get this ball rolling in the right direction as they play a Giants again after the bye. 13. Red zone offense—After one of the worst red zone offensive performances over the last couple seasons against the Giants (3-8), the Eagles were much better against the Cowboys. While they only entered the red zone twice, they were able to score touchdowns on both of their trips. Still, the Eagles have a long way to go to become one of the better red zone offenses in the league. After tonight, the Eagles have scored on just 16 of 25 red zone trips, which is 64%. 14. Run game finds stride—I thought over the last month, the Eagles for a majority of their games had struggled to run block. There were minimal holes and when there were the backs besides Sanders long runs weren’t hitting them. On the night, the Eagles rushed for 119 yards on 26 carries, which is 4.6 yards per carry. Furthermore, Clement and Scott combined for 94 yards on 20 carries, which is 4.7 yards per carry. In fact, this was the first time all year that I thought Clement didn’t look slow and bogged down when he was running the ball. He had some pep in his step and was gaining positive yards. That said, I still would love to see Huntley get more involved in the running game. I think he has something that Clement doesn’t. He has better speed and I think he break off a big time run if given some more opportunities. I was a little disappointed with the running game working so well early that we didn’t stick to that more and see what all 3 of the backs could do. I really think the Eagles leaned more on the run than Scott, Clement and even Huntley could have rolled Dallas for 130-150 yards in this game. Frankly with how bad Wentz was playing they really should have. 15. Penalties—It was a good game for the Eagles on this aspect. They were only called for 4 penalties for 28 yards. In 5 of the 8 games played, the Eagles have been called for 5 penalties or less. This is great because it means the Eagles for the most part aren’t shooting themselves in the foot with penalties. However, the Eagles have been called for 75 penalty yards or more in 3 of their 8 games. 16. First place?—We are in first place, but it kinds of feels like over the last two weeks we have regressed offensively from where we were after the Ravens game. On the fence: 1. Don’t know how to feel about Reagor; I guess underwhelmed—I understand that this was his first game in over a month and he is a rookie so I should cut him some slack. I thought at the beginning of the game, the Eagles were figuring out ways to get the ball into their rookie playmakers’ hands. He had a 6 yard run, 2 receptions and a touchdown in the first quarter. It looked like he was on his way to a big game. Then he had only one reception the rest of the game. Add on he had a chance to reel in a touchdown late in the game that would have completely buried the Cowboys for good, but saw the defender make a great play on the ball. I do not think it is his entire fault. Frankly I was pretty underwhelmed with the play calling and utilizing his skill set. I envisioned when we hired the assistant coaches we did and then drafting him that the Eagles would employ him much of the same ways that the Niners use Deebo Samuel. Frankly I think you have to in order to maximize his upside and ceiling. Unfortunately, I thought the best call of the night for him was the first swing pass/run and the two-point conversion where he was able to use his speed to his advantage cutting across the field. I didn’t mind the Reagor pick at 21. I understood why they went with him and his speed, but with how a lot of the rookies are performing so far this year and us having a chance to tee off against Diggs and Dallas who struggle to defend I leave the game saying I am underwhelmed and expected more. Maybe my expectations were too high for his first game back. 2. Run defense—The Cowboys only ran for 3.8 yards per carry, but were able to compile 135 yards on 35 rushing attempts. Normally you would say that is very good that Dallas had to run that many times to get that type of production. However, I viewed it a little differently. First, the Eagles continue to have issues with misdirection and the RO with QBs that can scramble. The Cowboys got 41 yards on those types of plays. Additionally, in the second half in the last two games it felt like our opponents could just run on us at will. During the Giants 97 yard touchdown drive, Gallman was picking up big chunks of yards. In this game, it felt Polland continuously was finding 5-6 yard on the ground. He finished the game with 40 rushing yards on 7 attempts for 5.7 yards per carry. I know you aren’t going to be able to shutdown a running game completely, but when the two backs go 103 yards on 26 carries, I just think the Eagles could have been better than what they allowed. 3. Misdirection plays—To the Eagles credit, they did manage to bust a couple of trick/misdirection plays that the Cowboys ran later in the game. However, early in the game the Eagles gave up a 19 yard run to Lamb on a misdirection. I feel like as the game went on, the Eagles picked up on the misdirection and were able to recognize and dissect it. Unfortunately, the Eagles are still being victimized by misdirection at time. The Rams utilized it routinely against the Eagles. Aiyuk and McCloud had big time runs against the Eagles using misdirection. Teams are going to continue to employ this against the Eagles until they are able to defend and recognize it. Like I said, I thought as the game went on, the Eagles were much better at figuring it out and shutting it down. I do not know if that’s because it was the Cowboys and their offense just stinks so they expected it. Or if the Eagles are beginning to get better at it. I have it on the fence cause I hate seeing one of the first couple plays be this and pick up yards to get Dallas some momentum. The Bad: 1. Where was Goedert?—I was pretty excited earlier in the week when I saw Goedert practicing and running routes. I had a feeling he was going to play this game and that the Eagles really wanted him to before the bye. However, I expected the Eagles to try and exploit this matchup more than they did. I would have to go back and watch the all 22, but I think he was used largely as a blocker to help Mailata and Peters with the Cowboys front four. Needless to say, Goedert is far too talented, good and impactful to just be held to 1 reception for 15 yards. He was only targeted in the passing game one time. That is not nearly enough against a defense that has been historically bad all season and hasn’t shown the ability to stop anyone. I do think as he gets healthier and plays more snaps that the Eagles will incorporate him more into the offense. But kind of like Reagor, I feel like the Eagles didn’t do nearly enough to get him the ball in this game and I really wanted to see him come out with a bang. 2. Special Teams issues—This is often an area that gets overlooked in games, but this game had multiple issues with special teams. First, I do not get the love for Rudy Ford. Yes it was his first penalty of the year. He has also not played in half the games for the Eagles. This dates back to last year it seems like he is always committing one penalty per game on special teams. Tonight he had a block in the back on Ward’s return, which he didn’t even need to make the block on. You cannot keep telling me he is a special teams ACE meanwhile he has stacked up more ST penalties over the last two years than anyone on the Eagles. Second, I am not sure what the heck Wallace is doing on Johnston’s punt midway through the second quarter. Instead of stopping and running on the goaline, he runs into the end zone and then tries to make his way back to the ball. The ball bounds around the 6 and goes into the end zone. If he begins running along the end zone line when he gets to the end zone then he is likely able to down that ball at the two. Instead the ball goes into the end zone for a touchback. It didn’t matter in a game like tonight, but it very well could’ve been the difference in another game where it was a battle of field position. Lastly, after the Cowboys gave the Eagles a safety to make it a 14-point game, the Cowboys tried a sky-high type of onside. I am almost positive you are allowed to have some one call for a fair catch on that type of kick. Instead the Eagles let it bounce and nearly lose it to the Cowboys. The Eagles had to know that was coming and they just looked completely unprepared for it. 3. Third down offense—This was the third consecutive week that the Eagles third down offense had really been underwhelming. In the previous two weeks, the Eagles were just 7-25, which is a terrible 28% on third down. Against the Cowboys, the Eagles were not much better as they converted on just 3-8, which is 37.5%. Over the last three weeks combine, the Eagles are 10-33 (30.3). That is simply just not good enough to be a winning football team. The Eagles are lucky they played two of the worst teams in football because most teams that convert that poorly are on the losing side of the coin. The Eagles were better than they were last week in not finding themselves in 3rd and 7+. Last week they had 8 third down and 7+. This week, they had 3 of their 8 third down attempts in 3rd and 7+. Nevertheless, they only converted on one of those three and it came on a roughing the passer penalty. While that is a slight improvement, it is still not good that the Eagles have had 107 third down attempts on the year and they have been in third and 7+ in 52 of them. That is just under half of their third downs have been third and long. It is pretty obvious the Eagles offense has struggled the last two weeks and a major reason can be pointed at their inability to be successful on third down. They are bottom half in the league in this category. This is a far cry from just a couple seasons ago when they were atop of the league. 4. Sweat getting fooled—I have loved what I have seen so far from Josh Sweat. This isn’t an indictment on his season as a whole. But man, he was awful today when DiNucci pulled the read option. In back-to-back drives, DiNucci got Sweat 2 times on the read option that allowed DiNucci to pick up some yards. I have to go back and watch the all 22, but I believe Sweat was burned on this 4 times in this game. Teams will see this on tape with Sweat and look to exploit him. He has to be disciplined and read the play. You cannot just go crashing down and look to tackle Zeke. This was a problem some other Eagles had last week when Jones busted off a 80+ yard run and the week previously when Jackson rushed for a 37-yard touchdown. The Ugly: 1. Wentz was atrocious—There really isn’t any other way to put this, I thought this was Wentz’s worse game since the Cincinnati game back in week 3. In the first half alone he had 3 turnovers (2 fumbles and 1 interception). He finished the game with 4 turnovers over all. On the season, he leads the league with 12 interceptions. He has league high 16 turnovers. He has had 2 or more turnovers in 5 of his 8 starts. His first turnover in this game is just not acceptable. He rolled out and had time to just throw the ball away. He sat and waited and then began to wind up when he was hit and fumbled the ball away. If no one is getting open and you have rolled out then you have to have a clock in your head to just get rid of the ball and fire it away. You cannot afford to take the sack and you definitely cannot afford to be careless with the football. He was fortunate enough Graham saved him a few plays later. On the second fumble, I think that was more on Pryor missing his assignment. I cannot imagine the Eagles play called for him to help out Kelce and allow 2 defenders to just run through where he originally lined up. Even so when you watch it from the end zone view, Wentz had time to see where the blitzer was coming from and he has to see he has two wide open receivers straight in front of him that would’ve picked up the first down and continued the drive. So even you gave him a pass for Pryor, he had two horrible throws; one to Reagor and one to Hightower. One the first one to Reagor, the ball was overthrown to Reagor and into double coverage. That is something he has to see and notice. Give credit to the Cowboys defender as he did a good job of pulling the ball in and getting his knee down before it eventually hit out of bounds. That is on Wentz. Reagor was nowhere close to where that throw went. His second interception was also Wentz’s fault. He just put way too much air in it. Now Hightower definitely seemed to have issues tracking that ball, but even if he did track it properly it felt like that ball was overthrown and the only player who could make a decent play on the ball was wearing a Cowboys uniform. Entering this game you had to feel good about how the Eagles finished the game against the Giants and were building some good offensive mojo. When you add talent like Reagor and Goedert you have to feel even better about the Eagles ability to gash and light up this Dallas defense. To me there was no reason for Carson to be this awful against this Cowboys defense. He had the weapons we have been wanting all season. Maybe they need some time to gel, but that felt more like Carson trying to do too much and making boneheaded plays. This is happening with way too much frequency. It is either he is throwing a ball into double coverage, overthrowing his WRs, not recognizing where the blitz is coming from, holding the ball way too long, throwing across his body or just not taking what the defense is giving him. There are definitely moments and times this season where Wentz looks the part of a good QB then there is these stretches where he looks like he shouldn’t even be on the field. I thought after the Steelers game he was turning it around, but much of the Giants game and this game he just has looked awful. I am not sure how the Eagles fix it. Hopefully this is one of those seasons where we look back and say what the hell happened that year with Carson cause the rest of his career it doesn’t add up. However, I am growing more and more skeptical. The Eagles had weapons for him tonight and the oline for much of the night looked good and yet against one of the worst defenses in the league and league history he looked atrocious. 2. Doug needs to give up play calling— Wentz was atrocious. Doug Pederson wasn’t too far behind with his play calling and game plan. I cannot re-iterate this enough, THE EAGLES WERE FACING A HISTORICAL BAD DEFENSE. They had given up the 8th most points in NFL history over the first 7 weeks of the season. The Eagles offense could only managed to get 222 total yards, 18 first downs and just 15 points on offense. Heck the defense contributed 8 points, which is half as many as the offense. At some point in time when the Eagles offense is struggling this bad for most of this season then there needs to be a change. In 4 of the first 8 games, the Eagles offense has managed to scored 20 points or less (Niners defensive touchdown and tonight defensive touchdown and safety). In 6 of the 8 games, he Eagles offense managed to score less than 24 points in a game. Now obviously some of this is on Wentz, but I also put a lot of it on Doug. I do not think we are utilizing our players to the best of their abilities. I also think we move away from the run when it is working and then not get back to it until it is too late and we get out of our rhythm. I do not believe he is helping his quarterback either. Play calling seems very predictable. 