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  1. Did young kkkz ever think? That's it. Like, was he ever capable of thought? I mean, I'm pretty sure we know the answer based on observing old kkkz, but just want to rule out some sort of brain damage from eating paint chips or a head injury.
  2. The meddling-feds scooby doo energy in #8 is my fountain of youth. Ponce DeLeon should've just subscribed to the WaPo.
  3. Hey now, remember that time seventy_yard_dumbass made an articulate, well-informed, thought provoking post? Yeah me neither
  4. Zlatan is the authority on weird facial hair and man buns. And whatever that weird gum is he's constantly trying to sell.
  5. One thing to keep in mind is that not all locations or vaccine sites will be drawn down equally. There will likely be pockets still serving previous phases while others move on to new phases. The idea is to maximize throughput and not have any doses sitting idle. In any case, if you or someone you know is not opposed to driving 45-60 min to a rite aid / walgreens, then checking this site at midnight and 6am can be helpful. http://www.vaxxmax.com/
  6. Oh right, you're not a trump supporter but...
  7. Good to have you back, trumpbot. I was worried you spineless rubes would never muster up the courage to show your face again after Jan 6th.
  8. Good point, we should really do something about those prayer rugs.
  9. So did a stupid pointless "wall" and a million other things. But I know, I know, next you'll tell me about caravans and MS-13. Then it's something, something, prayer rugs at the border. Look, we get it, you're still salty because you couldn't stop the steal, but queefing about immigrants is misplaced anger.
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