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  1. Strengthening the D-line will prevent the corners--whomever they may be--from being exposed.
  2. Drafting a Vinny Curry 2.0 in the third round would be a great deal.
  3. Howie was on WIP earlier today, and said the choice was between Williams and Alim McNeil, who projects more as a run-stopping nose tackle. After hearing this, I'm with Roseman and Gannon on this one. In today's NFL, you need quick, penetrating d-tackles. The story: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/howie-roseman-tom-donahoe-nfl-draft-awkward-moment-milton-williams-alim-mcneill
  4. Ouch. Jacoby Stevens hit on Devonte Smith Jacoby Stevens hit on Amari Rodgers
  5. I think with each season, we are witnessing the increasing blurring between the two positions.
  6. Two tight-end sets. That was the plan, but Doug and co. could scheme it up well. And Carson proceeded to have back-to-back poor seasons. I do think that even if we drafted Jefferson, we would have still drafted Smith as well. Can you imagine that tandem?
  7. I would rather we just keep him. I prefer to surround Hurts with as much talent as possible so the coaching staff and front office can ascertain whether or not he is the real deal.
  8. Oh, I'm just responding to the folks exclaiming, "Why didn't we draft a corner or linebacker?!"
  9. I would like to see Maddox play in Gannon's scheme before we give up on him and draft a new slot cb.
  10. Good DT talent can be found in later rounds. Good CB and LB talent....not so much.
  11. Does it matter when you're in a multi-year rebuild?
  12. Do we need a slot corner like Robinson? Does that justify Donahue's reaction?
  13. I agree with this. I thought his behavior was unprofessional. He should've known that he was on live tv.
  14. But outside of the first round, that's not what the draft is for, especially in a rebuilding year. Drafting for need is what has gotten us into trouble in the past. Furthermore, we don't need a slot corner like Robinson.
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