3. Decisions, Decisions-- Also Doug’s decision making at times in this game and year have just been bizarre. Twice the Eagles had 4th and short from the Dallas 44 and went for it and failed. Ok the first time you want to be aggressive and you think you can create some mojo to get your offense going and Dallas defense had been atrocious all year. Add on it was 4th and 3 early in the second quarter up 7-3. Doug took way too long to get the play in and the Eagles got to the line with just around 3 seconds on the play clock. So it was a rushed played that ultimately ended up as a fumble as Carson missed two wide-open receivers. After that poor play call, I am still trying to figure out what Doug is thinking on his play call when going for it on 4th down and 1 from Dallas’ 44 at the end of the second quarter. Dallas had yet to be able to stop the Eagles running game. Doug dials up a pass with an inaccurate Carson. Why not run the ball with the guy who was over 6 yards per carry early in the game? This has been an issue at times for Doug since winning the SB. The Eagles were up 7-6. Frankly I would have punted because Dallas was playing with a 7th round rookie that hadn’t yet shown he was capable of consistently sustaining drives. You pin them deep and force the Cowboys to drive the length of the field to get points with practically no time remaining. Additionally, you would’ve went into halftime with a 7-6 lead and no chance for the Cowboys to get any points before the end of the half. The Cowboys get excellent field position and were able to add on a field goal and gain some momentum heading into the half. I get there is a time to be aggressive and you think well Dallas’ defense isn’t very good so we should pick this up. However, your offense isn’t very good. You didn’t get the 4th and short earlier in the quarter and Carson was struggling mightily in this game. These are the type of things that continuously keep happening this year. Are we still trying to overcorrect for the Bengals game? I am sorry but they’re too many. We are in year 5 of Doug, the offense for basically 4 out of the last 5 years has been underwhelming for large stretches of time. At some point in time we must look at Doug and say maybe he needs to give up play calling to someone else cause clearly his play calling isn’t getting it done on a regular basis. 3. Press Taylor—We are going into the bye week and Carson is playing the worst football of his 5-year career this year. I would argue this is far worst than his rookie season because at least as a rookie we can say there is a learning curve and he is going to get better from the mistakes he is making. Now he is a veteran and continuously making bad mistake after bad mistake. Why do I bring up Press Taylor? Because he has been the QB coach for 3 years as the QB and it feels like under him Carson has regressed. I have said this in the past, but it feels like Wentz’s mechanics from week to week are not where they need to be. When he was at his best in 2017, he might have a bad week with his mechanics but you knew the next week that his mechanics were going to be on point cause Defilippo would harp on him for the week about it. Additionally, it feels like Carson is routinely just making poor decisions. I do not know what is going on behind closed doors, but clearly it isn’t getting through to Carson so maybe we need a new person delivering the message. I am not going to blame Press for everything that is going wrong with Carson, but I do think we need a new voice and not someone who is your buddy. 4. Hightower struggles— Over the past couple of weeks I thought we had seen some nice progression out of Hightower. He was tracking the ball down the field and making some big plays at some big moments in the game. However against the Cowboys it was a disaster every time the Eagles looked his way. He looked like the game was too big for him and he reminded me of Agholor on the deep ball. On the first deep ball down the sideline, it appeared like he just slowed down instead of running through. It felt like if he didn’t slow down that he likely would’ve gotten the PI. Another player was nearly picked off because instead of going abck toward the ball, he waited and then tried to jump back towards the ball. It wasn’t a good throw by Wentz but jumping back toward the ball at the last second isn’t going back to get the ball. On the interception thrown over him, I think if that ball was thrown on target he was going to have big issues tracking it and pulling it in. He looked completely lost when trying to track it. He just looked soft out there tonight. Frankly, I much rather try some of those deep shots to Reagor now that he is healthy. As much as I like Hightower going forward and think these snaps will ultimately help him, I don’t think he is ready for the amount of snaps we are asking him to do. 5. Big play offense—I really thought this was going to be a game of big plays for the Eagles. I thought we would see a couple bombs to Reagor, which could open up some big plays in the middle of the field to Goedert. Fulgham would likely contribute with his usual big play. However, at the end of the night, Fulgham had a 32-yard reception, but then the Eagles didn’t have another play of over 20 yards. The Eagles tried but Wentz’s inaccuracy and guys just didn’t make some of the plays when the throw was there. This hurts because Diggs has been one of the worst corners in the league in terms of giving up the big play. I thought this would be a game we go into the bye feeling good about ourselves and starting to get even more big plays incorporated into the offense. Sadly I feel worse now than I did after the Ravens and Steelers game. 6. One of the worst games I have seen—I have watched a lot of football games in my life and that one was more aggravating and irritating then any I can remember. I watched a ton of football today. Yes there were some not so great games, but this one was BY FAR THE WORST. It felt like two top 10 drafting teams playing against each other. Frankly I expected Dallas to not look good on offense with a 7th round rookie QB at the helm. I expected their defense to get shredded by the Eagles offense as they returned Peters, Reagor and Goedert. Instead I feel like I saw a pop warner football game that happened to end in our favor. 7. Maddox effort on Zeke’s run—There is nothing that irritates me more then when a guy has a chance to make a play and just do to lack of effort doesn’t make a play. The Cowboys down just 15-9 had a 3rd and 1 form their own 34. Zeke runs the ball to the left and is getting close to the sideline. Riley is chasing him. Maddox is running to the ball carrier. Zeke is going to be stopped behind the first down market if Maddox continues to run and go for the tackle. Instead Maddox proceeds to slow down and Zeke is able to get just enough for the first down. Maddox is lucky that drive ended in a Dallas fumble. If DiNucci isn’t stripped by Edwards and Dallas scores a touchdown on that drive then that is a pivotal play in the game. If he goes all out and makes that tackle then Dallas has a decision on 4th down to go for it on their own side of the field with 10 minutes left or punt. I am guessing the punt. Nothing irritates me more than seeing players just half ass it on a play. This happened last week with NRC on the Jones run. I can take 8. Slay and Malik leave game—It always feels like when we get a couple guys back then the very next game we lose 2-3 guys. This game was no different. We get back Reagor, Peters, Malik and Goedert. Then we lose Malik to reinjuring his quad and we lose Slay to an ankle. I am not sure how long either are going to be out, but hoping the bye week is long enough to get both of them on the field for the Giants. 9. Trade Deadline—I would look to trade some of the guys on this roster that I could. I would look to see what I could get for NRC. I think there is likely a team out there that would give you something for him. I do not think he is having the best year, but I know teams are desperate around the league for corners and slot corners. I do not think you’d get anything more than a 5th, but I would take that 5th for him. I think LeBlanc after the bye can be your starting slot corner. Before DeSean got hurt I thought he was an interesting name. I could see a team like the Saints who need a deep threat to go along with Sanders and Thomas would have been interesting. I thought he was a moveable piece to a contender that though he was the missing piece to get them over the top this year and go all in. With him injured it wont happen. I am curious to see if the Eagles would move Curry. I like Vinny Curry. He is a very productive player in his role here. However, I think there is a contender that believes they need another rotational DE and if they are willing to give me a player or pick that helps me long term then I think the Eagles should consider it. I think he will have better value than people think. As for Howie acquiring, I just don’t see it. Williamson was traded to the Steelers tonight. He was about the only linebacker I saw on the market that was reasonable that would upgrade from what you have. The rest I think youd be overpaying and not getting what you paid for. At corner, I think the price is going to be way too high. If the Eagles were able to move NRC and bring in another outside corner then they could move Maddox back into his natural role in the slot. That said, I don’t see them adding a corner. After that what are you looking to add? A running back? I think Running back it isn’t worth giving up a draft pick. I rather see what I have in Holyfield or pick up Bo Scarbough who was released by the Lions. Neither are exciting, but I don’t see the Eagles giving up a draft pick when they have Sanders coming back even if they need a better backup. I would say offensive line, but if the Eagles manage to get Lane and Seumalo back after the bye then the Eagles offensive line is massively upgraded. You could have Peters move back to guard or have Peters or Mailata as your swing tackle. The oline I think will get better just getting guys back. So really it is LB and CB. I do not think the market prices are going to allow for the Eagles to do so.
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    Meet my new Grandson Isaiah Lee greend
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    This is worth it just to avoid the 6 sacks he hits us with every season.
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    Update. Today's chest xray looked good. Breathing has become less stressful. On room air im up to 88% pulse ox. Dr says when get to 95% , I can go home. So hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. My wife was able to see me as she is a nurse in the system. I haven't seen my kids in almost a week, which sucks. The bear hug pressure isn't as bad today, so all signs looking good. I will say though, that seeing 2 people in room around me get carted down to the morgue from this crap has really put some fear in me... for my wife... my kids... family..etc... you just never know whos going to get it or how bad its going to be. Be smart everyone.
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    Y’all heard about that virus going around in China? Man I hope that ish don’t come here!
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    Answer: anyone who attends a Hanson concert What do I win?
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    Before I get into game day. I do this every year. This is a final call for the following. FDNY A Joseph Agnello, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Brian Ahearn, Lieutenant, Engine 230 Eric Allen, Firefighter, Squad 18 Richard Allen, Firefighter, Ladder 15 James Amato, Captain*, Squad 1 Calixto Anaya, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 4 Joseph Angelini, Sr., Firefighter, Rescue 1 Joseph Angelini, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 4 Faustino Apostol, Jr., Firefighter, Batallion 2 David Arce, Firefighter, Engine 33 Louis Arena, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Carl Asaro, Firefighter, Batallion 9 Gregg Atlas, Lieutenant, Engine 10 Gerald Atwood, Firefighter, Ladder 21 B Gerard Baptiste, Firefighter, Ladder 9 Gerald Barbara, Assistant Chief, Citywide Tour Commander Matthew Barnes, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Arthur Barry, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Steven Bates, Lieutenant, Engine 235 Carl Bedigian, Lieutenant, Engine 214 Stephen Belson, Firefighter, Ladder 24 John Bergin, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Paul Beyer, Firefighter, Engine 6 Peter Bielfield, Firefighter, Ladder 42 Brian Bilcher, Firefighter, Squad 1 Carl Bini, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Christopher Blackwell, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Michael Bocchino, Firefighter, Batallion 48 Frank Bonomo, Firefighter, Engine 230 Gary Box, Firefighter, Squad 1 Michael Boyle, Firefighter, Engine 33 Kevin Bracken, Firefighter, Engine 40 Michael Brennan, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Peter Brennan, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Daniel Brethel, Captain, Ladder 24 Patrick Brown, Captain, Ladder 3 Andrew Brunn, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Vincent Brunton, Captain, Ladder 105 Ronald Bucca, Fire Marshal Greg Buck, Firefighter, Engine 201 William Burke, Jr., Captain, Engine 21 Donald Burns, Assistant Chief, Citywide Tour Commander John Burnside, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Thomas Butler, Firefighter, Squad 1 Patrick Byrne, Firefighter, Ladder 101 C George Cain, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Salavatore Calabro, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Frank Callahan, Captain, Ladder 35 Michael Cammarata, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Brian Cannizzaro, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Dennis Carey, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Company 1 Michael Carlo, Firefighter, Engine 230 Michael Carroll, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Peter Carroll, Firefighter, Squad 1 Thomas Casoria, Firefighter, Engine 22 Michael Cawley, Firefighter, Ladder 136 Vernon Cherry, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Nicholas Chiofalo, Firefighter, Engine 235 John Chipura, Firefighter, Engine 219 Michael Clarke, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Steven Coakley, Firefighter, Engine 217 Tarel Coleman, Firefighter, Squad 252 John Collins, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Robert Cordice, Firefighter, Squad 1 Ruben Correa, Firefighter, Engine 74 James J. Corrigan, Captain, Retired - Engine 320 James Coyle, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Robert Crawford, Firefighter, Safety Battalion 1 John Crisci, Lieutenant, Haz-Mat Company 1 Dennis Cross, Deputy Chief , Batallion 57 Thomas Cullen III, Firefighter, Squad 41 Robert Curatolo, Firefighter, Ladder 16 D Edward D'Atri, Lieutenant, Squad 1 Michael D'Auria, Firefighter, Engine 40 Scott Davidson, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Edward Day, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Thomas DeAngelis (1), Batallion Chief, Batallion 8 Manuel Delvalle, Firefighter, Engine 5 Martin Demeo, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 David Derubbio, Firefighter, Engine 226 Andrew Desperito, Lieutenant, Engine 1 Dennis Devlin, Batallion Chief, Batallion 9 Gerard Dewan, Firefighter, Ladder 3 George Dipasquale, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Kevin Donnelly, Lieutenant, Engine 1 Kevin Dowdell, Lieutenant, Rescue 4 Raymond Downey, Deputy Chief, Special Operations Command Gerard Duffy, Firefighter, Ladder 21 E Martin Egan, Jr., Captain, Division 15 Michael Elferis, Firefighter, Engine 22 Francis Esposito, Firefighter, Engine 235 Michael Esposito, Lieutenant*, Squad 1 Robert Evans, Firefighter, Engine 33 F John Fanning, Battalion Chief, Haz-Mat Operations Thomas Farino, Captain, Engine 26 Terrence Farrell, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Joseph Farrelly, Captain*, Division 1 William Feehan, Deputy Commissioner Lee Fehling, Firefighter, Engine 235 Alan Feinberg, Firefighter, Battalion 9 Michael Fiore, Firefighter, Rescue 5 John Fischer, Captain - Formerly Lieutenant, Ladder 20 Andre Fletcher, Fire Marshal (was Firefighter), Rescue 5 John Florio, Firefighter, Engine 214 Michael Fodor, Lieutenant, Squad 1 Thomas Foley, Firefighter, Rescue 3 David Fontana, Firefighter*, Squad 1 Robert Foti, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Andrew Fredericks, Firefighter*, Squad 18 Peter Freund, Lieutenant, Engine 55 G Thomas Gambino, Jr., Firefighter, Rescue 3 Peter C. Ganci, Jr., Chief Charles Garbarini, Lieutenant, Battalion 9 Thomas Gardner, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 Matthew Garvey, Firefighter, Squad 1 Bruce Gary, Firefighter, Engine 40 Gary Geidel, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Edward Geraghty, Battalion Chief, Battalion 9 Denis Germain, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Vincent Giammona, Lieutenant*, Ladder 5 James Giberson, Firefighter, Ladder 35 Ronnie Gies, Firefighter*, Squad 288 Paul Gill, Firefighter, Engine 54 John Ginley, Lieutenant, Engine 40 Jeffrey Giordano, Firefighter, Ladder 3 John Giordano (1), Firefighter, Engine 37 Keith Glascoe, Firefighter, Ladder 21 James Gray, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Joseph Grzelak, Battalion