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  1. Draft went: 1. Lawrence 2. Harris 3. Fields 4. Etienne - which was me. Pretty happy with how it played out. Funny thing is that after pasting this months ago, if it had have gone as I predicted: QB, RB, RB.... I probably would now have gone Pitts with my pick 1 (overall 4).
  2. We are drafting after the draft. So I am thinking Chase currently as I will have him for many years. Thanks for your reply. Newcastle, which is about 2 hours north of Sydney. Lovely part of the world, with beaches and wineries and perfect temps all year round. Cheers
  3. Thanks. Smith does look awfully good on the highlights though, but I get your point on durability: a gun on IR is not scoring/catching many balls.
  4. I know it's early days, but I wouldn't mind starting the discussion on which WR to take: Ja'Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith? I know a lot can change, depending on the combine and which team drafts them, but initial thoughts are welcome (please). I am playing in a ppr dynasty league, with a super-flex in play (so 2 x QB essentially). We will be in year 2 and I have fourth pick. My guess is that Etienne, Harris & Lawrence will be the first 3 taken in our draft, leaving me with the decision of Chase or Smith. QBs seem scarce in this league, hence the near certainty that Lawrence will be amongst the first three.
  5. I'm from Australia. Probably been following the Eagles since the mid 2000s. Not sure why I picked them, but once I pick a team there's no chance of changing. Picked my Rugby League team the same way, with no direct affiliation, and I've been "with them" since the 80s. One of them played for college football for Hawaii many years ago (Paul Sironen - if you're interested/want to look it up). I've not been to the Linc, nor to any of the games anywhere else. I do plan on getting to one eventually, but not until Covid-19 is a distant memory. I've been to the states a few times, but things just haven't lined up for me (game wise). My favourite player is Ertz. Hoping he sticks around, but that is looking very, very unlikely at this stage. Anyway, this forum looks to be the goods. I wanted a chance to share in the conversation other Eagles tragics, but still with a sense of decorum, which this forum seems to maintain. Cheers!
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