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  1. That’s a good call. That’s the exact kind of move Howie makes, and it seems like the Pats are good with letting him walk as a FA.
  2. 3-0 and we are arguing over style points. It’s a good problem to have. Hurts showed continued progress. The defense was dominant, particularly the DL. Sweat is good! Now that he can rush more off the edge he’s gonna open eyes if he hasn’t already. Graham and Cox played awfully well. Devonta had a grown man game. CGJ has had some rough moments over the top. We’re fortunate that we’ve been in positions where it’s not actively hurting us. We need him to figure out those angles. That was an awfully good group of WRs we shut down. Of course it helps when the DL has constant pressure and Wentz continues to have the pocket awareness of a traffic cone.
  3. It’s nice to be in a position where the offense can put it in cruise control, but it sure would be nice if we had some semblance of an offense in the second half. My word.
  4. He had him so I shouldn’t quibble but it would have been nice to take a higher completion throw and get a FG.
  5. The first down play action from under center was dumb, and the shovel pass (should have been a walk in TD) was a recipe for disaster too.
  6. Steichen was absolutely brutal with his time management late in games and halves with the Chargers and was one of the reasons he was stripped of playcalling. He was as moronic as he gets with every single call down there.
  7. Glad they got a TD but that was lucky. What an absurdly stupid series of play calls.
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