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  1. That’s only half of it, try miscarriage’s that are considered abortions just because they put the Mom’s life at risk. A Dr can force a woman to pass the fetus naturally, otherwise it would be an abortion.
  2. It might be a good plan except for 2020 when Covid hit and practice time was cut way down, yet the Eagles had the 4th most lost games due to injury. 2022 NFL TC schedule, 21 out of 32 teams are having the rookies come in 3 days to a week ahead of the Veterans, not the Eagles though, they prioritize developing young players.
  3. OTA’s, the NFL allows 13 practices and the Eagles used 6, not even half, yet there’s AJ Brown on Twitter trying to get some type of practice in with Hurts. Dude is guaranteed how much money?.., and even he knows the more reps he gets with Hurts, the better they’ll be. I’m hoping this has nothing to do with injuries, because they have gone up since the early 2000’s around the league and that’s when teams actually did practice, in the offseason. Strong and Sinnett both need as many reps as possible, they’re likely to get a ton of work in preseason games with the 2’s and 3’s and there’s no reason why they couldn’t have had at least 4 more OTA practices with WR’s, TE’s, and RB’s, etc.., 7 on 7’s just to get some timing down.
  4. I’d stab the MF that made Iverson look like Whoopi Goldberg.
  5. Hurts had to go in front of a Grand Jury for impersonating a QB.
  6. Wonder how that affects his upcoming suspension, do you think he gets a year or less?
  7. Starting an NFL team today using just AFC QB’s I’d put Mahomes as 1, but Burrow at 2 ahead of Herbert and Allen, so why is that nuts?
  8. Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott, the white Lovie Smith and the black Kirk Cousins, good for Dallas, they deserve each other.
  9. No kidding, I’ll let Olsilverhair know, he’s into cawk.
  10. Has the red head in the sequels appeared anywhere with a wet T shirt?
  11. Dig a hole with his back foot in the batters box as deep as he can in the time allotted before the first pitch. I got it in 10th grade with a pitch to my head and it cracked my orbital, plus a torn retina.
  12. The dude is short, look at successful QB’s under 6’2”, Brees and Wilson, one is a HOF’er in Brees and Wilson may be one. Allen, Mahomes, and Herbert are all 6’3” and taller, Tua, Hurts, Murray and Baker are all shorter than 6’2”. Unless one of these short QB’s become as proficient as R Wilson in the passing game, none of them will likely have long term success. One of the reasons Dickerson didn’t play C last year might be because he doesn’t know the protections to call them out for Hurts like Kelce does. The o common sense reason is he’s way to big for Hurts to see around if he actually stayed in, and god forbid, actually moved up in the pocket, like every normal QB has done since football began. In Hurts case, not only is he short, but he puts his eyes down to watch the rush, so when he looks back up, who knows what he can or can’t see. If the Eagles would actually use the allotted practice time given to them by the NFL CBA, Hurts could be practicing staying in the pocket, with a 2.5 second rule. Not this 7vs7 BS where he gets 3 seconds to throw bombs on the defense when a receiver finally gets open, FFS, I could do that. Sam Bradford should of had a Gold Jacket made for his 2015 7vs7 performance.
  13. The Eagles aren’t paying AJ Brown 25 Mill per to run the ball, plus if anyone thinks they can just short change Smith and he’ll be thrilled, hasn’t paid attention to WR’s in the NFL over the past 15 years. Or did some fans forget when Smith threw his helmet last year after the Giants game. Plus the TB playoff game.
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