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  1. Doc sh...t the bed in the fourth qtr. Ran the same play with Embiid and Curry for 9 consecutive minutes. Our 2nd leading scorer left to stand in the corner doing nothing. We were so easy to defend, no player movement, no ball movement, no getting their defense moving side to side. Atlanta only had to guard 2 players for an entire qtr. Outrageous. And insisting that Curry stay on Williams for what, 10 consecutive points? Wow. The playoff Doc out in spades tonight. I hope he is coaching the Celtics next season.
  2. And so did the actual player, whom I quoted earlier. But why take the word of Embiid talking about his own injury and the impact it has on his explosiveness? Greend knows better.
  3. Embiid on the last play: "It was a great look, I just didn't have the lift. Thought I got fouled too. But usually I would go up and try to dunk it, try to get fouled and get an and one. But I just seemed to not be able to, you know, jump, for obvious reasons." If you watched the game last night it was obvious, especially in the 2nd half.
  4. Article in the Inquirer Embiid said he couldn't jump.
  5. I made the assumption that the poster wanted him to dunk on the give and go at the end of the game. My statement was around that play. Mid-season Embiid in good health rams that home with ease. Bum knee Embiid makes it a contested lay up. That was a great play design by the way.
  6. Embiid's knee was obviously preventing him from doing that. All his jumpers were short, could get his legs into his shots at all. They are risking a much more serious knee injury playing him at all, let alone so many minutes. He looked like toast last night. Instead of keeping up his workouts and cardio between games he is having to do knee rehab all the time. It is showed in spades last night. Too bad his teammates couldn't pick him up last night.
  7. Greg Ward refused the vaccine, then got it, but now refuses to acknowledge that he got it when asked about it during job interviews. He's a Liberal Conservative 3 Percenter 5th WR. Crazy.
  8. If this is the case, then the only acceptable food topic is Chipotle.
  9. He did. His D on Young altered their offense tremendously. Young was 1-7 from 3. Green can't hang with Young, Thybulle can't for extended periods, only short bursts. Ben made Atlanta count on others to win. It is the formula for winning this series.
  10. Man why do you bother being an Eagle fan?
  11. If he only looks OK the Eagles will move on from him. His chance to claim the Eagles QB position for 2022 and beyond is now. Personally I hope he looks amazing so we can use the four top 64 picks in the 2022 draft to get some top notch defensive talent.
  12. It wasn't intentional- I was going to quote you and then got distracted and when I returned to the board quoted someone else and both were in my response.
  13. All my stories are cool. No need to state the obvious
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