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  1. Toty

    I Cracked the Code

    This guy... the original Amazon Echo
  2. how bout I put the skitters in your Alan Whickers, you plonker!
  3. "And do you think that unto such as you A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew God gave a secret, and denied it me? Well, well—what matters it? Believe that, too!”
  4. Toty

    I Cracked the Code

    I call my Alexa Dr. Theopolis but she never answers
  5. I was teaching canasta at the community center in The Villages if you must know nosey
  6. he probably has weird religious reasons for that, but hey whatever works When I was teaching I wouldn't meet with female students outside class (didn't stop my lurid daydreams about them, though)
  7. When all this BS started a few years ago, The left figured they had to at least keep up the appearance of applying an equal standard. If I'm being generous, they may have even naively assumed that the net would, on balance, catch more conservative fish. Turns out that men of all stripes want to have sexual intercourse with young women. Who knew? They regret, now, letting some of their own get taken out. They're starting to figure out that the current milieu is such that they can selectively abandon "believe all women". Gillibrand is a shrewd shrew and knows this well. The reason NY Dems are piling on Cuomo more than national ones are is that 1) they genuinely don't like him (he's apparently a grade A turd) and 2) many of them have their eyes on Albany and they smell his garlic/pesto-infused blood in the water.
  8. Never trust your daughter with an Italian
  9. Was driving through MI the first time I saw it I would have thought it was fake otherwise That's also the year I learned what a "Michigan Left" was... basically a lazy version of a NJ jughandle
  10. @wholesale_Melvin thanks for "getting" that so many young whippersnappers here
  11. do you mean the deficit maybe? Still, I agree that he deserves a ton of credit for balancing the budget. I should have left his name off. He earned his intern BJ's (as an aside, he had cooperation on that accomplishment, edit: the budget, not the BJ's)
  12. plus every single president since and every member of congress oh, and voters
  13. My favorite is the Indica Flower...
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