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  1. For people who are wanting the Eagles to upgrade at WR with a veteran. There is a name to watch that I think becomes available in a trade this offseason if Broncos trade for Rodgers and they sign Davante Adams to go along with him since they just signed the Packers OC as their HC and the Broncos have always made the most sense for Rodgers since this all started a year ago. With the young WRs on the Packers, if they signed Adams too to go along with Rodgers then that creates a potential odd man out situation. They could keep all three but with how much Adams contract will be along with the addition of Rodgers and the new deal he will likely receive after trade makes me think Courtland Sutton becomes available. Jeudy and Hamler are on rookie contracts. With his injury history maybe there is a chance he is traded for a day 2 pick. He'd give the Eagles that big bodied WR that everyone desires. He is only 26 years old right now and he is under contract until 2026.
  2. Feel bad for Doug, doesn't look like he will get another shot at HC. Maybe he should try to go down to the college ranks and maybe earn a new NFL HC job that way.
  3. You seem to think doing something awful to one person is worse than doing something awful to over 20 people. Pretty disgusting.
  4. Thanks for identifying yourself as someone who is okay with a guy sexually assaulting over 20 women.
  5. What Tyreek did was bad, but compared to Watson you're talking about one victim vs 20+ victims. Watson is a serial offender. Someone with some really major issues.
  6. Can't help but question people's morals as they clamor for someone who has sexually assaulted so many women like Watson.
  7. Wentz forced his way out of here. Why do you think he would want to come back?
  8. Mike McCarthy is a career full of poor decision making, like running your QB up the middle of the field with 14 seconds left in the game and no timeouts. Sean Payton would be a major upgrade.
  9. Hopefully Saints go into full rebuild mode now with no Sean Payton and an abysmal cap. If Lattimore cane become available that is a worthwhile trade to make with our draft assets.
  10. How I currently rank the starting QBs in the league: 1. Mahomes 2. Allen 3. Brady 4. Rodgers 5. Herbert 6. Jackson 7. Burrow 8. Wilson 9. Stafford 10. Prescott 11. Carr 12. Murray 13. Cousins 14. Tannehill 15. Wentz 16. Hurts 17. Mac Jones 18. Jimmy G 19. Mills 20. Ryan 21. Tua 22. Bridgewater 23. Mayfield 24. Siemien 25. Heinicke 26. Jones (Giants) 27. Goff 28. Fields 29. Lawrence 30. Darnold 31. Wilson (Jets)
  11. No it was. I still see that play brought up at times on placed like reddit where it is fans of all teams.
  12. It was a big deal at the time and just a great game overall.
  13. This comes off more like damage control since that would be tampering even if Flores isn't currently on a team but would be tampering for the team he signs with if they then trade for Watson.
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