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    You're right. We don't laugh after wins. We end up criticizing our own guys or complaining about something irrelevant. That's how we enjoy a victory.
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    Update Surgery was a success. Mom has been home since this afternoon. Some pain, but good otherwise and they got the entire tumor. Thanks all for the well wishes and prayers.
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    Just welcomed the newest Eagles fan into the world
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    Answer: anyone who attends a Hanson concert What do I win?
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    Before I get into game day. I do this every year. This is a final call for the following. FDNY A Joseph Agnello, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Brian Ahearn, Lieutenant, Engine 230 Eric Allen, Firefighter, Squad 18 Richard Allen, Firefighter, Ladder 15 James Amato, Captain*, Squad 1 Calixto Anaya, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 4 Joseph Angelini, Sr., Firefighter, Rescue 1 Joseph Angelini, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 4 Faustino Apostol, Jr., Firefighter, Batallion 2 David Arce, Firefighter, Engine 33 Louis Arena, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Carl Asaro, Firefighter, Batallion 9 Gregg Atlas, Lieutenant, Engine 10 Gerald Atwood, Firefighter, Ladder 21 B Gerard Baptiste, Firefighter, Ladder 9 Gerald Barbara, Assistant Chief, Citywide Tour Commander Matthew Barnes, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Arthur Barry, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Steven Bates, Lieutenant, Engine 235 Carl Bedigian, Lieutenant, Engine 214 Stephen Belson, Firefighter, Ladder 24 John Bergin, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Paul Beyer, Firefighter, Engine 6 Peter Bielfield, Firefighter, Ladder 42 Brian Bilcher, Firefighter, Squad 1 Carl Bini, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Christopher Blackwell, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Michael Bocchino, Firefighter, Batallion 48 Frank Bonomo, Firefighter, Engine 230 Gary Box, Firefighter, Squad 1 Michael Boyle, Firefighter, Engine 33 Kevin Bracken, Firefighter, Engine 40 Michael Brennan, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Peter Brennan, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Daniel Brethel, Captain, Ladder 24 Patrick Brown, Captain, Ladder 3 Andrew Brunn, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Vincent Brunton, Captain, Ladder 105 Ronald Bucca, Fire Marshal Greg Buck, Firefighter, Engine 201 William Burke, Jr., Captain, Engine 21 Donald Burns, Assistant Chief, Citywide Tour Commander John Burnside, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Thomas Butler, Firefighter, Squad 1 Patrick Byrne, Firefighter, Ladder 101 C George Cain, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Salavatore Calabro, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Frank Callahan, Captain, Ladder 35 Michael Cammarata, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Brian Cannizzaro, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Dennis Carey, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Company 1 Michael Carlo, Firefighter, Engine 230 Michael Carroll, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Peter Carroll, Firefighter, Squad 1 Thomas Casoria, Firefighter, Engine 22 Michael Cawley, Firefighter, Ladder 136 Vernon Cherry, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Nicholas Chiofalo, Firefighter, Engine 235 John Chipura, Firefighter, Engine 219 Michael Clarke, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Steven Coakley, Firefighter, Engine 217 Tarel Coleman, Firefighter, Squad 252 John Collins, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Robert Cordice, Firefighter, Squad 1 Ruben Correa, Firefighter, Engine 