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  1. Could be a 10 win season but could also be a 6 win one. Couple of interesting games on the schedule for sure.
  2. Coach potato? Even he can’t mess that up…. can he?
  3. It was the right call though. He was definitely short.
  4. They are catching so much flack around the area it’s hilarious. I really feel bad for their fans though.
  5. How many of these things will happen? My guess is 1 maybe 2.
  6. Really? Please hire one then. I’ll take the third any day. That’s not a bad round and they could may be get a decent player.
  7. What an ending. Definitely made the Eagles loss easier to swallow. Cowboys definitely shot themselves in the foot. The sad thing is Dallas might be the most talented team in the league right now. And yet they blew it again. When was their last playoff victory?
  8. Eagles are done and Cowboys lost. So I don’t really care anymore. I’m good either way here. I know a lot of Steelers fans and of course good old Andy Reid is still in KC.
  9. Just looked. It appears they are in the hole by 13 million. New Orleans is the worst with 73 million in the hole and Green Bay is next at 37 million 😳
  10. They’ve drafted better then the Eagles the past few years thats for sure. They’ve got plenty of weapons on o and the d is pretty solid for the most part. Hopefully they lose a few pieces.
  11. Nah I don’t think they fire McCarthy yet. This is his second year? Thats true. If he can ever adjust he might be alright.
  12. Kellen Moore will likely be a head coach somewhere. Again him or Sirianni? 🤔
  13. Try at least. Going to the middle of the field was a bad idea. Unless he timed it right they are screwed.
  14. And aren’t they like 40 mil over the cap or something? They will likely have to cut some key guys this offseason.
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