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  1. You need to get some professional help dude
  2. Ya totally, with the little free time I have, spending it to have a beer with a trumpbot moron who's been fed a steady diet of fox news every day is exactly what I want to do. Good call.
  3. Not as funny as you continuing to jump to the most idiotic conclusions. "The mandates are gonna cut the workforce by 25%!" "Boosters are gonna be mandated forever!" "Tucker Carlson's not even anti-vax from what I've seen." "Biden's gonna lock down the country over a cold!"
  4. Also saw this uncorroborated rumor being passed around for why they were hiding in Detroit. If true, it might be the most fitting part of this whole saga yet.
  5. Parents of the year! A former neighbor told the Free Press she had concerns about their parenting long before Tuesday's tragedy. Jennifer and James Crumbley often left their young son home alone while drinking at bars in downtown Lake Orion in 2014 and 2015, former neighbor Kayla LeMieux said. The boy would have been between 8 and 9 years old at that time. It was so concerning to LeMieux, 28, that she said she made an anonymous phone complaint to the state’s Children’s Protective Services. "When they were gone, he would come knock on our door,” LeMieux said of the boy. "They didn’t leave him with a phone. It was really when I finally started to say more, because I was just like, even after calling CPS, they were still doing it and even me saying something to them, they were still like ‘Oh he is fine,’ ” LeMieux said. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/12/05/james-and-jennifer-crumbley-ethan-oxford-high-shooting/8867284002/
  6. "Take your meds", says the illiterate cultist with an undiagnosed mental illness.
  7. Nobody cares how you would've said it. Providing palliative care for an infant with a terminal medical condition is cause to lose one's license, but a doctor advocating against vaccines and instead prescribing an unproven anti-parasatic off-label is perfectly reasonable in your demented and deranged mind? Sounds about right for a cultist.
  8. I've always viewed on margin like betting on parlays in sports handicapping. Sounds good in theory because of the potential gains, but mostly a trap for overconfident novices who don't understand how the cards can be stacked against them.
  9. I like how they're so indignant over this and claiming the prosection is just trying to turn this into a media spectacle. If I were the prosector I would've said, "I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it became a media spectacle when your son used the gun you bought for him to murder 4 innocent kids in cold blood, then you fled when charged with a crime."
  10. I haven't been following what's going on or the instruments available in crypto but they might not have a choice in the matter if they don't have enough to keep the trade open.
  11. Dumb and dumber were found last night on the outskirts of Detroit, hiding in a commercial building. During the arraignment, their lawyer is still trying to claim they weren't hiding or fleeing, just had a "logistics" issue and got tied up with errands which is why they were no shows yesterday. The $4k ATM withdrawal and both of their phones being turned off in the afternoon yesterday were merely coincidences they claim. Because, ya know, clearly lying during their arraignment is always a good look.
  12. Pretty safe to say the judgement of these two F-tards is ridiculously terrible.
  13. No, read my post again, Magoo. They weren't responding to calls and texts from their lawyer either. These people are dumb as F.
  14. Not responding to phone calls and texts from the police and their own attorney must've also been for their own safety. I bet they were worried about catching covid from their phones!
  15. They abandoned him long before today. That's been painfully clear. What's even more clear, is that Biden's liberal policies did this.
  16. All because of a woke DA trying to shamelessly go after a couple of innocent doting and responsible parents, amirite?
  17. Apparently on the day they bought the gun, the mom posted on her social media that is was a xmas present for the kid. Real smart decisions by these two brain surgeons for parents.
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