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  1. It should still matter that she's lying through her teeth, right? I get the sense she never matured past High School, has tremendous daddy issues, and is a violent person.
  2. True and correct under the Supremacy Clause and Article III. My point is that the federal government cannot get rid of the states on a whim, but a 38 state compact can eliminate the Federal government in an instant. Certainly it would never happen, but the authority for Constitutional changes isn't the sole purview of Congress, and it's a feature of our system of government that I like a great deal.
  3. In the end, none of us know what the Constitution says until the SCOTUS tells us, but just for fun, to me, the Constitution is all about powers and not about rights. It would be impossible to list all of a person's rights now and in the future. the founders figured that out and dealt with powers instead of rights. Under the US Constitution, all powers rest and originate with the people. The people then delegate certain powers to their States through State Constitutions. The States then delegate certain powers to the Federal Government via the US Constitution. The 9th and 10th Amendments make it clear where powers not given to the federal government or the States rest, with the people. In this model, which is upside down from almost every other government model, the national government (Federal) is the most subservient level of government we have. It serves both the States and the people. It doesn't rule them. How do we know this to be true? It only takes 38 States to instantly eliminate the federal government completely through a Convention of States. Personally, I love that. It presents a stark reminder that our elected officials are our servants, not our rulers, as it should be.
  4. They aren't prohibited from receiving federal funds though.
  5. This Eagles team is less complete than the 2017 team was. It is expected though since rebuild is still ongoing. If they have a great off season next year and QB is straightened out, that's when we should raise expectations. This year has a lot of "prove it" built into the team. Let's hope they do.
  6. The defense needs player leadership. Either a veteran or two has to show up (Fletch?) or a young guy has to play off the charts to earn the right to speak up (Dean?). Either way, the defense has parts but isn't a cohesive group yet. When "we" becomes more important than "me" teams really take off. I'm hoping this defensive group finds their unified identity. They could be really good if they do. Time will tell.
  7. So a new crop of execs-in-training come to the Philadelphia proving grounds. It happens.
  8. When it's all said and done, it appears that, in general, the NFL hard cap is as soft as Cindy Jones...
  9. Eagles were the best fit for a 1 year maximize your next contract stop over. Whether it's here or elsewhere, that's what this is about. Guaranteed starter; D.C. is open to planning and play calling to his skill set; he knows the division; defensive front looks to be very good so less pressure to perform at a consistent high level. $10 Million for 1 season with N.Y Giants guaranteed $ too? What's not to love about a year here for him?
  10. Nick's a smart guy. He knows there's no recreating that 2017 season. Best to leave that legendary run unsullied by a down year. The dude has a statue in his honor for crying out loud. Love Nick but it's best he's elsewhere. Now, if he wants to come back as a QB coaching intern? Then, Yes, welcome home.
  11. You never know what's going to happen from year to year. To me right now, it feels like the Eagles are a year or two away depending on the QB's development or lack thereof.
  12. Over a 3 year period the entertainment industry expert for Amber Turd apparently did zero research to project her potential career and took a guess instead. Oh and the way she pronounces some words makes me think she might have been a K&A girl.
  13. What's old is new again. We've heard that one before.
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