Chief, Battalion 48 Jose Guadalupe, Firefighter, Engine 54 Geoffrey Guja, Lieutenant, Battalion 43 Joseph Gullickson, Lieutenant, Ladder 101 H David Halderman, Firefighter*, Squad 18 Vincent Halloran, Lieutenant, Ladder 8 Robert Hamilton, Firefighter, Squad 41 Sean Hanley, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Thomas Hannafin, Firefighter*, Ladder 5 Dana Hannon, Firefighter, Engine 26 Daniel Harlin, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Harvey Harrell, Lieutenant, Rescue 5 Stephen Harrell, Lieutenant, Battalion 7 Timothy Haskell, Firefighter, Squad 18 Thomas J. Haskell, Jr., Battalion Chief, Division 15 Terence Hatton, Captain*, Rescue 1 Michael Haub, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Philip T. Hayes, Firefighter, Retired - Engine 217 Michael Healey, Lieutenant, Squad 41 John Heffernan, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Ronnie Henderson, Firefighter, Engine 279 Joseph Henry, Firefighter, Ladder 21 William Henry, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Thomas Hetzel, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Brian Hickey, Captain*, Rescue 4 Timothy Higgins, Lieutenant, Special Operations Jonathon Hohmann, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 Thomas Holohan, Firefighter, Engine 6 Joseph Hunter, Firefighter, Squad 288 Walter Hynes, Captain, Ladder 13 I Jonathan Ielpi, Firefighter, Squad 288 Frederick Ill, Jr., Captain, Ladder 2 J William Johnston, Firefighter, Engine 6 Andrew Jordan, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Karl Joseph, Firefighter, Engine 207 Anthony Jovic, Lieutenant, Battalion 47 Angel Juarbe, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 12 Mychal Judge, Chaplain K Vincent Kane, Firefighter*, Engine 22 Charles Kasper *, Battalion Chief, SOC Battalion Paul Keating, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Richard Kelly, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 11 Thomas Kelly, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Thomas Kelly, Firefighter*, Ladder 105 Thomas Kennedy, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Ronald Kerwin, Lieutenant, Squad 288 Michael Kiefer, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Robert King, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 33 Scott Kopytko, Firefighter, Ladder 15 William Krukowski, Firefighter, Ladder 21 Kenneth Kumpel, Firefighter*, Ladder 25 Thomas Kuveikis, Firefighter, Squad 252 L David LaForge, Firefighter, Ladder 20 William Lake, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Robert Lane, Firefighter, Engine 55 Peter Langone, Firefighter, Squad 252 Scott Larsen, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Joseph Leavey, Lieutenant, Ladder 15 Neil Leavy, Firefighter, Engine 217 Daniel Libretti, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Carlos Lillo, Paramedic, Battalion 49 Robert Linnane, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Michael Lynch, Firefighter, Engine 40 Michael Lynch, Firefighter*, Ladder 4 Michael Lyons, Firefighter, Squad 41 Patrick Lyons, Firefighter*, Squad 252 M Joseph Maffeo, Firefighter, Ladder 101 William Mahoney, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Joseph Maloney, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Joseph Marchbanks, Jr.,* Battalion Chief, Battalion 57 Charles Margiotta, Lieutenant, Battalion 22 Kenneth Marino, Firefighter, Rescue 1 John Marshall, Firefighter, Ladder 27 Peter C. Martin, Lieutenant, Rescue 2 Paul Martini, Lieutenant, Engine 201 Joseph Mascali, Firefighter, Rescue 5/Tactical Support 2 Keithroy Maynard, Firefighter, Engine 33 Brian McAleese, Firefighter, Engine 226 John McAvoy, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Thomas McCann, Firefighter, Battalion 8 William McGinn, Lieutenant*, Squad 18 William McGovern, Battalion Chief, Battalion 2 Dennis McHugh, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Robert McMahon, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Robert McPadden, Firefighter, Engine 23 Terence McShane, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Timothy McSweeney, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Martin McWilliams, Firefighter, Engine 22 Raymond Meisenheimer, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Charles Mendez, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Steve Mercado, Firefighter, Engine 40 Douglas Miller, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Henry Miller, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 105 Robert Minara, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Thomas Mingione, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Paul Mitchell, Lieutenant, Battalion 1 Louis Modafferi, Battalion Chief (was Captain), Rescue 5 Dennis Mojica, Lieutenant, Rescue 1 Manuel Mojica, Firefighter, Squad 18 Carl Molinaro, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Michael Montesi, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Thomas Moody, Captain, Division 1 John Moran, Battalion Chief, Battalion 49 Vincent Morello, Firefighter, Ladder 35 Christopher Mozzillo, Firefighter, Engine 55 Richard Muldowney, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 7 Michael Mullan, Firefighter, Ladder 12 Dennis Mulligan, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Raymond Murphy, Lieutenant, Ladder 16 N Robert Nagel, Lieutenant, Engine 58 John Napolitano, Firefighter*, Rescue 2 Peter Nelson, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Gerard Nevins, Firefighter, Rescue 1 O Dennis O'Berg, Firefighter, Ladder 105 Daniel O'Callaghan, Lieutenant, Ladder 4 Douglas Oelschlager, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Joseph Ogren, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Thomas O'Hagan, Lieutenant, Battalion 4 Samuel Oitice, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Patrick O'Keefe (1), Firefighter, Rescue 1 William O'Keefe, Captain, Division 15 Eric Olsen, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Jeffrey Olsen, Firefighter, Engine 10 Steven Olson, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Kevin O'Rourke, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Michael Otten, Firefighter, Ladder 35 P Jeffrey Palazzo, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Frank Palombo, Firefighter, Ladder 105 Orio Palmer, Battalion Chief, Battalion 7 Paul Pansini, Firefighter*, Engine 10 John Paolillo*, Battalion Chief, Battalion 11 James Pappageorge, Firefighter, Engine 23 Robert Parro, Firefighter, Engine 8 Durrell Pearsall, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Glenn Perry, Lieutenant, Ladder 25 Philip Petti, Lieutenant, Battalion 7 Kevin Pfeifer, Lieutenant, Engine 33 Kenneth Phelan, Lieutenant, Engine 217 Christopher Pickford, Firefighter, Engine 201 Shawn Powell, Firefighter, Engine 207 Vincent Princiotta, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Kevin Prior, Firefighter, Squad 252 Richard Prunty, Battalion Chief, Battalion 2 Q Lincoln Quappe, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Michael Quilty, Lieutenant, Ladder 11 Ricardo Quinn, Paramedic, Battalion 57 R Leonard Ragaglia, Firefighter, Engine 54 Michael Ragusa, Firefighter, Engine 250 Edward Rall, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Adam Rand, Firefighter, Squad 288 Donald Regan, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Robert Regan, Lieutenant, Ladder 118 Christian Regenhard, Firefighter, Ladder 131 Kevin Reilly, Firefighter, Engine 207 Vernon Richard, Captain, Ladder 7 James Riches, Firefighter, Engine 4 Joseph Rivelli, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 25 Michael Roberts, Firefighter, Engine 214 Michael Roberts, Firefighter, Ladder 35 Anthony Rodriguez, Firefighter, Engine 279 Matthew Rogan, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Nicholas Rossomando, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Paul Ruback, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Stephen Russell, Firefighter, Engine 55 Michael Russo, Lieutenant, Special Operations Matthew Ryan, Battalion Chief, Battalion 1 S Thomas Sabella, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Christopher Santora, Firefighter, Engine 54 John Santore, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Gregory Saucedo, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Dennis Scauso, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 John Schardt, Firefighter, Engine 201 Fred Scheffold, Battalion Chief, Battalion 12 Thomas Schoales, Firefighter, Engine 4 Gerard Schrang, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Gregory Sikorsky, Firefighter, Squad 41 Stephen Siller, Firefighter, Squad 1 Stanley Smagala, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 226 Kevin Smith, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 Leon Smith, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 118 Robert Spear, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 50 Joseph Spor, Firefighter, Ladder 38 Lawrence Stack, Battalion Chief, Battalion 50 Timothy Stackpole, Captain, Division 11 Gregory Stajk, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Jeffrey Stark, Firefighter, Engine 230 Benjamin Suarez, Firefighter, Ladder 21 Daniel Suhr, Firefighter, Engine 216 Christopher Sullivan, Lieutenant, Ladder 111 Brian Sweeney, Firefighter, Rescue 1 T Sean Tallon, Firefighter, Ladder 10 Allan Tarasiewicz, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Paul Tegtmeier, Firefighter, Engine 4 John Tierney, Firefighter, Ladder 9 John Tipping II, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Hector Tirado, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 23 V Richard VanHine, Firefighter, Squad 41 Peter Vega, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Lawrence Veling, Firefighter, Engine 235 John Vigiano II, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Sergio Villanueva, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Lawrence Virgilio, Firefighter, Squad 18 W Robert Wallace, Lieutenant, Engine 205 Jeffrey Walz, Firefighter*, Ladder 9 Michael Warchola, Lieutenant, Ladder 5 Patrick Waters (2), Captain, Special Operations Kenneth Watson, Firefighter, Engine 214 Michael Weinberg, Firefighter, Engine 1 David Weiss, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Timothy Welty, Firefighter, Squad 288 Eugene Whelan, Firefighter, Engine 230 Edward White, Firefighter, Engine 230 Mark Whitford, Firefighter, Engine 23 Glenn Wilkinson, Lieutenant, Engine 238 John Williamson, Battalion Chief, Battalion 6 David Wooley, Captain, Ladder 4 William X. Wren, Firefighter, Retired - Ladder 166 Y Raymond York, Firefighter, Engine 285 Port Athurity Police Supt. Ferdinand V. Morrone, 63 Chief James A. Romito, 51 Lt. Robert D. Cirri Insp. Anthony P. Infante, Jr., 47 Capt. Kathy Nancy Mazza, 46 Sgt. Robert M. Kaulfers, 49 Donald James McIntyre, 38 Walter Arthur McNeil, 53 Joseph Michael Navas, 44 James Nelson, 40 Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, 40 James Wendell Parham, 32 Dominick A. Pezzulo, 36 Antonio J. Rodrigues, 35 Richard Rodriguez, 31 Bruce Albert Reynolds, 41 Christopher C. Amoroso, 29 Maurice V. Barry, 48 Clinton Davis, Sr., 38 Donald A. Foreman, 53 Gregg J. Froehner, 46 Uhuru Gonga Houston, 32 George G. Howard, 44 Thomas E. Gorman Stephen Huczko, Jr., 44 Paul William Jurgens, 47 Liam Callahan, 44 Paul Laszczynski, 49 David Prudencio Lemagne, 27 John Joseph Lennon, Jr., 44 John Dennis Levi, 50 James Francis Lynch, 47 John P. Skala, 31 Walwyn W. Stuart, Jr., 28 Kenneth F. Tietjen, 31 Nathaniel Webb Michael T. Wholey Sirius, K-9 New York Police Department Sgt. Timothy A. Roy, Sr., 36 Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin, 43 Sgt. Rodney C. Gillis, 33 Sgt. Michael S. Curtin, 45 Det. Joseph V. Vigiano, 34 Det. Claude Daniel Richards, 46 Moira Ann Smith, 38 Ramon Suarez, 45 Paul Talty, 40 Santos Valentin, Jr., 39 Walter E. Weaver, 30 Ronald Philip Kloepfer, 39 Thomas M. Langone, 39 James Patrick Leahy, 38 Brian Grady McDonnell, 38 John William Perry, 38 – an actor on shows like NYPD Blue and One Life to Live who was filing his police force retirement papers on that morning[13] Glen Kerrin Pettit, 30 John D'Allara, 47 Vincent Danz, 38 Jerome M. P. Dominguez, 37 Stephen P. Driscoll, 38 Mark Joseph Ellis, 26 Robert Fazio, Jr., 41 Private EMS Workers Keith Fairben, 24, – a paramedic who worked for the New York Presbyterian Hospital Richard Pearlman, 18, – an EMT who worked for the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Mario Santoro, 28 – a paramedic who worked for the New York Presbyterian Medical Center Yamel Merino, 24 – a single mother of an eight year old son who worked as an EMT for Metrocare/Montefiore Medical Center for three years Mohammad Salman Hamdani, 23 – a Muslim-American man who worked as a part-time FDNY Certified EMT and also a member of the New York City Police Department Cadet Corps for three years Marc Sullins, 30 – an EMT who worked with Cabrini Medical Center Mark Schwartz, 50 – an EMT who worked for Hunter Ambulance Jeff Simpson, 38 – an EMT who worked for the Dumfries-Triangle Rescue Squad, and also an employee for Oracle Corporation There is no answer from any of those listed. These men and women gave every thing on September 11, 2001. They have responded to their final alarm. They have responded home to be with the lord. But thier job is not done, their job is to now to watch over your fellow emergency workers. They may be gone but they are never forgotten.
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    Putting aside one’s stance on the issue, we should all agree that it is egregious and dangerous that this was leaked. Draft opinions should remain private and debated among the justices. Not every case ends up in-line with the initial vote. This being public undermines the process.
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    The committee has come out with the seedings for each region of the 2022 EMB Racist bracket. Got some good matchups
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    This will end the war:
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    Regarding companies monitoring their employees emails and internet activity, this is 100 true… About 20 years ago I was called into my boss’ office, where he reprimanded me for looking at porn on my work computer. He said it was an official warning that would go into my permanent file and I would be fired if it happened again. Dumbstruck I asked him what it was I allegedly looked at. He said the IT department flagged me for looking at "squirrel porn.” He asked me "why the hell would you look at that stuff?” I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked to speak with the IT department. The head of IT was an older woman. She wanted no part of this conversation and was clearly uncomfortable, but I asked her to show us what it was I was looking at. She took us back to the IT department and pulled up a page on an Eagles message board. Someone’s avatar was a picture of a squirrel standing up with his balls on full display. The image was called "squirrelporn.jpeg.” They said they would put in my permanent file that I was cleared of wrong doing. After a few minutes of me explaining how ridiculous it is that it would even be in my file they agreed to delete it, but that I couldn’t visit the message board at work anymore. On my last day there a bunch of people bought me stuffed animal squirrels.
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    Love the pick!!! He has a great motor, good ball skills and tons of mental toughness. Actually I have no idea who that is.
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    There's good news, and there's semi-expected news. The good news is, donations to the GoFundMe were high enough that we have the resources to upgrade to a more robust hosting package, even a fairly expensive one. The semi-expected news is, that this was semi-expected. This is exactly why I wanted to be 'live' for the draft, to see if we'd be crushed or just what would happen. As soon as I saw the CPU usage spike (the image that I posted in one of the threads), I got right on the phone to GoDaddy lol. They have a few business plans that I can upgrade to. The most expensive of which, is about $2,000 per year. I still need some clarification from them as to the resources that we get with that package, but it sounded like it would be more than enough. The upgrade that we opt for, probably won't be in place for 24 to 48 hours after I commit, so we likely won't see the benefits of it during the draft. But we'll get it worked out.
