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  1. Right, because this is definitely the first time a "me or him" ultimatum has been forced by a player or coach.
  2. Imagine being in the writer's room for SNL or the Daily Show after watching those clips. Like how the hell would you come up with a parody or sketch that isn't easily mistaken for reality?
  3. The large disparity of infant mortality rates between the US and other first world nations predates covid. The article seems to also imply the disparity in maternal mortality rates will now be even worse in certain states.
  4. It didn't jump from 24 to 861. The stats are from two separate sentences, the former being a per capita count, the latter the aggregate count for 2020.
  5. Yeah not sure how many times he personally has been to MAL, but could be that he knows about it second hand. Wouldn't shock me he found out somehow given the extent of access a Meadows staffer had into everything. Doesn't seem like they were the most careful bunch when it came to opsec.
  6. You guys just now figuring out that guy has a legitimate mental illness? You ever walk past a disheveled looking homeless guy muttering to himself and decide to get into an argument with him over the enforcement of federal laws? Right, me neither.
  7. Doesn't seem as likely that Meadows would've flipped, at least not yet. My money's still on Cipollone.
  8. Yep exactly, going with the "I ordered them to be declassified and didn't know they never were" basically falls apart the minute this was brought to his attention back in February. The National Archives and DOJ has been in contact with them for months prior to the raid so if he wants to go under oath and say he had no idea what was going on, I wish him the best of luck.
  9. You literally replied to a post explaining that declassification is a documented process. For the 50th time, he can't just say he declassified and smirk at the judge, you idiot.
  10. You think Trump was competent enough to declassify everything in his possession before he left office? Come on, dude. More or less, yes it has to be somewhat specific, it can't be something broad and general like "everything in Boxes B through K is hereby declassified!" Mind you, this would've needed to have happened prior to him leaving office, which definitely did not happen.
  11. fyp I certainly hope so, not that it will matter to backwater, low-info rubes from WV who will still vote for him even if he was wearing an orange jumpsuit
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