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  1. Dear Jim, I know you probably wont see this but here it is anyway. I know I'm just some dumb a** who watches the game from my couch. The offense is playing marginally well and gave you a 29 point game. The other team has had a WR who already scored 3 TD's on your defense. Why would you call a play that has one of our cement shoed LB's cover that guy who already scored 3 times? Another question is why is the Burnt Toast Gobbler still playing? On one particular play in the 1st half he was on the defensive right side one on one with a WR and played outside technique and then proceeded to turn his hips towards the sideline and the WR went inside and he was totally lost. This has been a staple of his time in coverage! If I can see this from 1500 miles away how can you not see this from 2 feet away? Anything I can do to help? Thanks, A concerned lifelong fan.
  2. I had a ticket 16 rows up at Levi. Too bad. FYI, Miami is allowing limited fans
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