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    Been re-watching some games from this past season - just offense at the moment - and I wanted to chime in on the RPO comments that several posters have made. Without doing an exact charting, which would still involve some guesswork, I have come to the conclusion that Wentz is terrible at RPOs and many of his INTs come on them. As far as I can tell, he hates to make two reads on a play. On the first, whether to give it to the RB or keep, he seems to be reading the DL or LB on the LOS rather than the S or LB or CB the RPO is designed to attack. When he pulls the ball and looks to the receiver, he seems unable to make the quick read and release the ball on time. Why? Because the coverage is his second read. So, he holds it and the RPO is out the window. Since the play is designed to be a 2-second or less read and release, the rest of the offense is basically running for show rather than effect. Then, since he has not gone through a regular set of reads (because it is an RPO), he has to pick up a secondary or tertiary receiver who may or may not be running a tight pattern. Put another way, mentally he's running an RPO the same way he would run a regular read-option. Posters have complained here, quite rightly, about the lack of mesh concept patterns. Since RPOs are almost a direct antithesis of the mesh concepts, we hardly ran them. By antithesis I mean that the mesh concept involves crossing routes and legal picks, patterns that involve receivers working in close proximity to each other before spreading out whereas the RPO involves a receiver running to an open area where only one guy is in coverage and that's the guy the RPO is designed to attack. Since Wentz is a tick behind on his reads, his ball always comes out late and DBs have that extra time to close on the receiver or jump the route. In 2017 we hardly ran any RPOs. Doug put them in late, when Foles came in. Even then, it took some time for Foles to get a full grip on them. And, since Doug won a SB with the RPO, he fell in love with it, to Wentz's detriment. Remember when he had the three-depths pattern - short, medium, and long on the same side? That's a great concept for Wentz because he has the big arm to make the throw into a tight window and the read is simple, since all three receivers are in his line of sight. We can criticize Wentz for poor play, justifiably, but I think we can and should also criticize Doug for play design. I have reached the conclusion that the fault lies more with Doug than with Wentz. In our common parlance, he was not coaching to the strengths of his players. I believe a lot of those plays that Wentz killed were called RPOs, and he hated them. I hope this makes some sense.
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    First off, you can't like the Giants AND the Eagles. It's against the law. Second, I'm fine with a new GM deciding on Doug. He's not without his warts, but I'd be ok with him not working under Howie. Third, Howie needs to be kicked to the curb with extreme prejudice. Fourth, I'm fine with a new GM deciding on Wentz as well. Fifth, you can't like the Giants AND the Eagles. It's against the law.
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    The Good: 1. Sanders and Scott… the running game—While they’re very very very few good things to come out of this game, the Eagles running game was the lone bright spot. Even Corey Clement got into the act as he was able to run for a 5 yard touchdown. On the afternoon, the Eagles rushed for 156 yards and 23 carries for a 6.8 yards per carry. The Eagles trio of RBs combined for 153 of the 156 rushing yards. It was nice to see Sanders back out there after missing the past couple of games. He looked spry and like his old self. He was finding holes and hitting them with burst. He also made some thing out of nothing a couple of times as well. On the day, he had 85 rushing yards on just 15 carries for 5.7 yards per carry. Additionally, he saved Hurts and Doug by picking up a botch snap by Hurts and gaining some positive yardage off of it. Scott had a huge 56 yard touchdown run to get the Eagles to within 3 after the two-point conversion. I am surprised the Eagles got the touchdown. It looked like his heel touched the out of bounds line. Nevertheless, Scott finished with 63 yards on 3 carries and a touchdown. Frankly I think the Eagles should have relied even more on him and Boston Scott. They were running the ball effectively and efficiently until the end of the game where the Eagles kept trying to bounce it to the outside, which had been stuffed late in the game. With Carson and the passing game struggling, the Eagles should’ve have continued to lean on the running game. This has become a problem that Doug refuses to realize his passing game is not very good and his running game should be the thing he relies on more heavily. Furthermore, once Sanders appears to be going and the running game is taking off, Doug simply just goes away from it and becomes pass happy. I think Baker Mayfield is a bad QB, but the Browns have at least figured out that they can win games with their talented backfield in spite of his lackluster passing game. 2. Run blocking—I actually thought this was the best game run blocking game that the offensive line had in quite some time. It has been awhile since the Eagles have had some of the holes they were creating. Scott had a sizeable hole on his long touchdown run. On many of the runs by Sanders early in the game, he was getting some holes that really haven’t been many over the past couple of weeks. On the Clement touchdown, Pryor was able to get a massive block to help Clement run into the end zone with relative ease. I am guessing the Eagles are going to get Seumalo back in the next two weeks and Herbig as well. I actually think the Eagles running attack might be able to get better and better as the season continues as long as Sanders stays healthy and Doug is willing to admit his team is better off in the hands of his running back then in the arm of his QBs. 3. No turnovers on offense—Give the Eagles credit, they might have looked like complete crap on offense, but they didn’t turn the ball over even when there were multiple botched or bad snaps. Really don’t remember Wentz throwing a pass where I believe the Giants had a good chance at picking it off. In a game that didn’t have a lot of positives, at least the Eagles didn’t turn the ball over. So baby steps for the offense. 4. Red zone offense—The Eagles were not able to actually make it into the red zone more than one time on the afternoon. That is a major problem. At least when they did find their way into the red zone in the third quarter, they were able to capitalize with a Corey Clement 5 yard touchdown run. 5. Rodgers more productive then Goedert and Ertz—Rodgers on the afternoon hauled in 4 catches fro 60 yards. He has been more productive than both Goedert and Ertz this season. On the season, Rodgers has 19 receptions for 244 yards. Meanwhile, Ertz has 24 receptions for 178 yards and Goedert has 18 receptions for 186 yards. That is not good. On the fence: 1. Reagor usage and performance— While Reagor didn’t have a bad game, I have been pretty underwhelmed by how the Eagles have utilized him in the offense and his lack of overall production when he has been out on the field. I think Reagor is talented enough to be a good starting WR in this league. I think he has the speed and athleticism to create mismatches for opposing team. However, I feel Doug and this offensive coaching staff has no clue how to utilize their young receiver. The last two years, I watch the Niners figure out creative ways to get the ball into the hands of Deebo Samuel and Aiyuk. It is not the simplistic run this route. They are using them in a variety of ways. Having them come across the field in motion and getting them on a sweep or a shovel pass to utilize their speed and athletic ability. They use crossers over the middle of the field or deep shots or curl routes. They aren’t limiting their players to just a certain dimensions of the offense. They are building the offense to their strengths and maximizing them to their fullest. Here it feels very vanilla and bland type of play calls. On the day, Reagor had 4 receptions for 47 yards and no rushes. In fact he has 1 rush all season in his four games and really it was because Wentz threw behind him so it counted as a rush. On the season, the Eagles first round pick has hauled in 12 receptions for 159 yards and a touchdown. Injuries have halted some of that but so has poor creativity and offensive coaching. 2. 3rd down defense—When you look at the overall numbers, the Eagles did a decent job of getting off the field on third. The Eagles were 5-for-14, which is 35.7 percent. However like the first game against the Giants, this stat feels like fools gold. Early in the game, the Eagles had a chance to get off the field on a 3rd and 8. Instead Jackson commits an encroachment penalty and then the Eagles proceeded to give Engram a 4 yard reception to pick up the first down and on the very next play Jones rushes in for a 34-yard touchdown. On the second drive of the game, the Eagles had an opportunity to get off the field on third down. Shepard picked up 3 when he needed just two and the drive resulted in another Giants touchdown. The Eagles had more than just those two opportunities on third down to do something and make a play and yet they didn’t. I give the Eagles credit because after the 1st two drives they held the Giants to just 3-for-11 (27.3%), but they seemingly just cannot get off the field when they need to at times particularly in the red zone. The Bad: 1. Carson looks bad and like a game manager— I do not think this was Wentz’s worse game of the season. He actually didn’t commit a turnover, which is a rarity this season for the Eagles and himself. Actually the first time he hasn’t turned it over all season. However, he just didn’t look like the best player on the field all game even though he is being paid to be the best player on the field. He had some guys open where he just sailed the ball on them. Goedert early in the game and late in the game, he just missed him high. He had a ball that was behind Fulgham. Heck even the PI called on the Ward pass was debatable because the refs were not sure Ward had a chance at catching it with how overthrown the pass was even with Ward being mugged. Additionally, he looked off some of his receivers who were open. He isn’t seeing the field well whatsoever. Add He completed only 57% of his passes; even with the drops it was going to be in the low 60%. Heck he only completed one pass over 22 yards.To Wentz’s credit, I thought most of the day he was smart about when to get rid of the ball and he wasn’t making awful decisions with the ball where turnovers could occur. I think the bigger disappointment on the day is that Wentz was thoroughly outplayed by Jones. Jones gave his WRs chances to make plays and even beat the Eagles routinely with his legs. Jones’ pass to Slayton, which all but sealed the Giants victory was a dime. Heck Jones had back-to-back passes to Shepard and Tate on the touchdown drive after the eagles cut the lead to 4 where he gave his WRs chances to make big time plays. It never felt like Wentz gave his WRs chances to make big time plays. It felt like he played this game very conservatively. I am not sure what to think with Wentz. This game he was much better than he was against Dallas, which really isn’t a great barometer. He was downright god awful in that game. This game, he felt like a marginal QB. I have watched a lot of football over the years, this felt like I was watching an average to below average quarterback playing not to make a critical mistake and not really being the guy the Eagles are paying him to be. I hate saying it, but he looked like a game manager trying not to lose the game and not a star quarterback this team needs to win this game. I do not know how many more games your offense can managed to score 15 and 17 points and not make some sort of change, but it is about to get really ugly especially if the Eagles cannot figure out ways to score against Seattle’s awful defense in two weeks. Wentz is locked in due to his contract for at least the next 2 seasons, but there has to get to a point if he keeps looking like he has for much of the season about finding out if Hurts is a starting caliber QB. I do not think that time has come yet, but I also do not think it is too far off if we get to after the Saints game and this offense is still only managing 16 points like it has the last two games. 2. Slay the playmaker?—For much of the year Slay has been a bright spot for the Eagles secondary. He is asked to cover the best WR on the other team and he really has done an excellent job when he has been out there most of the year. Against Slayton today, he had some issues. Slayton was able haul in 5 of his 7 targets for 93 yards. He was able to make a critical 40-yard reception late in the game that pretty much sealed the Eagles fate. Nevertheless, it just feels like we needed someone to make a big time play and we have yet to get that big time play by Slay. On the season, Slay has 0 interceptions. This isn’t his entirely his fault, teams are attacking NRC and Maddox along with our other corners because they know they aren’t very good. But I feel like for the most part Slay has been good but not the playmaker or interception total the Eagles were hoping to get at corner simply as he has left some games early and our other secondary players are average or not very good. 3. Oline solid in the run blocking and bad pass pro—I actually thought the offensive line was solid at run blocking until late in the game, but not very good against the rush. The Eagles particularly in between the tackles were doing an excellent job to create holes for Sanders. Additionally, they were being the attacker early on in the game and pushing Giants’ defenders off the line. On the other hand, the Giants were able to sack Wentz 3 times and hit Wentz 13 times. While a good portion of the season, Wentz has put himself in harms way by holding onto the ball way too long, this game it didn’t feel like that. Yes there was a play or two, but really the Eagles offensive line was just not overly great at picking up the blitzer and allowing pressure to get to Carson. I do give Peters and Lane credit as they were able to make it through the entire game without leaving the field. That said, I would have played Mailata at tackle and moved Peters back to RG. I do not need to see Peters at LT anymore. Yes he wasn’t the major problem today for the Eagles offensive line, but this team isn’t exactly going place besides maybe a first round playoff exit. I would like to see Mailata developing more then peters who is not going to be here the next couple season. Then again, Lurie and the Eagles cant seem to just accept they need to move on from Peters and not pay him anymore. 4. Where’s freaking Fulgham?— I am absolutely baffled by how the Eagles managed to only look Fulgham’s way 5 times in this game. He has been the Eagles best offensive player since the 49ers game in week 4. Yet he has seen his targets over the last 3 weeks decline with every week that passes. Over the last 3 weeks, his targets have gone from 11 to 7 to 5. Perhaps the league has caught up with the Eagles and Fulgham or maybe it is the Eagles that aren’t giving their young WR enough targets and forcing a square peg into a round hole by throwing out Alshon onto the field or targeting Greg Ward and Dick Rod as many or more times then Fulgham. I do not think this is the league catching up to Fulgham as much as it is the Eagles seemingly just do not look to him enough. Even in the first Giants game, it took Doug and the offense 3 quarters to remember him. Against Dallas it felt like there were long stretches where the Eagles just do look to him. I love getting Reagor back, but it feels like the Eagles are trying to prove a point by force-feeding Reagor with some passes. That fourth down pass to Reagor is not the guy I want to go to with Bradberry on him. I want to find my big WR who is facing the less Giants corner. Heck I was perplexed that the Eagles used Clement for a red zone target and failed to look Fulgham’s way inside the red zone where his size and length would massively help the Eagles. At this point, it is criminal that we only have targeted Fulgham on average 6 times against Dallas and the Giants. He finished the afternoon with 1 catch for 8 yards. 