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  1. John McMullen with another moronic tweet, shocker. Sam Bradford was a horrible NFL QB. If all it took was ''arm talent'' Jeff George would have been the goat.
  2. They had me at cover 2 and double A gap blitzes.
  3. Describing an early first round QB prospect in the NFL draft as a ''ham and egger'' leads me to believe that expression doesn't mean what you think it means.
  4. Jacoby Brissett, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton, Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith.....plenty of QB's to choose from to compete with/back up Hurts.
  5. Or they can just sign Fitzpatrick, Newton, Taylor, Dalton, etc for the 2-4 million they are going to get.
  6. 2020 salary for these pending FA QB's Ryan Fitzpatrick - 5.5 million Tyrod Taylor - 5.5 million AJ McCarron - 4 million Andy Dalton - 3 million Colt McCoy - 2.25 million Cam Newton - 1.75 million Joe Flacco - 1.5 million Jameis Winston - 1.1 million Brian Hoyer - 1.05 million Sorry bro, but you're wrong.
  7. A2D is such a joke. Bunch of loud mouths who know very little about sports.
  8. They would be complete and total morons to pass on Sewell assuming he is there. There OL was terrible last year and it won't matter who Burrow has to throw to if he is constantly under pressure and/or getting his knee shredded like he did last year.
  9. Definitely, Trask at 84 would be a tremendous value pick.
  10. I agree with you again. If I was in charge I would be planning to add a dynamic playmaker for the offense at 6, and then putting a heavy focus on the defense and OL throughout the rest of the draft. That being said, if Sewell somehow makes it to 6 you take him and don't even give it a second thought. He is the second best prospect in this draft in my opinion.
  11. Agreed, although I'm not investing the 37th pick in Trask or any other QB for that matter. Too many other needs. I'd look to draft a developmental guy somewhere on day three.
  12. I would really like to see them add a difference making playmaker on offense at 6, and from there really focus on the defense and OL.
  13. No, it's a really stupid FN nickname some nerds on TATE came up with.
  14. I kind of agree. I don't think he will be finished in two or three years, but I would expect his game to start to decline around that time. He is a good enough pocket passer to be a starting QB in the league for a long time, but when the mobility starts to slip so too will his days as an elite QB.
  15. Not everything is black and white in life. There is a whole lot of nuance and grey involved in the vast majority of things. I'm aware that Kyle Pitts is listed as a TE and that is his primary position. However, calling him a TE is extremely misleading. Anyone who has watched him play knows this. I'm also not referring to the fact that he can line up in the slot sometimes. He can play in line, slot, out wide, etc and be effective in these roles in a way that very few TE's in league history have been able to do. Hence, saying things like ''The Eagles don't need a TE'' or ''Teams shouldn't draft a TE as early as 6'' doesn't apply to Pitts and makes people look uneducated.
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