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  1. Given that he just signed a 4 year, $64 million contract to be our left tackle, there is no way the eagles will risk injury with him taking the punishment of a runningback.
  2. Pics or it didn't happen
  3. If only there was a forum to ask me, "Dave Spadaro", questions
  4. What am I, chopped liver? @james1345 you still haven't asked me a question yet in "Ask "Dave""
  5. As I hinted to, some progress has been made. In 2021, alternate helmets approved by NFL for use with throwback uniforms in 2022
  6. Could an intern break this story 3 minutes before Rob Maaddi?
  7. He hasn't posted in a while but according to his profile he last visited on December 18, 2020
  8. Very excited to have a great young mind in the building, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I expect to see a lot of moves between now and draft day as Howie molds the roster with Coach Sirianni.
  9. We are somewhat constrained by the NFL. However, there is a potential change for the 2021 season which may allow for throwback uniforms. We'll see
  10. "Dave Spadaro"

    Kay Adams

    Because all of the threads in this forum are 5 stars. Except this one.
  11. Polish is a group of people, not something you rub on your balls.
  12. Why do you think it was a dare or a bet? If you were on the field, what would you do?
  13. The video still works, it just won't let you play it from this site (I'll see if I can get Edwin to fix it), they want you to play it from youtube. Copy and paste the link into your browser so you can hear it yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3S6uvV6EMw
  14. Was the hit late? Absolutely! Do I think it was done to intentionally hurt DJax? I do not. Much like how Baseball has a set of unwritten rules, football does as well. These me make their livelihood playing a sport that is brutal, not to mention has a very small window to play in. While they are out there, yes, they want to make the big hit, but they are not trying to intentionally hurt each other. Only in very rare cases, like Myles Garrett using Mason Rudolph in a VERY heated situation, would I assume a player is trying to injure another player. Back to the Harper hit. Here is how I see it: Kick returns move VERY fast for the players on the field. Much faster for them than for you or I watching it on TV. I think that in the moment he was still in full tackle mode before he had a chance to process the fact the play was over. Watch it one more time. You will notice the ref does not blow the whistle until the moment Harper made the hit. If the whistle was blown when the first hit on Desean was made, Harper most likely would have pulled up. I want to give Madre Harper the benefit of the doubt. Because if he was trying to injure a player who JUST came back, he would be a marked man.
  15. "Dave Spadaro"


    These are different times, for sure. The Raiders will be without their entire offensive line due to COVID.
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