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  1. If they change it, it should be changed for both regular season and playoffs. I’m fine with them keeping it or changing it. The one concern, though slight, is that if it’s changed and three straight TDs are scored, you might have the argument again that the second team should have a chance to match it.
  2. I just hope the Eagles can win another Super Bowl before then.
  3. I agree. I could see the rule changed eventually, I just wonder if coaches will realize they should kick in OT first or not. Though one could argue that if the second team scores, the first team is in sudden death mode, so they’d have the advantage at that point.
  4. I think if that rule happen, teams would want to kick first. If the other team scored first, your offense would have 4 downs to get a first down the entire drive.
  5. Wendy’s is roasting companies/people on Twitter. Here’s the thread to go through. Some are really good.
  6. Ah, gotcha. Tough to fire a coach after one year who barely missed the playoffs.
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