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  1. If Carson is out for the season we can trade Hurts to the Colts in return for removing the 1st round conditions on the 2022 pick.... plus a conditional 5th rounder...
  2. Can't stand is a bit strong. Though of course your post was in disagreement to me as well. So I guess we live in the same village.
  3. Lesson of the day: greend is the torch bearer for everything. Just be like greend.
  4. Your grandfather dies and you get a day. Would likely have had to use PTO if you wanted more time with family to both celebrate and mourn. The issue isn't coddling people around loss, the issue is our employers not giving a crap about our loss. Person close to you dies, is diagnosed with a terminal illness, etc? Hey, one day ought to do it! Man up, b-i-t-c-h!
  5. That is what I said. He is overpaid, but a decent back up player. Thanks for needlessly reiterating my assessment.
  6. A Barnett trade would be a surprise. He is overpaid, but he is a decent 3rd/4th DE. But I suppose having Williams lining at DE could be a clue that they are trying to trade him
  7. You sound like an old man. Instagram is the yellow pages.
  8. They look like women, I presume. Does their look indicate hooker vs. massage therapist?
  9. Truly, guys got worse under them. It was brutal to watch guys with talent look worse week to week, one season after the next.
  10. It takes a dog to know a dog. Yes, I'm saying you and Wentz share the same dog bed
  11. Milton is definitely one I am going to watch. He needs to add some weight to go against the 320-330 guards he will be facing. He could look good early but fade later if he drops weight or stays in the 280 range throughout the season. Playing 30 snaps a game giving up 30-50 pounds is tough. Hopefully they don't ask him to hold the LOS so the linebackers can make plays too much.
  12. Or Master GM Chuck Fletcher getting schooled by Buffalo
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