5. Unimpressed with Goedert in past 2 games— I know fans were really high on Goedert and thought he would be the guy going forward as Ertz would be dealt away at the trade deadline or this offseason. I still think that is ultimately the case, however, I have been really underwhelmed and unimpressed by Goedert since returning from his injury and really outside the first game of the season; Do not get me wrong, Wentz hasn’t helped him. Also I think his week 8 performance was more the Eagles suited him up because of his blocking prowess and not his receiving in that game. In this game, he had two throws in which one was massively overthrown and the other was overthrown and nearly got Goedert hurt. That said, it feels like Goedert is always leaving the field or getting hurt. He left the field in the first quarter to go to the medical tent. This seemingly has been an issue with him that he has had nagging type of injuries and this year a major fracture. Since returning, he has hauled in 5 receptions for 48 yards. He has basically been as useful as Ertz when he was on the field. Heck Dick Rod has looked like the Eagles best TE this season. In fact he has hauled in more receptions and yards than Ertz and Goedert who are more talented players. I still believe Goedert is going to be a very good tight end in the NFL, but I do think it is a stretch where fans just assume he is going to be as good in the receiving aspect as Ertz or that he becomes as good as Celek in his prime. So far he has shown glimpses of being that good, but he has also had 4 games this season where he has failed to reach 35 receiving yards. I would like to see him get more involved in this passing game because I think he is a mismatch, but outside of that Washington game it doesn’t seem to be trending that way. 6. Kelce’s snaps—I love Kelce, but today was a really bad day for him in this aspect. There were about 5-6 snaps that were way too low or botched cause he didn’t get a good snap back to Hurts or Wentz. We were fortunate that none of them led to turnovers. Nevertheless, hard to be mad at Kelce as he has been one of the only players on the field every game this year and is still playing at a high level considering the musical chairs going on at both guard spots. The Ugly: 1. Doug the playcaller needs to go—I think Doug is a solid to good head coach in terms of getting his guys to play hard and responding to adversity, but his play calling leaves a lot to be desired. We are now in the 5th year under Doug and in 4 of the 5 years the offense has been stagnant, stale and uncreative for large portions of those 4 years. Really the year that is looking like the outlier is 2017. The Eagles are not going to fire Doug midseason nor do I think they fire him at all after winning a SB just 3 seasons ago. However, the only solution I see right now for the Eagles is for him to give up play calling duties. It simply isn’t working. This team has faced two bad defenses over the last 2 games and has barely managed to score 17 and 15 points. Additionally, the Eagles offense over the last 3 weeks against the Giants, Cowboys and Giants has averaged 18ppg. On the season, the Eagles offense has scored under 20 points in 5 of their 9 games (Niners and Cowboys got defensive touchdowns). It feels like this offense is very predictable and easy to defend. Even the Hurts trick plays have become stale and predictable. Like the I know what is coming. We keep Wentz on the field at WR and teams know he is useless out there so it is basically 10 vs. 11 and add on we refuse to let Hurts throw it more to keep teams honest. This offense just feels like a disaster waiting to happen. There is no flow or juice or rhythm. When I watch a lot of the good offenses around the league I see coaches using one play to set up the defense on another. There isn’t any of that going on with the Eagles. This game to me was far worse then any of the previous games as the Eagles have a ton of weapons back at their disposal and we managed to see the same dead offense we have most of the year. Heck even the Ravens and Steelers games are looking more like fools gold as the points came when the Eagles found themselves in deep holes and maybe those teams just took their foot off the peddle. At this point, you have to change something. Doug and the play calling has really been bleh all season and really a large portion of his tenure. I am not sure who the Eagles give the play calling to or if that even works, but at this point it is better than seeing the same thing over and over again. ** Also an issue is the Eagles always seem to be rushing to get the play in and the playclock is running out. We need to be quicker with getting the play in, getting the play called and lining up. This is another thing that could fall under why Doug should give up play calling duties. 2. Eagles D to start the game and team after the bye—Another issue the Eagles have had over the years with Doug is not looking ready to play after the bye week. His first year, they lost to the Lions. In 2017, the Eagles found themselves down 9-7 to Cowboys team down Zeke. In 2018, the Eagles lost to the Cowboys. In 2019, they looked good on the opening drive against the Patriots and then disappeared for the rest of the game. In Doug’s tenure, the Eagles are now 1-4 after the bye week. So instead of getting healthy, fresh and some renewed energy, they have looked as bad if not worse after the bye weeks. It wasn’t just the offense today, the defense was atrocious to start the game. The Giants marched down the field with relative ease on their first two possessions of the game. The Giants who had the 31st ranked offense in the league, scored touchdowns on 75 and 85 yard drives. The defense just came out expecting the Giants to just roll over and play dead after Barnett got a sack. Instead, Gallman gashed them and Daniel Jones picked their defense apart and even used his legs to beat them. The Eagles defense the rest of the game only gave up 13 points, but the first two drives of the game couldn’t stop anyone. That to me is just not showing up and also likely overlooking your opponent. The Giants might stink but they always fight until the very end and aren’t a pushover. Felt like the Eagles defense didn’t believe that and just thought they’d dominate. Additionally, how many guys really looked ready to go from the opening whistle with a chance to beat a hated division rival and really take a stranglehold over the division? It felt like this team was just flat and unprepared. 3. 00000’fer on 3rd down—You want to know why the Eagles lost this game, this is one of the biggest reasons. The Eagles failed to convert on a third down the entire game. the eagles were 0-9. First time they’ve failed to convert on 3rd down for an entire game since 2004. That is really really hard to do. Even Dallas with Dinucci at QB was able to convert a couple 3rd downs against the Eagles. What makes this even worse is the Eagles weren’t facing one of the best defenses in the league. The Giants were ranked 26th overall in the league on third down. Heading into the game, the Giants were giving opponents conversions on 48% of their third downs. This is the 4th consecutive week in a row where the Eagles have just not been very productive on third down. Over the last 4 weeks, the Eagles are converting at 23.8% (10-42), which is far and away the worst in the NFL over that time. Yup even worse than the pathetic Jets. One of the major reasons the Eagles find themselves struggling on third down is the amount of times they have found themselves in 3rd and 7+. In this game, the Eagles were in 3rd and 10 or more 5 times. The Eagles were only in 3rd and less than 7 on 4 occasions. On the season, the Eagles have had 116 third down opportunities. The Eagles have been in 3rd and 7+ on 57 of those third downs. That is 49% of the third downs are 3rd and 7+. Heck that number is higher than their conversion percentage, which is just 29.7 percent on the year (46-116). This is offense is going to continue to be stagnant and unproductive until the Eagles can figure out how to cure their ills on first and second down to put themselves into more manageable positions and until they figure out how to get this offense to generate first downs. 4. Linebackers— If you only looked at the box score and saw Singleton and Edwards having 16 and 12 tackles respectively then you’d think they were very productive, active and solid on the day. However, they were very routinely out of position against the run early in the game, which allowed the Giants to go up 11 points before you knew what hit you. They were basically playing like Nate Gerry who seemed to always be chasing from 3-5 yards behind to make a tackle. This is going to continue to be a problem as the year continues and I fully expect teams to exploit it more and more when we face some of the better offenses in the league. I like Edwards and Singleton as quality depth, but I do not think either is a starter in this league. Singleton is just not talented enough to be a starter. He can make some plays here and there like on 3rddown when Jones ran, but for the most part he isn’t a guy who should be more than a quality backup. As for Edwards, I thought he would be solid against the run. It is why I was surprised that he was all over the place to start the game. In the passing game, that is where I figured he would struggle. The stats over the last two games looks great, but really I do think he has played all that well. I think like Singleton, he is a nice backup LB for depth, but the more and more he plays the more and more he is going to be exposed. As for Taylor, I saw they got him on the field when the Giants got inside the 5. He didn’t really do anything to impress me. I am not going to even go into Duke Riley, if you are using him for anything other than ST then you should already know you are likely screwed. 5. Containment of QBs— Nothing irritates me more than seeing the same mistake continue to happen week after week after week. That is how you get fired and should be fired. I do not know how many times I need to see Josh Sweat continue to make the mistake of just going all in and crashing down on the read option. This was a problem for him in the Ravens game. It was a problem even in the Giants game and Cowboys games prior to this one. He routinely is doing it and teams are killing the Eagles for long runs by the QB cause of it. On Jones 34-yard touchdown run against the Eagles today, he did it once again. Additionally, he then did it a couple of drives later and was fortunate the other Eagles defenders bailed him out. This isn’t just him though, Graham was killed on this on Jones 80-yard run in the first meeting with the Giants. It seems to be an issue for all of the Eagles DEs. At some point in time, you have to respect the RO and not just sell out to make a tackle on the running back. In two games against the Eagles Danie Jones has had a run of 34 and 80 yards. Furthermore, Jones has rushed for 156 yards on 13 carries against the Eagles this year. This is going to continue to happen especially with Mayfield and the browns running attack as well as Wilson coming up over the next two weeks. 6. This Pass rush/DL is overrated— For a team that tried to sell us on the ideas of signing Hargrave and Malik Jackson so that we could have an elite defensive line it feels like that money could have been better spent elsewhere. The Eagles are paying everyone along that defensive line to be one of the best if not top 3 units in the league, but for the most part it feels like some weeks they play the part and other weeks they are just an average group. This is a game where the Eagles defensive line should have dominated a mediocre to below average Giants offensive line. The Eagles might have registered 3 sacks and 8 Hits, but it felt like they didn’t do enough to force a turnover from the turnover prone Daniel Jones. Jones was able complete 75% of his passes. Additionally, the Giants were moving guys like Cox, Hargrave and Jackson out of the way on their runs early in the game. This might have been Malik Jackson’s worse game of the season. He only registered a QB hit and I don’t even remember the play where he did that. He had more penalties then he had Hits, sacks and tackles combined. Hargrave might have played better than he has all season, but really he still underperformed in my book. He still hasn’t looked dominate and the Eagles are paying him to be better than just a rotational DT. I feel like the Eagles backups could be giving you the same amount of production as he is. 7. Run defense— As this season continues, this feels like one of the worse run defenses the Eagles have had under Schwartz. The first two drives by the Giants, they were able to accumulate 94 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Now it isn’t just the running backs that are killing the Eagles, it is also QBs scrambling and misdirection trick plays as well. In this game, the Eagles gave up 151 yards on 36 carries and 3 touchdowns. That is a 4.2 yards per carry average. This now marks the 7thtime this year the Eagles have given up over 115 yards rushing in a game. The damage isn’t all coming from the RB position, but their opponents are just routinely beating the Eagles on the ground. In previous years, the Eagles maybe had 2-3 games in a season where they gave their opponent 100 yards on the ground. This season it has been almost every game. 8. Starting field position—Another reason why the Eagles have struggled on offense to score points is their average starting field position. On the season, the Eagles have had 107 offensive possessions. They have started at the 25 or inside the 25 on 74 of those offensive possessions. That means on average, the Eagles are starting at or inside their own 25 yard line on 69.2% of their offensive possessions. It is really hard to score touchdowns in this league when you have to go 75+ yards on a majority of your possessions. In this game, the Eagles had 10 possessions, their best starting field position all day was starting at the 25-yard line. Their average starting field position for this game was the 16-yard line. That means on average the Eagles would have to go 84 yards to get a touchdown. This falls on the Eagles not being able to flip field position. That means special teams no doing their job on returns, defense not getting off the field and the offense not sustaining drives long enough to flip the script for the defense. 9. Maddox and NRC— I am tired of seeing these two on the field. I much rather see what Jacquet has and see if he becomes a player then continuously rely on these two week in and week out. They simply are just not very good. NRC has an easy interception hit him in the facemask and just gets outmuscled by Tate cause he is too small. It is weekly that teams are just burning him over the middle. As for Maddox, he just simply isn’t as good as the Eagles keep thinking he is. He has regressed every season since his rookie season. He isn’t an outside corner. He isn’t big enough to defend against the bigger WRs of the league who will use their size and strength against him. Frankly I am not sure he is good enough in the slot either. You want to know a reason why Slay hasn’t been given more opportunities to make some plays, it is because teams are purposefully just targeting these two because they aren’t very good. This offseason I made the statement that the Eagles needed to address their other outside corner position because it wasn’t good enough. It is proving to be an issue and it is wasting much of the performances we are getting from Slay this season. 10. Red zone defense—Another area where the Eagles used to be very good and have completely fallen off the map this year is red zone defense. Against the Giants, who ranked 31stin the league inside the red zone at 45.8%, the red zone defense managed two give up 2 touchdowns on three trips. On the season, opponents have entered the red zone against the Eagles 29 times and have scored touchdowns on 20 of those trips. That is 69% of the time that Eagles opponents are scoring touchdowns inside the red zone. It is actually worse when you figure in that Washington gave the Eagles turnover on downs in the first game of the season cause their was basically no time left. It really should be 71%. If you really want to dive deeper Dallas had the ball in the red zone when the clock ran out otherwise it could be 21 tds or could say 20-27. This is one of the worst red zone defenses in the league. 11. Lack of turnovers— Coming into this game, you had to think the Eagles had an excellent chance to continue their turnover trend from the previous two weeks. Jones was one of the most turnover prone QBs in the league. Unfortunately, the Eagles were not able to force a turnover. The Eagles had chances in this game to force some turnovers, but NRC dropped an interception and the pass rush was not able to get enough pressure on Jones for large portions of the game. On the season, the Eagles are 0-5-1 when they force 1 or less turnovers. This is a big problem for the Eagles. They are going to have massive when they run into Wilson, Rodgers, Brees and Murray if they are not able to create turnovers. It feels like all four of those games might turn into blowouts with how the offense looked today and the defense’s inability to create a turnover or stopping their opponents after the offense does give the team some momentum. 12. Just IR Jeffery— I just saw Alshon Jeffery give us his best JJAW impersonation. Personally, I do not care if we ever see him again in an Eagles uniform as I much rather these snaps go to Fulgham and the other younger WRs. I do not need to take away from the development from younger guys with a future on this team so that an aging player who is past his prime and cant stay healthy can get on the field. I rather these snaps go to Hightower or Watkins and see if we can continue grooming them so they can contribute even more in 2021. That to me is more important than seeing Alshon who is gone this offseason. Also this team whenever he seems to be out there just doesn’t have the same vibe and juice. 