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  1. What a complete waste no reason at all government committee investigation.
  2. @LeanMeanGM Eagles 27 Giants 16 Sanders & Hurts both have 60 yards rushing.
  3. OBJ not going to Dallas. https://nypost.com/2022/12/08/odell-beckhams-driver-hes-signing-right-here-with-giants/amp/
  4. It's sad to think about how great this defense has been. Best in decades. But there is no chance at all that next year it will look anything at all like it does now. Only 5 games left this season of this defense and then the playoffs and then it's gone. Offense will be mostly the same but the players next year will be vastly different and likely Gannon and some other defensive coaches as well.
  5. Just read that with this recent Player of the Week win by Jalen that he has become the first Eagle to ever win Player of the Week in consecutive weeks. That's huge. I'd feel awful for Bills fans if we weren't in the hunt this year.
  6. They gotta be getting close to the max number of guys they are allowed to bring off of IR.
  7. Why jump to hyperbole? Oh yeah, because you have no ground to stand on.
  8. He didn't have a bad game. 72.2% completion with 300 yards total, 2 TDs and 0 interceptions and the win is not a bad game.
  9. That as the gameplan with a ton of WR screens called. He didn't have any turnovers, he moved the offense and had nearly 300 total yards of offense and 2 TDs. I swear some of you would rather lose with Hurts just throwing the ball then win with him using his legs to help the team win. He did what he needed to to get the team a win in a place this franchise has never been able to win before.
  10. He gave his great WR a chance to make a play and hit him right in the hands. It wasn't a bad pass. Hurts had 3 TDs that Washington game. Can't look at that Washington game and say Hurts played bad because he didn't.
  11. He wasn't bad in either game. 72.2% passing for 239 yards, 61 rushing yards and 2 rushing TDs and no turnovers vs the Cardinals. Becoming the first Eagles QB to win in that stadium. Washington game as well he played well enough to win. The one interception hit AJ Brown in his hands but he was unable to out muscle the defender for it. He hit Quez deep for what should have led to the go ahead score but Quez fell and then fumbled. There was a alo a costly fumble by Goedert when he had his head twisted around by a face mask.
  12. Kempski on the recent BGN poscast: "Jalen Hurts has not had a bad game yet this season. You can't say that about any other QB this year."
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