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  1. It has been well established and requested ad nauseum for political talk to be eliminated from this forum. The real question is why that can't be respected? But fair enough, it's my choice whether I come here or not.
  2. This place sucks. Woke. Fascist.....sucks. Football, now that is a topic.
  3. There are waiver claims for each available player. Nobody before the Broncos claimed Grier so he goes to Denver.
  4. I think you are under-estimating the Bucs defense. Championship caliber on the line, LB, and DB/S. Plus Brady.
  5. The reason Ben hired Rich Paul was to get out of Philly. Ben never wanted to be in Philly. If traded to Minnesota he will work to get out of there after one season or simply tell MN he won't sign an extension killing any trade.. To Sacremento? He may play out his contract there but won't resign. He wants the Lakers. This is all about ending up on the Lakers either before his 4 year contract is up or after as a FA. But getting to Cali is top of the list right now.
  6. I would normally agree, but for the Eagles 4/5 of the line has years playing together.
  7. Agreed. Eagles crush the Falcons and Flacco gets to hone his craft for th 4th qtr.
  8. Likely would have cost more to make the trade during the draft. This is the absolute best time to make the trade. Lawrence is the starter, he is healthy, team doesn't want the Minshew chants from the home crowd and media if Lawrence is playing poorly.
  9. You presume the Eagles won't sign th FA that cancels any comp pick for Ertz.
  10. TY Hilton and Ehlinger both out to begin season as well.
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