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  1. The only one bent of out of shape is the child who tried to engage the adults in a discussion and then was roundly mocked for their infantile logic.
  2. Ooh I like this game, can I play? You’re implying that an individual citizen is supposed to bear the burden of "impact on the population” if they don’t sober up before getting behind the wheel. That’s definitely the intelligent stance to have for sure. Many of Dotards rusted out pick-up truck driving supporters certainly feel this way.
  3. Yes, qualifiers are absolutely relevant for the same reason drunk driving is a choice that not only affects the moron climbing behind the wheel, but everyone else he shares the road with. By your logic, we shouldn't have drunk driving laws because "my body, my choice" is somehow a valid justification for a behavior that clearly endangers the lives of others. Almost two years into this and we're still having the same dumb arguments we've had as nauseum since the beginning. How fun.
  4. Oddly enough, Poe ended up being wrong. Our ingenuity has allowed us to create a cipher for which we cannot solve.
  5. I don't know how many kids he has, but the running joke is that it's a lot. Hopefully he doesn't take offense to that, I think it's commendable that he's willing to raise that many kids. Hopefully he raises them to be a bit more level headed such that they don't accuse people of being ghouls when someone is just trying to provide as much relevant info as possible in the middle of a sheety situation. If said person truly was a ghoul, they'd probably be trying to undermine the benefit of vaccines at every turn instead. Ironically there actually are people exactly like that on here and yet they're not the ones getting called ghouls by him.
  6. Sure, you laugh now, but when the coronavirus mutates into The Omega variant that causes all infected people to procreate until they have exactly 5 kids, then we'll see who was the true prophet of this all along.
  7. I saw karate kid when it came out and then re-watched prior to starting cobra kai and I kinda get what he's saying. The original was an objectively good movie (even getting an Oscar nom for Morita.) While the new series comes off more as a campy intentionally over-the-top comedy that pokes fun at itself, and by extension, the original movie. I mean, I get it, because it kinda came out in the thick of the cheesy 80's pop-culture summer movie surge and was then further diluted by poor sequels to the point where a lot of people associate that level of cheesiness with the original (Rocky and Rambo franchises are like this too.) But the new series acts like it was always in on the joke, and almost derides to source material for the sake of self-justification, which is lame because the original was good then and actually still holds up today.
  8. Under the new program, you can buy and get reimbursed by your insurance for 8 per person, per month (i.e. a total of 40 tests per month for a family of 5) but this site allows for a no-questions-asked hassle-free method to get 4 tests.
  9. FYI, the site to order 4 free tests went live a day early (good enough for gov work), you can go in and put an order in now.
  10. In case anyone wasn't sure if Rand Paul had completed his transition into a full-blown conspiracy peddling lunatic...
  11. Hurts has like 21-22 WTF are you doing plays every week.
  12. Sorry, I just have zero confidence in him being able to find us a quality QB. Call me jaded, unreasonable, or whatever, but the guy just sucks and needs to go asap.
  13. Sure would've been nice if Howie saw it before he drafted him.
  14. Does seem crazy, ya. Of all the teams left, I'll be cheering for the winner of the Rams / Cards, the Bills, and the Chiefs to win it. Can't stomach seeing Brady or Rodgers win another one.
  15. Never be too ashamed to ask for help when you don't know something. Not to worry though, I'll even do the leg work for you. Let us know if you have any trouble with it, there are some big words here you may have never seen before... The offensive team is permitted to shift and have two or more players in motion multiple times before the snap. However, after the last shift, all players must come to a complete stop and be in a set position simultaneously for at least one full second. https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/nfl-video-rulebook/illegal-shift/
  16. You have to be set for one sec before the snap and Williams was still moving. About as clear as you can get.
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