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  1. van you gotta post the mickmack meme with him looking from outside the restaurant
  2. Lactose intolerance is some cases isn't so much an allergy as it is a lack of an enzyme needed to break down and digest lactose. Some people never have it, in others their body's ability to produce the enzyme (lactase) falters with age. My dad used to really enjoy ice cream, but now he can't have much of it.
  3. ^From the brilliant mind that produced the hot take of "they weren't even being violent" on the evening of Jan 6th after watching it all unfold on live TV.
  4. There are roughly 40% of eligible Americans yet to get their first dose. So depending on when this poll was conducted, if we assume those who said they'd probably or will get it (38% of this subset) we'd be adding about 15% to the 52% of people who already got their first dose, for a total of 67%. Not too far off from the benchmark of 70%, but one that still remains as an ambitious target. Food for thought to all the trumpbots who said Biden was setting goals that were too easy.
  5. I'm not too worried about it. From a public health standpoint, it's still a net benefit if we reduce flu deaths as much as possible in the interim. Any waning in collective immunity is marginal compared to the mitigation efforts sparing lives of the young and elderly. And even after a few years, I still highly doubt you'd see a resurgence that would "make up for lost time" so to speak.
  6. Very few common utility systems like the one in question are truly air-gapped.
  7. You're being trolled. Cryptocurrencies are incredibly risky and volatile.
  8. That's somewhat a possibility at some point, sure. Though I think it'll likely take quite a few years at least, people often go decades between getting the flu.
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