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  1. Let’s say on Jan 26th (the lowest BTC value in the last three months) you converted it to Doge. Today, you’d have about $1.2M. Today, in BTC, you’d have about $61k.
  2. Exactly. I think the top hitter gets around the same value as the 10th best pitcher. Looking at stats so far, the top batter has 59 pts while only 10 batters have more than 39 pts. The best pitcher has 87 pts (8th best has 59), while 41 pitchers have 40 pts or more.
  3. Pitchers are key. That’s why I went pitchers with my first 5 picks. Those top end pitchers will generally get 20 pts a start, at least, but often get into the 30’s. Their low score, on an off day often will result in some points. Mid to lower end pitchers, you hope to get 20, are lucky to get into the 30s, and a bad day can result in negative points.
  4. I enjoy having a SP who is RP eligible. I really dislike having actual RPs, so the more starters I can get who are RP eligible, the better.
  5. Lots of injuries, my IL is full with a couple additional who haven’t played yet. Pitchers making up for it though.
  6. I fixed my name so it’s now RPeeteRules.
  7. That’d be a big help for you. I’d get a little help with Strasburg, Bell, McNeil. I’d think my lead would be cut in half, at least, if they all played.
  8. Berrios and Wheeler each putting up 40 pt days helped me today.
  9. Also you’ll need to factor in lunch breaks and they’re not with students for 8 hours, so it’a closer to 6 hours a day with students.
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