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  1. I saw some rumor out there that Georgia was trying to poach him.
  2. Slay, Bradberry, Hargrave and Reddick for sure. Even with his injury, CJGJ.
  3. Was listening to Rueb’s podcast and they were debating the Eagles’ defensive MVP. His pick was TJ Edwards. Seriously. How many players would you put ahead of him? At least 4, and that’s being conservative.
  4. The Cardinals missed a FG that would have sent it to OT after spiking the ball because they thought it was first down. It was definitely a coin flip.
  5. Dr Chao speculated that Stafford’s neck injury is career threatening.
  6. I forgot about Robinson drafting Isaiah Wilson in the first round too. Yikes.
  7. Robinson paying Dupree of an ACL, drafting a cornerback with a broken back, trading a 2 for Julio and Vrabel hating his guts, and then trading away Brown probably had Vrabel ready to pound some Bud Lights and fighting everyone in the front office.
  8. Makes you wonder what was going on behind the scenes. Perhaps a power struggle with Vrabel, with Brown as the tipping point.
  9. I wish they didn’t have a bye this week. That’s the type of loss that lingers and beats you twice.
  10. Saints win over Tampa would’ve meant they had a 28% chance of making the playoffs. Instead, the Saints loss to Tampa means they have a 0.6% chance of making the playoffs.
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