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  1. I really didn’t like rooting for the Phillies, but while hoping Nola didn’t do well. At least tonight I can root against Hill with more emphasis.
  2. I thought I was good for the past couple days, then yesterday happened and I’m scrambling.
  3. Going to be a good finish to our game this week.
  4. I wonder if the reason there’s so few blindside votes is because there’s only two options on who to vote out. Compared to Survivor, where it seems like every week there is a blindside.
  5. It seems that it’s based on the average tax credit by state, and the top 10 states voted for Trump. The poll cited in this article does note that 75% of Democrats polled approve of the expanded tax credit, while it’s 41% of Republicans.
  6. One of my favorite movies is Dirty Work. My brother and I often quote that movie.
  7. Who’s taking a chance on him, again:
  8. Very lucky to be winning after yesterday’s games. I was nervous seeing you had 3 SP and I had none. I decided to sit my pitchers on Sunday in hopes I can get better production from guys later in the matchup as we approach the 22 starts for pitchers.
  9. I don’t mind going, mainly because it’s time I’m basically doing nothing but doing it on works time. The annoying thing is that I work for a large company, so this getting a scanner shouldn’t be an issue. I’d be annoyed if someone made me send them a check for a payment instead of offering an online payment way (unless it’s an individual).
  10. I do, unfortunately. We still have clients who send us checks, as well as non payment related checks (FedEx refunds, former employee insurance payments, etc). The check scanner we had in the office stopped working and the bank will charge us to send us a scanner that works. Rather than doing that, I bring all of the checks to a local branch every other week (about 100 checks a month).
  11. I remember being non high school and in the TV production class. We watched tv the entire class, watching what was happening. I remember wearing an ESPN Zone shirt from NY. It had flames coming out of the top of the words ESPN Zone. After that day, I refused to wear that shirt. There were rumors that a kid got kicked out of a class by a teacher since he cheered when the second plane hit. I never learned if it was true or not though. At night, I worked at a toy store and I remembering how crazy it was that people were actually coming in to shop. It just felt wrong.
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