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  1. Right, he was just a little late on a couple throws. He'll need to work on this, but if he gets those passes out on time, they can look like:
  2. This is why we signed Ryan Kerrigan --- hopefully he can turn back the clock a bit and get the job done.
  3. It's not that definitive. It is statistically a difficult injury to return from, let alone, to play at the level you were playing at before the injury. But some players still do return to form. It's just statistically less likely.
  4. Which is why we drafted Barnett, Sweat, Toohill, Jackson and Johnson. It's why we drafted Hollins and Gibson when we had T. Smith; JJAW when we had Jeffery; Reagor, Hightower and Watkins when we had DJax; Goedert when we had Ertz; Pumphrey when we had Sproles; Vaitai, Pryor, Mailata, Dillard, Driscoll, and PTW when we had JP and Lane Johnson; Dickerson when we had Kelce; McPherson when we had Slay; Williams and Tuipulotu when we had Cox and Hargrave... Obviously not every pick works out, but you have to try. You only have so many high picks and a draft board to consider. Once those high picks are used to address certain positions or to draft the BPA on your board, you still have to try to "hit" with the later picks at areas of need or future need. It's not like the Eagles have completely ignored the future. One can certainly offer a strong case that the Eagles haven't done a good enough job in recent drafts. We've also brought in some young guys by trading various draft picks away (Jernigan, Darby, Howard, Avery, Ajayi, Ridgeway, MInshew). Despite all this, you still need to try to keep productive veteran leaders on your roster.
  5. So is this your strawman? Was I calling anybody a "cap genius?" I think Graham's durability for the last 9 seasons and production level warranted his contract, regardless of what you think.
  6. In the last 9 seasons, he only missed one game (game 16, 2017 (rest)). He's coming off his most productive year. The injury is the only thing really making this a negative. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  7. But there are people complaining about extending Mailata and Sweat (see their respective threads).
  8. See the post I quoted above. Ideally, every decision you make would work out. Most players aren't interested in team friendly deals unfortunately. But if you know any stud players that are, give them Howie's card, please.
  9. It seems people will complain either way:
  10. If he drafted better, wouldn't he need to extend some of those guys? Or is the plan just to a have a team full of rookie contracts at all times?
  11. One could just as easily argue that he would have played in that Washington game last year had we been in contention still for a playoff spot. He was fully recovered at that point and was nearly ready the week before. So the injury wasn't really "season ending" it was only "season beginning" for the pointless sake of semantics.
  12. Typically, yes, but as it actually turned out, they scored with the long field anyway in a game where they extra time they burned along the way way prevented us from a late game comeback attempt. A QB can throw a pass low at the feet of a mess and maybe the receiver can fall down and make the catch with a very low chance for an INT. The other alternative is a 50/50 ball. It was just a bad play design and should go in the trash can where the ball ended up.
  13. While I realize what you're doing here, but the answer is yes. You are referring to a previous post where it was pointed out that last year was the first time he missed an entire season and before that, he only missed a combined 6 games. Since a couple of his previous injuries happened in the final game of their respective seasons, people were implying that he missed several seasons because of "season ending" injuries. Obviously, the clarification was twisted on purpose or just went over your head. Regardless, missing the remainder of the season would be a huge concern for his health moving forward. That would mean he would have missed all or most of the last 2 seasons. Players rarely return form that to be reliable starters late in their careers.
  14. Especially when Ward threw it away (on 4th down). When will professional football players learn to throw at least a low percentage, but catchable pass on 4th down?
  15. I'm sure I can post some rehab tweets during this season ... unfortunately.
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