13. Special teams regression—While special teams might not be as bad as the offense was today or the defense was to start the game/after we score points, but it was not very good. There has been a clear regression on all aspects on special teams since 2017. Our return units have not had a big return in what feels like Barner’s return against the Cardinals in 2017. It feels like every year it gets worse and worse. In this game there is multiple instances. Reagor knowing that the Giants punter is kicking with the wind needs to be standing further back so he can run up and make the catch and not have it sail over his head so we are starting inside our own 10. This is a coaching thing as he has not played in the Meadowlands before. Fipp has to explain this to him and irritate it so that doesn’t happen. Also it wasn’t just Reagor, Ward allowing for punts to just go over his head or not catching them so they bounce like 7-12 yards and we get even worse field position. So put it on Ward, Fipp and even Reagor for putting the offense in even worse position. Their inability to just filed a punt or be in the right position killed the Eagles field position all day. This wasn’t the only issue, I do not know why we have guys poor decisions on blocks on kickoffs. We have Bradley committing an illegal block that cost us 10 yards when the play was basically over and there was no need for the block. Finally, the Eagles gave the Giants a short field. Johnston hits a nice 50-yard punt. Unfortunately, the Eagles didn’t do a very good job on the punt coverage. The Eagles did have one play down the field, but he was not very close to where Peppers was fielding the ball. Went back and watched it 3 times, the Eagles player tried to draw a block to the back penalty but it was clearly an acting job by him. It wasn’t a block to the back. He dove. It was a poor job in coverage by him because if he has his head up when running he might have been able to run to Peppers and make a play. Instead he is across midfield and into Eagles territory and already on the fringe of FG range. But that has been the thing with the Eagles special teams: Just penalties, inadequate return units and coverage as been ok at best. Really the only special teams’ player who’s consistently performed has been Johnston. 14. Penalties— This team was very undisciplined and it showed with the penalties today. Coming off the bye, this team looked like it lacked focus on the job at hand. The Eagles were called for 11 penalties for 74 yards. Furthermore, their penalties were just boneheaded plays. For instance, Malik Jackson getting an encroachment penalty on a 3RD and 8. This 5 yard penalty made the Giants 3rd and long into a 3rdand short and they ultimately cashed in for a touchdown after converting on that third down. Jackson had another penalty late in the game for a personal foul, which was beyond stupid even with the game being over. This is now the 4th time this season, the Eagles have accumulated 70 or more penalty yards. 15. Somehow lead this division and still likely to win it—Sadly, the Eagles still somehow lead this awful division. However, I do not think it is a sure thing that they win the division. If they beat Dallas and Washington, I do think they will wind up winning a hallow division title. Looking at the Giants schedule, I really only see two games where they would be the favorite: Bengals and Cowboys. Means they would only get to 5 wins if they win both of those games. They’d have to imo upset the Browns or Cardinals just to get to 6 wins. I do not see that happening. Meanwhile, Washington if they would’ve come back to beat the Lions had the best chance imo. They still have Dallas, Bengals, SF, Carolina and the Eagles left on their schedule. If Smith plays like he did in the second half of the Lions game, I do think it is impossible to see them win 4 of those 5 games. However, I think they likely win just 3 of those 5. This all means, if the Eagles somehow lose the next 5 games to the Browns, Seahawks, Packers, Saints and Cardinals then they still might sneak into the playoffs beating just Dallas and Washington. Frankly the Eagles even though they have won 2 of 3 games seem to be trending in the wrong direction. Offensively they’ve gotten healthy and regressed and defensively you don’t get consistency. I could see the Eagles losing out, but I have a feeling they wind up beating Dallas, Washington and somehow winning another game along the way. 16. Greg Ward the returner—Ward shouldn’t be back there returning punts anymore. I have had enough of it. First he isn’t very good at it. He rarely gets much of a return when he does return the punt. He is just not dynamic enough. Second, today he was just awful at judging when to catch it and when to let it bounce. He cost the Eagles major field position. Third, we have Reagor. He was a returner in college so lets use him more than just one time back there. I get he is your starting outside WR, but right now the offense is a disaster so you might as well see if he can give you a spark or change field position. I am tired of seeing the league leader in fair catches or poor decisions on whether to catch the ball as our returner. 17. Offense in 4 of 5 seasons— We might need to call 2017for what it is…. An OUTLIER. It really feels that way when you look at the Eagles offense over the last 3 seasons. It feels like the offense has regressed every single season since 2017. Heck this offense looks as awful as the 2016 offense that had no playmakers besides Ertz. For the first time in a really long time, I don’t even look forward to tuning into Eagles games. They’re so many more teams out there that are fun to watch. You see the creativity they have with their players and utilize their players’ strengths. With the Eagles it feels very stale and very predictable with mediocre to poor QB play. I hate to say it, but the Eagles offense was bad in 2016, largely poor for much of 2018, besides December in 2019 not good and this year outside of 3 games unable to even get to 20 points. Today we were the healthiest we have been since week one and I would arguably one of our worse performances of the season. 18. Pressing the issue—I think the time to fire Taylor was during the bye. I doubt the Eagles make this move unless they get eliminate from playoff contention. But I am annoyed that the Eagles fired their WR coach nearly every single offseason for not meeting expectations. Yet Wentz has regressed every season under Taylor and we still get this BS he is young, creative and innovative. At this point I question what is the value he has brought to this team since he has gotten a promotion. The Eagles have gotten worse not better. Ditto for Wentz. 19. JJ inactive-whiteside; abandoning Hightower—I feel like we are seeing the end days of JJAW. I would be surprised if he is active on game day unless someone at the WR position gets hurt. Even then I would be more for playing Watkins then playing JJAW. Also I do not get completely abandoning Hightower. I would have to re-watch and see the snap count, but it feels like he had none or just a couple offensive snaps. He had one of the bigger plays in the first Giants game to get us going. 20. Hurts to see Jalen—If you aren’t going to use Hurts arm and run the ball out of his packages like 99 times out of 100 then teams are going to figure you out and make it useless. That is what has happened. Additionally, I am tired of see Wentz lined up out at WR. Teams know you are not going to take a chance with him as a receiver and if you do then they are going to deliver shots to him so really having him out there for these plays are pointless. You are basically giving the defense one less player/weapon to worry about. Additionally, it is absolutely idiotic to come with this package when the running game is humming along and then you do this and teams gear up for a Hurts run and you lose a yard. You are better off just sticking with what had been productive. I like creativity of using that type of package, but I dislike forcing it and running every time out of it.
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    To all the single guys on the EMB, I hope you find someone you love as much as this team loves nickel CBs.
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    The Good: 1. Hurts plays well— I was concerned coming into the game that the Eagles put a rookie in an uphill battle facing a Saints defense that has been red-hot coming into the matchup with the Eagles. I think the Hurts and the Eagles coaching staff did a tremendous job playing to the strengths of Hurts and using his legs to keep the Saints defense off balance. On the afternoon, Hurts rushed 18 times for 106 yards. I think the Saints knew Hurts had wheels and could take off, but I do not think they really understood how good of a runner and athlete Hurts was in college. Additionally, I liked that the Eagles more often then they have been moved the pocket and got him rolling out to create extra time to get the ball out. The game plan was very similar to what you have seen from the Panthers for much of this season with Bridgewater when they run some of their slow developing plays down the field that allows Samuel, Anderson or Moore to get open. While Hurts is much more athletic and a better runner, the Panthers move the pocket on an abundance of plays to give Bridgewater more time to find receivers down the field. Inn this game, Hurts did play the majority of the time from the pocket, but the Eagles dialed up more plays using his legs to extend the pocket or roll outs to buy a little more time for things to develop down the field. I thought Hurts looked solid from the pocket. I do not think he was great, but that was to be expected from a rookie playing against a defense like the Saints. He was 17-30 for 167 yards, but more importantly he didn’t have a bad interception or turnover until late in the game. Additionally, I hand it to Hurts he was making quick decisions with the ball. He wasn’t holding onto the ball too long and when he did he got outside of the pocket and was able to throw the ball away. Furthermore, when guys were getting open for the most part he was able to find them and allow them to make plays up the field. Granted I thought the Reagor play was greatly benefitted by an OPI by Ertz, but Hurts delivered the ball where it needed to be to allow for Reagor to make a move up field. Nevertheless, the only thing I think you can harp on Hurts about from this game is the fumble late in the 4th quarter. It allowed the Saints to get a touchdown on a short field and attempt an on-side kick that was nearly recovered by the Saints. Besides that I do not think their was much more you could have expected from Hurts coming into this game. He and the offense played well enough to win this game. 2. Sticking with Sanders—I had a feeling that Miles Sanders was going to have a big role in this game. Frankly because I was facing him in my fantasy football playoffs and I also figured Doug would call a much more balanced attack as long as the game didn’t become lopsided early on. For the Eagles, they were able to get out to a 17-0 lead in large part to a homerun 82-yard touchdown run by Sanders. I thought Ertz had an excellent block on the run that helped spring Sanders for the long touchdown. On the afternoon, Sanders rushed 18 times for 115 yards (8.2 yards per carry) and was targeted 5 times and pulled in 4 receptions for 21 yards. I thought the Eagles also got creative with Sanders using him on a swing pass, which is something we haven’t used since earlier in the season. We have been trying to set up wheel routes and screens, which have failed but the swing pass was a wrinkle that should be implemented and used more often with the ability Sanders has. Nevertheless, I expect going forward that Sanders is going to be relied on more heavily. I think with Hurts ability to run that teams are going to have a harder time defending the RPO and Sanders might be able to see some running room and bust off another big time run. Besides Washington at the end of the year, I think he has some nice matchups that the Eagles should be able to exploit if they stick to getting him 20-25 touches per game. 3. Doug has balance; Using Hurts legs—It has been a really long time since I can remember the Eagles having more rushing attempts then passing attempts. On the afternoon, the Eagles threw the ball 30 times and rushed it 36. Granted Hurts took off and ran on a couple of drop backs so the ratio is likely much closer to 50-50 then the 36-30 in the run pass ratio indicates. That said, the Eagles didn’t abandon the run even when the offense went stagnant for much of the second half or not working particularly great in the first half. Granted I do think Sanders should have gotten more than just 6 carries in the second half. Furthermore, Sanders didn’t look great early in this game running the ball. He had 7 carries for 14 yards before busting off his big run. Normally, when the Eagles offense isn’t sustaining offense for long stretches it is because we get away from what was working. I thought they adequately made use of Hurts’ ability to use his legs and Sanders being the dynamic playmaker he is. Hurts on the RPO with Sanders is very dangerous especially if DE’s begin to crash down and focus solely on Hurts. It allows for Sanders to get a lane if Hurts hands it off and that lane with a key block could spring him for a long touchdown. On another note, I think Doug did a good job playing to the strength of Hurts. Hurts is an OK passer of the football. But where he is able to hurt teams is with his legs and being able to extend plays. I do not have the exact count, I will make a note to jot down how many rollouts and plays we called where we moved the pocket when I go back and watch the All-22. It was definitely more than the 2-3 we have been calling in the previous games. I think Doug had some bad play calls as well such as a couple of his 4th down play calls or Sanders just getting 6 carries in the second half (most on one drive). I also thought the offense outside of the touchdown drive was stagnant for much of the second half, but I give him credit. Seems like every time the Eagles are out of it, he finds away in December to get his team playing hard and coming up with upset victories. 4. Defensive line came to play—This might have been the best performance of the season by the Eagles defensive line. I think when you look at the Saints offensive line and the fact that Hill is liable to run all over the place if you lose containment that this might have been the best performance of the season by the DL unit. In this game, Cox, Hargrave and Sweat were able to combine for 5 sacks, 4 TFL and 6 QB hits. I thought Hargrave looked particularly great in this game. His second sack of the game put the Saints in a serious bind. Lutz in the dome likely can make a 57-yard field goal. Meanwhile outside in the elements, he missed. Without that Sack, the Saints inch their way closer. Additionally, he was able to fight off blocks to get penetration into the backfield and make his presence known. Over the past 3 weeks, he has been the Eagles best defensive player as he has recorded 3 sacks, 4.5 tackles for loss and 5 QB hits. I think he is finally adjusting to the system and possibly that his pectoral injury has completely healed so he isn’t as limited as he was early in the season. As for Sweat, he arguably had the biggest play in this game. The Eagles are clinging onto a 17-14 lead. The Saints had a 4th and 2 from the Eagles 42 with just under 10 minutes left in the game. If the Saints were able to convert this 4th down, it felt like the Eagles were in a world of trouble with ¾ of their secondary out. Fortunately for the Eagles, Sweat was able to beat Armstead and get to Hill. Not only did Sweat get to Hill, he was able to strip the ball out, which was recovered by Hargrave. Imo it was the biggest play of the game. Credit to Sweat, he was great early in the year. He hit a lull in the middle of the season and seems to have picked it up again. He has 3 Qb hits over his last 3 games. He has 6 sacks on the season, which is just 1 behind Brandon Graham who leads the team with 7. It is nice when you can get that type of production form your 3rd defensive end. As for Cox, he is finally getting to reap the benefit of having a very good DT next to him. Feels like much of the last 2 seasons, he has been playing with average DT due to injuries. However, with Hargrave emerging, it is helping make his job much easier. If Hargrave can continue this trend, then I think teams cannot solely double Cox because it would be a critical mistake. Over the last 4 games, Cox has 3 sacks, 3 tackles for loss and 3 QB hits. 5. Schwartz, defense deserves credit—Normally the Saints not having Drew Brees at QB is a huge advantage for the team that is facing them. I get they had won the previous 3 games without him, but really the offense struggled for large portions of games until Hill took off down the field. Furthermore, it was a little deceiving on offense as the Broncos game, Hinton couldn’t sustain offense and eventually the dam broke for the Broncos defense. Unfortunately, the Eagles this year have really not been overly great at stopping running QBs. They have crashed too hard which gives running lanes like what we saw with Daniel Jones. However, in this game, I thought the Eagles were really good at not losing containment. Hill had 5 rushes for 33 yards. Considering that in his last three starts Hill had 49, 44 and 83 yards rushing it was a huge win for the Eagles. Additionally, the Eagles forced him to be a passer. They did this by being able to keep him inside the pocket but also getting off the field in the first half. In the first half, the Saints offense looked like this: punt, missed field goal, punt, interception, punt and punt. The Saints had a total of 92 yards. Due to the Saints being behind 17-0, the Saints were forced to move away from their running game to try to get back into the game. It was a great plan until the Eagles slowly kept losing secondary players left and right. Once Maddox, Slay and McLeod left the game, the Saints were finally able to take advantage through the air. Nevertheless, the Eagles were able to hold the Saints to just 21 points, which is a solid feather in their cap. Yes, the Saints were able to score 21 points in the second half, but the defense to made some timely plays like Sweat’s strip sack and Hargrave’s second sack when the secondary was completely in shambles. I think next week is a fascinating matchup. Likely to be down multiple secondary players and facing one of the best WRs in the league in Hopkins; If not the best in the NFL. I also think it is going to be quite the challenge to limit Murray’s ability to keep plays alive and keep him contained. I thought the Giants held him to 52 yards rushing but he had some backbreaking pick ups with his legs to keep drives alive. 