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  1. I really don’t need that explained to me. It’s not my point.
  2. Shanahan watched Josh Allen make a ton of plays with his legs and talked about the need for mobility and off script stuff. He now has Lance, and used three No. 1s to do it. Maybe it’s supply and demand. But I don’t think teams would draft a player they didn’t believe they could win with.
  3. I feel like you’re misunderstanding my point. Having QBs who can run when it presents itself or to evade tacklers and buy time to throw to receivers is exactly what I’m talking about with mobility. Off script stuff is vitally important. I don’t see that as a bonus. Now with Lamar, he’s a different breed because his running ability is so special it completely changes how a defense can play him, and helps make him a much better QB. He’s a generational type "running QB.”
  4. I’m pretty sure every one of us agrees with that.
  5. This is not only about Hurts. It’s about the direction of the NFL.
  6. But he didn’t win so that means mobile QBs can’t.
  7. I said running/mobile. Lawrence and Wilson are very mobile. Mac Wilson has some pocket mobility but he’s no threat to run, which I believe contributed some to dropping. Trubisky and Watson obviously are threats with their legs. Baker is quite mobile. So was Wentz. Burrow is mobile. Herbert is mobile.
  8. Maybe you don’t see it that way. It’s clear the NFL does.
  9. Because he asked for an example. Pretty clear, right? I woke up and chose violence.
  10. That’s what I said. I just think you’re wrong in saying running/mobility is just a bonus. It isn’t anymore. It matters.
  11. As is always the case in here, these conversations spiral out of control. IP said running is a bonus. It is not. Passing from the pocket is of course vital. Mobility and running are important. Look at the influx of mobile QBs and the decreasing punt of pure pocket passers.
  12. He asked. I provided. Thanks for chiming in.
  13. I don’t care about 10-20 years ago. I’m talking about now and the future. Obviously Brady is the goat, but there just aren’t many pure pocket passers anymore. Improvisational skills are really important.
  14. I know. That Kaepernick only put up 364 yards and helped the Niners score 31 points. He really held them back.
  15. IP, you also moved the goal posts. It was running is a bonus, but now it’s deep playoff runs and running better than their passing. A QB’s ability to run and be mobile should of course be part of the evaluation. And before you move the goal posts again, yes, I agree that passing is the single most important component of a QB’s on-field evaluation
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