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  1. Dude, the WFT has a better roster than the Eagles. They just need a QB. How can you say they’re not headed in the right direction.
  2. Best case scenario is two top 10 picks with a new GM calling the shots. There’s really nothing else to root for. You guys got the Birds penciled into the SB yet?
  3. Giants could have won that game 5 different ways. Losing teams find ways to lose. This is best Jays team we’ve seen since the walk-off heard round the world. They got one WC spot on lock. Yanks and Sox both suck, but one gets the other.
  4. This season is going well so far. I’m excited. 😀…….😭
  5. McCarthy is a loser. That’s all.
  6. Ha, I love it. So far it’s all guys that were not going to make the roster anyway, but if you have any doubt about whether or not you wanted to continue your career, come to Giants camp. They’ll help you figure it out.
  7. Two things. First, this WAS an excellent start to camp. Shows team members have each others back (including our QB who was in the middle of it). They all laughed about it after practice. Check out Logan Ryan's Twitter. Second, Judge is the best coach in the division, by a large margin. The players love him and Giants will be a very difficult team to play against this season. Watch...
  8. I’m sure you guys already discussed this at length, I didn’t flip back, but why the F didn’t the Sixers trade for Lowry? With him I think you guys are in the finals. It would have been worth the picks and players.
  9. That would be a great swap. Doc is a "players coach,” not a tactician. When he has far and away the best team he can make it work (even then he sometimes fails). When he has to coach the team up and make in-game adjustments he’s terrible.
  10. The Sixers hired the wrong coach. Doc is a loser. He had a stacked team in Boston and has underachieved everywhere else.
  11. That 2001 Super Bowl season was fun. RIP coach.
  12. Keep in mind they are a SIGNIFICANTLY better team at home and you guys are so so on the road. You guys might need 7 games here.
  13. Told you guys they would be a problem. ATL is deeper than Philly and they’re even missing Hunter. The Sixers have the best two players in the series and they need to dominate.
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