74 James J. Corrigan, Captain, Retired - Engine 320 James Coyle, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Robert Crawford, Firefighter, Safety Battalion 1 John Crisci, Lieutenant, Haz-Mat Company 1 Dennis Cross, Deputy Chief , Batallion 57 Thomas Cullen III, Firefighter, Squad 41 Robert Curatolo, Firefighter, Ladder 16 D Edward D'Atri, Lieutenant, Squad 1 Michael D'Auria, Firefighter, Engine 40 Scott Davidson, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Edward Day, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Thomas DeAngelis (1), Batallion Chief, Batallion 8 Manuel Delvalle, Firefighter, Engine 5 Martin Demeo, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 David Derubbio, Firefighter, Engine 226 Andrew Desperito, Lieutenant, Engine 1 Dennis Devlin, Batallion Chief, Batallion 9 Gerard Dewan, Firefighter, Ladder 3 George Dipasquale, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Kevin Donnelly, Lieutenant, Engine 1 Kevin Dowdell, Lieutenant, Rescue 4 Raymond Downey, Deputy Chief, Special Operations Command Gerard Duffy, Firefighter, Ladder 21 E Martin Egan, Jr., Captain, Division 15 Michael Elferis, Firefighter, Engine 22 Francis Esposito, Firefighter, Engine 235 Michael Esposito, Lieutenant*, Squad 1 Robert Evans, Firefighter, Engine 33 F John Fanning, Battalion Chief, Haz-Mat Operations Thomas Farino, Captain, Engine 26 Terrence Farrell, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Joseph Farrelly, Captain*, Division 1 William Feehan, Deputy Commissioner Lee Fehling, Firefighter, Engine 235 Alan Feinberg, Firefighter, Battalion 9 Michael Fiore, Firefighter, Rescue 5 John Fischer, Captain - Formerly Lieutenant, Ladder 20 Andre Fletcher, Fire Marshal (was Firefighter), Rescue 5 John Florio, Firefighter, Engine 214 Michael Fodor, Lieutenant, Squad 1 Thomas Foley, Firefighter, Rescue 3 David Fontana, Firefighter*, Squad 1 Robert Foti, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Andrew Fredericks, Firefighter*, Squad 18 Peter Freund, Lieutenant, Engine 55 G Thomas Gambino, Jr., Firefighter, Rescue 3 Peter C. Ganci, Jr., Chief Charles Garbarini, Lieutenant, Battalion 9 Thomas Gardner, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 Matthew Garvey, Firefighter, Squad 1 Bruce Gary, Firefighter, Engine 40 Gary Geidel, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Edward Geraghty, Battalion Chief, Battalion 9 Denis Germain, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Vincent Giammona, Lieutenant*, Ladder 5 James Giberson, Firefighter, Ladder 35 Ronnie Gies, Firefighter*, Squad 288 Paul Gill, Firefighter, Engine 54 John Ginley, Lieutenant, Engine 40 Jeffrey Giordano, Firefighter, Ladder 3 John Giordano (1), Firefighter, Engine 37 Keith Glascoe, Firefighter, Ladder 21 James Gray, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Joseph Grzelak, Battalion Chief, Battalion 48 Jose Guadalupe, Firefighter, Engine 54 Geoffrey Guja, Lieutenant, Battalion 43 Joseph Gullickson, Lieutenant, Ladder 101 H David Halderman, Firefighter*, Squad 18 Vincent Halloran, Lieutenant, Ladder 8 Robert Hamilton, Firefighter, Squad 41 Sean Hanley, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Thomas Hannafin, Firefighter*, Ladder 5 Dana Hannon, Firefighter, Engine 26 Daniel Harlin, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Harvey Harrell, Lieutenant, Rescue 5 Stephen Harrell, Lieutenant, Battalion 7 Timothy Haskell, Firefighter, Squad 18 Thomas J. Haskell, Jr., Battalion Chief, Division 15 Terence Hatton, Captain*, Rescue 1 Michael Haub, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Philip T. Hayes, Firefighter, Retired - Engine 217 Michael Healey, Lieutenant, Squad 41 John Heffernan, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Ronnie Henderson, Firefighter, Engine 279 Joseph Henry, Firefighter, Ladder 21 William Henry, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Thomas Hetzel, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Brian