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  1. Toty

    2020 Haikus

    Can somebody please Begin a limerick thread? Haikus are too short. There once was a man From Nantucket with a D so ... see what I mean?
  2. So, who sat at the... um... "head" of the table? Edit: @Steve 17 beat me to it
  3. thanks for the linguistics lesson, finocchietto 😜
  4. That makes sense... pilgrim women weren't allowed to show their cankles but the b&b thread has them in abundance
  5. This is very philadelphia-centric board, so I'm assuming it's crawling with ginzos. So what's the deal, is "spaghetto" really singular for spaghetti or is it just a housing project on Lombard?
  6. Toty

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I'm certainly giving the new bidet seat a run for its money
  7. I also forgot yoga (fixed) apparently everyone does yoga everywhere all the time
  8. I don't think we should get rid of Wentz. We should keep him for QB sneaks Not worth $130 million but what are you gonna do
  9. I loved all these the glasses girl at 2:29 btw ended up being on 24 and Bosch
  10. 2020 Rules for Advertising: Interracial couples Interracial couples Leggings and yoga "We're here for you in this difficult time" Fat women in their underwear Old women in their underwear Absolutely Free! (just pay a $15 fee) Brave women with head scarves Interracial couples Horrible cross-genre song covers Only one hairstyle allowed for black women Women drive the car because roles are different now and you men need to get used to that A list of 500 pharmaceutical side-effects Interracial couples Men are dumb Gay guys holding hands on the couch "Look! Our actors redefine standards of attractiveness!" A wheelchair somewhere in the background Somebody crying because this soda/car/detergent/etc. really hits home Please notice how woke we are when you're choosing a soda/car/detergent/etc. Interracial couples
  11. he could be a troll, he could be fishing for youtube hits, or he could be dumber than a bag of hammers there's nothing left
  12. Toty

    Let's Talk Turkey!

    So rich, but so good if that's your wife don't let go
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