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  1. Well they look different, so there’s that Fletcher Cox wears an unusual one too
  2. But surely if its harder to purchase and own the guns in the first place, then thats a start? Who in their right thinks its ok for someone on their 18th birthday to go out and purchase 2 guns which ultimately killed those poor kids. No permit or background checks required. Here you go, have fun shooting up a school. Make them more expensive, increase the legal age. tax the crap out of ammo. Do something?
  3. Typically the US sees multiple mass shooting events every year whereas most other country experience non. Why do you even need to own a gun? oh yeah to protect yourself from everyone else that owns a gun. Thats logical. I just don't get why anyone would need to own something that is intended to kill lots of people very quickly. The fact that the US allows people to purchase these arms certainly facilitates these events. Thats a fact.
  4. This is the problem. You literally cannot see past the end of your nose. Why does no other country in the world have problems with guns like you? oh yeah because they control firearms in a sensible way.
  5. Seems to me that as a nation you accept these mass shootings as they becoming more normalised and almost expected to happen. With such non existant gun laws really, what do you expect? As an outsider looking into your country, you appear to be absolutely Fed - its so ingrained in your culture how can you ever get out of this situation? A large amount of americans seem to care more about guns than they do about lives. Seems to be a form of brain washing, like russia. I mean look at the state of this
  6. I think that’s the most positive thing I’ve seen you say about hurts
  7. Its very strange. Also some teams have 3 players there and we've just got Strong. Did we get something wrong here?
  8. I think he has the arm. People calling him noodle arm are wrong - and that pass proves that. Its the ability to make the right decision under pressure that i think he's lacking (although that pass disproves that theory). Hopefully that comes eventually, but he needs to find it soon or he will be replaced.
  9. Looks like an NFL arm to me that. Shame those receivers don't have NFL hands
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