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  1. I was thinking the same thing, that he will probably be playing at 170-175 this year and possibly get up to 180 in the future. Marvin Harrison was listed at 180 which means he was probably 170-175, and he also played in an era where DB's were able to actually touch and hit WR's.
  2. He's the best QB in franchise history. That said I think all numbers should be unretired.
  3. The more I listen to this kid do interviews, the more impressed I become. He is obviously a very articulate person with high character and a competitiveness and work ethic that is top notch. I understand why some doubt that a 166 pound WR can become an elite NFL player but if you listen to him speak he is not the average person and his production at the highest level of college ball in the SEC can't be ignored. Some people were just made different and to ''shatter the mold'' and I'm extremely confident that is Smith.
  4. With the popularity of single digit and teen numbers among college players, QB's coming to a new team are going to have very little to choose from. The Eagles also have 15 retired and won't give out 12. Lurie needs to get over the whole not giving out certain numbers thing. I'm pretty sure 12, 25, and 87 are numbers he won't allow players to wear even though they aren't retired. Interested to see if 86 gets the same treatment if Ertz does end up traded or released. Personally, I think retiring numbers is an outdated and silly tradition.
  5. I'm not doing all of the draft picks and undrafted guys. Feel free to add more guys and make your own predictions. Devonta Smith - 6, confirmed Landon Dickerson - No clue, wore 69 at Florida State and Alabama which is taken. 59 is taken also Milton Williams - 93 or 90, Hargrave switched to Williams college number of 97. Not much to choose from in the 90's and 70's Zech McPhearson - 14, wore 8 at Texas Tech which is taken by a punter, wore 14 at Penn state Kenny Gainwell - 9 or 39, his college number 19 is taken by umbrella man so 9 or 39 makes sense. Marlon Tuipulotu - 51 or 93, wore 51 and 93 while at USC Jacoby Stevens - 3, wore 3 at LSU before being given 7 as a senior which is a special number given out at LSU to a top senior Jordan Howard - 24, wore 28 last year with the Eagles, then switched to 34. With Slay switching to 2 I'm guessing Howard gets his 24 back Kerryon Johnson - 30, wore 33 with the Lions and 21 at Auburn both of which are taken. Not much for him to choose from so this is a total guess
  6. No risk, high reward move. It wasn't that long ago that KJ was an early second round pick who had 641 rushing yards in 10 games as a rookie. Sanders and Gainwell are locks. That leaves 2 spots for KJ, Howard, and Scott. Guys like Huntley, Killins, and Holyfield now have basically no chance of making the team.
  7. I agree, trade was great but I didn't like that pick for them at all. For one thing I thought it was a reach after missing out on Smith, and for another I don't see them using him in the creative ways a team would need to to maximize his talent.
  8. You should apply to be an NFL gm, or at the very least a head of a team's scouting department.
  9. Mailata, Seumalo, Kelce, Brooks, Johnson Dillard, Herbig, Dickerson, Driscoll Unlikely to be room for anyone else minus a major injury taking place.
  10. Dude, he's not going to go on the radio and lie about who Donahoe wanted. Use your brains. He prefered McNeil to Williams who went at 72 after they traded down. Whether you want to use common sense and admit that is a different story. Also, Andrew Dicecco disagrees with you. He said McPhearson was great value at 123 and as good or better than the corners that went in the third round. As I keep telling people like you, we won't know crap about this draft for 2-3 years so everything else is speculation.
  11. Last two seasons 26 games - 185 receptions, 3,102 yards, 37 TD's
  12. Lol, all of that negative bullshut from fans and beat guys over Aaron Robinson and that wasn't even the guy Donahoe wanted. Glad they got Williams over a NT type.
  13. So is it pronounced Zach or Zech. I have heard both. Also, if you want to name your kid Zach why spell it with an E so everyone calls him the wrong name his whole life.
  14. Yep, have to give players AT LEAST two years after they are drafted to see how they will pan out.
  15. Yeah, lol, you're so patient that you aren't even willing to give draft picks more than 1 season before writing them off. You are also so level headed that you can't even see that Harris and Wilson are legitimate upgrades. Seems to me like someone had some draft targets picked out that they read about on walter football and when the Eagles didn't draft them he had a little temper fit. Get over yourself.
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