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  1. But do we really want to blow all the draft capital on someone like Wilson who’s not THAT good
  2. Seeing a lot of QB's absolutely suck when it actually matters (Wentz, Murray, Dak, Jones ) I actually don't feel that bad about hurts. Equally i don't see him as the answer, but very few teams do have the answer at the moment. But look at the teams with the elite QBs (mahomes, Rogers, Brady) - they will be the team that wins the SB
  3. You could tell hurts was injured yesterday just the way he was moving. There was one play where he looked like his ankle had just gone and he couldn't run any more. Take that way from him and he's very mediocre.
  4. Deebo is so good. been impressed with the 49ers Defence too
  5. Parsons looked concussed there. Massive if he’s ruled out
  6. He doesn’t make good decisions , a bit like wentz. Doesn’t seem to like the pressure which is why he plays better when the games already been lost a la garbage time. I think maybe we should keep him as a backup for now but ultimately he just isn’t good enough
  7. Same. What was worse is that I also had kyler Murray. Had I played him I’d have won
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