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  1. Mr. moneybags stays under the luxury tax yet again
  2. If you meant to tag me i have always said i don’t think it’s a given they extend goedert. I’ve been saying that the last week. You’ve heard literally nothing on that front. Even with ertz here you’d at least get nuggets put out there that they are working towards something and expect to get it done. There’s been nothing. I don’t know if they really want to pay him the money he believes he can get if he reaches free agency.
  3. Middleton is part of the problem because he hired the guys he did to do the rebuild and they failed miserably from drafting to developing to just building the roster. Klentak and mcphail were an epic disaster on so many levels. The Padres and white Sox basically were in rebuilds at the same time and managed to come out looking great as they made smart moves, drafted well and developed very well. Meanwhile the Phillies appear like they are going to be a meddling .500 team for the foreseeable future until they have to tear it all down again and rebuild. I like dombrowski but he isn’t the guy that does what the Phillies need at the moment. His MO has always been take prospects and trade them for proven talent to add to contending teams. The Phillies needed a Gm that knew how to fix the Phillies farm system and build it back up and develop guys the right away. In 2-3 years the Phillies will likely realize this team is the definition of mediocre and realize they’ll have to tear it down and start it all over. Unfortunately if they miss the playoffs this year they might be looking at about 15-20 year drought because of the poor decisions by klentak, mcphail and the organization and the poor draft and development of players.
  4. I get that and agree. However that’s exactly reason why I’m not trading prospects for journeymen pitchers cause i don’t even have enough prospects that are decent to begin with. they should’ve have been sellers to begin with. Gotten some prospects back for guys like segura, didi and mccutchen who can still be helpful to contending teams. Might not get outstanding or very good prospects back but at least it helps insert young talent into this system and they aren’t going anywhere anyway.
  5. Eh don’t know enough about hans. Still feels like a bad organization giving up on a kid for basically two journeyman pitchers when they could just signed hamels for nothing and likely got same production that gibson seems to be reverting to as the season has developed.
  6. You’re putting closer in there meanwhile Howard could eventually be the closer for the rangers. That’s where he should be pitching is in a back end of the bullpen. So it’s OK that they traded howard who was in baseball america and the athletic and almost every one’s top 100 prospects just a year ago for two journeyman pitchers? That’s a bad trade anyway you want to justify it
  7. Just pointing it Spencer howard was ranked in baseball America’s top 100 prospects last year. And the athletic as well. So he would’ve been entering 2020. Now he wasn’t drafted as such. Sadly the Phillies aren’t going to catch the Mets. They are eventually getting degrom back. Also carassco and syndergaard (supposedly September). And they added Baez to that team.
  8. I’d be willing to bet howard at some point is a useful pitcher in the majors. I don’t think he’s a starter. He’s a bullpen guy with stuff to be back end of the bullpen. The problem is the Phillies keep thinking he’s a starter and then keep moving him from pen then starter then pen and then back. His problem was endurance. He’d do well for 2-3 innings then fall off a cliff after 3. It’s not even their slop cause they didn’t develop or draft them. They signed them to cheap contracts cause they stunk. I much rather have potential upside in howard then two journeymen pitchers you can find in free agency every year
  9. Last 5 years prior to 2021 gibson 43-47 4.65 ERA Kennedy 4.50 ERA
  10. Don’t disagree their farm system isn’t good. Doesn’t mean trade him for a career 5+ era pitcher at 33 who over the last month has had a 6.26 ERA. And a 36 year old bullpen arm who’s been as bad as he’s been good for the last 5 years. I much rather have howard then either of these guys.
  11. Not shocking. He’s been mostly bad outside of the first 3 months of the season over the last 5 years. Three times over 5 era
  12. That’s not true on all of them stott would be top 5 in most farm systems. Still rather have howard to develop then 33 year old RP who was garbage up until this season. and Kennedy had been mediocre to bad for 3 out of his last 4 seasons up til now. Literally he’s been a journeyman RP. This reminds me of when they signed old ass Robertson and it blew up in their face.
  13. Howard had struggled this year when the Phillies called on him. Frankly i ultimately think he’s best suited for the bullpen but this feels like a class give up on him and make a trade for two relief pitchers who likely revert back to pumpkins next year as howard improves. Then look back and say why the hell did we trade howard for a 33 and 36 year relievers who prior to their outlier years weren’t very good over the past 5 years prior
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