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  1. The last 10 minutes of the first and opening minute of the second the oilers had 8 shots on goal. and scored 3 goals. Take the second goal away if you want. He and the flyers still gave up 2 other goals on 7 shots. The first one i thought he should’ve had. Give credit to the oilers Barrie for the shot but that should have been a save imo. The third one was definitely soft goal which really could’ve been a back breaker as the flyers took the lead with a huge momentum goal with less than a second left in the first. When I said what I did the Flyers had a 2-0 lead, blew it, regained the lead and hart gave up a soft goal which was very much flyers like last year i thought he was sharp to start the game then he kind of struggled for the next 10 mins and gave up the 3rd goal. but to his credit he didn’t allow it to fester and played great after that which was unlike last year at times where it snowballed. I thought the defense in the first 10 minutes was reminiscent of last year where they struggled to get the puck out cleanly way too many times and gave up a bunch of shots. the third goal was reminiscent of what you saw from Carter Hart last year where he lets in a soft goal when the flyers regained momentum. Credit to the Flyers and hart they turned it around after that third goal and played much better on defense and Carter Hart regained his form from the first ten mins of the game.
  2. Talking from the first and early second period. He was not that good early in that game. There was bad defense and he also gave up 3 goals on 13 shots. That’s when i said that right after the oilers tied it at 3 after 21 mins of play. He was great after that. First 21 mins he was not that good especially on the third goal. I thought it was a soft goal.
  3. Carter hart and the defense picking up from where it left off last year. At least offensively we look much more consistent.
  4. He always has a second career as mr. Incredible if Disney does a live action movie.
  5. one of my favorite movies of all time. I was hoping someone would post that gif lol
  6. Lol i have him in a fantasy league. It’s frustrating cause he’ll just be killing it. then they just ignore him for the 2 quarters and can’t move the ball. And at some point they all the sudden remember he’s on their team. it is exactly what happened in the jags and falcons games.
  7. With the ertz situation them not extending him and him being upset that is not my problem. That tends to happen with every organization. My problem is not many teams do you hear the general manager being on the practice field getting into a shouting match with such player over a contract dispute. Most organizations don’t have that leak out onto the practice field
  8. I would argue he’s their best offensive playmaker on that team. And he’ll dominate for a drive or two and then they’ll manage to ignore him for the next 2.5 quarters.
  9. I’m actually more irritated with people who can’t ever blame their own organization for the mess that has been created (not you). Meanwhile the Eagles have been a dysfunctional mess since they won that Super Bowl. And before they won that Super Bowl they were also a dysfunctional mess with a feud happen every 2-3 years. 2017 covers up a lot of the dysfunction and mediocre of this organization since they dealt away mcnabb. i just want to point out the Giants won a Super Bowl in the last decade. that does it mean they are not a dysfunctional dumpster fire organization since. The eagles are doing a bang up job following in their footsteps basically this
  10. I don’t know maybe I’m upset an organization that allowed an idiot to go on Instagram and spout anti-semitic garbage. then say you know what we’re gonna make him go to the holocaust museum that will show him. And I would bet he never actually went so it was an erroneous BS trying to make it right that they spun Maybe I’m upset by the fact the Eagles were dumb enough to wait a week before firing Doug so they were behind the eight ball with everyone doing their interviews and couldn’t really get the guy they truly wanted. Or maybe I’m upset because they would’ve had a chance at staley who went to the chargers but Howie Roseman still was in charge because so no one who can get a better job wanted to work with him. Or maybe I’m upset because last year they decided they told me they fix the wide receiving core meanwhile they drafted three rookies in a pandemic with no off-season and just expected them to hit the ground running when all three weren’t ready made and passed on the one WR who was, jjaw who sucked his rookie year with no off-season, an injury prone desean, and injury prone Alshon Jeffery and only reliable wide receiver named Greg Ward heading into 2016. Or maybe I’m upset because from the 2017 draft they likely have no one on the roster next year. Or maybe it’s the 2019 draft where they might only have miles sanders back next year. or maybe it’s because the 2020 class the first three picks all look like they’re backups or not very good Or maybe it’s the constant restructuring of contracts are you getting stuck with aging injury prone players so they can’t go out and find anybody young to fill the spot to help in the rebuild. or maybe it’s the constant restructuring of contracts and getting stuck with aging injury prone players so they can’t go out and find anybody young to fill the spot to help in the rebuild Or maybe it’s because I said at the end of 2019 that run was fools gold and needed to do a rebuild. And they actually accepted that originally. And they were going to do a rebuild but then they went 180 and changed their mind because of pandemic year and three new coaches in the division so they can a meaningless crap division and get bounced as soon as they got to the playoffs and delayed the rebuild for a year. And even after that year they still didn’t trade guys or get rid of guys they needed too Or maybe it’s because the Eagles keep ignoring the safety position that they knew was coming up when Malcolm Jenkins was getting older and Rodney McLeod was making a lot of money. Or maybe it’s the linebacker group that has a bunch of JAGs and backups trying to start. or maybe it’s some players around the league and coaches around the league don’t really want to come to the Eagles anymore because of the dysfunction that’s gone on every year since 2018. Or maybe it’s that some players around the league saw everything that happened with Carson Wentz and doug where the eagles leaked stories to try and drag them through the mud on the way out so they could save face from their own failings I don’t know I could probably list another 10 things if you really wanted me to but sure let’s never blame the organization for being dysfunctional and a mediocre organization outside of 2017 for the better part since Donovan McNabb was traded
  11. So did you see desahun Watson do the same thing? If you haven’t noticed most players are gonna take the guaranteed money and then get their way out after the fact if they see it going south. The nba is chalk full of that. i’m also pretty sure when he signed that contract he wasn’t thinking you know what the Eagles are going to do? draft a quarterback in the second round after giving me franchise changing money and having a bunch of other huge needs that they continuously ignore. Then on top of that Bs they gave us this idiotic narrative we don’t have the money to afford a veteran back up quarterback. so we need to get a cheap young controllable one in the second round. but then the following year decided to sign Joe Flacco to a contract that still hurts them in a year from now and had even less cap space while doing it in a rebuild but hey let’s keep defending the organization that’s had what like 20-25 dysfunctional events in the last decade because in 2017 they hit lightning in a bottle and every year since have gotten worse and more dysfunctional. I don’t know about you i look forward to the next howie roseman feud in a couple months. We are due for one of those.
  12. Couldn’t be that he saw this organization become an even bigger dysfunctional dumpster fire and knew he needed out besides the hurts stuff. The eagles since mcnabb left are 93-89-1. Without the biggest outlier season since then they are 80-86-1. With countless dysfunctional events and feuds. Maybe 2017 was lightning in a bottle for a franchise for much of the last 12 seasons hasn’t been all that good. They rank 12th in wins since then and about to be past by three teams and sit at 15th. Additionally have had 4 coaches since then, desean in a gang, cooper making racist comments, desean making antisemitic statements, leaks from inside the organization countless times, having a shouting match with your GM and ertz in practice, maclin couldn’t be reached to get a contract done, howie vs. banner, howie vs. chip, howie vs. doug and wentz and i haven’t even talked about some of the mistakes in drafting they’ve made since 2016.
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