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    You're right. We don't laugh after wins. We end up criticizing our own guys or complaining about something irrelevant. That's how we enjoy a victory.
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    Another amazing accomplishment for the greatest president in U.S. history.
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    The all-22 is up. I thought the OL played only so-so, by their standards. Both Lane and Mailata gave up inside pressures, as did Seumalo. Dickerson definitely was downfield on those two calls. Kelce was on a couple but wasn't called, one of them being the inside screen to Gainwell that turned into an INT. The DL was terrific. They started a number of series in the 4i and completely stoned the Vikings' running game. Cox, Hargrave, and Williams all had several pressures, as did Reddick. Davis had some nice plays that won't show up in the stat sheet but isolated teammates as he absorbed double-teams. Remember how teams would kill us with underneath stuff last year? Faster LBs and DBs are taking that away and the DL is doing a good job of pressuring straight up the middle. Cousins was throwing off his back foot all night. It's still early, though, but I'm getting excited.
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    I want to say a few things about Hurts last night... 1. I have been radically anti Hurts from day 1. I hate running QBs. I hate the notion of tolerating a running QB who is a mediocre passer. It doesn't work. Never has, never will. I will nitpick and bash every single game in which our offense scores 41 points while Hurts runs for 130 yards with 2 running TDs while passing at a 55% clip on high school level dump offs. Those performances enrage me. I can't even enjoy the wins and all I do is look to the horizon for a new QB. 2. Last night was not one of those performances. He looked more like Drew Brees than Lamar Jackson. The running was entertaining, but it was mere window dressing over the real substance of the performance, which was passing. He made the right reads, pulled the right levers in the right amount of time, threw with touch, and moved the ball effortlessly with his arm. It was fun to watch, enjoyable to think about his future, and probably the best Eagle QB performance since Foles in 52. I can get behind a QB that plays like this. That "just win" crap when Hurts is in a caretaker RB offense makes my blood boil...but last night, he did a lot more than just win. 3. Was that sustainable? Can he build on that? Can that be the real Hurts instead of the crude, reluctant passer who deserves to be called a running back? Well, now I'm willing to wait a bit to find out (I don't really like the 2023 QB class, for what it's worth). I've gone from radically anti-Hurts to curiously sitting right in the middle of the fence. 4. The arm strength does bother me. Forget Allen/Mahomes...Hurts is absolutely in a below-average category for arm strength amongst NFL starters. Rapid, perfect reads and a compact release can overcome that, but it is noticeable that he can't paste the ball onto a target on a bang-bang play. 5. Aside from the vastly improved passing performance last night, he also did a much better job avoiding hits when he did run.
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    Week 2 and all, but this thread is ranked up there with other threads. Can it be stopped? I don't think so.
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    Goedert - 82 Devonta - 80 AJ - 69 Quez - 69 All more than Jefferson tonight.
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    This is the craziest pre-game show I’ve seen in 30 years
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    fake news. that never happened. turtles and scorpions cant talk.
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    Combining two topics that are near and dear to CVONs heart in one meme.
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    Juggy, juggy, wuggy.. that brown n**** takes it in the sluggy he claims to fire A scud, but all that brown dude do is eat mud he ain’t nevah been to Philly twisting curry bowls that n**** silly the Eagles glad they got a brown fan cause too many honkies make a round man
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    Michael, if you're so concerned about this (Spoiler alert: you're not, you voted for Trump twice), look at his tax returns. He released 22 years of them. It'll tell you how he made his money.
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    Covey tried to run past the 98 year old gate guard but was immediately tackled.
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    His mechanics and ability to spread the ball last night, was night and day compared to what we have seen. He looked like a different player. No one could have seen that coming, I don’t care how much of a supporter you are. One game. I would love to see it continue.
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    Yes... he'll drop the other 3.
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    Stoked that Jalen Hurts made me look like an a-hole. I hope he keeps making me an a-hole like that for the next ten years.
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    RTK becomes our leader if Hurts ends up being good.
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