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  1. Josh is great but he also throws a lot of pics. With our offense if we're leading there is no way they stop our run game. Jalen is use to playing in big games in college so he'll be calm and deadly.
  2. Cam was more into fashion than fb. The guy just didn't seem to have that edge after losing to Denver in the SB. Jalen is doing great, It shouldn't matter how you win just WIN!
  3. I agree on the defense but without Gronk I don't fear that offense.
  4. Because of the defense not because of Brady. They struggled against NO even with Evans.
  5. That defense is awesome but they're not winning anything this year. Wouldn't be surprised to see Brady quit before the season ends.
  6. Brady and that Tampa offense looks awful. Not fearing anyone in the NFC!
  7. Falcons making a comeback against the Rams 😀
  8. I could care less about those "I told you so" people. Just want some exciting Eagles FB!
  9. Never thought that team would look so awful.
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