Hickey, Captain*, Rescue 4 Timothy Higgins, Lieutenant, Special Operations Jonathon Hohmann, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 Thomas Holohan, Firefighter, Engine 6 Joseph Hunter, Firefighter, Squad 288 Walter Hynes, Captain, Ladder 13 I Jonathan Ielpi, Firefighter, Squad 288 Frederick Ill, Jr., Captain, Ladder 2 J William Johnston, Firefighter, Engine 6 Andrew Jordan, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Karl Joseph, Firefighter, Engine 207 Anthony Jovic, Lieutenant, Battalion 47 Angel Juarbe, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 12 Mychal Judge, Chaplain K Vincent Kane, Firefighter*, Engine 22 Charles Kasper *, Battalion Chief, SOC Battalion Paul Keating, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Richard Kelly, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 11 Thomas Kelly, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Thomas Kelly, Firefighter*, Ladder 105 Thomas Kennedy, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Ronald Kerwin, Lieutenant, Squad 288 Michael Kiefer, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Robert King, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 33 Scott Kopytko, Firefighter, Ladder 15 William Krukowski, Firefighter, Ladder 21 Kenneth Kumpel, Firefighter*, Ladder 25 Thomas Kuveikis, Firefighter, Squad 252 L David LaForge, Firefighter, Ladder 20 William Lake, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Robert Lane, Firefighter, Engine 55 Peter Langone, Firefighter, Squad 252 Scott Larsen, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Joseph Leavey, Lieutenant, Ladder 15 Neil Leavy, Firefighter, Engine 217 Daniel Libretti, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Carlos Lillo, Paramedic, Battalion 49 Robert Linnane, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Michael Lynch, Firefighter, Engine 40 Michael Lynch, Firefighter*, Ladder 4 Michael Lyons, Firefighter, Squad 41 Patrick Lyons, Firefighter*, Squad 252 M Joseph Maffeo, Firefighter, Ladder 101 William Mahoney, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Joseph Maloney, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Joseph Marchbanks, Jr.,* Battalion Chief, Battalion 57 Charles Margiotta, Lieutenant, Battalion 22 Kenneth Marino, Firefighter, Rescue 1 John Marshall, Firefighter, Ladder 27 Peter C. Martin, Lieutenant, Rescue 2 Paul Martini, Lieutenant, Engine 201 Joseph Mascali, Firefighter, Rescue 5/Tactical Support 2 Keithroy Maynard, Firefighter, Engine 33 Brian McAleese, Firefighter, Engine 226 John McAvoy, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Thomas McCann, Firefighter, Battalion 8 William McGinn, Lieutenant*, Squad 18 William McGovern, Battalion Chief, Battalion 2 Dennis McHugh, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Robert McMahon, Firefighter, Ladder 20 Robert McPadden, Firefighter, Engine 23 Terence McShane, Firefighter, Ladder 101 Timothy McSweeney, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Martin McWilliams, Firefighter, Engine 22 Raymond Meisenheimer, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Charles Mendez, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Steve Mercado, Firefighter, Engine 40 Douglas Miller, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Henry Miller, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 105 Robert Minara, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Thomas Mingione, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Paul Mitchell, Lieutenant, Battalion 1 Louis Modafferi, Battalion Chief (was Captain), Rescue 5 Dennis Mojica, Lieutenant, Rescue 1 Manuel Mojica, Firefighter, Squad 18 Carl Molinaro, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Michael Montesi, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Thomas Moody, Captain, Division 1 John Moran, Battalion Chief, Battalion 49 Vincent Morello, Firefighter, Ladder 35 