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  1. If we could get him and Chuck Clark somehow that would be insane
  2. This wouldn’t make sense at this point. We have everything we need at qb. A potential starter. A back up with some experience starting. And a third string rookie with upside.
  3. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at deshon Elliot either. We need to sign at least two players for sure.
  4. Hope we get more competition at safety soon though. Blankenship doesnt exactly solve our issue there.
  5. Hopefully a cb and safety coming today. Want to draft a safety and also sign matheui
  6. USC receives worry the crap out of me ever since Nelson Stinkahlor. I want nothing to do with Drake London. Especially in round 1.
  7. I like a lot of the players you picked up. If we get edmunds after the draft too thats big. Elam isnt my favorite for round one but I like him over McDuffie. Dont think Fuller is realistic since we have so many players to compete for the spot opposite slay already. Even if he wins its for 1 year at best. I would also say the same about Goldman since we already have two high priced veteran DTs. If Bailey Zappe (5967 yards and 62 tds) is there in the 5th thats a huge steal.
  8. With the 252nd pick in the EMB draft the Cincinnati Bengals select... Deven Thompkins, WR/KR/PR, Utah State @downundermike The Rams are on the clock
  9. I would definitely be on board for this. I can actually see this happening also. Getting Sauce would be HUGE to pair with Slay. Only thing I will say is that I personally would go for Wyatt at DT over Jones but thats my personal preference.
  10. With the 184th pick in the EMB draft the Minnesota Vikings select: Kalon Barnes, CB, Baylor @Iggles25 The Seahawks are now on the clock
  11. With the 174th pick in the EMB Mock Draft, The Cincinnati Bengals select: Smoke Monday, Safety, Auburn @downundermike The Rams are now on the clock
  12. It is awesome to see so much talent still available in the later rounds with the Eagles having so many draft picks this year. Going to be a good draft!
  13. With the 170th pick, the Minnesota Vikings select: Tyquon Thorton, WR, Baylor @MillerTime The Packers are now on the clock
  14. just made a trade for 170. Vikings get 170, Bucs get 182, 250, and a 2023 6th rounder. Just waiting on the approval and ill make the pick. @downundermike
  15. I got two high 6th rounders for someones 5th rounder and like a 7th while the player im looking at is still there. msg me if you want to trade. Whats up Jags/Dolphins/Bears?
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