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  1. Man! They definitely could lol. The only person I truly over drafted was James Hudson, but I know him personally and he graduated from the same high school my dad did. Couldn't will it to happen though lol. Considering his background was on defense primarily, his ceiling is very high.
  2. Mr. Irrelevant just became VERY relevant, at #103 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
  3. 7 of the top 68 players. Lol. Give me the crown fellas!
  4. Dolphins win. Vera-Tucker went four picks higher. Tryon went 1st round. Elijah Moore went way higher. 33. Javonte Williams went 35 overall. D'Wayne Eskridge went 55th... Honestly would have gone Dickerson over Humphrey, but medical red flags are impossible for us fans to decipher. Can't believe the Eagles passed on Slater. Maaaaann.... all these dominant WRs available and they pass up arguably the #2 overall player in the draft. Boo...
  5. I picked Waddle for the Giants in the Mock Draft, but would have DEFINITELY gone Kwity Paye over Toney in this situation. Parsons is a waste of head space.
  6. So here's my plug for the Dolphins: If I have a weakness, it is either at QB (depending on your thoughts on Tua) or it's lacking youth at DL (sans Wilkins and Davis). Really happy with the five guys that I brought in at LB (last year's weakness for the team) and the absolute dominance I did at OL. Also, I know this didn't come into play, but looking at the 2022 Needs/Free Agents... Backup QB (Brissett - 1 year deal). Re-sign target. Starting TE (Ertz - 1 year remaining). Re-sign target. Backup TE (Gesicki - 1 year remaining). Re-sign target. Starting WR (Fuller - 1 year deal with options). Drafted Moore. Starting C (Skura - 1 year deal). Drafted Humphrey. And Deiter was a 2019 3rd rounder. Backup LG (Flowers - Cut target). Drafted Vera-Tucker. Starting RDE (Ogbah - 1 year remaining). Top replacement target in FA/1st round. I left virtually no holes. RDE, Backup QB, and possible new TEs are the only pending FAs without replacements already drafted, and highly at that. Of course, depending on Tua's development with this team. There's no excuse. This team is a dominant Zone Run First / Play Action team. Added speed/shiftiness in Moore and Eskridge... they brought in Fuller... Ertz and Parker are still big targets... JJAW is a great blocker if he can make the team over Wilson... Really proud of what I did. Of course, huge asterisk with the 49ers 3rd being this year instead of next. Also added a 2022 2nd from the Eagles (should be top half), 2022 4th from the Eagles (should be top half), and 2022 5ths from both the Giants and Ravens. Gave up a 2022 4th to the Patriots and 2022 6th to the Eagles. Other than the Seahawks (obvious huge haul for Wilson), I was the only team to come away with a net gain for 2022. Ravens and Eagles both get knocked IMO for giving up 2022 picks.
  7. These are the guys that I think were better than players picked at the same position above them OR were blatantly better than players at other positions (aka were clearly BPA and were passed up). I marked Slater, but that's only because he is someone that I would have taken at 6 versus moving out lol. Reds are duplicates. So shoutout to Lions, Ravens, Chargers and Browns in particular, besides my own teams (lol biased, obviously).
  8. That's okay, I moved on to a Sr. VP role last year with a new team, then the Giants offered $40M and the title of Team President this year to return. So eat that!
  9. Let me tell you how shocked I am. They knew this from the onset when they looked at cruise lines. People that were at the same table were seemingly unaffected, but four tables away were catching it due to airflow.
  10. Complete lack of raw numbers right in front of your face and you're still trying to vaccinate toddlers 😂😂😂 More likely to die from leukemia than covid. And MVA. And suicide. And and and and....
  11. Clever. I've encouraged people with underlying health conditions and comorbidities to get the vaccines. In this very thread, in fact. Yet, you have NO IDEA if there are any long-term effects or consequences of getting the vaccine because there ARE NO LONGITUDINAL STUDIES. So, again, if everyone that has a high chance of dying after contracting covid gets vaccinated, then why would you also vaccinate a healthy population if it doesn't prevent them from catching it, passing it on, etc.? It reduces their chance of hospitalization and death???? I just posted the raw statistics and NONE of you fear-mongering dewschebags want to dispute it! THIS DOES NOT KILL HEALTHY PEOPLE. And you DON'T KNOW if there are long term ramifications from getting vaccinated!
  12. Because it is a greater comorbidity than even age.
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