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  1. Funny you mention Bell. I just watched him. I don’t think he’s all that similar to Smith, but I think he’s a well-rounded guy who can be an X. He has decent size. He can separate. He can make contested catches. Smith does all those things much better and in a smaller frame. I liked Bell so much more than I expected. I’d be happy with him in round 2, and potentially he’s a good running mate for Smith.
  2. Watched Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave right after Burks and it was like they played a completely different position. Burks runs a million bubble screens and sort of runs around to space, while Wilson and Olave have purpose and pace to their route running. I’m not particularly excited about the thought of drafting a WR early (I would much prefer a vet), but the two Ohio State receivers look like early contributors and year 1 starters to me. Wilson might not be the X we need, but pairing him with Smith would be enticing. That would give us two players who can win at all three levels and can play inside and out. Wilson also fits Sirianni’s preference for getting the ball to his pass catchers within 5 yards, and yes good after the catch. Olave isn’t as good with the ball in his hands, but he’s a nice route runner with speed to hurt teams.
  3. Watched some Treylon Burks tonight. Impressive physical specimen, but there is absolutely no polish or nuance to his game. He’s all athlete. I have no confidence that we could get the most out of him in Philly with Aaron Moorehead as WR coach.
  4. Not the most exciting highlight reel you’ll see, but I think for a late Day 3 guy he’s a decent bet to have a long career in the NFL.
  5. Here’s a tight end sleeper that I haven’t heard mentioned yet. Nebraska’s Austin Allen. He’s 6-7, 260 pounds with 34 inch arms. He is decently athletic. He had 600 yards and was an all-Big Ten player, but no one really talks about him.
  6. On his podcast, Kiper said he builds his mock based on what he’s hearing around the league. He can be a good soldier for agents sometimes, but he is plugged in to the league.
  7. He caught a million screens. He’d fit perfectly with Hurts!
  8. I watched cut ups on YouTube against Notre Dame, Stanford and I forget the other. They have other games as well. I thought the Stanford game was meh. The Notre Dame game was nice. He won quite a few times when not targeted. I saw a comp to Brandon Marshall before I really watched him. Based on his reputation, I thought it was crazy. I can sort of see it now.
  9. Watched Drake London, expecting to see a guy who only made contested catches. I was pleasantly surprised. For a guy who is 6-5, 210 pounds he’s surprisingly nimble. He has good feet as evidenced by his RAC ability. Obviously he’s dynamic at the catch point, but he did show the ability to separate on out-breaking routes and double moves. He’s nowhere close to JJAW as a prospect. I think he could learn to separate a little better in the pros, like Michael Pittman has. He’s also competitive as heck, and blocks his butt off. I bet Sirianni will love him.
  10. Maybe not all that interesting, but Zach Berman heard that Brandon Staley, Josh McDaniels and Arthur Smith all wanted Gannon to be their DC last year.
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