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  1. Not true. The Interim is the RB coach, who is apparently loved by the AD Marvin lewis, and Glen Thomas will also be interviewed for the HC. Not to mention theres probablt 3 dozen grad asst's on the staff that'll be with the new coaching staff regardless. Finally, my theory, it was a Grad Asst who got let go, or a bitter position coach who knows theyre gonna leach on some where and just wanted herm gone
  2. Hurts plays hero ball, fumbles it, goes into the end zone and AJ Brown lands on it. Lock it in
  3. Thats not why he wanted out. and it doesnt have to do with being a professional athlete. If you given a crap team and told to your best, and then they hired you're replacement that you had to train and help, everyone here would quit lol.
  4. Bacarty2


    I'm gonna add a dark horse, Panthers Money Line....
  5. I thought of that too. If the saints are around 10, you could probably trade it for a mid 20's pick 2023 and a 1st for 2024. Which Howie would love. BUT, I think Will Anderson is a F888ing monster and generational, and will make TJ watt and Bosa boys look like lil' bieches.
  6. Nah, If Hurts(big IF) pans out we should go get Will Anderson. The saints should be a top 10 pick + our mid 20 pick, might be enough juice to go get him at 3 or 4. Assuming Bryce and Stroud go 1 and 2.
  7. I dont know if its the OC or Mitch being a lil **** but they have no deep shots, never stretch the field and never take chances. They wont even throw a 60/40 ball let alone a 50/50 ball. To not capatilize on a watson-less Browns team isnt good.
  8. I hate it because you cant switch channels. SOmetimes I get fuzzyiness. sometimes a little lag. nothing crazy, but impossible to flip to and from the PHillies.
  9. Bacarty2


    Here's my NFL plays right now. Real strong Leans anyways... lots can change from now till Sunday, but I dont get on here during the weekend... Buffalo/Miami over. Dont think it's gonna be a hard core shootout but with a late push by the dolphins it hits the 52 Over Jets getting 6.5 at home. I think Cinnci wins, back door cover. Chiefs/Colts Over. Chiefs may score 50 on thier own I have a teaser I like for the Cowboys/Giants game I may report back on Monday. Good Luck
  10. A great analogy for those with kids... My son always, and I mean always needs to be reminded to brush his teeth before bed. Last night he didnt and did it himself. Does this mean I should stop reminding him? ego to take hits as a QB isnt a good one...
  11. There is nothing in the sports world that would make me more happy if Hurts plays like he did in the first half for the rest of his long career in philly. Can you imgiane celebrating a superbowl victory and then having 2 first rounders. But again, I'm weird. I know what an outlier is. 2 halfs out of 50 is considered an outlier. and Trust me, I hope it changes
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