6. Creating turnovers-- Coming into this game, the Eagles were 0-8-1 when they created/forced 1 or fewer turnovers in a game. They were 3-0 when they have been able to force 2 or more turnovers. Today was more of the same as the Eagles were able to get a timely interception off of Hill by Duke Riley. Additionally, Josh Sweat was able to run down Hill to force a strip sack. Both of the Eagles turnovers were able to set up the Eagles offense with great field position. This has been a big time issue for most of the season for the offense. From those two turnovers, the Eagles were able to convert them into 10 points. Without those 10 points off of turnovers, the Eagles do not win this game especially with Jake Elliott missing a field goal like he did. That said, the Eagles really need to start creating some of these turnovers against the better Qbs in the league. In the four games where they have won and created 2 or more turnovers, they have faced Mullens, DiNucci, Daniel Jones and Taysom Hill. Not exactly the cream of the crop. I think next week against Kyler Murray is going to be interesting. I do not think the Cardinals offense has been playing all that great over the last few weeks. The Rams game is a little misleading as they got some garbage time points and yards. I think Murray can be careless with the ball at times. 7. Singleton and Riley—Last week against Green Bay I thought the Eagles linebackers played well at times, but you just couldn’t overlook the big plays that they were a huge factor in. The Tonyan touchdown, the Jones rushing touchdown and Mercedes Lewis’ big 36-yard reception. While most of the game Edwards and Singleton were solid, it took just a couple of plays by Rodgers and the Packers to exploit them and put points on the board. In this game, I thought Singleton was much better at avoiding giving up the big play or finding himself out of position. He finished the game with 11 tackles and a QB hit. This marks the 4th time in the last 5 games he has led the Eagles in tackles. It is also the 4th time in the last 5 games he has had double digit tackles. While he did get beat on a spectacular catch by Cook for the touchdown, I thought he was all over the place and kept his discipline, which is not something you could say last week. As for Duke Riley, this might have been his best game of his career. He has had plays here and there throughout his career, but I thought he stepped in for Edwards and played extremely well. He wasn’t caught out of position in the running game. Made a hell of a stop on a 3rd and 1 to prvent the Saints from picking up a first down in the second quarter. Additionally, he seemed to not get burned in the passing game and actually was able to pick off Taysom Hill off a ball that was deflected by Kamara to set up an Eagles field goal. While I still think the Eagles need to address the LB unit this offseason, it was nice to see Riley and Singleton play well against a team that has the likes of Kamara and Cook. I think next week is going to be another tough task as they are likely to be spying on Murray as well as asked to cover Arnold who is really emerging at the tight end position for the cardinals. Additionally, Kingsbury loves to exploit Edmonds out of the backfield. 8. Run defense was solid; containment was excellent—When you look at the box score it will show the Saints ran the ball 20 times for 96 yards and a touchdown. However, I thought this was an excellent performance by the Eagles. Since Hill had taken over for the Saints, they have rushed for 166, 229 and 207 yards. Also in those 3 games have combined for 8 rushing touchdowns. It tells you just how dynamic this team is at running the ball and if you allow them to get a lead they will smash it down your throat and have no problem doing so. So the 96 yards the Eagles were able to hold the Saints to in this game is about 105 yards less than their average since Hill took over. I am still really impressed by how far the Eagles have come in their containment since the Giants game in the Meadowlands. I felt like this stretch of games could be disastrous for the Eagles as they were going to face Baker Mayfield, Wilson, Rodgers, Hill and Murray. All of whom will take off and run if you allow them to. To their credit they have given up just 18 prior to this game and in this 4 game stretch they have given up just 51 rushing yards to the QB position. That would be just over 12.5 rushing yards per game. That is quite the improvement we had seen from earlier in the season where lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones gashed them. Furthermore, they were able to keep Kamara in check. Some of this falls on the fact the Eagles were able to get out to a big enough lead where the Saints couldn’t just rely on Kamara. Kamara finished with 50 rushing yards on 11 carries (4.5 yards per carry). Overall the Saints running backs had 15 carries for 63 yards, which is 4.2 yards per carry. Like I have stated before, I think Murray is a big time challenge for the Eagles. Watching him on All 22 and live on tv, he wants to run the ball and it really seems to get him going. I know on 3rd and 4th and short they will run a read option where he tends to keep the ball and make you pay for crashing down. So the Eagles must continue this current trend of containment. 9. OLine’s 12 new unit works—I think it is obvious to just about everyone how bad Jason Peters has been for much of this season. The fact of the matter is that Herbig is a better player at this stage of his career than Peters. I get Herbig isn’t perfect and had a bad false start penalty inside the red zone, but he was still much better than Peters. Does this mean that Herbig is a future starter at guard? I think that is a little much. I think Hurts ability to run and moving Hurts around helped him out along with the OLine in general. It also helps that Seumalo played much better this week then he did last week. I thought Seumalo was owned repeatedly last week when I watched the All-22. Frankly I thought the entire line besides Mailata was less than stellar. In this game, the OLine really stood tall. They didn’t give up a sack the entire game against one of the better defensive lines in the league. In addition they only gave up 3 QB hits all day. Morevoer, they were able to contribute to the 246 yards on the ground as well. I thought this was one of the best performances we have seen from the Eagles Oline on the season. Was this because Hurts was back there? I think it is a combination of Hurts being back there and taking off when guys were not getting open. He was quick and decisive with the ball. I also think Doug and the offense did a good job with timely rollouts and moving the pocket as well. If the Eagles are able to get this type of performance on a weekly basis from the offensive line then you could see the offense being able to look more and more competent. I know the Cardinals have gotten hot over the past two games and recorded 14 sacks so it should be a nice challenge next week. 10. Utilizing Reagor’s speed—For the second consecutive week, the Eagles utilized Reagors speed in the running game. It has been something I have been asking for since the beginning of the season because he has the speed to take it around the edge and get you a good chunk of yardage. On his only run of the game, the Eagles dialed up some trickery and he was able to scamper for 19 yards. I also thought the Eagles did a great job utilizing his speed in space to spring him for a 39 yard catch and run. However, I do think Ertz should have been called for a OPI as he began blocking way before the ball got to Reagor and it cleared the way from him to rumble down the field for 39 yards. However, I am glad the Eagles are beginning to utilize his speed whether that be a punt return or a run or in the passing game. I get people are down on him cause he is not Jefferson and even to the point of saying he doesn’t look fast. I do not worry about that aspect of Reagor’s game. I know he is an athlete. I know he can run fast cause I have seen it at TCU. I think the thing you want to see more of from Reagor is learning to run routes better. It was an issue at TCU and pre-draft. I do think the lack of an offseason due to the pandemic as well as missing weeks does not help him in this area. I think this is more of an offseason thing that he and the coaches have to work at. I do believe he can be a very good player in this league. My comparison for him coming out was Chris Chambers. He has shown the last two games as he has had a big time punt return, a 34-yard reception and a 39-yard reception along with 12 and 19-yard rushes. He is a big play waiting to happen if you can cater to what he thrives at, which I don’t believe the Eagles did a very good job at earlier in the season. 11. Eagles run, run, run—The Eagles rushing attack in this game gave the Saints fits. Whether it was the running backs or Reagor or Jalen Hurts. In this game, the Eagles had 36 rushing attempts for 246 yards (6.8 yards per carry) and two touchdowns. Sanders, Scott combined for 17 rushes for 121 yards and two touchdowns. Hurts took off 18 times for 106 yards. The RPO in this game was huge. I thought Hurts did a good job of catching the Saints defenders off guard. You could see them take some poor angles or crash down too hard and Hurts utilized his legs to make them pay. There was one play where the Saints DT just had no chance as he turned the corner. There was no one close to him because the linebackers got sucked in as Hurts went to the outside. Additionally, it was nice to see Doug stick with the run in this game. It wasn’t very pretty for Miles Sanders early on in the game. Like I said previously, he had just 7 rushes for 14 yards before he popped one off for a big time touchdown. Granted after that score, I thought the Eagles didn’t get Sanders the ball enough. He had just 6 carries the rest of the game and 3 came on their only touchdown drive of the second half. To me, the best way the Eagles can win games is if they can run the ball like they did today. You aren’t always going to get 82 yard touchdown runs but you have to give Sanders the touches because he is too good of a player and can break one at any time. Furthermore, I think Hurts athleticism and ability to run makes the Eagles dynamic. If he is asked to throw 40+ times I am not so sure the Eagles are going to be in the best position to win. I also think by running the football, you are doing something this team’s oline has shown it can excel at over the last month. I pointed this out last game, the Eagles before the GB game had shown improvement in the running game since the bye week. It was unfortunate that the Eagles just continued to not stick with it cause I do think it gets the OLine going and allows them to beat down on their opponent as well as build up confidence. 12. Using your speed—I was actually happy that the Eagles activated Quez Watkins. I thought at this point in the season you really have nothing to lose and maybe he brings something you’ve been missing. Unfortunately, wasn’t thrilled it was at the expense of Hightower. I would like to see Watkins, Hightower and Reagor all on the field at once and cater the play towards utilizing their speed pre-snap, in motion and down the field. That said, I thought the Eagles did a good job of utilizing the speed they acquired in the draft pre-snap. On Watkins’ only touch of the game, they had him in pre-snap motion and able to get him going up field. While the play only resulted in 3-yards it was the fact they finally got to doing this after months where I have come on here and complained. I think you can use Watkins even more on some reserves or trick plays going forward if he is comfortable with the playbook. Additionally, running an end around with Reagor was a nice play that we have all asked for much of the season. I think the Eagles could do more as the season continues getting more of their speed on display down the field. They tried one play to Reagor down the field early but it appeared as if the wind got the ball and Reagor wasn’t able to get there to make the completion. I am hoping that as Hurts improves as a passer and becomes more accurate, the more dangerous the speed element down the field can become. To his credit he did have two good throws in the Packers games, but I felt like the Eagles likely didn’t take as many shots down the field due to the Saints defense. 13. Red zone offense—Another aspect that the Eagles looked to improve upon in this game was the red zone offense. Heck last week they managed not to even get into the red zone. However, in this game, the Eagles were able to move the ball into the red zone on 3 occasions. Sanders was able to plow in from one yard out and Alshon caught his only pass of the last three weeks which was a 15-yard touchdown and matched his season total of 15-yards. The Eagles would have walked away with 17-points in this game if Elliott could kick field goals and not try to kill momentum. Inside the red zone, I liked the fact that they gave Sanders touches. In the 3 trips inside the red zone, the Eagles gave Sanders 3 carries of their 6 plays (excluding plays with penalties) inside the red zone. I think that is a way to be very effective. I also think the Eagles could try to incorporate some motion to get Reagor coming across pre-snap and get him on a shovel pass as well as Goedert. Goedert is particularly the guy I would want to get on this. He is able to use his big body to run over people much like I have seen the Chiefs use Kelce in that type of way with the shovel pass. I also believe with Hurts ability to run you could get some defensive lines crashing down and be able to get him rushing on the outside. I think another aspect we haven’t seen this year that we had in past year’s is Ertz. I think he is a weapon that can be utilized much more than what we have in the red zone since he has been back. I am willing to bet next week we see some sort of play designed to him. 14. Penalties—The Eagles over the last two weeks have been much better in terms of their penalty yardage. In the Seahawks game they had some boneheaded penalties. Malik and Slay getting personal foul penalties. They also had lack of focus penalties. In this game, the Eagles were called for 5 penalties for 27 total yards. Over the last two weeks they have been called for just 9 penalties for 67 yards. That is an average of 4.5 penalties and 33.5 penalty yards per game. This is a trend you’d like to see continued. It is a long trip to the west to play Arizona. A lot of teams from the East that do it, tend to take a quarter to two quarters to adjust. I am curious to see if the Eagles can continue this trend for the third consecutive week. 15. First half offense— A bugaboo of the Eagles so far this year has been how they have started games. It’s not very often that the Eagles have had a lead at halftime. In fact they haven’t held a lead at halftime since week four against the Niners where they went into the locker room up 8-7. Additionally for the second week in a row the offense was able to move the ball methodically down the field on the opening drive and kill a lot of clock. Last week it was a 15 play 41 yard drive of 7 minutes resulting in a field goal. This week it was a 13 play, 39 yard drive of 8 minutes. Unfortunately it didn’t result in any points as the eagles turned the ball over on downs. The Eagles in the first half were able to score their highest output since week one when they scored 17 first half points as they matched that total thanks to the defensive turnover and Elliott missing a easy kick. Additionally the Eagles were able to put up 299 yards of total offense. Since the Eagles bye week they have managed 3,0,6 and 3 points in the first half of each of their games. This was by far their best first half since the opener against Washington On the fence: 1. 