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  1. Makes sense except for the over drafting of Mac Jones. I can’t remember who said it but apparently from 1980-2000 the average pick for a first round QB was 13th, and from 2000-2020 it’s 3rd, and that’s only because of when EJ Manuel was taken, or else the number would be closer to the 2nd. TBF, Jones was really good under pressure and when blitzed his QBR was 98, couple that with Jones only being sacked 9 times in 379 drop backs and Alabama’s O line being the best in college football during the 2020 season and who the hell knows? Jones gets rid of it quickly to the two best receivers in college and a very good RB. When the college season was over Jones was predicted as a late first to early 2nd rounder., Also see a lot of mocks with the Patriots moving up to the top 8 for a QB, that seems really weird considering Belichick’s past QB’s drafted unless McDaniels has some pull.
  2. Exactly right, Jerry Jones doesn’t have short meetings with his head coach after every game followed by a meeting every Tuesday morning where he questions play calls. That has to suck for guy (Doug) that played in the league, is your SB winning HC, and yet he has Howie and Jeff busting his balls every Tuesday. Seriously, imagine winning in GB, only to be told that you didn’t pass enough, and that basically you’re an idiot. It makes you wonder why they hired Siriani, because they would never hire Reich to be a HC, he believes in running the ball.
  3. The very first Series for the Nationals and Mets was cancelled due to Covid, that’s why Scherzer’s schedule is jacked up, but those three games were killers to lose.
  4. How are the divisions set up? Is it the first five teams by the draft 1-5, and then the other being 6-10? It’s been years since I’ve played fantasy baseball, but I’m glad I did again. Yes it’s a long season, but it’s really a great way to keep up with the sport, the players, and it keeps you on your toes. We’ll all get to see the Phillies at the trade deadline get one of our guys, hopefully. Anyway, since moving to Lewes 9 years ago from Wilmington, Kennett Square before that, and a person that had Thursday season tickets for years, I’ve been a crap fan, glad I’m back watching baseball again. We’ll see, my catcher is off today so w/o looking at his schedule I picked up Yadier Molina, and he’s off today as well, dope I am...
  5. Seriously, 726 PA already? Dudes are killing it against me.
  6. Kinda makes it worse that he didn’t even play this year, according to him he injured both the L5 and the S1 last year and only elected to fix the L5. Apparently this year prepping for his pro day the S1 then started bothering him again and his Dr recommended just to take care of it now. Wentz had back issues in college and then as we know in the NFL. If it’s true that both surgeries came from one injury, that may make it better for him but it’s still a risk. I’d be much happier if the Eagles went with Surtain or Horn for CB. If the worst thing about Surtain is his speed, at a minimum he could be a 10 yr starting safety, not that’s ideal for the 12th pick. Trae Waynes was picked 11th in 2015 another 4.3 guy like Horn that was handsy in college, he barely played as a rookie and his 2nd season he was 7th in PI calls. He’s obviously better now with the PI calls, but now he’s on the Bengals, so there’s that, lol.
  7. I guess depending on the team, if the Bears fire Nagy would they consider another Andy disciple? Cowboys, Broncos, Bengals, and the Cardinals all may be looking. I’d bet on Arizona offering him a HC job if they fire Kingsbury.
  8. I never believed he was retiring, and I wonder if he’ll rejoin Doug next year. This is assuming of course that Doug gets a HC job next year.
  9. Tbf, of course they’re pitching against each other so at a minimum two no decisions or a win and a loss.
  10. Certainly did, especially since the Mets vs Nats series was canceled, no Degrom or Scherzer, ugh!
  11. Listening to Avant talking on Reagor, he seemed to be the most confident about him being successful, and that Reagor definitely wants it. Apparently the the Justin Jefferson press clippings or chatter about how the Eagles should of taken him instead, really pisses him off. Reagor should be plenty motivated this year to prove himself and those numbers you put up, absolutely he should reach.
  12. I think that should go for Reagor as well, last year was a disaster. Injuries, play calling, Doug was a mess, Carson was a mess, everything on their offense except for Fulghams 4-5 games was awful. Hurts should be judged the same.
  13. Did the Eagles send anyone to Wake Forests Pro Day? Jamie Newman will likely be in that group as well with Mond.
  14. Degrom and Scherzer were postponed, of course, so now they probably won’t pitch twice. Same old luck.
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