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  1. I was very shocked to hear this news and very surprised how the head coach is blamed for players injury's and players not playing tough enough to win games. Looks like another interesting off season to wait and see what moved Howie does with the next round of drafting or trading for players.
  2. Has anyone heard any info on what Washington's new team name might be, new team logo, or if any change in team colors ? I package away my Washington memorabilia for memories of the past. I have team set cards from late 70's to 2000's, and plenty of games on dvd dating back to 1977. Most of my games are against the Cowboys & Eagles. Great Rivalries.
  3. What steve's steak shop did she go to? The one at Bustelton & Cottman, or Comly & Blvd?.
  4. How about the Philadelphia Pigeons !!!
  5. I would like to see this team bring back the uniform of the 80's/90's. The Reggie White era. Keep the current Eagle logo on the sleeve, but bring back the colors of Green & Silver. Or go back even further in the early 70's when Roman Gabriel was QB, with the white helmet and green wings, but add a green facemask.
  6. You blame the players, they are the one's on the field playing the game. The Head Coach can drill you with certain plays, and things can still go bad, so how does the coach get blamed for the players mistakes or blocking, dropped passes, bad passes , too low, too high , penalties etc.
  7. I don't see what the big deal was for changing QB's. You had nothing to play for, its over, the game would have no effect on your record, other than another loss. Jelin Hurts played well, so why risk getting him injured in a game that wont mean anything. The mistake was having Carson Wentz standing on the sidelines in street clothes, that's where the issue was. So if Hurts stayed in the game, and the team still lost, what would it prove?
  8. I just enjoy this time of year after the Eagles have a losing season. Hearing all the fans, complaining about how the games were won or lost, and who should get fired, etc. WOW what good entertainment this is. It was a miserible year from the beginning, and when this team couldn't beat the Bengals, and went into OT with a tie, that was the start of bad things to happen. So all you Wentz fans can jump on his wagon, and leave town.
  9. If Carson Wentz wants to move on, then let him go !! His contract should be stopped the moment he is let go. Its non-sense to pay someone millions of dollars if he isn't here or not playing . SO, keep Hurts, and give him the full reigns of the offense and see what he can do.
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