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  1. He is also elite at going to the basket and then passing it back out for an assist...or so I'm told.
  2. Ben Simmons reminds me a lot, believe it or not, of Reagor. I know that's weird, but stay with me for a second: They suck.
  3. So much tension in here. Here, I'll change the subject to something that will unite us and lighten the mood: Jalen Hurts sucks.
  4. Yeah, but do they have Eagles HoF inductee Greg Ward?
  5. Yeah, Hurts could absolutely (and I really hope he does) ball out moving forward. Stranger things have happened.
  6. "Hurts is an accurate thrower" Based on what? Trying to miss half of the time?
  7. Damn, I've been foiled. Rock solid opinion by one of our finest.... LOL
  8. Should've looked up Mullens first four starts as a rookie ahead of time so I was prepared. I'm slipping.
  9. I sincerely don't think he's going to compete to be the starter and I think you're way off base there, but yeah, Hurts is a major concern when NICK MULLENS outplayed him. To be fair Mullens also outplayed Wentz last season.
  10. Terrible. Know what's even scarier? He played better than the guy we're currently slated to let lead this team week 1.
  11. They'll be a surprise. I'm confident in that. Not a good surprise, mind you.
  12. He was terrible last season and somehow better than Hurts. Going to be a long season.
  13. Mullens was pretty bad last season. Better than Hurts, sadly enough, but pretty bad.
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