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  1. Where are Shawn Bradley and john Hightower ?
  2. Rd 1 Caleb Farley CB VT Rd 2 Chazz Surratt LB UNC Rd 3 Hamseh Nasrildeen S Fla St Rd 5 Trey Sermon RB Ohio St Rd 5 Racey McMath WR LSU Rd 6 Mustafa Johnson DT Col Rd 6 Tommy Kreamer G ND Rd 7 Zach Davidson TE Cent Missouri
  3. Trade Wentz to Colts for Rock Ya Sin cb. 4th rd '21. And 2nd rd '22 Ertz to GB for 4th rd '22 Release Jeffrey, DJackson , M Jackson,and Goodwin Re-negotiate contracts of Cox, McLeod,Johnson,Brooks and,Barnett to make room to sign: TY Hilton WR Colts Tyrod Taylor QB Chargers Re-Sign: Ward ,Scott, Singleton,Johnston Draft 1-Kyle Pitts TE Fla 2-Dylan Moses LB Ala 3-Josh Myers C Ohio St 4-Tariq Thompson S SD State 5-Rachad Wildgoose CB Wisconsin 5-Mustafa Johnson DT Colorado 6-Larry Rountree Rb Missouri 6-Tommy Kramer G ND 7-Zach Davidson TE Central Missouri Roster QB Hurts/Taylor WR Hilton/Reagor/Hightower/Watkins SlotWR Ward/ JJAW RB Sanders/Scott/Rountree(R)/Huntley TE Goedert/Pitts(R)/Davidson(R) LT Mailata/Dillard LG Seumalo/Herbig C Kelce / Myers(R) RG Brooks/Kreamer(R) RT Johnson/Driscoll ST Elliott/Johnston/Lovato RDE Barnett/ Avery /Ostman RDT Hargrave/ McGill/ Johnson(R) LDT Cox / Williams LDE Graham/ Sweat ILB Moses(R)/ Edwards OLB Singleton/Bradley/Taylor SS Wallace/Thompson(R) FS McLeod/Arnold/Riley RCB Slay/ James LCB Ya-Sin/Wildgoose(R) SCB Maddox
  4. HC Dan Campbell- 5 yrs asst head coach with saints , good results as interim head coach with dolphins in past OC Joe Lombardi- has oc exp. ,Qb coach for saints the last few years DC Peter Giunta. -Former giants CB coach under Coughlin ,saints secondary is one of the best ST Phil Galiano -Philly native, asst to 3rd ranked st unit in nfl Keep Wentz Release/trade :Ertz. D Jackson. Goodwin. Jeffrey. McLeod. Pryor. M Jackson Re-Sign: Scott, Ward ,Singleton,Ridgeway Sign: TE Jacob Hollister Sea 1 yr S. Keanu Neal Atl 1 yr CB PJ Williams NO 1 yr LB. Alex Anzalone LB NO 1 yr Draft. 1- Jamar Chase WR LSU 2- Derion Kendrick CB Clem 3- Hamseh Nasrildeen S FSU 5- Master Teague RB OSU 6- Mustafa Johnson DT Col 6- Rachad Wildgoose CB Wis 7-Zaire Mitchell TE ND Ohio Roster QB Wentz/Hurts WR Chase(R)/Reagor/Ward/Hightower/Fulgham/Watkins RB Sanders/Scott/Teague(R)/Clement TE Goedert/Hollister(FA)/Mitchell(R) OT Johnson/Mailata/Dillard/PTW OG Seumalo/Brooks/Driscoll/Herbig C Kelce/Juriga ST Elliott/Johnston/ Lovato DE Barnett/Graham/Sweat/Avery/Ostman DT Cox /Hargrave/Ridgeway/M Johnson(R)/R Williams LB Anzalone(FA)/Singleton/Bradley/Taylor/Edwards S. Neal(FA)/Wallace/Nasrildeen(R)/Ford/Arnold CB Slay/Williams(FA)/Kendrick(R)/Wildgoose(R)/Maddox
