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  1. That 2001 Super Bowl season was fun. RIP coach.
  2. Keep in mind they are a SIGNIFICANTLY better team at home and you guys are so so on the road. You guys might need 7 games here.
  3. Told you guys they would be a problem. ATL is deeper than Philly and they’re even missing Hunter. The Sixers have the best two players in the series and they need to dominate.
  4. Love Jones to the Titans. Grown man offense.
  5. The Hawks are better than you think. Sixers are going to have their hands full. But yea, we suck.
  6. Wait, you don’t like the Giants? Get outta here! I’m shocked.
  7. I think the Giants are a contender for the division title but not the Super Bowl. I’m not concerned about the distraction. I don’t think it’s as intrusive as the show makes you think. Also, we have the best coach in the division to keep things in check. 😉
  8. I hope the Giants finally get it. I love the show and watching my guys would make it even better.
  9. I hate the idea of taking a WR in round 1 when it’s not a glaring weakness (I wanted Slater) but pretty much every mock I read had him pegged as a first rounder. I actually don’t think DG panicked at all. In fact it was the opposite. It seems like they wanted Smith. When he wasn’t there they stuck to their board, traded back and collected two premium picks. Panicking would have been selecting Toney at 11. Getting him at 20 was savvy. DG has made some mistakes, but anyway you slice it, he’s had a really good off season. Now he needs Jones to play well. If not, he’s gone.
  10. I guess in this case he’s talking about DG, but that’s an odd way of phrasing it. Very unclear, especially when DG has never recognized the value of trading back until this year.
  11. It’s not my spin. Also Toney is an inch shorter but 30+ pounds heavier than Smith and a projected first rounder. He’s built like a football player not a middle schooler. Doesn’t mean anything, but Smith is far and away the "smaller” guy. DG has had his struggles, but he probably extracted more value out of this draft than any GM when you consider quality of picks + future value.
  12. Very strange. I’m surprised the two teams traded with one another for a second time. Weak!
  13. Not really much of a reach. He was projected mid 20s. I would have preferred Slater but it’s hard to pass on an additional first and third.
  14. It’s what the talking heads have been saying on TV right? Could be true. It makes sense. DG was dead set on getting Jones more weapons and he was the highest rated offensive player on the board. I’m pretty happy with Toney + 2022 first + 2022 third. I think Smith will be an 1,100 yard 8TD type receiver and Toney will be in the 800-900 yard 5TD range with a bunch of big special teams returns.
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