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  1. Idk i think Robertson is better as a set up guy. I might go Alvarado as a closer. He’s been great since about midway through the year and he has closer experience.
  2. Whatever happened to dominguez when he got hurt he has not been close to as effective since coming back
  3. Tbh i wish they didn’t start Ranger last night. Used someone like nick Nelson and let him have a few days off. He’s pitched more innings than he ever has. If you give him a few days off and skipped his start maybe he’s a little fresher for that type of game. Heck if we don’t even get to a game 3 cause nola and Wheeler win their starts then he gets even more time off. Maybe with a ton of time off he’s rusty but i actually take that chance that he could be better with that much rest
  4. It’s going to be funny that the Mets play the dodgers in the nlds. That’s a ridiculous matchup. Braves as the 2 seed facing the Phillies or cardinals is a much easier matchup imo
  5. TBH if the Phillies woukdve just kept Lee and still went and got halladay they’d have won it in 2010. To me the Phillies were unsure if Lee would come back and it’s why they dealt him away and got a prospect back for him in that halladay deal. They still gave up at the time drabek and even d’arnaud were considered highly rated prospects and got aumonte back (some other players too). He wound up coming back the following offseason cause he loved it in Philly. Granted don’t know if they go after oswalt but i tend to think they likely would’ve anyway cause it was either a starter or bullpen as the rest of the team was loaded
  6. Idk I’m 38, they made the playoffs 7 times in that amount of years with a big market. Went from being born until 9 before they made the playoffs. Then 9 to 23 to make it again. Now 27 to 38
  7. I really hope this kid is an all timer type pitcher. Would be amazing if he turned out to be
  8. Frankly i think the Phillies use painter next year as one of the starters and goes out and gets another starter. I guess their big signing is going to be turner or bogerts then fix the bullpen around Alvarado, dominguez. If wheeler, nola and Suarez pitch like this year and painter is the real deal then their rotation is actually really good. Problem is Phillies prospects are Phillies prospects
  9. Just saying the Phillies have painter, Abel and McGarry coming up. If painter and Abel are what we think they have a pretty nasty rotation. Their issue at that point is they need to draft and develop better positional players. Particularly at catcher and outfield. If Sosa hits like he did with us and last year with the cardinals he’s likely your 3b and you move bohm to first. Sosa kind of reminds me of Pedro Feliz and he’s young. The issue is Harper’s elbow so castellanos and schwarber have to play the outfield until that’s fully heal. They also need a catcher for when realmuto declines which he’s 32 next year. I’d have been much more happy with the marsh trade of the Phillies spent their first on a catcher like Daniel Susac who was a hitting machine and good defensive catcher at Arizona. He’s ready in 1.5-2 years which is the timeline for when realmuto is likely declined I’m guessing this offseason is find another starting pitcher, add 2 bullpen pieces and sign someone like bogerts or Turner.
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