  5. Howie stays Pederson goes HC Lincoln Reily Trade Zach Ertz to GB for a 3rd Carson Wentz to Colts for a 2nd Re-Sign Nate Sudfeld/ .Greg Ward /Boston Scott /Alex Singleton /Richard Rodgers Rework deals Fletcher Cox /Brandon Brooks/ Javon Hargrave /Darus Slay Release Rodney McLeod /Desean Jackson Alshon Jeffrey /Marquis Goodwin Draft 1-Jaylen Waddle WR Ala 2-Trey Hill C Ga 2-Derion Kendrick CB Clem 3-Hamseh Nasirildeen S FlaSt 3-Chazz Surratt LB UNC 5-Mustafa Johnson DT Col 6-Jaquan Brisker S PSU 6-Larry Rountree III RB Missouri 7-Zack Davidson TE C Missouri Roster QB Hurts/Sudfeld WR.Reagor/Waddle/Fulgham/Ward/Hightower RB Sanders/Scott/Rountree TE Goedert/Rodgers/Davidson OT Mailata/Johnson/Dillard OG Seumalo/Brooks/Driscoll C Kelce/Hill ST Elliott/Johnston/Lovato DE Graham/Barnett/Sweat DT Cox/Hargrave/Jackson/Johnson LB.Surratt/Taylor/Bradley/Singleton/Edwards S Wallace/Nasirildeen/Arnold/Brisker CB Slay/Kendrick/Maddox/Jacquet
  6. Howie and Doug stay New coordinators Off. Jim Caldwell Def. Marvin Lewis Trade Zach Ertz to GB for a 3rd Re-Sign Richard Rodgers & Cameron Johnston Draft 1 Jaylon Waddle wr al 2 Trey Hill c ga 3 Derion Kendrick cb ga 3 Jacoby Stevens lb lsu 5 Larry Rountree rb mis 6 Micheal Clemons de a&m 6 Jaquan Brisker s psu 7 Zack Davidson te c mis Roster QB Hurts/Wentz WR Waddle/Reagor/Fulgam/Hightower RB Sanders/Scott/Rountree TE Goedert/Rodgers/Davidson OT Mailata/Johnson/Dillard OG Seumalo/Brooks/Driscoll C. Kelce/Hill DE Graham/Barnett/Sweat/Clemons DT Cox/Hargrave/Jackson LB Stevens/Taylor/Bradley S McLeod/Wallace/Arnold/Brisker CB Slay/Kendrick/Maddox/Jacquet ST Elliot/Johnston/Lovato
  7. Howie will remain as EVP but Brandon Brown will be promoted to GM Doug will step down Duce Staley will be promoted to HC Leslie Frazier DC Trade Carson Wentz to Colts for a 1st: i don't care about dead money..." If you have 2 QBS you have none" Bill Parcells Brandon Graham to Chiefs for a 3rd Zach Ertz to Packers for Jaire Alexander CB Malik Jackson to raiders for a 6th Re-Sign Derek Barnett ,Hassan Ridgeway,Greg Ward, Jordan Howard, Boston Scott, Cam Johnston Kick the can down the road on Brandon Brooks. Lane johnson .Fletcher Cox contracts Sign Tyrod Taylor QB Draft 1- Gregory Rousseau DE Miami 1- Dylan Moses LB Ala 2-Paulson Adebo CB Stan 3-Creed Humphrey C Ok 3-Jeremy Ruckert TE OSU 5- Chazz Surratt LB UNC 6-Mustafa Johnson DT Col 6-Jaquan Brisker S PSU 7-Whop Philyor WR Ind Roster QB Hurts/Taylor WR Reagor/Fulgham/Ward/Hightower RB Sanders/Howard/Scott TE Goedert/Ruckert OT Mailata/Johnson/Dillard OG Seumalo/Brooks/Driscoll C. Kelce/Humphrey DE Barnett/Sweat/Rousseau DT Cox/Hargrave/Ridgeway LB Moses/Taylor/Bradley S Mcleod/Wallace/Arnold CB Slay/Alexander/Adebo/Maddox ST Elliott/Johnston/Lovato
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