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  1. I was looking at Seumalo’s contract thinking he could be extended to lower his cap, and Howie even tacked on two fake voidable years that will leave a dead cap of $2M when he becomes a FA in 2023. Howie...wtf?
  2. It never made sense to tender Johnston, but he could always be re-signed for cheaper.
  3. No matter how often we talk about our crappy cap, it’s still shocking to see these numbers.
  4. Avant was with the team. His perspective is probably as good as we can get.
  5. Sack numbers have never done BG justice. There’s really no comparison beyond that to Mamula the player, and that’s from someone who thinks Mamula is underrated by most.
  6. I think Rivers is a good comp. Jones can move better than him. Rivers always moved like he has rickets.
  7. I think he has enough arm. He has enough pocket mobility. He has great accuracy. But you’re right, he’ll have to make quicker decisions in tighter windows. That’s the unknown with any QB. Do they have the intelligence, feel, anticipation against better athletes in more complex schemes? Hell if I know.
  8. I gave up on trying to project QBs when Josh Allen became a star. That dude looked like straight doodoo his final year in college.
  9. He definitely needs to cut the baby fat. It might help his mobility a bit too.
  10. Maybe. I don’t feel strongly one way or the other about him, but he is accurate as hell.
  11. At the very least, you better have good pocket movement skills. I think Mac Jones has enough to get away with a lack of mobility.
  12. The Eagles were top five in DVOA in 2016 and 2017. They were average to below average the past three seasons. I don’t have time to look up the exact numbers.
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