15 rushes from Hurts—While it was nice to watch Hurts use his legs on the perimeter to pick up some first downs and keep drives alive, I am not sure you can survive an entire 16 game schedule with your QB running the ball 15 times a game (3 kneel downs taken out). They’re a couple of reasons why I think this way. We have seen the league this year catch up to Lamar Jackson and since the Cardinals Hail Murray, the Cardinals offense has struggled to find consistency. A large reason for the ups and downs for Murray and Lamar is teams are gearing towards taking the run away. They are forcing them to be passers to beat them and limiting their best ability. I think at some point the league makes an adjustment and you have to counter with the adjustment, which is usually showing you can throw the ball consistently and be competent at it. Against the Saints, I thought he looked capable of throwing the ball. I do not know if the Eagles were forced to throw the ball and abandon the run if Hurts is capable of doing that now. Second, I am not sure you can survive the beating you are going to take running it that many times and the hits you are going to take while standing in the pocket. Eventually it will accumulate and wear you down. I think cause he is 22 years old that he will be fine, but as he gets older and more games on his body, it catches up to you. At this point in time it is fine, but as we go forward for the rest of the season I think we will eventually see an adjustment from defenses and to me that is where we are going to see whether he is a franchise QB. 2. Wins against bad QBs —I am always excited to get a victory especially over Sean Payton who is a dbag. However, the more and more I look at the Eagles I still sit here wondering what good QB have they beaten this year. The wins the Eagles have compiled have come against DiNucci, Daniel Jones, Taysom Hill and Mullens. None of those QBs I believe are high quality starters in this league. Frankly I think the only one who has a legitimate future as a starting QB is Daniel Jones and imo he is a bottom third of the league starter. I understand, the offense, Wentz and Doug are to blame for some of the losses this year, but the Eagles defense has faced Wilson, Rodgers, Big Ben, Goff and Lamar Jackson. They have surrendered 38, 30, 23, 37 and 30 points in those four games. So against the better QBs in the league they are giving up 31.6 ppg. Yes the Eagles offense had turnovers in those games, but they didn’t keep them out of the end zone or hold to a field goal attempt. Some of it is on them. Additionally, in those 4 contests, they have gotten 2 turnovers and one of the turnovers was by special teams. So in five games the defense has created 1 turnover against those QBs. While I love what the Eagles defense brought in this game and they played their tails off, I also realize Hill shouldn’t be a starting QB. In fact this lost likely is going to come back and bite the Saints in a ass as I think the Packers win homefield advantage throughout the playoffs (own tiebreaker). In addition, I do not think the Packers and Saints even tie. I see GB winning out and the Saints if Brees isn’t back next week are likely going to get demolished with Hill at QB. The Bad: 1. Fumble late in the 4th— The Eagles were up 10 trying to salt the game away and then the dreaded turnover happened. The Eagles gave up a touchdown off that turnover and the Saints to cut the lead back to 3 and nearly lost an onside kick. The fumble by Hurts could have been extremely costly on a day he did almost everything else right. It is a good lesson for the young QB. That every play matters and you have to protect the ball at all costs. Frankly, I really didn’t like the fact Sanders didn’t get the ball to put that game away. I do not know why, but it feels like the coaching staff just doesn’t trust him with the ball in his hands. I feel as if we should be trying to build up this part of his game and show him confidence that he can do it late. 2. Wide receivers are still not good enough—When I watch this game, I still just do not think the Eagles wide receivers are good enough. I think as teams adjust to Hurts and the offense, the passing game is going to have to be better in order to win. I don’t think besides Reagor that any of the guys currently playing are starting caliber WRs in the league. I had high hopes for Fulgham, but he has faded away into obscurity. As for Jeffery, it was nice to see him make one catch for a touchdown and get a PI call, but he is not what he once was and is gone next year. I like Watkins and Hightower as developmental guys. However neither is ready right now to be big time contributors. I tend to think Hightower and Watkins are more likely suited to be 3rd and 4th WRs in an offense in the NFL. I would be very surprised if either winds up being high quality starters in the league. Jjaw I am not going to even discuss because frankly I think he is gone before the start of next year. I would say the Eagles should go out onto the free agent market and sign a veteran, but I do not think the cap space is going to allow them to do such. I think you are likely looking at the draft again. Now would you take one in the first round? I don’t know how the board is going to fall. They currently sit at 9th. If they stay around there the best WR that should be available is Smith out of bama. If they move up into the top 5 then they likely have an excellent chance at Chase. Either way, I really do not believe the Eagles have to legitimate outside starting corners on this roster heading into free agency. Reagor definitely can be, but I think counting on Hightower, Ward, JJAW and Watkins just to develop into that would be a mistake. 3. 3rd down defense—It wasn’t an awful performance by the Eagles on third down, but I thought the Eagles defense in the second half really began to fall apart in this area. Against the Saints, the defense was 5-12 (41.7%) on third down. In the first half of the game, the Eagles defense held the Saints to 2-for-7 on third down, which was 28.6%. It is why they were able to go into the locker room with a 17-point lead. In the second half, the injuries started coming and the Eagles were just 3-for-5 on third down. While I think the injuries had a part in this, the Eagles defense also missed opportunities on tackles. The first two drives of the second half for the Saints that resulted in touchdowns, the Saints converted a 3rd and 6 and a 3rd and 8 with a QB that isn’t known for throwing the ball down the field. Over the last two weeks, the Eagles have given up 10-24 (42%) conversions on third down. 4. December adjustments—I heard the post game comments made by Hurts saying the team just executed better than they have and that was the difference. I would agree they executed much better against the Saints and played their best all around game of the season. I would disagree that was the only reason for the success. I would also say there were many more rollouts with Hurts than we have seen over the past couple of weeks. I do not have the exact number, but I will post after I get to re-watch the all 22, but I am willing to bet it double the total we have seen over the last two games against the Seahawks and Packers. If you don’t believe that then I do not know what to tell you. The tape will bare this out. Additionally, I have asked all season for more pre-snap motion and more creative plays utilizing the speed of Reagor. The end around with Reagor might have been the most creative play we run over the last 4 weeks. The fact we actually got Watkins in motion pre-snap to get him the ball on a pass is only the 3rdtime in the last month we have run something like that. Additionally, we had guys in motion much more than we have in the past. Additionally, it feels like forever since Sanders actually got 18 touches in a game. In fact it has been 3 weeks since the Eagles have gotten him more than 15 touches. Feels kind of like clockwork with the Eagles. Every December we seemingly make adjustments to the personnel we have and the players we have at our disposal. 5. Angles and tackling in the second half—Nothing irks me more than a guy who should be dropped for a nice loss, but winds up picking up positive yards, which keeps drives alive. NRC had a chance to bring down Johnson for a loss on the play. Instead he fails to complete the tackle and the drive is kept alive and the Saints eventually score a touchdown on it. While the Eagles lost guys in the second half of the game, they had a bunch of poor angles and bad tackles that helped the Saints gain some momentum. I thought in the first half the Eagles did a much better job of bringing down the ball carrier and limiting their YAC production. 6. Second half adjustments made by Saints to Eagles offense— While the first half offense looked really good and probably should’ve had more points on the board if not for Jake Elliot missing a field goal, the second half offense just did not have the same juice as it did in the first half. In the second half, the Eagles possessions went like this: punt, downs, punt, TD and fumble (end of game last possession). This was likely as the Saints are a very good defense and eventually I think they kind of caught on to what the Eagles were trying to do. It’s why in the second half the Eagles only managed 6 first downs as compared to 15 in the first half. The Eagles also only had 104 total yards in the second half as compared to 299. The Saints did a good job to adjust to Hurts running ability. He had just 32 of his 106 rushing yards in the second half. Furthermore there touchdown drive had the majority of those yards as it was a 53 yard scoring drive. I think part of the reason that drive was successful was because the Eagles gave the ball to Miles Sanders inside the red zone and they were able to run the ball effectively. He had three of his six second-half carries on that drive. Additionally Reagor and Hurts added 28 yards on the ground. I’m curious to see as the weeks go on and more tape comes out how teams are going to adjust to Hurts ability to run. I think the obvious is teams are going to try and force him to beat them with his arm and limit his ability to run. Which I think is important for the Eagles to see what adjustments he can make and if he continues to progress as a passer. I think in the NFL you can win regular season games running an offense like Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson do. But when you get to the playoffs you have to be good enough as a passer to beat the better teams in this league. I also thought the Saints came out flat in this game like they expected the Eagles to just roll over and die. Like the Eagles would have nothing to play for. That doesn’t take away from what Hurts and the Eagles did on offense in this game but I am intrigued to see what would happen if the two met up down the road. The ugly: 1. 3rd down efficiency on offense—An area where the Eagles have struggled all year has been on 3rd down. In this game it wasn’t much different. The Eagles finished the game 4-for-13 on third down, which is just 30.8%. This is the second consecutive week the Eagles were 4-for-13 on third down. Like most of the season, the Eagles found themselves in 3rd and long way too many times. Of the 13 third down attempts, the Eagles were in 3rd and 7 or longer for 6 of those attempts. On the season heading into the game, they were converting on just 19% of those 3rd and 7+. In this game, they were just 1-for-6 on those 3rd and 7 or longer, which is 16.7%. For the season, the Eagles have had 166 third down attempts and 87 have been of the 3rd and 7+ variety. I feel like I say this every week, but if we are going to be in third and long half of the game then it is really hard to consistently sustain offense. It is why in the second half we saw the Eagles struggle to move the ball as consistently as in the first half. 2. Big plays on defense— The Eagles for most of the game did an excellent job limiting the big plays. However, in the second half as the Saints started to gain some momentum on offense, the big plays began to return. Two of the three touchdowns the Saints had came on plays of 37 and 20 yards. Furthermore, the Eagles defense gave up plays of 20, 22, 32, 37 yards on the afternoon. Since the bye week, they have given up 14 plays of 30+. They have given up 21 plays of 20 yards or more. Additionally, in the last 3 weeks, they have given up touchdowns of 77, 25 and 37 yards. With the secondary potentially being in shambles going into the Cardinals game next week, the Eagles really have to rely on their defensive line to step up again and I think the offense is going to have to score in the 30s to walk away with a win against Arizona. 3. Losing nearly the entire secondary— I don’t know what it is, but the Eagles just cannot avoid the injury bug. In this game (second half) they lost Slay, Maddox and McLeod. That is 3/4thof their starting secondary. It is just amazing how the Eagles get guys back and then a week or two later lose like 3-4 guys due to injury. I am not sure which of them are going to be back for next week’s game against Arizona, but if all three of them are out then I fully expect the Cardinals and particularly Hopkins to just take full advantage of a depleted secondary. I am not even sure if all three miss who would be the starters. I imagine Jacquet if healthy enough would be one of the starting corners. I think at safety you’d have to go with Wallace and Epps. 4. Mr. Momentum Killer—I feel like every week it is the same old story with Elliott. The Eagles right before the half have a chance to add onto their 17-point lead. And instead of going into the locker room up 20-0 with all the momentum in the world, he misses a chip shot field goal and it feels like the Eagles lost some of their mojo. The next thing you know the Eagles come out of the locker room and have their first three and out of the game. Then the Saints march right down the field for a touchdown. It was a chance for the Eagles to really stick it to the Saints and instead Elliott managed to botch the situation. This has been a routine theme dating back to last year. On the year, Elliott is just 13-for-18 on the season. That is a pathetic 72.2%. Compared to the rest of the league that would place him 29th in the league. This doesn’t include the fact that he has missed 2 extra points in the previous two matchups. On the season he is 1-for-3 from 20-29 yards and just 2-for-5 from 50+. Since the Super bowl, he has just been 6-for-14 from 50+; in the super bowl year he was 5-6. Elliott sifned a 5 year $19 million dollar contract extension, but he really hasn’t yet to recapture his production from the super bowl year. If the Eagles wanted to cut him they cant. It costs $5.4 million in dead money compared to just $3.3 million against the cap to keep him. At this point I think the Eagles are likely stuck with him. 5. Stop using Greg Ward as a returner—Not sure how many more times the Eagles have to watch Ward field punts to understand he just is not very good at it. When the Eagles drafted Jalen Reagor it was cause they believed he could be a good outside WR but also he was an electric and dynamic returner. He is healthy now and last week showed what he could do as a punt returner. He is a game breaker in that area and can flip field position on any punt. Instead we continue to use Ward who continues to be uninspiring as a returner. His long on the season is 22 yards and he is averaging 6.8 yards per carry. However he is 5th in the league in fair catches. I think my biggest issue with Ward is he lets the ball go over his head way too often. I get if it is inside the five you let it do that, but he has been doing this when it hasn’t been inside the 5. I want to see what Reagor can do on a consistent basis. I get high chance he could get hurt, but at this point we are trying to see what areas of this team need to be address heading into the 2021 season. At this point, I think we know Ward isn’t the guy for the job in 2021. 6. Ertz lousy season; lost value—While Wentz has had the biggest regression and fall off in play since the 2019 season, Ertz isn’t too far behind. I understand he has missed some time this year, but even before the injury he was very underwhelming. He was dropping passes. He was short arming some of the balls thrown his way. He also just didn’t look like his heart was in it. This game, I give him credit he had an excellent block on the Sanders long touchdown run. He also had a nice block (OPI) that allowed Reagor to get open so he could run down the sideline for 39 yards. However, he left a lot to be desired in the pass game. He had 2 receptions for 8 yards. On the season, he has 26 receptions for 209 yards and a touchdown. This is a far cry from just a season ago where he compiled 88 receptions for 916 yards and 6 touchdowns. He will be lucky if he gets to 300 yards with how this season is going. I tend to believe there is still a market out there for Ertz. I think a contending team would be willing to give up a draft pick to acquire him. However, I am not sure what that compensation will be. I would’ve said maybe a 3rd but now I think the Eagles would be fortunate to get a 4th. I think you might see a deal for a 2022 draft pick based on his production in the 2021 season. I don’t think you want to bring him back at his current cap number, but I doubt he is willing to restructure his deal. I think the Eagles might have to settle for lackluster compensation as his value has really dropped this season. Maybe there is a team that believes this is a blip on the radar, but at his age it could just be a decline. 7. What to do with Wentz—Watching this game, it is obvious that Wentz was part of the problem with the Eagles. Heck Doug is 11-2 in his last 13 games where Wentz isn’t the Qb. So there is obviously blame on Wentz as I have thought his mechanics have been inconsistent all year and even dating back to last year. Additionally, I think he was pressing out there and forcing things. I would also say, he needs to rely on his guys to make plays. Finally, I think he was seeing ghosts out there so even when he has things that should be easy completions, he gets jittery or his eyes go to where he believes the pressure is coming from.I think the Eagles are in a tough spot. I do not think 4 games of Hurts is enough of a sample size to know what he is. I feel like it usually takes the league 5-6 weeks to figure out rookies and adjust to what you are doing. You are currently seeing that with the Chargers and Justin Herbert. Over the last 3 games, Herbert has really slowed down and has struggled. The offense has scored 17, 0 and 17. He has thrown 3 touchdown passes and 5 interceptions. I thought he looked better today against Atlanta then the previous 2 weeks, but he didn’t seem like he did earlier in the year when he was on a roll. Obviously I think you play the stretch out with Hurts. Hopefully for the Eagles he continues to progress and build off each start, which he has a chance too as the next two weeks aren’t against as talented of a defense. I think during the offseason you are going to have to make a difficult decision to move forward with Hurts or Wentz. If a team is willing to give you something that you believe is fair compensation for Wentz then I could understand making the move. However, I do think there is risk in that. If he goes somewhere and thrives then you might have sold low. If he goes somewhere and Hurts doesn’t develop like you hoped then you are back in line needing to find another QB. I do not know what the Eagles will do. I tend to think it comes down to what Lurie wants to do and what changes he makes. He has the most power in the organization and I do not think we truly know how he feels about Howie, Doug and Carson.
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