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  1. Look - you bring up a great point and that is above my pay grade but other teams have picked 2 players in the top 10. I didn't say things would be the same and add 2 top 10's. Half the roster needs to be gone but now that we will have a new HC, OC and DC, I'm sure the coaching staff would want to put their own stamp on things.. If Mr Lurie and Howie are all in on Wentz, then you have to move Hurts because (IMO) the beginning of the Wentz downfall happened on April 24th when Howie was the smartest in the room and opened the factory with the 53rd pick. How could that not mess with #11's head?! I don't know why you gotta go with "Great 1st post" - I though this was a 'discussion board' not a DeathByEagle's opinion board.
  2. Thanks for that - just ‘woke up’ and you’re all so right!! Panthers wouldn’t want a QB that pretty much single handedly dismantled their division rival that was one of the best teams in the league. phew thanks for that! What was I thinking?!
  3. If you are trying to say Panthers won’t take Hurts for #8, I’d say that they will be picking the #3 or 4 QB after Lawrence, Fields and Wilson are off the board so yes I do think they would consider taking Hurts with that spot.
  4. Let’s let the QB factory work it’s magic! Smith or Chase with #6 Parson with #8 from Carolina. Give him one more year to right the ship with new coach, a legit WR weapon and your foundational LB to rebuild the D. Clean out all the old bodies, rebuild the O-line and get a stud CB in the 2nd in this deep CB class.
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