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  1. To be fair I know some real Disney hardcore lib fantics and no one agrees with that stupid article. It was such a gift to Fox News. That’s a weeks worth of outrage for them
  2. The Prince thought Snow White was dead. this isn’t an issue of consent. It’s an issue of Necrophilia
  3. I’m excited to cheer against Miami all year. I don’t like that Giants have Bears pick which could be a top 5
  4. The National people seem to think we did well. All Bs and some As
  5. All the stuff I said before now applies to you two.You are not co-winners. Each won independently. If you two decide you want to kill each other to be sole winner please let us know so we can live stream it I also want to note that HazletonEagle lost
  6. Double checking but I think this is correct. Obviously I’m not happy that it got messed up
  7. I may made errors. Will recheck tomorrow how I worded. I did miss some points today as pointed out
  8. Gannon was really excited about the Williams pick
  9. I could see a contender like KC trading for Wetz if Kelce were to get injured. Otherwise I’m not sad at all that we have Ertz another year
  10. Only 8 participants qualified to win with a correct pick on each of the 3 days Cochis_Calhoun received 5 points Titian and is our winner including picking the 4th and 5th round picks today Cochis can add EMB Master of the Draft 2021 to his signature Congratulations also the four who tied for second. Three others showed DeathByEagle 4 Dawkins20 4 GreenAkers4 Jenkins27 4 MidMoFo3 EricAllenPick6 3 CouchPotato 3
  11. Draft starts in about 90 minutes. I’ll be with clients so I’m going to quickly close it at some point as close as I can to the start. Honor system if I’m a few minutes late please
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