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  1. I just heard the great news. Back To Back Offensive Player of the Week. This is Jalen's 3rd Award this year. Wow. He made Eagles History and NFL History in the last couple of weeks. Now let's finish this month strong. Amazing job this year by Jalen and the whole team.
  2. Eagles Clinching Scenarios for Week 14: Birds Beat GMen = Playoff Berth Clinched or Seattle Loss and 49ers loss = Playoff Berth Clinched Vikings and KC both have Division Clinching Scenarios this week as well.
  3. I guess this is the reason Titans fired their GM. AJ's performance obviously stung. But looking at their WR core, the fact AJ out performed the whole unit is probably the straw that broke it. It's wild because despite that loss, the Titans will win the Division and go the Playoffs for sure this year.
  4. Brady is going to the playoffs probably with a losing record or .500 record. Wouldn't be shocked.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words. How about 2 numbers? 11-1.
  6. Henry.....11 carries, 30 yards. On Jordan's first game back too. Completely shut him down. And the Defense held them to 10 points.
  7. So we had to listen to an entire week of "He runs too much". What will the talking points be this week? Jalen and this Team can win in multiple ways. Stop trying to put him in some box where he only has to win a certain way or it's not good. Another Historic performance from Jalen.
  8. A freaking Tie. You got to be kidding me. Well that's still good for us to clinch a Playoff Berth because Commanders tied.
  9. There you have it. 11-1 and still in Control. Complete domination on Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Amazing Performance. Shut Henry completely down. Jalen, AJ and the O just slaughtered them out there.
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