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  1. The experts in this thread saying over the past day the Sixers shouldn't have played Embiid this game.
  2. If Kawhi is out tonight then it has a better chance of going 7 games then it would have otherwise with how it has been trending the last 2 games.
  3. Jazz-Clippers series tied at 2-2. Doubt Paul is out by the start of the WCF.
  4. Guy doesn't even watch the Sixers too. The most uninformed people who don't even watch the Sixers popping in to trash a guy who is playing on a torn meniscus who is the entire lifeblood of this team's success. A lot of the posters in this thread are caricatures of your typical WIP caller.
  5. You sit him and you lose Wednesday in Philly. This Alphagrand guy is making some god awful Sixers takes in this thread. Guy really called Embiid soft earlier.
  6. Absolutely garbage take. He's the best player in the team. He did not have a good second half but to say he shouldn't be playing while on his torn meniscus you would be throwing in the towel on the playoffs.
  7. This is why Philadelphia fans don't deserve the sports greatness that other cities get to expierence.
  8. Guy is playing on a torn meniscus and this clown calls him too soft.
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