Christopher Mozzillo, Firefighter, Engine 55 Richard Muldowney, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 7 Michael Mullan, Firefighter, Ladder 12 Dennis Mulligan, Firefighter, Ladder 2 Raymond Murphy, Lieutenant, Ladder 16 N Robert Nagel, Lieutenant, Engine 58 John Napolitano, Firefighter*, Rescue 2 Peter Nelson, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Gerard Nevins, Firefighter, Rescue 1 O Dennis O'Berg, Firefighter, Ladder 105 Daniel O'Callaghan, Lieutenant, Ladder 4 Douglas Oelschlager, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Joseph Ogren, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Thomas O'Hagan, Lieutenant, Battalion 4 Samuel Oitice, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Patrick O'Keefe (1), Firefighter, Rescue 1 William O'Keefe, Captain, Division 15 Eric Olsen, Firefighter, Ladder 15 Jeffrey Olsen, Firefighter, Engine 10 Steven Olson, Firefighter, Ladder 3 Kevin O'Rourke, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Michael Otten, Firefighter, Ladder 35 P Jeffrey Palazzo, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Frank Palombo, Firefighter, Ladder 105 Orio Palmer, Battalion Chief, Battalion 7 Paul Pansini, Firefighter*, Engine 10 John Paolillo*, Battalion Chief, Battalion 11 James Pappageorge, Firefighter, Engine 23 Robert Parro, Firefighter, Engine 8 Durrell Pearsall, Firefighter, Rescue 4 Glenn Perry, Lieutenant, Ladder 25 Philip Petti, Lieutenant, Battalion 7 Kevin Pfeifer, Lieutenant, Engine 33 Kenneth Phelan, Lieutenant, Engine 217 Christopher Pickford, Firefighter, Engine 201 Shawn Powell, Firefighter, Engine 207 Vincent Princiotta, Firefighter, Ladder 7 Kevin Prior, Firefighter, Squad 252 Richard Prunty, Battalion Chief, Battalion 2 Q Lincoln Quappe, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Michael Quilty, Lieutenant, Ladder 11 Ricardo Quinn, Paramedic, Battalion 57 R Leonard Ragaglia, Firefighter, Engine 54 Michael Ragusa, Firefighter, Engine 250 Edward Rall, Firefighter, Rescue 2 Adam Rand, Firefighter, Squad 288 Donald Regan, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Robert Regan, Lieutenant, Ladder 118 Christian Regenhard, Firefighter, Ladder 131 Kevin Reilly, Firefighter, Engine 207 Vernon Richard, Captain, Ladder 7 James Riches, Firefighter, Engine 4 Joseph Rivelli, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 25 Michael Roberts, Firefighter, Engine 214 Michael Roberts, Firefighter, Ladder 35 Anthony Rodriguez, Firefighter, Engine 279 Matthew Rogan, Firefighter, Ladder 11 Nicholas Rossomando, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Paul Ruback, Firefighter, Ladder 25 Stephen Russell, Firefighter, Engine 55 Michael Russo, Lieutenant, Special Operations Matthew Ryan, Battalion Chief, Battalion 1 S Thomas Sabella, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Christopher Santora, Firefighter, Engine 54 John Santore, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Gregory Saucedo, Firefighter, Ladder 5 Dennis Scauso, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 John Schardt, Firefighter, Engine 201 Fred Scheffold, Battalion Chief, Battalion 12 Thomas Schoales, Firefighter, Engine 4 Gerard Schrang, Firefighter, Rescue 3 Gregory Sikorsky, Firefighter, Squad 41 Stephen Siller, Firefighter, Squad 1 Stanley Smagala, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 226 Kevin Smith, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Co. 1 Leon Smith, Jr., Firefighter, Ladder 118 Robert Spear, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 50 Joseph Spor, Firefighter, Ladder 38 Lawrence Stack, Battalion Chief, Battalion 50 Timothy Stackpole, Captain, Division 11 Gregory Stajk, Firefighter, Ladder 13 Jeffrey Stark, Firefighter, Engine 230 Benjamin Suarez, Firefighter, Ladder 21 Daniel Suhr, Firefighter, Engine 216 Christopher Sullivan, Lieutenant, Ladder 111 Brian Sweeney, Firefighter, Rescue 1 T Sean Tallon, Firefighter, Ladder 10 Allan