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  1. Good interview on wip with Albert breer. It was a good listen and some better behind the scenes info. I’d post the link but the app doesn’t allow me to copy and paste it
  2. He did just transferred to Miami. He still only 21 years old he doesn’t turn 22 until August 10. So even when he comes out next year he’s going to be 22 and turn 23 a month before the season starts. I was one of the people who liked him as of late round pick. The kid has speed. However he only weighs 175 at 6 foot one. If you could somehow put on another 10 pounds and produce at Miami I like him to be still a middle to late round pick
  3. Honestly they badly need an upgrade from Danny green starting. It is ok if you have curry as a starter if you have 4 really good starters. But green kills you with his inconsistency and curry has been inconsistent since returning. Can’t have two of those guys in the starting lineup especially with a lackluster bench Also embiid’s last 2.5 games shooting 14-53 which is 26.4%. Hopefully he snaps out of it quickly. Still amazing he has 23 tonight on 5-20 shooting cause of the 11-12 at the line.
  4. Would be fun listen to the voicemails to see what teams are offering
  5. Yes cause jordy Nelson having 1257 yards, Adams 3 yards away from 1000 and Cobb weren’t arguably one of the best trios of WRs in the league in 2016. And their oline was still good. Also had Jared cooks and rodgers at tight end. And his oline was considered top 5 and PFF had them ranked as the fifth best. It’s like if you give a good or great QB talent around them they play they tend to live up to their potential.
  6. No way you need good players around you to win and have success? That Aaron rodgers is massively overrated having Aaron jones, Adams and top 5 oline. Not sure i believe in him lmao. Cause Tom Brady having a good Oline, Mike Evans, Gronk, brate, Godwin and Antonio brown in tampa didn’t help him go from 60% completion, 24 tds and 8 ints in 2020 with the Patriots to 65%, 40 tds and 12 ints. Yeah even the elite QBs need good players around them to play at the highest level.
  7. Kind of think that depends on where he goes to be honest.
  8. I actually thought Peter king summed up he whole eagles situation well in his Monday column.
  9. Yeah that spin didn’t take long. First it was is wentz really that much off from watson which he discussed for a couple days. Then wentz is traded and it became wentz’s 2017 was a total fluke and isn’t that good.
  10. Mahomes is unproven and watson is as good as wentz....
  11. Those wanting Lavine the bulls are currently the 6 seed. Kind of have to root for the bulls to go through a rough patch by the deadline
  12. Kind of sucks Tim McManus doesn’t have a better podcast. Frankly when he and sheil worked together they had very good chemistry but that was before podcast were really big. I feel like Berman, sheil and McManus would actually get along really well in a podcast.
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