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  1. With the Eagles likely not doing much in free agency with the cap situation, gonna be a long 2 months til any kind of significant activity happening.
  2. You don’t take backup QBs in the 2nd round. Especially when you can get high end starters at another position there. From the beginning the pick only remotely made sense if they though Hurts was legit and had to take him because they really liked him, and him being a backup was only because Wentz balled out.
  3. Caplan said the Eagles graded Hurts as a low end starter when they drafted him. ...then why take him in round 2? Why take anyone who you grade as low end anything in round 2? If he’s right that’s pretty stupid to draft him there.
  4. I'll always be a fan of them, but if they pass on Chase for a QB I'm not watching until Howie is gone. It would be the final straw.
  5. If Chase is there at 6 and they take a QB it’ll be the final straw for me.
  6. Makes me feel dirty just knowing that Howie has free rein to make all of these moves when he's the one that got us here in the first place.
  7. Excitement level for the upcoming season is the lowest it has been for me since the mid 90s.
  8. Honestly, I’ll rag on Howie all day long, it’s fun, but the vitriol really needs to start being directed towards Lurie now. He can end this madness any time he wants with two simple words "you’re fired.” Dude’s been a good owner the majority of his time here, but things have gone off the rails and he needs to get it back under control.
  9. It's hard to envision a scenario where Wentz plays well, but the Colts aren't that good, but I'll throw out the hypothetical regardless. Say Wentz is playing pretty well(not 2017 well, but decent) but for whatever reason, the Colts year isn't going well. Maybe it's injuries, maybe it's coaching, maybe it's just one of those years where they lose a lot of one score games with awful luck. Say they're 4-8 at the 12 game mark. Would they dare bench Wentz, who is playing well, to ensure they don't lose that 1st round pick knowing benching him would likely cause a firestorm and sour Wentz, as it did here in Philly? And risk losing him psychologically going forward?
  10. It already happened, just not in our timeline yet. But the prophet has seen it, and it shall be.
  11. Kempski and Solak think the Eagles will draft a QB at 6.
  12. ESP forever the attention-craving contrarian. "The Colts will be giving the Eagles a better pick than 21 next year. The Colts aren't a great organization. The Eagles are a better run organization than the Colts are right now."
  13. In others news it also found one of Carson Wentz's footballs he overthrew to Sanders from this season.
  14. Andy Reid is under .500 with Howie Roseman as his GM. Has close to a .700 winning % with every other GM.
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