Tarasiewicz, Firefighter, Rescue 5 Paul Tegtmeier, Firefighter, Engine 4 John Tierney, Firefighter, Ladder 9 John Tipping II, Firefighter, Ladder 4 Hector Tirado, Jr., Firefighter, Engine 23 V Richard VanHine, Firefighter, Squad 41 Peter Vega, Firefighter, Ladder 118 Lawrence Veling, Firefighter, Engine 235 John Vigiano II, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Sergio Villanueva, Firefighter, Ladder 132 Lawrence Virgilio, Firefighter, Squad 18 W Robert Wallace, Lieutenant, Engine 205 Jeffrey Walz, Firefighter*, Ladder 9 Michael Warchola, Lieutenant, Ladder 5 Patrick Waters (2), Captain, Special Operations Kenneth Watson, Firefighter, Engine 214 Michael Weinberg, Firefighter, Engine 1 David Weiss, Firefighter, Rescue 1 Timothy Welty, Firefighter, Squad 288 Eugene Whelan, Firefighter, Engine 230 Edward White, Firefighter, Engine 230 Mark Whitford, Firefighter, Engine 23 Glenn Wilkinson, Lieutenant, Engine 238 John Williamson, Battalion Chief, Battalion 6 David Wooley, Captain, Ladder 4 William X. Wren, Firefighter, Retired - Ladder 166 Y Raymond York, Firefighter, Engine 285 Port Athurity Police Supt. Ferdinand V. Morrone, 63 Chief James A. Romito, 51 Lt. Robert D. Cirri Insp. Anthony P. Infante, Jr., 47 Capt. Kathy Nancy Mazza, 46 Sgt. Robert M. Kaulfers, 49 Donald James McIntyre, 38 Walter Arthur McNeil, 53 Joseph Michael Navas, 44 James Nelson, 40 Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, 40 James Wendell Parham, 32 Dominick A. Pezzulo, 36 Antonio J. Rodrigues, 35 Richard Rodriguez, 31 Bruce Albert Reynolds, 41 Christopher C. Amoroso, 29 Maurice V. Barry, 48 Clinton Davis, Sr., 38 Donald A. Foreman, 53 Gregg J. Froehner, 46 Uhuru Gonga Houston, 32 George G. Howard, 44 Thomas E. Gorman Stephen Huczko, Jr., 44 Paul William Jurgens, 47 Liam Callahan, 44 Paul Laszczynski, 49 David Prudencio Lemagne, 27 John Joseph Lennon, Jr., 44 John Dennis Levi, 50 James Francis Lynch, 47 John P. Skala, 31 Walwyn W. Stuart, Jr., 28 Kenneth F. Tietjen, 31 Nathaniel Webb Michael T. Wholey Sirius, K-9 New York Police Department Sgt. Timothy A. Roy, Sr., 36 Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin, 43 Sgt. Rodney C. Gillis, 33 Sgt. Michael S. Curtin, 45 Det. Joseph V. Vigiano, 34 Det. Claude Daniel Richards, 46 Moira Ann Smith, 38 Ramon Suarez, 45 Paul Talty, 40 Santos Valentin, Jr., 39 Walter E. Weaver, 30 Ronald Philip Kloepfer, 39 Thomas M. Langone, 39 James Patrick Leahy, 38 Brian Grady McDonnell, 38 John William Perry, 38 – an actor on shows like NYPD Blue and One Life to Live who was filing his police force retirement papers on that morning[13] Glen Kerrin Pettit, 30 John D'Allara, 47 Vincent Danz, 38 Jerome M. P. Dominguez, 37 Stephen P. Driscoll, 38 Mark Joseph Ellis, 26 Robert Fazio, Jr., 41 Private EMS Workers Keith Fairben, 24, – a paramedic who worked for the New York Presbyterian Hospital Richard Pearlman, 18, – an EMT who worked for the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Mario Santoro, 28 – a paramedic who worked for the New York Presbyterian Medical Center Yamel Merino, 24 – a single mother of an eight year old son who worked as an EMT for Metrocare/Montefiore Medical Center for three years Mohammad Salman Hamdani, 23 – a Muslim-American man who worked as a part-time FDNY Certified EMT and also a member of the New York City Police Department Cadet Corps for three years Marc Sullins, 30 – an EMT who worked with Cabrini Medical Center Mark Schwartz, 50 – an EMT who worked for Hunter Ambulance Jeff Simpson, 38 – an EMT who worked for the Dumfries-Triangle Rescue Squad, and also an employee for Oracle Corporation There is no answer from any of those listed. These men and women gave every thing on September 11, 2001. They have responded to their final alarm. They have responded home to be with the lord. But thier job is not done, their job is to now to watch over your fellow emergency workers. They may be gone but they are never forgotten.
