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  1. I really liked woolen too. A 6'4, 4.26 guy is always going to be dangerous in the secondary
  2. Anyone else worried about that terrible turf at the metlife? @LeanMeanGM Eagles 27 Giants 21 Hurts 2 rushing TDs Dickerson gets injured and goes on IR
  3. Was a bit of a strange trade tbh, good job the bears are picking up his salary or it would have been a bit of a disaster. IR could be good for him, hopefully we see a different player after he's had some rest and got healthy.
  4. like who? IF anderson, murphy or carter are there you take them, but after that?
  5. You could see he was Fed when he walked thru the door
  6. FG must be the easiest. a penalty kick (unlike the others) has the added difficulty of someone trying to save it
  7. Next man up, pascal is pretty reliable but doesn’t have Watkins speed
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