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  1. Hey, we can’t help it if they don’t understand statistical analyses. Sanders has a Greater number of Fumbles in a Fewer amount of Carries. I was going to say you could draw a picture, but the diagrams aren’t helping them either. That being said, if you run this out all year ( he only had 102 carries thru 10 games??? ) he would be be 160 carries for 865 yards 5 TDS & 5 fumbles on runs? Whys he only getting 10 carries a game AND fumbling? No wonder Jordan is back. Booby needs to take the football home and make love to it a few nites, take it out dancing, buy it dinner. Tuck it in at night. Then booby, you can have the ball more.
  2. That’s some pretty damn hard data to dispute. Is this wonder really a damn fumbler?
  3. I’m not jumping either way at bench or not to bench Wentz...but: This magical "window” he had to throw to Reagor in space was covered by #44. In fact, to me...it looked like #44 could have played that ball or even the safety underneath ( #42 ? ). Dumping to the back in flat that was Clearly covered by #44 was no better an option, but just saying...I do t think Reagor was wide open. He had space but those two defenders could have closed unless the play was supposed to be a direct snap and pass.
  4. And now look at Rasul thrive. Funny how they do that when they leave ... a lot of em anyway. See the article about current Eagles from last year on other teams?
  5. Bunny Curry has been a nice surprise, not sold on the Sweat train myself either.
  6. I don’t completely disagree that he is not the greatest CB, but he’s not a great safety either. McCloud is our free safety and Wallace is better than Mills at SS so give Wallace a shot to develop I say Jacquett earned a starting role. If you don’t like my above scenario, here is another secondary: Slay / Jacquette Starting Corners Maddox Back to nickel, too short for outside. Insert Nickell Roby, or LeBlanc here also if you prefer McCloud / Wallace. Starting Safeties Mills / Parks back up...whatever position they’re supposed to be. Get where I’m going? 3 true corners and 2 true safeties. Forget the chess piece crap.
  7. 3rd & 18 & he calls a draw???!
  8. He’s not really the problem whoever is calling the offense is the problem. The defensive scheme is bad, but Schwartz can play different
  9. Ok, enough of the interchangeable chess piece DB shenanigans. We have corners who tackle well for corners trying to tackle well as safeties and failing. ( go back to corner Goblin ) Maddox : gonna sit a while, you’re short. Who knows maybe you’ll grow. Point is the interchangeable player stuff is getting schemed by opponents. Starting Corners : Slay Goblin Nickel: Jacquett Safeties : McCloud & Wallace. Wht do we have to lose, go back to this and use Parks for an occasional different look. I miss Buddy Ball 46 Defense
  10. I’m fairly grown, 47 years my birth certificate says. Anyway, haven’t been here since the days of Eagle’s owned message boards..glad VaBeachEagle restored this. He might be able to look up my old posts and merge he said. Anyway, glad to see there’s still some ole’ ball busting salties on here!
  11. So there’s nothing to this? I thought it a piece of sensationalism drama, but my eyes did wet for a moment at the prospects. Ahhh
  12. Who says we have no shot at SB? They’ll win the NFC East. They can get Thomas this year and actually advance in the playoffs with him. Sort the cap crap out next year. SB. Unite The Clans!
  13. Whatever. I know we could have him right now. We know Eagles win the NFC East. With him, they have a shot at advancing thru playoffs. Next year & the year after? Who gives a shite? SB Babe. What are you, on the Eagle’s cap committee...reporting direct to Roseman are ya?
  14. They can absorb his cost. Just cleared 5.7 mil & they were at $21 mil in cap space so what are they like saving all that cash so Howie looks like a smart guy?
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