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  1. Blobeph is back and a Cardinal supporter 🙂
  2. With how bad the Eagles look on paper it appears our undefeated streak against the Jets will come to an end this year :(. Dam the NFL for making a 17 game schedule. It was cool being undefeated against them all these years.
  3. I just submitted Washington Redskins and told liberals to stop complaining as most Native Americans are fine with the name.
  4. This guy will suck. I agree. No one else wanted him.
  5. Carson Wentz Tells Pat McAfee What Went Wrong In Philly - YouTube
  6. Welcome back Don! How are you doing? Do you miss Pastor Troy the Redskin logo guy? And Angelo?
  7. Fans are apathetic towards the team now because we know we will be worse this year than last year. 2-14 is like best case scenario.
  8. Why would you want to go to a game next year? Do you want to chant Fire Howie or sell the team Jeff? lol
  9. Howie Roseman knows nothing about football. A fan can do a better job. Fire his ass and get a new GM asap!
  10. Where did you hear that they did not make an offer. I thought reports said they got impatient with us.
  11. Didn't the Bears offer the Eagles more? WTF is going on? This team is such a joke. Everyone excited to see a worse season than last? 2-14 or 1-15 coming up.
  12. Brkmsn, if you thought 4-11-1 sucked last year wait until this year when we go 1-15 or 2-14. Team is ****.
  13. When fans are allowed back they need to chant fire Roseman as loud as they can like when they chanted Fire Andy in that Pats game.
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