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  1. Eagles with a crap draft and wasted moving up 2 spots. Giants own the Eagles in the 2022 draft.
  2. Let the Kolb era end. He sucked. Good thing he got hurt right away and Vick took over.
  3. Phillies in World Series is laughable. Are they even the 3rd best team in their division?
  4. With that schedule we could easily start out 0-4.
  5. Just found an interesting video how Native Americans actually like the name Redskins. So stupid. How Native Americans REALLY feel about the Redskins name - YouTube
  6. I just read an article that the Redskins might take Carson. If they do they are making their team worse.
  7. Goff is now better than Wentz 🤣 Remember the days we debated between Wentz and Dak? What a joke that is now.
  8. Jim McMahon vs the Browns 1991. We were down 23-0 and won 32-30.
  9. I decided to take out a camera and film myself watching the final drive. I was nervous they'd blow it.
  10. Are you enjoying how racist your team is never hiring black head coaches or black starting QBs?
  11. Apparently they hired that Bills guy and the interviews with Patrick Graham and Brian Flores were fake. Flores is pissed and firing a lawsuit against the NFL. I knew the Giants were racist because they have never had a black start QB or black head coach.
  12. Although the Eagles never won a championship they were solid for a while going 10-6 or 11-5 every year from 88 to 92. In 1991 they probably would have made it to the NFC title game had Randall not got hurt. They owned the Giants back then until that bad rough patch from 1997-2000. Most of my lifetime the Eagles have faired well head to head with the Giants who I despise.
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