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    Putting aside one’s stance on the issue, we should all agree that it is egregious and dangerous that this was leaked. Draft opinions should remain private and debated among the justices. Not every case ends up in-line with the initial vote. This being public undermines the process.
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    The committee has come out with the seedings for each region of the 2022 EMB Racist bracket. Got some good matchups
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    This will end the war:
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    Regarding companies monitoring their employees emails and internet activity, this is 100 true… About 20 years ago I was called into my boss’ office, where he reprimanded me for looking at porn on my work computer. He said it was an official warning that would go into my permanent file and I would be fired if it happened again. Dumbstruck I asked him what it was I allegedly looked at. He said the IT department flagged me for looking at "squirrel porn.” He asked me "why the hell would you look at that stuff?” I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked to speak with the IT department. The head of IT was an older woman. She wanted no part of this conversation and was clearly uncomfortable, but I asked her to show us what it was I was looking at. She took us back to the IT department and pulled up a page on an Eagles message board. Someone’s avatar was a picture of a squirrel standing up with his balls on full display. The image was called "squirrelporn.jpeg.” They said they would put in my permanent file that I was cleared of wrong doing. After a few minutes of me explaining how ridiculous it is that it would even be in my file they agreed to delete it, but that I couldn’t visit the message board at work anymore. On my last day there a bunch of people bought me stuffed animal squirrels.
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    Look, I'm not complaining about the moves the team made this offseason. Some really commendable maneuvers by Howie et al. But every year, there is some team - usually a team like the Browns - who kill it during the offseason, generate a ton of hype, and lay an egg once the regular season starts. How bout we slow down on the hype and see how the team plays before declaring us the NFC rep in the SB.
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    Blog in a nutshell today:
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    I'd rather someone poach Howie so we get draft skill compensation.
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    Hurts for 2022. Draft for defense with the 3 first rounders.
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    So JJAW to Sea after passing on DK. And Reagor to Vikings after passing on JJ
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    Just saw this. Brought it back from the dead. @Procus Don't delete very active threads because your feelies got hurt.
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    The EMB has always had a lot of members who served so I wanted to take a minute to say thanks. There's a lot of nonsense and noise out there but at the end of the day we are all grateful for your service.
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    just can't quite put my finger on what exactly.
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    Thought I'd give a little update, since I mentioned this last night. Her scans show 0 damage from the stroke. So either the injection worked 100% or any damage that is there, is so small that the scan can't pick it up. So great news, and she's transferring out of ICU once a bed in the stroke ward opens up. Thanks to everyone with the well wishes and all that, it's greatly appreciated.
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    This thread reads like somebody just got released from a Super Max that didn't have internet access.
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    Looking forward to Reagor's helmet catch.
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    Another amazing accomplishment for the greatest president in U.S. history.
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    Point 4 of the pinned guidelines updated, quoted below. This is only an issue (like most) because of you children in this blog. I'm done with trying to be lenient and giving unofficial warnings, you're ruining it for the others and we don't have complaints in any other part of the EMB. You guys know the guidelines, you're just going to get warnings and suspensions. You guys used to think of yourselves as enlightened above stupid TATERS, but so much drama and nonsense and reporting each other all the time. Enough.
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    Yeah. When I want guidance on good PR and optics, the first person I want to take advice from is Andrew Cuomo.
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    This case was 100% about politics. I'm glad the letter of the law won over politics. A win for America. Rare these days.
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